Tuesday 1/10/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 1/10/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica is very upset that Kendall and Zach want to stay together. Jack and Reggie agree. But Bianca encourages her sister to go for it with Zach. Nobody knows who pushed Di into the ice fishing hole or why. Both Jonathan and Amanda are suspects. But Janet wants to make certain that her daughter does not take the rap. She goes to visit Jonathan and attempts to brainwash him into believing he's done all the crimes that she has actually done. Krystal is concerned that Adam might have tried to kill Di and talks to shrinks about his violent tendencies. Kendall and Zach rush to the hospital afraid there might be a complication with the baby.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Gwen and Will find out from the doctor that not only is she not pregnant, but due to her fall, there was damage done to her pituitary gland, which will cause her problems if she wants to get pregnant in the future. Barbara tells Will he can gain access to his trust fund if he and Gwen go their separate ways, but Will tells her to get lost. Maddie and Casey kiss, but then pretend neither meant to let it happen, however it is evident they are fighting their mutual attraction for one another. Maddie makes Henry promise not to spend BJ’s money until they find a place, but Henry secretly calls his bookie and puts a large sum of money down on a game that night. Carly and Jack think Hal’s call means he is getting his job back. The IA is not going to dismiss Jack, but Hal can only offer him a part time job because they have hired Nick now. Carly and Nick spar, as she continues to ‘despise him’. Hal wonders what Emily’s role is in Paul’s disappearance? Emily continues to act erratically, as she continues to see ‘Paul’. Meg happily tells Paul of her role in his downfall. Later, Paul wants her to continue to help him and he will give her whatever she wants. Meg agrees, but tells him that if she decides at any time to go to the police, then he is in for it.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Ridge tells Taylor he doesn't know her anymore. She's not the angel he thought she was. She tries to convince him she is the same person. Stephanie tells Felicia she's worried about Ridge's marrige and is concerned Brooke will go after Ridge again.

Bridget encourages her mother that being with Ridge again, IF God forbid something happens with him and Taylor would be a good thing. Nick is not so sure. Ridge walks out on Taylor leaving her a crying heap on the floor.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Austin is pleasantly surprised to run into Carrie on the roof. Carrie worries that what they feel for each other may not be real but Austin insists that it is. Lois yells at Alex for not returning her affection after she fell in love with him while she was his patient. Lois tries to unplug Alex’s life support but Alex grabs her arm. Lois is able to free her arm and threatens to pull the plug.

Abe orders the cops to find the driver who hit Zach. The cops reveal that they have a suspect but won’t tell Abe anything until they bring the suspect in. Lexie urges Hope and Bo to donate Zach’s organs but Hope refuses to allow it. Lexie convinces Hope to do it by reminding her of Claire’s organ need. Hope and Bo confront the officers for the results of their investigation. The officers declare that they know who killed Zach. Philip tries to convince Belle to take Claire off life support. Belle brings Philip to the hospital chapel to pray for Claire and when she spots a bunch of baby’s breath on the floor, she considers it a sign from God. Lexie announces to Belle and Philip that they’ve found a liver match. Mimi tries to help Shawn through his grief as Max helps Chelsea through hers.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Ric and Alexis prevent Jason from killing Manny. Jason admits to Sonny there is a possibility that Manny is a changed man. Manny asks for Carly's forgiveness. Sam warns Carly not to believe anything Manny says. Sonny believes that Manny should die.

Patrick performs surgery on Jesse. Mac comforts an anguished Maxie. Nikolas becomes angry when Courtney defends Jax. Nikolas gives Courtney an ultimatum and tells her to choose between him and Jax. Patrick and Emily agree to go on a date. Nikolas sees Emily leave with Patrick.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Lizzie and Coop are both looking forward to getting away together and Lizzie goes to the penthouse to prepare only to find Quinn there. She tells him he needs to leave but he toys with her, telling her he is going to stick around when Coop gets there and only ducks into a closet at the last minute. Lizzie gets Coop to leave and they go back to CO2. Buzz asks Olivia to do him a favor and take Frank out to distract him. After they leave, Ava asks Buzz why he did that when it is obvious he is interested. She also tells him what she is looking for in a guy and later when he sees her reaction to Coop hugging her for helping with an upset Zach, he tells her he won’t tell her secret. Dinah finds Harley in Mallet’s room but helps Harley out when the local police don’t want to continue to look for Gus. Mallet lays into Harley for blocking their investigation. After Harley goes to her own room, Dinah questions Mallet about Harley and if their fight was for her sake. He is distant and when she says that she will go back to Springfield and get out of his hair, he tells her that may be a good idea. Harley goes to the crash site again and finds a picture of her and Gus, letting her know she is on the right track.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Spencer is questioned about what he had heard Todd say about Margaret was having his child. He also testified that Margaret had stabbed Todd because he had tried to kill her. Clint and Bo confront Asa about his health, and what had happened up to the lodge New Year’s Eve. Asa holds the pix of the woman in his pocket close to his heart. Dorian asks Clint out on a date, but at first, he refuses. After talking to Asa, Clint agrees to go out on a date with Dorian. They go to the Palace where they are seen by Natalie and Viki.

