Tuesday 12/27/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 12/27/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica and Bianca have different views about who is the man for Kendall. Erica adamantly believes that her daughter has to get rid of Zach Slater and that Ryan could be Kendall's man again. But Bianca sees nothing wrong with Kendall and Zach making a go of it and realizes that Kendall and Ryan are in the past. David and Jack admit that they are on the same page about Jonathan Lavery. Jack tells David he still doesn't trust him. But David tells Jack that they need to team up and put their differences aside the same way they did in regard to Michael Cambias. Babe notices Jamie defending Amanda and looking like he has a relationship with her. He tells her his personal life is none of his business and he has a similar "scheme" with Amanda as what Babe had with JR. Janet reveals to her daughter that she has some trick up her sleeve that not even Amanda knows about.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Emily and Cass tell Hal that a judge overturned the ruling of Paul not having bail; they want him released pronto. Hal continues to issue “reminders” to Paul about how quickly he will be back behind bars, and to Emily about how much she is ruining her life. After hey leave the Police Station, Paul and Emily decide to get married that very day. Emily later sees Susan who announces she won’t be at her wedding, and Emily tells her she no longer cares. Susan turns to Hal to stop Emily, but he has washed his hands of her. The minister tells Emily and Paul they can get married in 2 hours. Jack admits he has been roped into singing at the telethon as a cover to stay close to BJ; Carly wants to be there, but Jack doesn’t want her there because she is a distraction in a good way, or is he just worried about her being there if something goes down? Carly pretends she is going home but then makes plans to go watch Jack, but she ends up with a flat tire instead. A stranger helps her, but he playfully insults her and she tells him to get lost. Later, Carly watches Jack on TV but also spots the man who helped her on the side of the road at the telethon as well. Maddie tries to keep Mike from turning on the TV to see Katie hosting the telethon with BJ, but he figures it out, and takes off for WOAK. Jack runs into Katie at the telethon and wants to know why she is there since Mike told him she was keeping her distance? She explains that she has gotten BJ to bring Henry there today. Familiar faces of Oakdale perform at the telethon. BJ and his “electrician” plant the bomb to detonate when the donation goal is met and Katie pulls the lever. BJ goes to see Henry and orders Olga to kill him but also implies he is going to kill Katie today as well. Henry tricks Olga and is able to escape. The goal is met and Katie goes to pull the lever; BJ finds Mike and Jack standing over the bomb!

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Bridget after taking a fall is concerned for her baby. Nick takes her to the hospital where they perform an emergency procedure to save the baby. After the surgery is complete her doctor runs a ultra sound and is alarmed at what she sees.

Hector tries yet again to make a play for Taylor by pointing out Ridge's faults and Taylors needs. Jackie concerned Bridget's baby might get lost in the shuffle of Felicia's baby goes to Massimo to plan a shower.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea and Max let themselves into the empty Brady house and try to be intimate but they are interrupted by the call alerting them to Frankie breaking his leg after slipping on the ice. Jennifer insists that Frankie stay with her until his leg heals. Sami and Nicole argue about their plans to date Austin and Sami reveals to her that Carrie is back in town. Sami lies to both Carrie and Austin to prevent them from spending time together. John refuses to let Marlena and Alex leave upon returning to the penthouse until Dr. Banks arrives to corroborate his claim that Alex is an abusive husband.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Carly admits to Sonny that she feels insecure about Emily's continued presence in Michael and Morgan's lives. Sonny eases Carly's fears about Emily replacing her. Patrick overhears Carly fighting with Robin and learns that Robin is HIV positive. Sonny insists that Emily spend the night in the main house after the heater breaks in the guesthouse. Sonny and Emily encounter one another in the hallway wearing only towels.

