Thursday 12/29/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 12/29/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

There's a big News Years Eve party in many people's plans. JR takes Babe. Jamie takes Amanda. They argue. Adam, at first, tells Krystal he doesn't want to be there but later surprises her. Ryan, Erin and Aiden are very happy to meet a woman who can provide an alibi to absolve Jonathan of kidnapping little Adam. Aiden asks Erin out for New Years. Zach tells Kendall he wants to be with her. She denies her feelings for him but later they admit that they cannot stay away from each other.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Hector and Thomas have a cup of coffee and Insomnia and talk about family. Darla brings Ridge's mail and tries to point out to Taylor how Ridge should be home with his family at the holidays.

Stephanie and Brooke go rounds about the company's welfare. Hector brings Taylor flowers and is there for her when Ridge calls her and tells her he won't be home. Taylor is crushed as she has made a big romantic homecoming dinner.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Eugenia stops by to gloat with Lucas about getting Austin to ruin his own chance with Carrie by taking over High Style and Kate is horrified to learn that Eugenia is Lucas’ assistant. Sami talks to her mirror alter ego but decides to ignore its warnings about lying to Austin. Carrie and Austin walk in the park and decide to spend New Year’s Eve together. Carrie tells Sami that she’s interested in Austin and Sami claims to be stepping aside. John arrests Alex and he and Roman refuse to believe Alex’s claim that Lois is the real threat. John calls Marlena to warn her not to let anyone in just in case. Lois stops by the penthouse and convinces Marlena to let her inside.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sonny confronts Carly about spying on him and Emily. Alexis manipulates Sam while she gives her deposition. Sam has a warning for Alexis. Michael enjoys his birthday party. Emily is surprised by Elizabeth's attitude about her and Sonny.

Jax believes he and Courtney are growing closer. Georgie receives a letter from Diego. Bobbie hopes Noah gets the help he needs.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Lizzie and Coop are looking forward to their New Years eve plans in Quinn’s apartment (which Coop thinks is Alan’s) when Beth blackmails Lizzie into attending her grandfather’s hearing instead. Lizzie reluctantly goes and she, Beth, and Alex testify that Alan is not ready to come out into society. Coop finds out that Ava has been living in her car and arranges for her to have a place to stay. After Gus tells Harley that he will see her at midnight after working a shift with Mallet, he take his gun out and makes sure it is ready. Mallet locks him in a cell, telling him that he isn’t going to let Gus do anything stupid. Gus bribes Reva to let him out by saying that he will allow Jonathan and Tammy to stay with each other till midnight. He bursts into the courtroom, where it is seen that he has a gun. The judge allows him to stay, but tells the shocked courtroom that Alan is a free man. Alan gets into a waiting limo outside of the courthouse to find that Gus is the driver and he is locked in. Dinah receives a letter from Ross saying he was offered a job in Washington DC and will not be returning to Springfield. Dinah gets very drunk and calls Mallet and later tries to break into his room to retrieve the message. Mallet comforts Dinah and they wind up in bed together again. As the clock strikes midnight, Harley is alone, Coop and Ava kiss, and Reva confronts Cassie at the farm.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Antonio pays Nash’s hospital bill, but Nash refuses to let him. Antonio questions the police officer about who had done this to Nash, but the officer refuses to tell him anything .Jessica has a talk with Nash about the baby, and that she, and Antonio are going to raise it. Nash refuses to let Antonio raise his child.

Natalie talks to John about New Year’s Eve, but John has no plans. Natalie suggests that they start over. Later, John plays a game of pool with Chris at Rodi’s and discuss Natalie. Bo asks for Rex’s help in finding Paige’s son. Blair visits Bo, and asks for his help in letting her visit Todd at midnight .Blair visits Todd at midnight, and vows to get him out of there. Adriana has a run-in with Kelly about her discussing with Duke about their problems.

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

Theresa can’t deal with Ethan’s rejection of her. She grabs a scalpel when Gwen threatens to go and get security. She holds the scalpel up to Gwen’s face saying that she will not go. She is angry with Ethan now. "What are you doing to me Ethan? I sacrificed everything for you! Look at what I have been reduced to?" Eve and Pilar try to get Theresa to drop the scalpel, but she just won’t. "I will not break my vow to God, but I want Ethan to choose who he will be with." Ethan will not choose her. "I am staying with Gwen! Alistair calls in his security man. "Get more security on the grounds for my party tonight! Let people on the property but they are not to be allowed to leave. I am going to make lemonade out of lemons tonight." Ethan is at the hospital. Gwen leaves to go and check on Jane at the mansion. Pilar offers to stay with Ethan while she is gone. The book lady comes by the room and Ethan takes a paper. He sees the strange ad about the murder. He knows that this has to do with Alistair somehow and he swings into action. He hops out of bed and gets dressed telling Pilar that he has to go over to protect the children and the woman he loves. Pilar asks him who does he refer to when he talks about the ‘woman he loves’. Ethan ignores her and leaves. Pilar phones Sam telling him that Ethan is on his way to the mansion. Sam, Ivy and Fox swing into action and head over to the mansion to make sure that no harm comes to Ethan at Alistair’s hands. Tabitha has a little insight into the party but not much. She does know however that somehow… one way or another, everyone is going to end up at the mansion that night whether they want to be there or not. There is going to be a murder. Kay vows that she will not go to the Crane party, but Tabitha knows differently. Spike tries to convince Jessica to come with him. She will not budge. Spike asks her out for a date. "We can go to that party at the mansion tonight," he says. She tells how her family will not set foot in that house and neither will she. It is only when he waves the bottle of pills in her face that she decides to walk of with him. By the time they get to the waterfront she is giddy and high as a kite. Sam has noticed that Jessica is missing and fears that Jessica is returning to the streets again. He and Ivy try to find her. A storm is brewing. "Jessica! Jessica!" Jessica recognizes her father’s voice and starts calling out to him but Spike clamps his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet and then he carries her out of there. He takes her to the mansion where Alistair is waiting. Jessica is unconscious now from having too many pills. Alistair orders Spike to take the girl upstairs to the guestroom at the end of the hall. "No one will see you up there. Now hurry!"

