Wednesday 12/28/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 12/28/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica reveals to Jack that she knows that Dr. Madden has some secret involving her and she needs to get to the bottom of it. And the only way she can do that is without the help of anybody. Josh reveals to Amanda that he has an "agenda" to put Erica in her place. Janet goes to talk to Babe about how she is Amanda's mother and wants to protect her daughter. Babe is courteous to her. But JR blasts Janet and tells her he will not let her or her daughter hurt anybody he cares about. JR comes by and threatens Amanda. Josh observes and tells him he better leave her alone. Bianca kind of discourages Zach from believing he has a future with Kendall. And Ryan offers to be there for Kendall and he accompanies her to her sonogram appointment.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack and Mike see the bomb attached to the machine Katie is just about to pull the lever to, and they try to warn her and everyone about it, but BJ is standing behind them with a gun. In the commotion, Katie pulls the lever. Jack wrestles with BJ; the gun goes off and both men go down. A horrified Carly watches this all on TV, and pleads with someone to take her to WOAK. BJ pulls himself up from the floor and tries to escape and is happy when he thinks he runs into Olga…. too bad it is Henry dressed up in Olga’s clothes. The stranger that rubbed Carly the wrong way runs out of the building holding the bomb. It detonates. Carly rushes in and to her immense relief finds Jack only has an arm wound. Everyone else seems to be fine, even Henry, who Maddie is thrilled to find in the rubble. Maddie fills Henry in on all Mike and Katie did for him. Henry finds a suitcase filled with cash that BJ left behind. Mike and the stranger share a reunion. We find out the stranger is Nick, Mike’s cousin, who turns out to be Jack’s replacement on the force. Carly and Jack are very much disappointed because they thought Jack’s actions might have gotten in position back. Dusty continues to wrestle with whether or not to confront Meg about the plane ticket stub to Tampa. He then searches her planner and goes to meet with a man Meg previously met with. Dusty is able to finesse the truth out of this guy about what he did for Meg regarding a DNA test. Meg is waiting for Dusty at home dressed to the nines, ready to go away for New Year’s Eve, but Dusty can hardly look at her. Hal goes to see Emily to convince her not to get married and when Emily continues to stand by her man, Hal goes into a rage and starts throwing things, promising he will get out of her life, but he is taking Paul with him when he does. Emily is left behind sobbing. Jennifer is upset to hear of Paul’s release from jail. Paul and Jen come face to face as he pleads for her forgiveness. Jen doesn’t want him near her or her son ever again. Emily’s call interrupts them, she tells Paul to meet her right away because she isn’t sure what Hal will do to try to stop them from getting married. Paul agrees and goes to leave, causing Jen to become frustrated that he would ditch her for Emily while they were talking.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Bridget and Nick are in a panic when the doctor cannot find the baby's heartbeat. The doctor finds it and everyone is relieved. She decides to keep Bridget in the hospital over night. Brooke shows up to see if the baby is ok and after Bridget is taken to her room, Brooke breaks down. Nick comforts her with a hug. Stephanie sees this in disbelief through the door window. Stephanie later accuses Brooke of still trying to get with Nick.

Darla encourages Hector to go after Taylor. Taylor vents to Stephanie about Ridge not being home for the holidays. Hector pursues Taylor.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Austin admits to Kate that he’s interested in Carrie. Kate later stops by Lucas’ apartment and he admits that he’s also interested in Carrie. Carrie has a chance to catch up with Roman before she and Austin head off to share some hot chocolate and a walk. Sami asks Lucas to join her in a plot to keep Carrie and Austin apart but Lucas turns her down. Sami reads an email at Austin’s request that shows Carrie as High Style’s CEO but deletes it without ever telling Austin what it really contained. Shawn brings Belle Zach’s extra baby blanket and assures her that no one blames her for Claire’s illness. Lois shows Marlena pictures of Marlena’s face battered and bruised under the claim that Alex did that to her. Marlena is skeptical that Alex really hurt her despite John’s attempts to make her believe it. While Lois and Alex are left alone, Lois backs away from Alex and ends up tripping over the edge of the couch. John and Marlena come back inside and John assumes that Alex was in the process of harming Lois.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Michael encounters Emily and Sonny in the hallway but thinks nothing of it. Michael innocently relates the incident between Sonny and Emily to Carly. Carly spies on Sonny and Emily and thinks there is something going on between them. Patrick breaks up Robin and Carly's fight. Carly gives Patrick some insight into Robin. Robin thinks Patrick's concern for her is actually pity.

