Friday 12/23/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 12/23/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Kendall and Ryan find themselves locked inside Father Clarence's church. They both admit that they don't know if they are ready to be parents to their child. He finds what looks to be the gift his mother gave him long ago. She finds a picture she drew as a child and remembers that her foster mother loved her and she needs to give the same love to her child. At the end, they admit that they want to do what is best for their child and make peace with each other. And then the door opens and they are able to leave. Bianca urges Zach to admit to his love for Kendall. When Jonathan gets interrogated by Derek, Erin tells him she will continue the Christmas shopping that he was going to do for Lily. It looks like Erin and Aiden might have a thing at some point. There's a Christmas party at the Chandler house. JR admits, for the first tie that he is in love with Babe. Tad talks to Dixie and admits that he is torn between her and Di. Di then goes and has a secret meeting with the REAL Dixie. We gotta see how that turns out!

ATWT Recap Written by Camille

Keith is at the farm and everyone is uncomfortable. Susan promises Emily that she’ll help her get custody of Daniel. Barbara says goodbye to Paul. Jennifer and Johnny bump into Gwen and Will at the church and Jennifer tells Will that she wants Gwen to be a part of Johnny’s life. Luke sees Holden and Lily kissing in the barn and tells Keith where to find Lily. Dusty finds an old boarding pass indicating that Meg was in Tampa at the same time he and Jennifer were. Emily makes plans to marry Paul.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

will be late

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami, Austin, Carrie, and Lucas return to Salem after Carrie tells Lucas that she’s more interested in Austin. After a series of near misses, Lucas mistakenly kisses Sami because he thinks she is Carrie and Austin steps out onto the hospital balcony to discover Carrie standing there. Hope, Bo, and Zach stop by Jennifer’s house and convince her to join them at the annual Horton family Christmas party where everyone hangs their respective ornaments. Jack watches Jennifer through the window and reaches for the front doorknob. Belle visits the church to pray for a sign that Claire will be okay after they learn that Claire needs a liver transplant and Belle decides that a shining star from a child’s biblical costume is that sign. Everyone gathers round as Shawn reads the Christmas story to the hospital’s sick children. John enlists Roman’s help to find Alex and through tracking Alex’s car, they are able to determine that Alex took Marlena back up to his cabin.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Justus finds out that Lainey's father suffers from Alzheimer's. Nik remains stuck in Europe, giving Courtney and Jax a chance to talk. Emily begs Carly's doctors to let her go home for Christmas. Alan once again reads the story of Christ's birth to the children. The girls all do elf duty. Sonny and Sam are shocked that Alexis will defend Manny. Carly comes home, meeting her kids at the hospital. Jason is kind to Alan and Monica. He is also given a one day pass. Lucky and Liz have a quiet Christmas Eve.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Mallet is bringing home his bags from the store when he drops everything right outside of Dinah’s room. She comes to find out what the commotion is and when she opens the door, he sprays a beer can all over her. Room service brings the last turkey dinner up and they fight over whose it is, Dinah sprays Mallet and the room service guy with another can of beer and then offers to share the dinner with Mallet. They have a nice time until Gus calls Mallet to come down and help him out with something. Mallet leaves, but then later surprises Dinah by coming back in his pajamas and passionately kissing her. They fall into bed together. Jonathan and Tammy arrive at Reva’s for Christmas. They don’t go in right away and start to kiss outside, where everyone finds them after they come out to hear the carolers. They all go inside, where Jonathan meets Rusty and Hawk for the first time. They all seem to come to a grudging understanding of each other till Billy arrives, drunk, and starts an argument with Jonathan. It leads to a fistfight and Jonathan ends up knocking down the tree. He and Tammy leave and go to the fishing shack. Lizzie comes to see Alan and gives him a Christmas present and shares a loving moment with him before he confuses her by saying he will see her soon. At the Main Street Christmas, celebration Alan-Michael surprises Marina with a gift of a necklace. Frank asks Olivia out on date and Buzz later promises her that she will be happy in six months time or else he will give her his restaurant. Harley and Gus celebrate Christmas but Gus still worries that Alan will get out and come after Harley.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Nash tries to make a phone call to Tess, but the nurse catches him, and takes his phone away. A detective visits him, and wants to know who had done this to him. Nash refuses to divulge the man’s name. Nash, once again tries to call Tess. Jessica battles Tess in her mind. Tess wants to gain control to go to find Nash .John visits Bo. Bo gives him the ultimatum: either he see a shrink or surrender his badge .

