Wednesday 12/21/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 12/21/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica reveals to Kendall and Bianca that she wants Kendall to be done with Zach and fall back in love with Ryan. Bianca knows that's not going to happen and encourages her sister to admit her true feelings for Zach. Kendall balks at that idea. JR goes to confront Jonathan, assuming he's kidnapped his son. Jonathan tells him he'd never do that and he goes with Ryan and Erin to help find little Adam. JR and Ryan go looking for little Adam and JR tells Ryan he needs to step up to the plate in being a father. Babe goes to confront Amanda telling her she has motives to kidnap her son. Krystal and Adam go looking for their grandson. Jonathan seems to have an idea that nobody else has come up with. He believes only God can help them find little A. And sure enough, little A is lying in a hayloft in a church.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

The emotional distance between Margo and Casey continues, but when Margo runs into Will, she is happy to hear him tell her that Casey was at Billy’s gravesite with Gwen last night. Maddie and Casey bond as they lean on each other through their own problems. Carly goes to see Gwen to reach out to her and offer her to come spend Christmas with her and her family. Gwen is unable to reach out back to her because of the grief she is in, so Carly is forced to leave without her. Will finds Gwen and she tells a shocked Will that she wants to be left alone…they are through. Holden and Luke plot to get Lily to spend Christmas with them. Keith wants to talk about spending the holidays together, but Lily vetoes his request. She will be spending the holidays with her family – Holden, Luke, Faith and Natalie. Emily and Hal are at odds due to her continued support of Paul even though she is out on bail, and he is going to state prison to await trial. Emily assures him that she will be Mrs. Paul Ryan by years end. Later, Emily and Cass discuss her and Paul’s situation. Emily wants Cass to do everything in his power to help Paul; Carly overhears this and confronts Emily telling her that she is crazy because Paul is still in love with Rosanna.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami accidentally donates $100 instead of $1 because she fought with Lucas and Lucas catches her trying to steal the money back. Austin tells Nicole about spotting Carrie but Nicole also claims that Carrie is still in Israel. Austin wants to talk to High Style’s CEO before signing the takeover papers. Becky urges Carrie to spend the holidays with Austin and then with Lucas when he stops by to bring her flowers. Abby stops by to see Josh on her way to the memorial service. Max and Chelsea argue on their way home from traffic court about Bo’s lack of pulling strings for Chelsea. Bo, Hope, Frankie, Maggie, Mickey, Doug, Julie, Abe, Lexie, and Alice join Jennifer and Abby for Jack’s memorial service. Chelsea arrives at the end with Max and tells Bo that she wants nothing to do with him. Lexie tells Frankie that Jack was right in choosing him. Frankie tells Mickey that he is following Jennifer’s request to leave town.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Alexis and Ric start to head out to cut down a live Christmas tree, but they are interrupted with news that Alexis has been assigned to Manny's case. Dillon is kicked out of the dorm thanks to Tracy's failure to pay his dorm fee so that he will be forced to come home and watch Lulu for her. Manny appears repentant over his actions. Jax apologizes to Nik and Courtney. The doctors oppose Carly's plan to check herself out of Roselawn. Sonny queries Justus about how the Quartermaines are treating Emily. Carly's family learns she can't come home for Christmas. Nik runs into Emily when he drops off Lulu's gift on Laura's birthday. Alexis is stunned to find out that Manny really has changed. Carly says she wants Emily no where near her kids, and Sonny refuses to let Nik come to the house with Courtney. Michael gets Emily to spend Christmas with Sonny and the kids. Alexis decides to win.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Harley gets a call from the London office about a problem, but Alan-Michael tells her that he took care of it when he was in London. Harley asks him if he would consider coming back to work for Spaulding and he accepts. Gus and Mallet work together to try and keep Alan in the hospital. Mallet pretends that he wants to take Alan up on the offer that was on the table before to help him get Harley back. Gus almost blows things though when he finds that Alan has a copy of Harley’s schedule, and attacks him over it. Marina is about ready to take her dress for New years back to the store when Alan-Michael shows back up in town. After she tries it on for him, he calls and cancels his first date so he can be with Marina. Olivia confides in Buzz that today I the last day for her to send off her divorce papers and Buzz tells her to do what is right for her. After a bit of flirting between Olivia and Frank, Frank tells his dad he thinks he is going to ask Olivia to be his date for the Cooper Christmas party. This upsets Buzz, but what neither of them knows is that Olivia has called Josh to be her date for the night.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

David finds out from Spencer that he was behind the story in the paper. David thinks that Spencer wants him to be killed. Dorian shows Blair a replica of La Boulee that she had made for the children .Christian is released from prison, but still hasn’t been reunited with Natalie nor his family. Natalie and Jessica surprise Viki with a gift of a cameo that is just like theirs. Viki is thrilled. Clint and Dallas discuss their future. They know they love each other, but he cannot give her what she wants. She leaves to go back to London, and he is to remain in Llanview with his family.

