Tuesday 12/20/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 12/20/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Bianca and Miranda go to Kendall's to pay her a surprise visit. Kendall confides in her sister that she doesn't believe she can be a mother to the child she's carrying. Bianca encourages Kendall to believe that it will all come to her in time and she should not blame herself for anything that has happened or will happen. Jonathan is missing in action. Ryan and Erin tell Aiden he better back off from their brother. But somebody has taken little Adam from his crib. JR suspects Jonathan. Lily tells Sam she doesn't want to see him because of his recent behaviors and anger toward her for believing Jonathan has changed. Both Sam and Reggie make it clear to Lily that they do not trust nor forgive Jonathan for what he's done.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Mike is stuck in the hospital while he worries about Katie, Maddie and Henry; Jack assures him that he will look into it and watch out for them. Katie continues to pressure BJ into seeing Henry under the pretense of finding closure, but BJ is a little unsure after he found the half burnt picture of her and Mike in her purse. After BJ leaves, Katie sneaks off to the hospital where she talks to a sleeping Mike about how she has to continue to work BJ in order to find out what happened to Henry. BJ is falling for her, and she has him right where she wants him. She has to see this through. Meanwhile, outside the door BJ is listening to everything she says. Later, a furious BJ berates himself for allowing Katie to play him and plans something for her he promises she will never forget. Hal asks Jen for a favor. Will she consider talking to Tom on Emily’s behalf? Jen is shocked by the request, but later goes to see Emily and tells her that she won’t be pressing charges. Emily will be in her own private prison because she will have to live her life in a town where her own son will no longer want anything to do with her. Emily is left in a crumpled mess after that visit. Susan seeks out Hal to stop Emily’s transfer to state prison. Margo demands answers from Casey about how long he knew about his son? Casey and Margo have an emotional talk, which leads Margo wondering what kind of son she raised? Casey later shows up at Billy’s gravesite, where Gwen has been sitting talking to him. They bond finally over the loss of their son.

B&B Recap Written by Boo

Eric and Stephanie make an effort to grant their daughters wish for a wonderful Christmas. Brooke pays Nick a visit to discuss this new situation and how it will affect her daughter. Bridget makes a decision and informs Felicia that she will raise and love Dominick as her own.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Austin bumps into Carrie without realizing it at first but when he tells Sami about seeing her, Sami insists that Carrie is in Israel. Sami runs into Lucas while he’s alone and grills him about his date. Sami fumes when Lucas refuses to tell her who he was at the concert with. Lucas points out Sami and Austin to Carrie and they rush out of the venue before they can be spotted. Frankie has a decorated Christmas tree delivered for Jennifer and reluctantly agrees to leave upon Jennifer’s request. Bo and Hope are asked to identify Chelsea’s body but it turns out not to be her as Chelsea is alive and mostly well. Max has also come by to visit Chelsea and Max and Bo try to convince Chelsea that losing her license and car are not the end of the world. Chelsea proclaims that Bo and Hope are dead to her when Bo refuses to pull strings and get her license back.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason stops Sam from killing Manny. With Robin assisting, Patrick performs a complicated procedure on Manny and saves his life by removing the brain tumor. Patrick publicly states that Manny's violent actions were a direct result of the brain tumor. Carly brings up Jason to make Emily feel guilty about having feelings for Sonny. Alexis has her hands full when she has to watch Michael, Morgan and Kristina at Kelly's. Sonny and Emily share a close moment after she comes to his rescue when Michael acts out. Alexis fears Michael and Morgan are a bad influence on Kristina. Carly learns she won't be released from Rose Lawn in time for Christmas. Jax and Nikolas remain at odds. Nikolas wonders how far Courtney will go to keep the peace with Jax.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Alexandra runs into Lizzie and notices that something seems different about her and guesses that it is about her and Coop. Quinn surprises Lizzie and asks about her going to Switzerland with him, she turns him down but says she wouldn’t mind borrowing the condo again. Sandy tells Josh that he isn’t going to give up on Tammy and Josh tells him that Tammy has made her choice and she doesn’t want anything to do with him whether or not she is with Jonathan or not. Ava tries to comfort Sandy and tells him to move on and when he won’t take no for an answer, Coop steps in to help Ava out. She finally lashes out at Sandy for hurting her and tells him she is moving on. Sandy destroys the fishing shack of Tammy and Jonathan’s. Coop and Ava are having a close moment when Lizzie finds them and tells Ava not to go to Coop for all of her problems. Josh and Reva both advise Cassie not to give up on Tammy and not to push her away. Jonathan tries to do the same with Tammy and she tells him not to pull away from her for her sake. Cassie calls Tammy and tells her to come home, no matter what and Josh and Reva help her trim the tree.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Blair visits Todd in jail, and they discuss the autopsy results, her visit to Spencer with the news that Todd had told her among other things. Dorian and David argue as usual over her being cozy with the Buchanan's. Dorian doesn’t think that it is none of his business, who she associates with .Antonio and Jessica make love. They discuss Nash and how Tess means to him. Antonio coaxes Jessica into having a paternity test to determine who the father of the baby is. Jessica through reluctance finally agrees. Natalie goes into John’s office with some files for him to sign, but before she can leave, John comes in the side door. They discuss Christian and the lies that John had told her. She still refuses to forgive him.