Alexis bristles when Carly invites Kristina to Michael's birthday party. Kristina asks Alexis why she doesn't like Michael. Luke paints Jax as a hero in front of Courtney. Luke blackmails Jax into giving him a high paying consulting job at the Metro Court. Carly sees Jax arguing with Dr. Meadows and later witnesses Dr. Meadows get run down by a car. Jason and Sam are outraged by Alexis' opinions about Manny. Monica gives Jason advice about Sam. Jason and Sam return home and are happy to be together.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Beth visits Alan where he tells her that he will be out of the hospital soon and then he is going after Harley to get back what is rightfully his. Beth tells him that she will not be part of harming Harley, but tells him that she will help him with his hearing. Later she tells Gus though that Alan is planning something with Harley. Gus later calls and reserves the Spaulding jet for him and one other passenger, destination to be told when they leave. Cassie feels guilty about calling the cops on Jonathan and Tammy but tells Josh when he offers to take the blame that she will stick by what she did. Frank tells Tammy she can get out of the charges if she turns on Jonathan but she refuses. Jonathan later punches out a police officer that manhandles Tammy. Cassie arrives at the station and when Tammy says she is glad to see her, tells her it was she who called the tip in.

OLTL Recap Written by Christina 

Antonio goes to Nash’s place in California looking for Jessica. He then goes into Nash’s place and finds out from Nash’s neighbor that Tess and Nash are at the hospital. Nash makes an excuse as to how he ended up in the hospital but Tess knows that he is lying. Antonio finds Tess with Nash. Antonio gets Jessica back by telling her everything he loves about her. Antonio tells Nash about how Jessica and he have set up a paternity test to see who the father of the baby is.

Bo talks to Matthew about the trust between parents. Paige then has a flashback about what she said the night before at the church about her son. David and Dorian run into each other in Angel Square. David admits he loves her and Dorian says that he does not exist in her eyes. David finds out that Paige had a child but gave him up for adoption because it was her child with Spencer and she did not want him to take her son from her. Paige informs Bo about her son when she asks him to help her find her child. The trial for Todd Manning starts today with jury selection and is closed to the public. Todd attacks Spencer when he sees Spencer comforting Blair. Jury selection is finished and the trial starts in the New Year.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Alistair visits Judge O'Reilly to find out why he let Noah out of jail after Al had ordered him not to. The judge tells him a woman they both know, who is supposed to be dead, forced him to do it. Alistair thinks he's lying, that the woman can't be back, but the judge assures him it's true. Sheridan and Chris make love, after he tells her he thinks it's real love, not a rebound. She makes sure their first time is perfect. Gwen fusses over Ethan, making sure he's comfortable and not wanting anything. She tells him why he was in the coma, making sure he knows Theresa poisoned him while trying to kill Alistair again, but she made sure not to mention the fact he would have been dead if Theresa hadn't kidnapped him and kept him out of her reach. Theresa wants to talk to him so he will know, but Gwen vows she will never see him again, and Pilar warns her if she breaks her vow to God He will never forgive her. Of course, neither threat stops her, and she's soon dressed as a nurse, skulking the halls for her chance to talk to him.