Todd has a visit from Vangie. They discuss his case, and she brings him a Christmas present which is a book written by a con. Blair and the children visit Todd. Everyone is thrilled. Spencer threatens to expose Paige as a murderer, but she turns the tables on him, and informs him that that is not the only secret that she is keeping. Natalie demands a divorce from Christian, but he refuses. He kisses her under the mistletoe. John watches on the outside.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

The Harmonyites are celebrating Christmas at the annual Tree Lighting, but this year Endora has spiced things up a bit. A spinning tree, candy canes falling from the sky, and the crowd is both enthralled and confused as to how it's happening. Tabitha tries to get her daughter to stop zapping up more problems for them, but the little girl is having too much fun. Tabitha realizes they are on live TV and worries Norma and Edna might see them, which they have. Tabby leaves Endora with Kay and leaves again, but she runs right smack into the two crazy women as they are hustling to the park to find her. Norma wants to hack the old witch, but Edna wants her Extreme Makeover II first, and an argument ensues. Endora, who escaped from Fox and Kay on their way to Mass, flies to her mother's aid and first shrinks, then entraps the two women in one of the Christmas tree ornaments. Fox and Kay, trying to find Endora, come on the scene and Fox wonders why he keeps hearing tiny little voices calling for help. Tabby has a good reason for it, and they take off for the Mass again.

Sam is thrilled to have Jessica show up at the church, while Ivy is steaming because Fox is still with Kay. Eve is happy to see both Whitney and Simone show up, and Chad and Miles love having Whit with them again. Theresa continues to pray for Ethan to wake up, while Gwen continues to whine about having to kill him and threatening Theresa's life. Fancy sets up a special Christmas party for Noah at the jail, and they are both happy about the way the holiday turned out. Martin and Pilar have and understanding, and Katherine gives them her blessing as she enjoys her first Christmas with her son and daughter in years. Father Lonigan starts the service, but it is interrupted by someone coming into the church. Everyone is amazed when they see that person is Ethan, alive, awake, and sitting in a wheelchair. Sheridan and Chris continue to heat up.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Tom is trying to think. He hasn’t left the house like he said that he would. He is alone in the farmhouse kitchen where it is quiet. The television is muted. He looks up at the monitor to find his image on it. He turns up the volume and hears that he is being sought in relation to the death of Lauren Fenmore. He also learns that the materials used in the explosion were also found in his garage, indicating that the bomb was made there. Terrible Tire Iron Tom grabs his tire iron and heads to the basement madder than hell. He walks by Lauren and goes right to Sheila. He starts strangling her and when it seems like she is about to be dead, Lauren rushes up to stop the assault. “You were planning to kill me from the start weren’t you?" Sheila just looks up at him. Lauren stands behind him trying to convince him again that she can get him out of this. He can’t believe that the way that the way that things are right now. He tells both women that he can’t depend on either of them. “I can only depend on me.” Tom leaves the farmhouse and go to an alley behind the Roman Steakhouse. He calls Gloria who almost falls down when she hears his voice. John is in the back in a doorway, unknown to Gloria and he hears when Tom orders his wife to the steakhouse alley to meet him. Without saying a word, John turns on his heel and exits the room from the backdoor of the living room. Ashley comes to Gloria and realizes that she is talking to Tom. when Gloria gets off the phone they decide to call the cops and tell them what happened. Ashley starts dialing. She goes to the front of the house now. She hears a car, and looks out to see her father driving away. “Daddy! Daddy!" It is too late. He is gone. Ashley rushes to get her things. Gloria is in the room and realizes what has happened, and that John has taken off in a fury. Ashley tells her to stay in the house and wait. Gloria calls Michael and this time he answers. she tells him that Tom just called and where he is. Michael is very quiet when he gets the information. he is at his apartment with Paul and tells him nothing. “I have to go out for a while," Michael says, and he leaves alone. Tom is waiting in the alley behind the steakhouse. He hears a car approaching and hides. Later when the car stops, he comes out and his face changes when he sees who is before him. “What are you doing here?" That is that. Time passes, and Ashley is there. Standing over Tom. Tom is covered with blood and lying facedown in the alley… Unmoving… Ashley is frozen.

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