David meets Paige at the Palace to discuss the secret of the child that she had given up for adoption. Spencer join them. Paige gets a call, and leaves. Spencer orders David to break into Asa’s, and look for a pix of a woman. David breaks into Asa’s house, and finds the pix of the woman. David is surprised. Denton blackmails Todd for one hundred thousand dollars, or he will go before the district attorney, and tell him that Todd had murdered Margaret. Todd agrees to his demands. Blair listens to their conversation.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

The party guests wait for the roads to be de-iced and for Alistair to die, but neither happens. Each of the couples went to their rooms last night and after waking up this morning they all discussed what had happened and what it meant for each of them. Kay assured Fox she had no secrets Alistair held over her head, but felt guilty about lying to him and wanted to come clean, both to him and to her dad. Ivy tried to talk her out of it, tho, and Kay decided to leave it alone for now. Noah and Fancy discussed whether Al had anything to threaten Noah with, and although he told her no, there was something. He talked about it later with his dad, but didn't want to go into details. Sam confronted Spike when he came back looking for Jessica, and a fight ensued, ending with Sam tossing Spike out the front door into the snow. Later, Jessica went out and told him she wouldn't see him again, but relented after he lied to her about his true intentions.

Theresa overheard Gwen lying to Ethan again, both about what Alistair might have over her head and about who was ransacking Al's room the night before. Theresa is happy that Gwen seems to be on the defensive, believing it will only be a matter of time before she gets the upper hand. Rachel and Katherine talk after Pilar discovered Martin in Katherine's room, alone. Rachel told her she should go for Martin if she still wants him, since her happiness is no less important than Pilar's. Meanwhile, Martin kept trying to convince Pilar nothing went on in the room. Fancy worries about her Grampy, but he finally starts moving and opens his eyes. The news quickly moves throughout the mansion, and soon all the guests were in the room, waiting for him to tell who tried to kill him.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Sheila is brought into the station kicking and screaming, but hardly heard. Her voice is hoarse and she doesn’t sound like herself at all. “You are making a big mistake! You are making a bit mistake!" She is dragged off into the back. Michael and Lauren has a nice reunion with her son, and after she eats and showers, she tells Michael that she has to see Sheila. “Take me to the station.” Michael and Lauren decide to go to the station. Once there, the lieutenant agrees to let Lauren see Sheila. When she is brought out, Lauren watches her carefully although she is shackled and escorted by three officers. Lauren’s brow wrinkles when she looks at the woman’s face. Lauren then looks at the woman’s feet. “That is not her!" Lauren shouts. “She hurt her ankle in the bomb shelter and she couldn’t walk!" The officers check her ankle which is fine and they run her prints and indeed … It isn’t Sheila! “Who are you?" the lieutenant demands to know. Lauren answers for him. “She is Sugar! She met Sheila in prison”. Sugar confirms what Lauren is saying in her creepy, scratchy voice. “That’s right! I was her friend and look what she did to me? I got that bitch’s face!" Lauren asks why the woman would go after Scott of all people. Sugar explains. “That lousy brat was all that Sheila would talk about. we were going to travel the world together… met men… Live the good life. One days she said to me, ‘How about I get you a little cosmetic surgery?’ Now I am stuck with her face! I attacked your son because he is the reason why I am going to look like this forever!" She is getting hysterical and so the officers drag her off screaming as Michael and Lauren watch. Lauren is really scared. “So where is Sheila now?" In a darkened room, Sheila is looking out the blinds into the night. She is wearing street clothes and using a single crutch to walk. She turns into the room now. “Thank you for coming to get me and helping me out… I am going to need your help again it seems.” Sheila hobbles over to the desk and sits across from her ‘friend’. “I have a job for you… It is going to be the biggest test of all…” She slips a picture across the table to the person before her. “That is what I want you to make me look like.” Sheila sits back and smiles.

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