Monday 12/19/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 12/19/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Dr. Madden comes to attempt to explain to Erica his "undying love" for her. But she tells him she still does not understand why he would use Kendall and Greenlee as lab guinea pigs in his clinic and believes he has some big secret. Josh leaves them alone, but has a video of their conversation to hear and see. While Babe and JR are debating who has feelings for whom, an unseen person sneaks into little A.'s room to give him a candy cane and spies upon Babe and JR. All we see is a Santa suit which both Jonathan Lavery and Amanda Dillon have been wearing. Both suspects are unaccounted for. Lily reveals to Erin and Aiden that she saw Jonathan dressed as Santa in the mall. Tad tells Jamie he needs to think more like a detective and less like a good guy in order to get the truth from Amanda about what she may or may not be guilty of.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Katie keeps pushing BJ to see Henry before they can take their relationship to another level. Katie has to burn a picture of her and Mike to prove her loyalty, but as soon as BJ leaves the room, she takes it out of the fireplace and puts it into her purse, where BJ later comes across it. Kim finds BJ and Katie cozying up at her cottage, and is shocked by this turn of events, but knows Katie is lying through her teeth about it. Henry almost gets to Katie, but Olga stops him, and then he has to pretend that he has fallen for her. She wants him to be her love slave. Gwen goes to see Casey to tell him their baby dies, but Casey remains unfazed. Tom questions Casey as to if he wants to tell them the truth now about his relationship with Gwen? Margo continues to stand by Casey until he admits they really did sleep together once. Margo wonders if she knows who her son is anymore? Will and Jen disown Paul after they find out he kept Jen’s baby from her. Emily’s bail is denied, but she continues to stand by Paul as she loses everyone around her. They even want to get married now at the police station. Susan begs Hal to figure out how to help Emily. Meg witnesses a close moment between Dusty and Jen after he gets her baby back for her. Hal goes to Jen and asks for a favor.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Felicia breaks the news to her parents that she is not going to take the chemotherapy treatments. They are not happy about it, but finally decided to accept it. They promise her a wonderful Christmas. Bridget struggles with the idea of raising Dominick as her own child. She doesn't think she can do it. Taylor invites Brooke to bring Hope, R.J., Bridget and Rick to celebrate Christmas with her, Ridge, and the children. Brooke accepts the invitation.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Austin and Sami narrowly miss running into Carrie at the concession stands. Austin spots Carrie on the stage’s big screen while Sami’s back is turned. Austin leaves Sami to consult the video guy for Carrie’s location. Mimi secretly researches why Shawn’s blood would be a match when Philip’s wasn’t. Bonnie stops by to warn Mimi against letting Shawn near Belle now that Claire is dying. Shawn asks God to take him instead of Claire. Shawn dreams of finding Claire next to him in bed safe and sound and sees it as God answering his prayers. Bonnie distracts Mimi and Shawn while she closes up Mimi’s computer to prevent her from doing further research.

Hope shocks Bo with her request for Chelsea not to be alone with Zach or driving him anywhere until she becomes more responsible. The fear of losing Chelsea due to her reckless behavior reminds them of when they lost other various family members. Chelsea swerves off the road and crashes. Bo and Hope arrive at the hospital and overhear two nurses talk about how it must feel to lose one’s daughter upon the daughter going so quick after impact. Bo fears that they are talking about Chelsea.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

In Emily's daydreams, Sonny stops her from leaving, but only in her dreams. Things settle down at the police station. Dillon's injury is treated and Lorenzo gets to say goodbye to his son. Nik and Courtney accept that Jax is the father of her baby. Robin and Patrick continue to clash. However, his real fight is with his father. Emily goes to the hospital to first tell Liz to knock it off trying to set her and Nik up; then goes to see Jason where she overhears Carly stridently proclaiming she is over Sonny, is just looking out for Jason's sister, and if Emily wants Sonny, she can have him. Alexis is less than thrilled with Emily being gone. Max's brother, a boy-scout looking young man, becomes a new bodyguard. Carly goes back to the manor to accuse Sonny of falling for Emily, who happens to overhear Sonny defend himself, but admit he could fall for her. Manny is scheduled for brain surgery, but Sam plans to kill him first. Sonny asks Patrick to kill Manny and Jason stops Sam from killing Manny.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Everyone finds Jonathan and Tammy in the barn and Cassie screams that Jonathan is attacking her daughter. Jeffrey grabs him so he doesn't try and escape and Tammy shocks her mother by admitting she is there with Jonathan because she wants to be. Cassie is outraged and when Tammy goes to leave with Jonathan, Cassie tells her that if she leaves, never bother to come back. They go to the fishing shack where Tammy is sad the way things have turned out. Harley lies to Gus when Mallet calls her to help stake out Marina to keep her from getting into trouble. Gus and Buzz discuss the possibility of Alan getting out when his competency hearing comes around. Buzz tells Gus that the first place Alan will go is after Harley. Buzz later thanks Mallet for keeping an eye on Marina.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Tess refuses to go any place until Nash comes back to town. Antonio convinces her to go to their loft with him. Clint promises her that when Nash comes back to town that they will not try to keep her away from him. Once at their loft, Antonio tells Tess that he wants to be a father to this baby. Jessica emerges, and they plan a future. Nash, lying on the floor of their cottage, bleeds profusely from his mouth and nose. He has memories of his time with Tess.