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

JT tells Mackenzie that he has to work that night. “But it is New Years Eve” Mackenzie says. Paul decides that he will wait in the car outside but cautions JT that they have to get going. He leaves. Mackenzie is upset that she will be spending this special night alone. JT also tells her that Kevin’s dad has died. She seems upset by that but says she will be fine. JT leaves then. In the car, Paul and JT head out to the road where Sheila and Tom had been driving the day of the wedding, out in the country. Paul has done some research and discovered that there are three abandoned houses out there and he needs to check them out. He feels that Sheila may be hiding in one of them. “I am sure that she came back to town.” JT and Paul search the first house and find nothing. They get back in the car and head to the next house to search that one. Kevin comes home and is surprised to find Mackenzie there alone. “JT had to work," is all that Mackenzie says about that. She knows about his father dying and listens as Kevin talks about the man. Kevin thought that he would be happy about Tom eventually dying, he even dreamed of that as a kid, but now that it has happened he doesn’t feel right. Mackenzie really sympathizes with Kevin and tells him that he isn’t like his father at all, and the fact that he can feel what he is feeling right now makes him special. She kisses his forehead, and then they are staring into each other’s eyes. Next, she kisses him, full on the lips. Kevin is stunned. He starts apologizing although she was the one that initiated the kiss. She tells him to be quiet. She understands. They look into each other’s eyes again and she takes his head in her hands and holds it to her shoulder as she hugs him tightly. Brad has Victoria over to his place for dinner. Victoria is impressed as Brad has made a wonderful dinner for she and Abby. Later, after Abby is sleeping, Brad and Victoria share a dance just before midnight. When the song is over, he brings in champagne and firecrackers for the both of them. He tells how he wants to start a tradition with her starting this night with the firecrackers, and how he really does love her. She tells him that he loves her too. After midnight, Brad breaks open his firecracker. “Oh there is nothing special in it," Brad says. Victoria breaks her firecracker open and finds a note inside. She opens it and reads, “’…Brad Carlton’s New Year’s Resolution… Marry Victoria if she will have me…” Lauren snoops around the room trying to find something that will help her get out of the basement. She finds a storage area with some boxes in it. There are cans in there. “Food!" She pries one of the rusty cans open and finds the food has rotted badly. She drops the can in disgust. Sheila is watching and orders Lauren to give the can to her. “Are you crazy?" Lauren asks her. “Just give it to me!" Sheila orders again. Lauren gives her the can, being careful not to get the contents on her fingers. Sheila asks Lauren how she is supposed to eat with her hands tied. “That is your problem," Lauren shoots back. Sheila gets the can between her thighs to hold it, and then she uses her fingers to scoop the crud into her mouth. Lauren watches incredulously as Sheila downs the rotting food from the badly rusted can. Afterwards, Lauren finds a radio. She plays with it and finds that it is working. She gets a news channel and turns it up. “…And Tom Fisher the person who had been sought in the death of Lauren Fenmore has died today… Ashley Abbot has been charged in the shooting death…” Lauren throws her hands to her mouth and pulls her breath in sharply when she hears what has happened to Tom. Ashley’s back is against the wall. Jack arrives to get her out of jail and opens his mouth trying to give the lieutenant a reason for his sister’s actions. Michael cautions Jack to be quiet. Ashley is angry when she arrives from the back and hears her brother referring to her as a victim who had every right to do what she did. Christine finally orders Jack to stop talking. The media gets wind of what has happened and they come rushing in with cameras and questions. Jack grabs his sister and hauls her out of there with his hand over her face. When he and Ashley get to the hospital, they find Gloria still waiting for news on John. He hasn’t gotten up yet. Gloria says that John’s heart is weak and because of that they can’t tell him about Ashley’s charges. Ashley feels that they have to talk to him about it. “He is going to find out one way or the other.” Jack and Ashley argue the matter. Christine arrives demanding to talk to her client alone. Ashley goes off to a private room with Christine in the hospital. Christine demands the story. “I have to know if this is self-defense or not. Tell me everything.” Ashley starts talking. She tells how she heard Gloria talking to Tom and knew where he was. “I went to meet him to make sure that he didn’t come to the house. When I got there, Tom was still there in the alley.” That is where Ashley stops sharing information. She replays it in her mind with her mouth shut. She saw her father struggling with Tom and the gun was between them. The gun went off and John stood back as Tom fell to the ground. The gun too fell near Tom’s hand… Ashley got involved and ordered her father out of there. John sped off in his car with the wheels screeching. Ashley turned to Tom and looked down at him. He appeared not to be alive. Suddenly he reached out a hand and grabbed Ashley’s ankle. She jumped back screaming. She saw the gun down by Tom’s hand and quickly stooped to pluck it out of the way. When she was standing up, she was holding it in her hand, and still looking down at John unable to move. “Police! Freeze!" Ashley jumped again. She didn’t notice that the police were right behind her. The rest is history. Christine shakes Ashley trying to get her out of her daydream. “Ashley! Tell me the story! Was it self-defence?" Ashley nods her head. “It was absolutely self-defence," Ashley says.

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