Jax swears to Courtney that he didn't hit Dr. Meadows with his car. Jesse finds a dent on Jax's front fender. Lulu is forced to volunteer at the hospital to appease Tracy. Elizabeth tries to convince Lulu that helping others will make her feel good about herself but Lulu can't get over her personal fears. Ric attempts to get Alexis to relax about Kristina being around Carly.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Reva goes to see Jonathan in jail and after assuring him that she wasn’t the one who turned him in, tells him this could be the time he really messed up. He asks her to look after Tammy for him. Tammy can’t believe that Cassie was the one who called in the anonymous tip and asks for her help again. When Cassie tells her that she is doing this for Tammy’s own good, Tammy tells her that she has always stuck by her through all of her mother’s hard times and can’t believe Cassie won’t do the same for her. She also tells Cassie that she is not Cassie’s second chance. After Cassie tells her that it will be her and Jonathan against the world, Tammy shocks Cassie with the news that Reva has always been on their side. Olivia doesn’t realize that the concert with Frank is a date, but has a good time anyway. After Frank is called away for police business, Olivia calls Josh and tells him that she is all dressed up with no place to go. Buzz overhears and tells Olivia that she doesn’t realize what is waiting right in front of her. Thinking he is talking about Frank, Olivia says that she sees what Buzz is saying and will give Frank a chance, not realizing that Buzz was talking about himself. Gus and Harley have a fun time with Jude at the Mall and then after Jude is in bed, Gus treats Harley to a romantic night alone. As she sleeps he gets up and writes her a letter.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Paige fills Bo in on how she had gotten pregnant at a young age after her divorce from Spencer. Bo agrees to help her find her son. Hugh comes up with a deal for Vangie, but she refuses to take the deal for Todd. Todd has nightmares about Margaret and the baby.

Spencer gives Kevin and Kelly the good news that they can start trying to have a family. Kevin and Clint are both leary of Spencer and his motives. Natalie visits Christian and gives him a check for $27,000.00 which he refuses. He then reconsiders, and takes the money. She leaves. Natalie finds out about John having to see a psychiatrist. Natalie questions him as to why. He makes up a lie that it is because of the incident at Statesville.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Alistair has Spike in his study. "I heard something very disturbing. Jessica is hoe with her family. I want you to go over there to the house and get that girl from her family. Trust me SpikeÖ You donít want to know what I do to people who fail me!" Kay has been hanging around too much. Ivy gets upset. "I have to get rid of her." She calls Valerie, angry that she hasnít been moving her tail to split up Fox and Kay. "You had better get moving Valerie and stop this relationship or you will be fired!" Ivy warns. Valerie dolls herself up and heads over to the Bennett house. She finds Fox with Kay and tells him that they have to deal with some emails that have come into the office. Kay pouts. "Canít it wait until another time?" Valerie tells her that after the stunt she pulled by turning Foxís phone off the other day, there is a lot of damage control to do. Fox hurries off. Alistair sends Fancy to the Bennetts to convince them to come to his party that night. When Fancy gets to the house, no one will agree to go. Noah will have nothing to do with that place and he advises Fancy that she shouldnít be there either. Sam and Ivy feel the same. Besides, they have friends coming over that night. Jessica is home safe and sound and she has had a great Christmas with her family. She goes to take the garbage out of the house. On her way back in, she finds Spike behind her. "Hi Jess." Ethan is sleeping in his bed at the hospital. Theresa has disguised herself as a nurse and has entered the room. She stays in there all night with Ethan. She wants to tell him what happened while he was in his coma. Gwen comes in and finds her there. They girls argue as usual. Gwen just wants Theresa out of there, but Theresa will not go. "I have to talk to Ethan." Eve and Pilar come by and are unhappy to see that Theresa has gotten near Ethan again. Ethan wakes and Theresa said that she wants him to choose who he wants to be with. She tells how he would be dead right now if it hadnít been for her. "Gwen was going to kill you! I took you and protected you. I wished upon a star and I got a miracle! Now tell everyone that you want to be with me. Ethan canít do that. Ethan wonít do that. "Theresa I told you before. I am not leaving Gwen. Now please just go!"