Everyone is Llanview prepares to go to the tree lighting in Angel Square. John finds out from Vangie that Christian has been released. Vangie confronts Hugh and John about the new evidence that has come to light about Margaret and the fact that she could swim when in fact, she had told Todd that she couldn’t swim. At the tree lighting, John does the honors, and lights the tree. Everyone thinks the tree is beautiful. As Natalie looks beyond John she sees Christian in the background.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Gwen and the FBI arrive at the cabin, and although Theresa does her best to keep them out, they manage to get in and arrest her, Noah, and Fancy. Gwen gets ready to take Ethan back to the hospital, where she will pull the plug on him. Fancy even tried to block them from coming in. Sam and Ivy watch Fox and Kay decorate the Bennett Christmas tree. Sam was happy they seem to be getting along well, but Ivy is steaming with anger. She continues to try to subtly interfere, but nothing works.

Tabitha is afraid Norma and Edna will do her harm, and in doing so, harm Endora, so she prepares to leave the country while leaving Endora under the protection of Kay and the Bennett's. Endora's heartbreaking entreaties to her mother not to leave her rip the heart Tabby never knew she had to pieces, but she can't put her daughter at risk. Sheridan, Chris, and James invite Tabitha and Endora, and Sam, Ivy, Fox, and Kay, to the Harmony Christmas Tree Lighting. Tabby isn't interested, but Endora and the rest go along. Simone, Paloma, and Roberto pool their money so Roberto can pose as a john and buy Jessica for the night, allowing her to spend Christmas with her family. After a couple of problems are straightened out, the four friends head to the Bennett house.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Devon gets his wish. Neil and Drucilla come to him with a ticket for his mother to come along with them to New Hampshire for the holidays. Devon runs off happily. Neil is thrilled that they were able to bring a smile to Devon’s face the way they have. Drucilla smiles at him, but the smile fades while they are hugging and he can’t see her face. Nikki and Phyllis tell Victor about the idea they had that was squashed. They are reluctant to do so at first, but it isn’t going to happen so they see no harm in telling him about it. Victor loves the idea and says that Jack would be ahead of the competition for once if he had taken this opportunity. The search warrant has been executed and a police officer finds evidence on Tom’s bike that he will send to the lab. Michael and Scott are not very happy with Paul. They are back in Genoa City. Scott is angry that Paul and Michael didn’t tell him everything that had been going on with his mother, and Michael is angry with Paul as it seems that he will do anything to disbelieve that Tom is the one that hurt Lauren. Scott is very angry with Paul, but Paul points out that he wasn’t very forthcoming when being questioned about 'Brenda'. Scott says that he would have been forthcoming had he known how serious this all was. Paul tells Scott exactly what he is dealing with here. “I went to Toronto Scott. I think that 'Brenda' and 'Jennifer' are the same person. Did you know that this 'Brenda' person was living out of a motel room in Toronto? She wasn’t in Toronto when she told you that she left for a couple of days before her final departure. I looked in her room and she has wigs and makeup in t here along with a tape on how to speak with a British accent.” Scott and Michael are also horrified to learn that 'Jennifer' found her way into the Colonnade Room during the wedding and Paul didn’t tell them about it. Paul says that Lauren made him promise to keep things positive and upbeat and not bring that up. Scott is disgusted and he just walks off. Paul has something they can look forward to. “I found two sets of fingerprints in Tom’s room. I am hoping that one of them will belong to 'Jennifer', or 'Brenda' or both! We have to identify her. ”I can help with that," Scott says. “I have a picture of 'Brenda' with people from work when she worked for the Genoa City Memorial Hospital…” Michael and Paul’s heads snap in Scott’s direction. “She used to work at the Genoa City hospital?" Tom tosses Lauren back into the basement with Sheila just as Sheila is about to free herself. He warns both women that they better smarten up and stop causing him trouble. He watches on the television how everyone thinks that Lauren is dead. He is upset about that and grabs his tire iron banging the dishes to smithereens in anger. While he is upstairs, Sheila tells Lauren to undo her ropes. Lauren smirks at her. “Yeah right!" Sheila tells Lauren that she is the only chance that Lauren has of getting out of there. “You just had a chance to be free and you blew it miserably. I escaped a max-security prison Lauren. I can surely get out of here.” Sheila then goes on to tell how she escaped the prison by befriending the warden, and then later taking the woman to South America where she thought that she was going to get a little ‘lift’ to her face. Lo and Behold, when she wakes, she looks exactly like Sheila. Sheila had her face transformed so that the warden would be picked up as Sheila Carter and kept in jail… the prison that she used to run… The woman is perfectly sane, but every time that she says that she isn’t ‘Sheila Carter’, she sounds crazy and fits right in over at the institution for the criminally insane. Lauren is horrified. “She helped you, and you did that to your friend?" Later Tom returns to the basement with his tire iron. “Congratulations Lauren… You made the news. They think that you are dead, so now I have to wonder what the point is in keeping you alive. It is going to be really hard for me to collect the ransom for you now. I am going to leave the country and get out of here.” He throws mints at the women. “Here… At least when you die, you will have fresh breath…” Lauren tries to convince Tom that he is not a killer and they will starve. She offers to talk on his behalf making sure that Sheila gets the blame for everything. He will not listen. He has made up his mind. He leaves, locking the basement door behind him. Lauren starts panicking. She turns to the door banging on it and screaming for Tom, not knowing anymore if he can hear her or now. While her back is turned, Sheila picks up a chair to clock Lauren in the head while her back is turned, but then she decides against it, and drops the chair. She takes a place beside Lauren and both women pound on the door and shout for Tom to come and free them. On the other side of the door, a very quiet Tom sits with the tire iron clenched in his hands as he listens to the shouting women begging for their lives.

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