Friday 12/30/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 12/30/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

At the New Years Eve party, Babe and JR are together, Jamie and Amanda are together, Brooke is with a date, Adam has been abandoned by Krystal. Unknown to everybody, Janet is sneaking around in a disguise and has drugged both Krystal and Babe. Erin and Aiden are together wondering how to ice fish at the boat house. Ryan and Julia are together, talking about her future as a nurse and about both of their lives. Kendall and Zach are dancing around admitting to their feelings for each other. She finally admits she loves him. Aiden and Erin kiss for New Years. Ryan kisses Julia on the cheek. She looks disappointed that he did not go farther. And Janet has set it up, after drugging Babe and Krystal, to have Babe in the sack with Josh, and Krystal coming out of a cake.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Stephanie and Brooke exchange more insults. Darla and Thorn share a champagne toast with Sally. Hector tries to get Taylor to see how bad Ridge is treating her. Brooke brings RJ over to see his dad and walks in on Taylor and Hector, in the bedroom, kissing!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sam and Jason reluctantly agree to attend Carly's New Year's Eve party at the Metro Court. Alcazar notices that Carly is all alone at the end of the night. Nikolas and Emily end up together at midnight. Courtney leaves the party alone before midnight. Luke stands up to Jax.

The Quartermaine's party is a major failure. Bobbie is pleased to find Noah sober. Lucas admits the truth about himself to Dillon. Lucky and Elizabeth make the most of a bad situation.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

David does a favor for Spencer (at Spencer’s insistence). David thinks now that this makes them even. Kelly join David at the Palace to offer him comfort. Kelly soon leaves to go with Duke to the lodge. Clint and Dorian join forces in order to help Viki. Viki hears Niki’s voice in her head, and Niki emerges just in time for New Year’s Eve. Nash visits, and demands to see Tess. He accepts Niki’s help.

Jessica finds out that Niki has once again emerged. After arguing for a few moments, Tess emerges, and immediately wants to know where Nash is. Tess tells her that she knows what she did before she runs out. Rex takes Adriana to the lodge. Duke and Kelly get stuck in the snow, and her cell phone won’t work. Spence knocks Kevin unconscious, and leaves him to freeze to death in the snow. Asa drinks out of a bottle of champagne, and collapses. Spencer is there by his side.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