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Sheila and Lauren are still in the basement but a lot calmer now. Sheila begs that the ties be taken off her hands. She is in pain from the ankle. “It may be fractured. I am a nurse. I need to take care of this.” Lauren will not take off the ties. In fact she is suspicious of the ankle and tries to get near it. Sheila cringes away from her, not wanting Lauren to touch it. Lauren will not take off the ties on Sheila’s hands, but she does take off Sheila’s shoe and sees that in fact Sheila does have an injury and a bad one. She puts Sheila’s leg up on a chair. That is all that Lauren will do for the woman. Sheila seems appreciative. “You know Lauren, if we keep working together like this, we should be able to get out of here.” Lauren stiffens up. “Listen up! There is no ‘we’. Tom may not come back for you, but he will definitely come back for me! I am getting out of here. You are going nowhere!" And with that said, Lauren rushes to the basement door again, grabs her metal pipe and starts banging on the door again, and shouting for help! Jack arrives at Victor’s house, and Victor reluctantly lets him in. Jack tells his New Year’s resolution. “I am going to do everything in my power to kick you out of my company. If you start that project with Phyllis and Nikki, I will see you in court. They are Jabot employees and any ideas that they come up with belong to me.” Victor thought that Jack didn’t want to develop the project. He doesn’t, he confirms, but it is Jabot’s idea nevertheless. “I know what you are up to Victor. You are not fooling me. You want to develop the company under Jabot, then come along with Newman and buy it out from under us.” Victor smiles. He wasn’t thinking that, but it is a very interesting idea. Mackenzie is home cooking meatloaf. She is surprised with JT arrives. She was prepared for him to be working all night. He says that it has been a rough day and he really wanted to come home. Mackenzie has forgotten something for dinner and rushes out to get it. While alone, there is angry knocking on JT’s front door. JT opens the door to Paul. He is furious. “Where have you been? I have been trying to reach you for a long time now. Why isn’t your phone on?" JT checks his phone and it is off. “Mackenzie must have turned it off to have a quiet dinner with me.” Paul says that if JT wants to work in this field, he will have to be available all the time. “We have to get going JT… Come on.” JT can’t go. “I am having dinner with Mackenzie tonight.” Paul’s face turns beet red. “I need you to watch my back JT. If you want to work for me, then you and your little girlfriend will have to understand that!" The door has opened, and Mackenzie walks in carrying a cake box. “Oh… Hi Paul. What’s up?" Sharon is with Brad. He is pouring his heart out to her and she can hardly believe it. “I love you Sharon. You are the woman that I have been waiting for.” Sharon tells him that she is working on her marriage and that she really wants that marriage. “This is not the right time for this Brad. It is not like you are alone. You have Victoria.” Brad admits that he has Victoria, and that she is a great girl, but she isn’t Sharon and that is what Brad wants. Sharon tells that she is getting uncomfortable with the conversation and she tells that she has to go. “But I do love you Brad… I can’t… I just can’t…” Brad pulls himself together and heads over to Victor’s house. Victor lets the man in. Brad tells Victor that he doesn’t need approval to see Victoria, but that Victoria needs his approval. “Just lay off for a while and give me some breathing room. It is a new year and it is a time for new beginnings. Your daughter is very important to me, and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.” Victor seriously hopes that Brad wouldn’t hurt his daughter. After Brad leaves, Victor has to wonder why Brad felt that he had to make this declaration now… Phyllis shows up at Nick’s house. She says that she is there to pick up Daniel who was at basketball practice with Noah that day. Nick has her in and tells her that he was just getting dinner ready. She hasn’t been having a good day. She tells how she and Jack are fighting and that she might be out of a job soon. Nick asks about this project that she is working on. She tells him about the bridging project for women. Nick feels the idea is great and knows that Phyllis will be great with the project. “Everything that you do is successful Phyllis because you always put your heart and soul in it, and it shows.” As they are talking, the door opens and Sharon walks in. She isn’t pleased to find Phyllis in her living room with her husband. “I didn’t know that we were having company.” Phyllis explains why she is there. Sharon rolls her eyes and invites Phyllis to dinner with her son. Phyllis says 'no'. Daniel and Noah enter the room and Noah asks that they stay for dinner. Phyllis ends up saying that she will stay. Sharon goes upstairs to change. Phyllis apologizes to Nick for this, but he says that he is glad that she will be there with them for dinner.

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