Friday 12/16/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 12/16/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Ryan goes to urge Kendall not to trust Zach, knowing that she is falling for him. She asks why he cares and why it's his business. He explains that he now knows that her intent for having the baby was out of love for Greenlee. He and Zach argue. Kendall tells them both that she does not need them to make decisions for her. Babe is able to see that the "Santa" at the mall is Jonathan Lavery, demands he stays away from her son and calls the cops. JR is with her on that when he finds out who Santa really was but believes Babe should not blame him for not knowing. At that point, she tells him that she's tired of putting up with his behaviors and she's ready to take her son away from him. Jamie overhears Amanda telling Josh that she wants to get revenge upon Babe. He is on to her but still wants to help her. The two guys get into a battle over which one is more worthy of both Babe and Amanda. Janet is plotting a plan for her daughter.

ATWT Recap Written by Camille

Mike promises Maddie that he will find Henry. Henry seduces Olga in an attempt to escape. Dusty gives Meg an early Christmas present. Jennifer confronts Paul. Gwen says goodbye to Billy/Johnny and then tells the Hughes that her baby is dead.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Stephanie and Eric get close again as they discuss Felicia's health. Felicia asks Bridget to go with her for her chemo. Nick stays behind to watch Dominick and get to know his son a little bit. At the hospital, the Doctor tells Bridget and Felicia that she doesn't have long to live if she doesn't take the chemo. Felicia explains to Bridget that she can't go through the chemo again. The two bond as they discuss Felicia's options. Nick shows up with Dominick. Felicia asks Bridget to bring Dominick to her. Bridget holds Dominick as Nick comments on what a good mother Bridget will be. Felicia pointedly looks at Bridget and says "I'm counting on it."

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lucas is able to call in a favor on Victor’s behalf to get him and Carrie tickets to the Rolling Stones concert. Austin wins the charity raffle for two Rolling Stones tickets and takes Sami to the concert after turning down Rory. Belle and Philip call Father Jansen in to baptize Claire and give her last rites. Belle sends everyone home so she and Philip can spend what could be Claire’s last hours together. Shawn returns with Mimi after stopping off at Bo and Hope’s house to bring Claire an angel ornament. Mimi overhears two nurses discussing how Shawn’s blood matched Claire’s when Philip’s didn’t. Bo and Hope have Chelsea and Max over to visit and Bo doesn’t like catching Chelsea and Max kissing under the mistletoe. Chelsea is distracted on the way home because she is blaring the radio and talking on her cell phone and ends up in an accident. John and Kate spy on Marlena and Alex once they return to their respective residences. Kate stops John from rushing over to the penthouse when they see how distraught Marlena is over Claire and John tears up when he sees Alex kissing Marlena.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny assures Carly that he and Emily are not involved; and Emily assures Jason of the same. Lainie finds Carly at Sonny's. Diego is sentenced to ten years. Manny grabs Maxie as a hostage as he and Diego are being taken to Pentonville. Dillon is marginally wounded in the resulting gunfire. Emily assures Nik and Sonny tells Jason they are not involved. Carly makes a stop off to argue with Jax about hotel management. Sonny tells Em that it's time for her to leave. Skye continues to rebuff Luke.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

will be late

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Nash awakens yelling for Tess. Tess emerges from hypnosis asking for Nash. Tess orders Viki out thinking it is Niki. Tess will not tell them anything until she talks to Nash. Antonio agrees to let her call Nash. Nash fills her in on the winery fire. She tells him that he has her body and soul. Antonio and the Buchanan's listen. The hypnosis begins again, but Tess backs out. Dr. Fox leaves.