Alistair continues to fume at home over the woman the judge saw, but can't believe it's really her. He wants to know who's playing tricks on him, so he makes sure everyone will come to the party on New Year's eve. The Lady in Red Fingernails is happy to see this, as she has big plans for him that night, knowing he's the one who will pay the ultimate price for his sins. One last present under the tree for Alistair is full of rose petals, covering a knife. The threat is noted by Al, but it only makes him more determined to flush the real culprit out at his party. Kay and Fox take Maria to visit with doting grandma Pilar, and Kay remembers Ivy's question about what she would do if Miguel were to come back and want her. Fox sees something is wrong, but she assures him it's nothing. When Pilar gets a phone call from Miguel, Kay wonders who she's talking to, but Miguel wants her to keep quiet about who's calling. Whitney finds herself giving in to Chad's kisses and pleas to stay with him and the baby, but she manages to withstand it and return to the convent, which she feels is best for them all.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jack happens to arrive at the coffeehouse and catches Phyllis with Victor and Nikki talking business. He ducks out of the way and peers in at the trio. Later he brazenly walks in asking what is going on. “I feel my ears burning. Victor and Nikki hurry to get out of there to let Phyllis deal with Jack and the news. Jack already guesses. “You have gone to Newman with the idea that I told you that you couldn’t pursue right?" Phyllis doesn’t deny it. “We couldn’t give up on the idea. It is too good Jack. Jack reminds Phyllis that she works for Jabot. She reminds him that Victor owns a part of Jabot. Jack says he would rather live on a park bench than sit side by side with Victor. “And you had better feel the same way as well Phyllis.” She asks what will happen if she doesn't feel the same way. “Phyllis… I hope that Victor and Nikki can pay your rent.” Phyllis finds Jack to be downright vindictive and it is clear that he would hurt her to get back at Victor if he had the chance. “You know Jack? I really don’t know how much of ‘us’ there is left to save.” And with that said, Phyllis walks off leaving him alone. Brad has come to the boutique. He finds Sharon there. They look over at the big poster of Lauren on the wall. Brad has been especially hit hard by Lauren’s ‘death’. “It is making me think that I am wasting my life. Michael got married one day and then the love of his life is gone the next. Sharon… we are good friends, more than good friends. This has made me think. You are the one that I have been looking for. Sharon… I love you.” Lauren can’t take it anymore. Sheila seems fine with dying with Lauren in the basement, but Lauren decides that she has to figure something out. She goes to the railing leading up to the main part of the house. She notices that it shakes. It is loose! Lauren uses her hand to try to pry the railing loose but it doesn’t work. Sheila doesn’t seem happy that Lauren is figuring things out and starts taunting her about trying to get out. “You will never get out of here. You are going to die in here… You might as well give up!" Lauren will not. She has another idea and uses her legs instead to kick at the heavy metal railing. To Sheila’s horror, the railing soon falls loose. Lauren picks it up and starts repeatedly ramming it into the door to loosen it so it will eventually fall off its hinges. Sheila keeps taunting and shouting over the banging noise to laugh at Lauren and make her think that she is wasting her time. Lauren finally has had it. She turns on Sheila. She goes over to the woman and they start wrestling and fighting. Sheila bends sideways and kicks Lauren in the gut. Lauren goes flying backwards to the wall, but recovers quickly. Sheila has knocked herself backwards as well and she falls on her back. She has trouble getting up again as her wrists are tied together still. Lauren is on her in a flash. “Aaahhhhhhhhhh!" Sheila cries. Sheila has been hurt and hurt bad. She isn’t trying to get up anymore. She is writhing in pain on her back as she cries out, with Lauren standing over her. Gloria shows up at the hospital to see about John. She soon sees the boys and tells them that John had a car accident and is in the hospital. She is strangely quiet when she learns that Tom has been shot. Ashley gets the call, and Christine arranges for her to get out of jail on bail to be with her father. She rushes over to the hospital and Gloria fills her in. The doctor comes to the women to inform them that John has a few broken ribs and a bump on his head. “He is unconscious right now, but you will be able to see him later and he has no life-threatening injuries. And when you talk to him, don’t talk about anything stressful. Also, we noticed a bit of an irregular heartbeat.” Ashley decides at that moment that she wants to be there when her father wakes up. Tom is in the hospital. Tom and Kevin hover for information. They want to talk to Tom but the police want to also. The cop goes in first. He reads Tom his rights, but Tom doesn’t care about that. He looks weakly up at his monitors, and asks for Baldwin. The officer feels that Tom is asking to talk to a lawyer and although he feels that Michael is a strange choice he gets the man anyway. Michael when alone with Tom grabs his IV and threatens to stop the flow of medicine that is keeping him alive for killing Lauren. Kevin is out in the hallway and when the officers are not looking he sneaks in to be with his brother as well. He stands back and listens as Michael reads Tom the riot act. Tom hears the boys talk about Lauren thinking that that she is dead. Tom tries to speak but Kevin orders him to “shut up!" Tom calls out Sheila’s name when Michael brings up the explosion but Michael will not entertain that thought. “It was all you Tom!" Michael shouts. Kevin is next to tell his father that he wants him to suffer for what he did to Lauren. Tom tries to talk again, but doesn't get anything substantial out. Then his head falls to the pillow and the machine rages. Michael and Kevin stand by quietly as the staff of the hospital get the paddles, but Tom dies. Outside the room, Michael tells Ashley and Gloria that Tom is dead. “He said that Sheila was the one that caused the explosion, he tried to say something else but didn’t get it out and we will never know what that was… and he said that Sheila wasn’t the one that shot him.” The lieutenant is nearby and he hears how things have developed. “Well, that changes things for you then Ashley Abbot. You are under arrest for the murder of Tom Fisher.” Ashley is cuffed as her in-laws stand watching.

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