Vangie visits Christian in prison, and they discuss his appeal before the state Supreme Court. Adriana also visits him, and they discuss his murdering her brother, Tico Santi. She forgives him for his involvement. Vangie re-visits Christian with the news that he is being released.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

The jig is up for Theresa, Noah, and Fancy, as the ambulance salesman comes up with the name of Theresa's assistant. Gwen and the FBI are on their way to the cabin, even as Theresa, Noah, and Fancy come through for Ethan again when the electricity goes out. Have they saved his life yet again, only to have Gwen pull the plug anyway? Fancy realizes Theresa really loves Ethan, and Noah tries to make her understand that's how he feels about her. Theresa sees the Christmas star and makes a wish on it. She wishes that Ethan will wake up and live the life he should have, even if that means he lives it with Gwen. Theresa vows again to stay away from him if Gwen is the one he wants, just as long as he is alive and happy. Sam and Fox go on a Christmas tree hunt, leaving Ivy behind to talk Kay into giving Fox another chance. The only problem is, Ivy doesn't want her son with Kay, so she actually tries to talk her out of it.

Kay is sure in her own mind of what she wants, however, and she thinks she's come up with a way to overturn the spell of success that Tabitha put on him. She believes getting into the Christmas spirit will short-circuit any spell, and the reaction of the Boys in the Basement seem to bear that out. Norma and Edna find a way to get to Harmony, but Norma has to beat the tar out of Santa. Realizing he's not the REAL Santa helps, and soon they are on their way, riding in his one-horse open sleigh and singing mangled Christmas songs. Tabitha and Endora hear about their escape on the TV and make plans to leave town in a hurry, before the two loonies can start trying to kill them.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Neil tells that Lily will not be coming home for Christmas. Instead, he has planned for he, Drucilla and Devon to go to New Hampshire to be in a cabin and wear snowshoes. Lily will be with them. Devon wants to stay with his mother but she hears him talking to Neil and she orders him to go. “I need to be by myself. I have a job now, and I have to get used to doing my own thing.” Later she offers to look for another place to stay while the Winters are away. Neil tells Yolanda that he is proud of her and he is sure that Drucilla and he will have no trouble leaving her in their house while they are gone. Drucilla jokes about Sharon being glad that Brad came to take her place on the tour. Sharon gets immediately defensive. Drucilla sees that she hit a nerve. She apologizes for implying anything about she and Brad on the trip. Sharon denies that anything happened. That may be true, but it doesn’t take a genius to see that something went on. Drucilla looks from side to side and then tells Sharon that she has some advice. “I used to be a model, and… Well… Sometimes you meet men and all that… I understand. We are married honey, we are not dead… Just be careful. And most importantly… Don’t tell Nick!” Sharon says that she already has. Michael keeps telling himself that Lauren is fine somewhere. Kevin is strangely silent. Scott shouts at Michael that his mother is gone and that she isn’t coming back. “You are responsible for her missing. You are the reason that she got involved with Tom!" Mackenzie is worried. She can’t find Kevin anywhere and he hasn’t returned any of her calls. JT as information but he can’t tell Mackenzie about it. Paul gets disturbed by JT’s emotional distress over the case, and keeps reminding him to deal with things better. When JT returns the coffeehouse, Mackenzie is upset. Mackenzie asks him about his case, but JT will not give her any information. The phone rings and Mackenzie talks to Kevin. He finally turned his phone on and is returning her call. He tells her everything. Mackenzie hangs up and goes to JT. “That was Kevin. You knew about Lauren didn’t you? You knew about Kevin too didn’t you? Why didn’t you tell me? Is this the way that it is going to be? I don’t know anymore…" she says. She then runs off into the back room of the coffeehouse. Sheila and Lauren are alone in the basement. Sheila smiles as she tells Laurent that Tom is dangerous and that he may panic and kill them. Lauren doesn’t believe anything that she says. Why should she? When Tom returns to the room, Sheila makes a play for him. She talks to Tom as if she is siding with him and wants to continue the kidnapping the way that they plan. She takes her tied hands and rubs him reminding of the plan and assuring him that she can end this properly if he will let her help him. “You can run things Tom, I will just be there to watch your back.” Tom smiles at her, kisses her and tells her, ‘No!’ Lauren is watching everything and when Sheila’s negotiations break down, she rushes to Tom telling him that they have to talk in private. Tom takes Lauren upstairs to the kitchen. He makes sure the chain lock is on the door and then Lauren explains. “I got lots of money. I can give it to you and you can run out of the country. You have the bank account in South America right? Make a phone call and I will set everything up. You go free, and she gets just what she deserves.” Tom can’t think right now. Lauren pushes him hard to get him to agree to her idea, but he doesn’t. “I need a guarantee that this is going to work first," he tells Lauren. He turns his back for a moment. In the basement, Sheila has been left alone. She works like the devil on her ropes, and finally she bites the last strand free. “Oh I am going to make you and Lauren pay for this Tom," she promises. Lauren puts her hand on the chain lock quietly to get the door open, but then she and Tom hear a loud noise… BOOM! Tom goes rushing to the basement, and while he is gone, Lauren opens the lock and runs like a demon out of there. Tom realizes his mistake and returns to the kitchen fast. The door is open and Tom runs through it to catch Lauren.

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