Nash has a visit from Mr. Weston and his men, who reminds him of what he had done to Claudia. Mr. Weston’s beat Nash almost to death. They leave him bleeding and bruised. Michael receives the internship from Spencer. His happiness is short lived when he sees Marcie and Hugh together. Blair first visits Hugh to fill him in on the evidence that has come to light in Todd’s case, but Hugh will not buy any of it. She leaves his office furious. She goes to visit Spencer to ask for his help, but he too, refuses. He explains to her that you cannot change the autopsy results. Spencer has memories of when he had talked to Margaret and gotten her support in breaking up Todd and Blair. Todd also has memories of Margaret and him in the boat.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Sam and Ivy are still in the kitchen, still getting jiggy. They come up for air long enough to talk about their kid's relationships, and Sam is still happy Fox and Kay are getting along great. In walks Fox, just in time to hear that, and he lets them know he and Kay are anything but great, that she doesn't want to see him again. Sam tells Ivy to talk to Fox and try to get him to give Kay another chance, which she pretends to agree with while silently swearing to do just the opposite. While talking, she finds out Kay is the one who ended it after wigging out at the office, and he asks her to talk to Kay and get her to come back to him. Again, she swears she will never do that, while pretending to him that she will do what she can. Meanwhile, Kay is blaming Tabitha's spell for the problem, and threatens to expose her if she doesn't undo it. The thing that makes her decide to try it, tho, is when Kay tells her that if they don't get back together, she and Maria and future husbands and kids will all be living with her indefinitely. Kay goes to talk to her dad while Tabby casts her new spell, which seems to work but upsets the Boys in the Basement.

Fancy explains why she decided to help hide Theresa and Ethan, a story that melts both Noah and Theresa's hearts. However, when Theresa tries to thank her for changing her mind, Fancy slaps her and says not to touch her, she still blames her for the poison guacamole that put Ethan in the coma. The cops, although they left the cabin, are still wondering what's up, and when they spot the tire tracks from the ambulance, one of the decides to stay and snoop around more. Edna and Norma prepare to escape during the inmate's talent show, but Norma has to reprise her "Letter to Daddy" song, to everyone's horror. Sheridan does everything but tackle Chris, throw him on the bed, and seduce him today. She figures a month or so is long enough to be without a man. And this while she's still freezing from her dip in the ice pond.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Sharon is trying her hardest to connect with Nick. He calms down after she tells him about her connection with Brad on the trip. However, when she reaches for him and asks him to let her show him how she really feels for him, the flashbacks of he and Phyllis come back and he can’t be with Sharon while that is going on. Sharon starts getting angry again but Noah comes home and so the conversation quickly changes. Michael tells the Coastguard that he knows that Tom Fisher is the one that has done this. “He has been threatening us, and harassing us all along.” The Coastguard tells Michael that this has to be treated as a terrorist attack first before he can look at anything else. Later, Michael is shown a plastic bag. “It is Lauren’s purse.” Michael takes the purse, and sitting in a corner vows to kill Tom Fisher is anything at all is wrong with Lauren.” Nick and Sharon try to put aside their differences for Noah’s sake but Sharon doesn’t feel that Nick really is interested in trying to work on their marriage. Noah goes over to Daniel who is an elf for the night at the Athletic Club helping Gina out with the party. Noah hands over his letter for Santa, hoping that it actually will come true. Phyllis dolls herself up and invites Jack out to dinner. When he arrives she tells him that she apologizes for the way that things went at the wedding. He finds it really funny that she is being so nice to him the night before his meeting with Nikki to discuss pitching a new idea for a project. Phyllis says that she is with Jack because she loves him and nothing else. While they are talking, Nick and Sharon arrive with their son for the Christmas party for the kids. They all file past Jack and Phyllis’s table quickly but for one intense moment Nick and Phyllis lock eyes. Their hands brush at the buffet table, but the talk is short and shallow. Later when leaving, Phyllis sees that Nick is facing her way and she overdoes her exit with Jack, kissing him tenderly as she heads to her place for a couple of hours alone with Jack. Kevin gets his brother to tell that the ship has exploded. Kevin, Ashley and Paul break into Tom’s room and find that his things are still there but that he has a receipt for a one-way ticket in there. 'Jennifer's’ room is empty. She has checked out. Kevin calls Scott telling him not to get on the plane for Toronto. “Wait there. I will be right there.” Paul and Ashley tell him to get to Michael in Florida and stay with him. Kevin is also ordered not to tell Scott all the sordid details of what he knows so far. Kevin grabs his coat and heads to the airport.

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