Monday 12/26/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 12/26/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Di goes to see the real Dixie and tells her she needs to consider returning to her family. But Dixie tells Di that maybe Di should live her life. Tad wonders why Di was not around when little Adam was kidnapped. But Julia reminds him that she could not have heard the news. Both Jonathan and Amanda are under suspicion for the kidnapping of little Adam. But Janet is acting out all the suspicious things that have happened and that she plans to make happen, with dolls. Lily reveals to her family that she is the only one among them who trusts Jonathan. Kendall tells Erica and Bianca that she will have the baby but is not certain about her future with Ryan.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Holden continues to press Lily to leave Keith and come back to her family; she does admit she will always love him though. Keith finds them in the barn and wonders what kind of message she is sending him and her kids by running off to see Holden? He also tells Lily maybe there won’t be some cosmic justice for her going back on her word to him, but he says it in a way that reminds her of her fear. Holden finds Luke and wonders if he is drinking? Luke denies it, but his breath is overwhelmingly minty fresh. Luke figures out why his mom is with Keith; Holden tries to rationalize it, but Luke feels guilty and wishes he never woke up. Lily overhears this and angrily reprimands Luke, but then is forced to leave with Keith. Mike worries about Katie promising to stay away from BJ so Maddie goes looking for her, and finds her and BJ kissing. Katie takes her aside and explains she is keeping up appearances until the telethon when BJ promised to have Henry there. She has to avoid Mike so he doesn’t play hero. She pleads with Maddie to go along with her. Maddie does when she hears about Henry’s promised return and tells Mike that Katie is swamped with work. She tells him that Katie set BJ straight. Meanwhile, BJ’s revenge wheels are spinning as he tells Katie which dress to wear tomorrow and how she will be in charge of a machine with an a strong electrical charge. His plan is coming together in his mind for a night Katie will never forget. Carly confronts Jack about him pretending to still be working with the FBI. Jack admits he is also helping Mike with the BJ situation. Gwen desperately wants to have another baby with Will, but Will thinks they should slow down. Gwen wonders if his feelings for her have changed because Billy is gone? Will just doesn’t want them to replace the void they feel for losing Billy with another baby. Gwen takes off. Will later bumps into Carly and they have a heart to heart as Carly mentions losing Nora. Their talk leads to Will going to find Gwen to tell her that he wants to have a baby with her. Dusty finds evidence that Meg was in Tampa when he and Jen were, but doesn’t know how to ask her about it especially when Meg shows him a picture she has kept over the years of them that Caleb took when they were teenagers that she wanted to give to him for a housewarming gift. When Emma overhears Dusty talking to himself about just “needing to ask Meg something” she worries that he is going to ask her to marry him. As they are leaving though, Emma thanks Dusty for putting a smile on her daughter’s face.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn gives Belle an angel necklace so she can match with Claire’s ornament. Chelsea returns to Bo’s house to thank him for the gift of driving lessons after having originally gotten angry about it and Bo surprised Hope with a gift of a family portrait. Shawn invites Mimi to join the portrait. Sami boasts to Lucas about Austin whisking her away on a romantic trip to LA but Lucas gets back at her by pointing out Carrie talking to Austin on the terrace. John ignores Roman’s warnings about bursting in on Alex and Marlena without just cause and ends up wrongfully accusing Alex of trying to harm Marlena when he spotted Alex struggling with Marlena because her clothing caught fire from a fireplace ember. Marlena finds it hard to believe that Alex could be dangerous but John, Roman, and Kate insist that they have proof. Frankie returns to the Horton house when his flight is delayed to give out Christmas gifts to Abby, Jack Jr. and Jennifer. Jack watches the happy moment through the window and decides that it’s better to leave them with the belief that he’s already dead.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Durant asks Alexis to throw the case, and she refuses. Jason indicates his displeasure over Emily's time at Sonny's. Jason is released. Lorenzo and Sonny can agree that Carly's house is not safe. Jax warns Courtney to be careful with Nik. Dillon offers to show Lulu how to survive the Q manor. Emily urges Sonny not to kill Manny. Patrick incites anxieties in Sam regarding Robin and Jason. Manny thinks about making a new start and amends. Courtney suspects that Jax sabotaged Nik's plane, stranding him. Sonny includes Emily in the people he cares about protecting from Manny. Michael admits that he missed Emily for Christmas.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Gus tells Harley about Alan’s possible competency hearing and she takes it surprisingly well. Dinah and Mallet wake up happy together, but Dinah is quick to tell him it was only a one-night thing and not to read anything into it. He agrees but hangs around her room while she goes out. Dinah runs into Harley at CO2 and tells her about her night with Mallet. Harley is uneasy at first but then tells Dinah to go after Mallet. Gus asks Mallet to help him keep Alan in the hospital and away from Harley no matter what. Tammy wakes up to find Jonathan gone. She starts to panic when he comes back with breakfast for her. He admits that after his actions last night he thought about leaving for her sake. He begs her that if he makes things worse for her instead of better that she should leave him and she tells him she wants to go out. They got to CO2 and Tammy first tells Harley and Dinah that they are together and then shouts it to the crowd. Cassie tries to find a way to get Jonathan out of Tammy’s life, and tells Jeffrey to arrest him for the house fire. Reva says that he has to arrest Tammy also since she was there and Cassie is upset to find out that Reva knew this and covered for Jonathan. Cassie sneaks out and calls Frank to tell him that it was Jonathan who set the fire. Tammy and Jonathan are making plans to go to the Caribbean for New Years when Frank comes to arrest Jonathan.