John and Christian both have dreams of what it would be like if Natalie chose one of them .Kelly confesses to Dorian that she and Kevin are getting re-married. Dorian doesn’t like the idea at all. Clint and Viki hug, much to the dismay of Dallas, who walks in and catches them .Clint goes to a bar where he meets up with Dorian. They share some small talk, and a few laughs. They are watched carefully by David. David questions Dorian about her meeting with Clint, but Dorian feels that it is none of his business. A man knocks on Nash’s door. When Nash doesn’t answer, the man comes inside and finds Nash unconscious on the floor. He immediately calls for an ambulance.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa, Fancy, and Noah fight over Theresa's value as a human being, with Fancy attacking her and Noah defending her. Another slap across the face from Fancy, with no response from Theresa ensues. The cops, still snooping around outside, decide to contact the Crane mansion to see what's up with Fancy and Noah. Norma and Edna try to sneak out of the asylum to go after Tabitha, but they don't have a chance until Edna's risqué performance at the talent show stops the guards in their tracks and puts the inmates in a violent mood. They finally get out, and are on their way to Tabby's house for Christmas. Tabitha continues to try to counteract the love spell she cast for Kay so the Boys in the Basement don't melt her to a puddle. Endora disagrees and does her best to help the spell along, but it looks like even she can't help Kay.

Kay and Fox meet up at Sam's house, but before they can work out their differences, work calls and Fox puts all his attention on what they have to say. Kay realizes all is lost, and leaves. Fox and Ivy had been talking in the kitchen, while she tried to get him to forget Kay and find someone else. He didn't want to think about finding anyone but Kay, but Ivy simply won't give up, and when Kay walked out, she was thrilled. At least for a few minutes, that is. Sam comes up with a plan to help get the two kids back together and asks Ivy to help, and she agrees to his face, but swears she will never help get them together, no matter what.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Mackenzie is nearby when Devon, Sierra and Daniel are talking about Noah and how he was feeling blue when he was in earlier. The kids are responsible for the letters to Santa that were written by the kids who attended the party at the Athletic Club the night before. They read Noah’s letter and his wish was that Cassie would always be with him and that he wouldn’t forget his sister. Daniel has an idea and asks Mackenzie, Sierra and Devon to help him with it. Kevin and Scott arrive at the Coastguard station and find Michael sleeping there. There has been no news about Lauren. While they are together, the Coastguard officer comes over to talk to Michael. “We got in touch with the police in Genoa City and they confirmed what you said about Tom. We can’t put out an APB on Tom, but we can make the man a person of interest, especially now that there is a possibility that a homicide has been committed. Scott perks up at the sound of that word. “Homicide? Michael what exactly has been going on here? Why didn’t you tell me about this before?" Phyllis and Jack are at breakfast at the Athletic Club. They smile when they talk about the romantic evening that they shared the night before. Jack feels they are on track again and he apologizes again for being so insensitive at the wedding. “I didn’t mean to pick on your new best friend they way that I did," Jack says. Phyllis snaps. “What do you mean by that? Nick isn’t my new best friend!" Jack apologizes again, feeling sorry for touching a nerve. Later when Nikki appears, the three sit and discuss the new idea. Jack loves it! He could see how it could spiral into a great new campaign for Jabot… but… “We don’t have the money, it would take more staff to run it, we can’t even afford the seed money, we have to get behind the products that we have already. I am sorry women but I just can’t see how we can do this. I have to go to a meeting now. I will see you later.” Jack leaves the table, but Phyllis follows, calling out to him. “You didn’t even give the idea proper consideration. You didn’t listen to us.” Jack says that he did listen and that this just isn’t the time for something like this. Phyllis gets angry. “You owe me Jack!" Jack looks at Phyllis strangely. “Is that what last night was about?" Phyllis says nothing. Jack walks off. JT is at the coffeehouse talking to Paul. Paul tells JT that things are getting dicey and that they have to stay absolutely ‘mum’ on this thing about Tom, not telling anything that they know about him. When JT gets off the phone, Mackenzie is there. “What is going on?" JT tells her nothing and leaves. Paul is with Ashley. “Tom is officially considered a fugitive as of right now. It is weird Ashley. Tom is involved in this but I don’t think that he is exactly pulling the strings here. I went to Toronto and 'Brenda' is a mystery. She leaves the Motor Arms, but doesn’t show up on the radar anywhere else until school starts. 'Jennifer' isn’t around either, and hasn’t shown up anywhere else either. Also, Tom’s room had a receipt in it for an airplane ticket to Florida. That was just a tad too convenient.” After JT does his assignment, he reports to Paul at Ashley’s house. “I went to see the manager at the Motor Arms as you told me to. There has been a payment made on Tom’s room, but it wasn’t made by him. It was made by 'Jennifer'.” Sheila looks around. She has no idea where she is. She sees her hands are tied. The door opens and Tom comes in smiling. He reveals all to her. He knows her real story and that she was going to kill him as well as Lauren. Sheila hears the bomb went off and smiles. Who cares that she is Tom’s prisoner now at the farmhouse, Lauren is dead! Sheila’s happiness is short-lived when Tom pulls back a blanket from a bed across the room and Lauren is unconscious under it. Tom drugged the women and brought them both back to Genoa City in a van. Sheila is angry and upset when she sees that Lauren lives. Tom saved her as Lauren was the reason why he wasn’t killed. He unties Lauren’s hands warning her not to try anything funny or he will hit her with a tire iron. He offers to get her some food and aspirins. Sheila watches in horror and silence as Tom talks to Lauren who should be dead now. After Tom leaves, Lauren turns her head and realizes that Sheila is there in the room with her. She starts confronting Sheila about all that has been happening. Sheila denies everything blaming Tom for all of it. “Cut the crap Sheila! It wasn’t Tom! It was you!" Lauren gets up off the bed and makes her way to Sheila. She can’t move. She is tied to the chair and her wrists are tied as well. Lauren lunges at her and pushes the chair back with the both of them falling over. Lauren gets her hands around Lauren’s neck and starts squeezing.

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