The party planned by the Lady in Red, but commandeered by Alistair, begins, with all the reluctant and unwilling party guests arriving.  All came for varying reasons, but none with the intent to have a fun time at the ball.  Alistair began his campaign of intimidation and verbal assaults, getting his hits in on every person there.  He also began confessing to sins committed by him that caused pain for everyone there:  he told Sheridan he killed Antonio and Luis;  he told Sam that he paid Spike to ruin his daughter; he told TC that he paid Rae to seduce his daughter and get her involved in a lesbian relationship; and he also told Sheridan that she had actually killed her aunt Rachel.
Sam, Fox, and Noah saved a drugged Jessica from Spike's plan to either rape her or kill her on camera for all of them to watch, but couldn't get her home because Alistair sealed them all into the living room.  Katherine and Martin kept Sheridan from killing Alistair (or being killed by him),  and Liz, Eve, and Julian tried to calm down the enraged and blood-thirsty TC.  However, no one knew about the Lady in Red Fingernails, and while they all fretted about being locked in the living room, she revealed her identity to Alistair and promised he was going to die to pay for all the pain he'd caused those she loved.  Meanwhile, Tabitha kept saying murder was in the air, while Fancy kept trying to defend her Grampy.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Ashley is with her father. She sits with him while Gloria and Jack wait outside. Ashley leans over her father. “I have to be here when you wake up. I saw everything. After you left, I picked up the gun and now I am going to be charged. It has to be this way. Too many people that we love will be hurt. Maybe I will get an acquittal. Anyway, the point is that you are too weak and you can’t go to prison.” Later, John starts waking up. Gloria and Jack are there with Ashley standing behind them. They are glad to see him awake. They can see that he is confused. They explain to him that he had a car accident. “Do you remember the accident dad," Jack asks. John starts thinking back. Suddenly, he slowly turns his head in Ashley’s direction and says nothing as he continues to stare at her. JT arrives home. It is the next day. He promises himself that he will make this up to Mackenzie somehow. He looks at the unopened bottle of champagne on the counter. When he turns back to face the couch, he freezes. Mackenzie is asleep on the couch with Kevin’s head in her lap. He is sleeping too. Kevin and Mackenzie wake and JT and Mackenzie have words over the night before. JT tells that Paul was very angry with him for the phone being turned off. Mackenzie did that thinking that he really wanted to be alone with her for the evening. “I guess that wasn’t really the case," she snaps. He tries to explain that his job needs him to be on-call at all times. She doesn't understand why he can’t do whatever it was that he was doing the next day. "It doesn't work that way Mackenzie!" Later, when Kevin is out of the room and they are alone, JT tells Mackenzie that he would like to make a change to their living arrangement. Brad and Victoria have had a great New Years Eve time together. It is morning now. He hasn’t had an answer to his proposal yet. She admits that she has been thinking about his proposal all night. “I do have an answer… Yes!" He takes her to the couch and he gets out a black velvet box. She can see that he has been feeling very sure of himself to have the engagement ring ready and waiting. He opens the box, and her mouth drops. It is the biggest, most beautiful diamond ring in the whole world. He puts it on her finger. She has to go now and get changed as they have a meeting at work later. He sees her out. The phone rings. It is Ashley telling Brad to meet her at the hospital. “I need you.” Brad arrives at the hospital and learns that Ashley has been charged with murder. She will not answer any of Brad’s questions about details, she just wanted him there to tell him that he has to help with Abby and telling her about this. He is on board and will help anyway that he can. Victoria, on the other hand, has arrived to visit with her mother who has Sharon with her. Nikki catches sight of the ring and Victoria confirms that she got engaged. Sharon soon just walks off after learning that Brad had just suddenly proposed to Victoria the night before. Ding Dong. Brad comes over looking for Victoria. Victoria ushers him in to her mother telling that her mother isn’t happy for them but that she will have to get used to this. Brad tells Victoria that actually, there has been a change in how things are going to go. “Things have suddenly gotten a lot more complicated.” Victoria turns to him with worry in her eyes. Scott has come to terms with the face that Sheila is really 'Brenda' and 'Jennifer' and that she has been the one that has been running this whole thing all along. He apologizes to Michael and Paul for accusing them of being responsible for his mother dying. They have to figure out a way to trap Sheila now. The police have been tracking her phone but she doesn't use it anymore it seems and so the police have no idea where she could be. Scott knows how to flush her out. “Use me as bait. Michael tells him ‘no way’. Paul says that if they did that, it would have to be a controlled situation and it would have to be in public where Sheila could think that she wasn’t being trapped. Scott has an idea. “Sheila would probably come to a memorial service for my mother.” Lauren gets to work again. She gets her metal pipe and starts banging on the wall and door again. Sheila shouts that she is so annoying doing that. Suddenly, while Lauren is hitting the wall, she hears something different. There is a weak spot in the wall. It sounds thinner somehow when she hits it. Sheila hears it too. Lauren starts working on that spot. Sheila tells Lauren to take off the ties so that she can help too. Lauren is not stupid. “I will untie you from the post in the middle of the floor but your hands will stay tied together. Still, if you try anything, you will be sorry," she warns. Sheila is freed from the post and she throws her body on the ground and makes her way to the wall by dragging her body over to it. She and Lauren work side by side banging and scraping at the wall to try and get the bricks loose. After a while, they do it. A brick has been significantly weakened. Lauren gets her metal rail and starts banging on it. “It is moving! Sheila shouts. “Do it some more!" Lauren keeps banging on the wall. Boom! The brick is loose and it falls through to another space behind the wall. Hissssssssssssss. “What is that noise," Lauren wonders. She puts her head in the hole and sees a broken pipe. “What is that smell?" Sheila can smell it too now. “It is gas!" Lauren rushes over to the table and put it under the vent near the ceiling. She shouts at Sheila to get on the table with her so that they can breathe fresh air before they get overcome with fumes. This is too much for Sheila. “I feel faint.” Lauren rushes on top of the table and puts her face to the vent. She looks over at Sheila. She is on her back, on the ground, coughing. She can’t get up with her tied hands and injured ankle. She looks up at Lauren on the table. “Help me!"

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