OLTL Recap Written by Christina  

Clint tries to distract Natalie from what is going on, by giving her a ticket to London but she refuses. Rex looks in as Natalie is celebrating Christmas at Vikiís and is caught by Natalie, who thinks he is looking for Adriana. Bo gets released from the hospital on Christmas. We discover that Paige has a child when she goes to the church to pray that her son is protected and that he forgives her.

John spends another Christmas at the station. John reminisces about his dad and how his father would never work on Christmas day. John tries to get Michael to go to midnight mass, so he can keep the promise he made to their dad. Natalie goes to the police station and gives John his Christmas gift. While in the hospital, Nash continues to try and reach Tess but his battery is low. After trying for awhile Nash finally gets through but talks to Jessica, not Tess. After listening to Nash say that he didnít abandon Tess and that he loved her, Tess takes over and realizes that Nash does love her. Tess pretends to be Jessica and gets Asa to give her his private jet, while Nash tries to get out of the hospital. Tess sneaks away from Antonio and goes to Nashís hospital room to be with him.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Alistair is in a good mood, especially once he talks to Judge O'Reilly, who confirms that Noah Bennett is still in jail and won't be getting out any time soon. He also rehires a young woman he recently fired, since she is one who is willing to do anything to make him happy. When she talks about the party he's throwing for New Year's, he tells her he's not throwing a party, and becomes very upset with whoever did send it out. The Lady with Red Fingernails is watching all this, and says a few choice words under her breath about Alistair's parentage and his evil ways. The two don't see her, however, and begin getting cozy on the sofa. While they were busy, The Lady entered the office and left a rose and an invitation on the desk, which causes Alistair to get more upset once he realizes someone had been there, unseen. Fancy and Noah continue the party she set up for him, and he sends a guard to get something for him. Once the guard brings what he asked for, he gives it to Fancy as a gift. It is the "Key to His Heart", and she is thrilled with it.

At the church, after Ethan appears, everyone is shocked and happy to see him. Theresa, especially, is thrilled, but she remembers the promise she made to get her miracle and wonders how she will be able to live without him. Gwen threatens her again, of course. Ethan remembers nothing of what happened while he was in the coma. Everyone goes home after the service and open their gifts. Jessica thinks no one remembered her until Fox brings all her gifts in at once. Spike showed up at the church and threatened to harm Sam. Sam got a call saying something wasn't right at home, so he left, and found the guard there, retrieving the gift for Noah. Spike sneaked into the house and waited to strike at Sam, but was interrupted and sent packing when Ivy showed up. Kay and Fox are happy together, which irks Ivy. The Lady in White visits Judge O'Reilly and forces the frightened old man to release Noah, even tho Alistair wanted him to stay in jail. Fancy and Noah are thrilled at the news. Whitney and Chad grow closer after watching Miles open his presents, as do Chris and Sheridan.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Ashley is frozen. She is with Tom alone in the alley. He is covered with blood and laying on his stomach very still. Tom suddenly makes a movement to grab Ashley’s foot and he does which frightens her. She backs up so that he can’t reach her if he tries that again but he really looks like he won’t. Ashley freezes again and just stares down at him. The police roll up and order her to drop the gun. She does. Her hands and bagged and her wrists are cuffed behind her as she is read her rights. She is then taken downtown where she is put in an interview room, but she says nothing, and will say nothing until she talks to an attorney. She calls Christine. Christine comes to see Ashley but can’t see how she can get this work done in time for Ashley to be let out of jail that night. When Christine gets more details, she is surprised at what she leans. “Tell me Ashley… Did you shoot Tom Fisher tonight?" Michael is arrives at the alley, and he sees all the commotion and then Tom tied to a stretcher. “What happened to him? He is my stepfather.” He learns that Tom has been shot. Michael doesn't care about him. “That is the bastard that shot my wife!" Michael shouts. “Isn’t that right Tom?" It takes all the attendants to keep him from the stretcher and from tearing Tom apart. Kevin has something to figure out now. “Who got to you Tom? Who go to you first?" He calls Kevin and tells him that he has to get to the hospital. “Tom just got shot and he might not make it. Meet me at the hospital.” Paul gets the word. In an attempt to figure out whose fingerprints are whose, he gets the confirmation that he expected. The woman in the Mental Institution is not really Sheila. This is all beginning to make sense to him now. Scott comes over and Paul tries to fill him in as best he can. “Do you know this woman?" Paul shows Scott the picture of Sheila in correctional institute clothing. “That is 'Brenda'!" Scott says. Paul corrects him. “That is Sheila Carter. She has been after your mother from years. She took you as a baby and it took a year for Lauren to get you back from her. She took Lauren to a farmhouse and kidnapped her…” Scott knows this story. “…And she started a fire! This is the story! This is the story that we were writing," Scott shouts. “Only Sheila turned everything around to make my mother look like the bad guy in all this.” Paul convinces Scott that he can help with this. “She won’t hurt you Scott. You are the reason that she has done all of this.” Scott gets on his phone and calls 'Brenda'/Sheila’s voicemail. He leaves a message for her to call him. “I really need someone to talk about this with. My mother is gone and we are good friends. So please call.” When Scott hangs up, Paul smiles. Now all they have to do is wait. Phyllis and Nikki are on cloud nine. Everyone that has heard their idea loves it. Victor wishes that he could be a part of it, but he understands that his wife had to go to her company first about it. Phyllis and Nikki touch base. Phyllis is at the coffeehouse thinking about what a great feeling it is to change from being a computer person to entering this whole new field as a career. Jack finds her in the back on the patio and he comes over to her looking very unhappy. She bounces up to him happily but he is not in the mood. “How dare you go over my head Phyllis," he demands to know. She said that she and Nikki had to do that as they really believed in this idea and had to keep trying to make it work. “That is not the point. I am in charge and I am stopping this.” Phyllis says that Jill liked the idea so much that she is giving seed money for it. Jack didn’t know that and he assures her that he will not let this happen. Phyllis feels that he is just being vindictive. “How would you feel Phyllis if I give you the money for this and it didn’t work and I had to pull out?" Phyllis says that wouldn’t happen, and even if it did, at least you would have given me a chance. Jack tells Phyllis that her jumping into another field is not a good idea. “You are good at what you do with the computers. How about we go out to dinner and discuss finding something else for you in your current field that you can really find challenging. Phyllis doesn’t want to do that, and she doesn’t want to go to dinner and chat. Jack gets his knickers in a bunch and leaves. Phyllis calls Nikki and tells her what happened. Victor is in the room and hears that Jack has nixed the idea. Nikki tells that things will be okay. “Victor will help us get this started.” Victor has his back to Nikki, and he smiles. Phyllis tells Nikki to get Victor over there to meet with her so they can get this party started. Gloria is in a panic. Michael didn’t sound right, Ashley hasn’t returned to the house and she has done what she was told to do which was to call the police and wait at home. She looks through the whole house for John and then realizes that he has gone and didn’t tell her where he was going. She then gets a call. “Yes… This is Mrs. Abbot. What? He was in a car accident?" She hangs up and gets her coat to head out of the house.

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