Thursday 12/15/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 12/15/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Kendall and Zach are trying and failing to divorce on their trip. Their lawyer tells them he knows they are lying about wanting to divorce and no judge will buy it. They both admit that it's true while in private. Erica and Ryan are looking for Kendall and worried about her. Simone informs them that she's divorced Zach. She's very happy and wants Kendall to reconnect with Ryan. But that's not likely to happen. Jamie is socializing with Amanda but assures JR that he will not let her get away with what she's accused of if it's true. JR wants Babe to stay away from his son. But he encourages little A to see Santa Clause. And Babe knows that the Santa is Jonathan Lavery and keeps her son away from him. Meanwhile, Jonathan has been really supportive to Lily while Christmas shopping.

ATWT Recap Written by Camille

Tom tells Emily that he's going after full custody of Daniel. BJ tells Olga to finish the job and get rid of Mike permanently. Mike tells Katie to break things off with BJ and she agrees. Dusty tells Jennifer that Paul kept Johnny away from her. Jack and Carly tell Will and Gwen that Billy is Jennifer's son and that her baby is dead.

B&B Recap Written by Boo

Felicia runs into Dante at Insomnia and the two realize they have met before. Dante once rescued her from dancing on a bar top in Nice. Bridget slowly lets the news of Dominick sink in before deciding that her and Nick should pay Felicia a visit. When they get to Felicia's, Bridget lays into Felicia at first. She melts when she sees Dominick in person. Stephanie is too smart to fall for Eric's game and busts him. He tries to deny it, which leads to an argument about what a terrible father Eric has been. Eric realizes that there is something deeper going on here. After a bit of probing, he finally realizes that Felicia is really sick and could die.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bonnie drafts Mimi to help her set up the annual Christmas tree lot and spends the time encouraging her to go after Shawn. Hope gives Bo a stocking with Chelsea’s name on it to add to the rest of their family stockings and Bo is touched by the gesture. Alex spots Marlena and John kissing and wants to attack John but Marlena stops him. Marlena is reminded of spending Christmas with both men but chooses to remain with Alex. Shawn has given so much blood that he passes out. Belle is able to rouse him and they talk of how gallant Shawn was to risk his health for Claire. Belle calls John, Marlena, Alex, and Kate back to the hospital when Lexie discovers that Claire’s liver is now failing. Kate isn’t happy to find Belle in Shawn’s arms and Philip nowhere in sight.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason confronts Emily with Carly's theory about her and Sonny. Nikolas realizes he has no right to question the choices Emily makes. Sonny makes a Freudian slip in front of Alcazar. Everyone, with the exceptions of Georgie and Alcazar, skewers Diego on the witness stand. Justus makes a fool out of Lainey. Robin clashes with Patrick, who makes an unintentional callous remark.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Buzz and Coop reminisce about Jenna and Coop admits that he is sad because he really doesn’t remember a lot about her. Buzz tells him how wonderful she was and how much she loved being a mother. Olivia seeing Buzz and Coop feeling down, finds a box of ornaments and decorations and decorates Company while they are outside talking. Buzz thanks her by planting a big kiss on her and inviting her to spend Christmas with his family. Olivia is all for it until Josh comes in to pick up some baklava for Cassie’s party, and she forgets all about Buzz. Lizzie starts to pick a fight with Olivia and admits to Coop that she hates Olivia. Lizzie takes Coop to Quinn’s apartment and tells him that she is his Christmas gift. Josh starts to tell Cassie what he has found out but she tells him that unless Jeffrey is a serial killer or is going to hurt her kids in anyway she doesn’t want to hear it. She throws the picture of Jeffrey and Richard into the fire. Later after Jeffrey has came home, R.J. comes in wet from being outside. Jeffrey sits him by the fire to dry out and R.J. finds the picture. He tries to ask Cassie, Jeffrey, and even Tammy about it but no one has time for him and he wonders to himself why the picture is of two of his dads. Jonathan picks up a small Christmas tree, which he names “Peter Collins”; Tammy takes a picture of the two of them in front of the tree for next years Christmas card. Feeling secure, Jonathan tells Tammy to go alone to the tree trimming party. As she is leaving the two of them run into Josh who tells Jonathan that if Tammy can forgive him that so can he. Jonathan promises that he will do nothing to hurt Tammy. After returning home, Tammy tells Cassie that she needs to tell her the truth about what happened with the fire.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

During hypnosis, Niki remembers things about the night that she had taken Jessica to the bar with her. Jessica begins to remember things about that night also, and faints. The doctor brings Niki out, but it is Viki who emerges. Jessica convinces them all to let her be hypnotized. They finally agree to her decision. The hypnosis begins. Tess emerges, and calls for Nash.

Nash, in California is having troubles of his own. He is being harassed once again by the Westons, who are demanding more money in order to make them forget what had happened to their daughter. Despite his wishes, Nash is forced to sell the winery, and forgo his, and Tess’ dreams. Rex, Bo’s help, helps Adriana be able to see Christian in prison. John visits Christian in prison. John suggests that they both back away from Natalie, and give her time to heal. Natalie visits Christian, and asks him for a divorce. Spencer remembers hiring someone to find Margaret Cochran, and then going to visit her.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

The Christmas Festival was the scene for more Harmony Hijinks today, as Sheridan, showing off her ice skating skills, fell through the ice and was rescued by Chris. Of course, the ice weakened thanks to Tabitha, and under Kay's prodding about her trying to get Sheridan and Chris to fall in love by doing it, the old witch let it be known that it wasn't to make them happy. She told Kay to keep watching to see what might come up to cause them problems once they fall in love. Simone and Jessica were still having fun in the park, and Spike still had his paid troublemakers after them. When Simone tried to help one of them after she "dropped" something, she accused Simone of copping a feel, and Daddy TC was right there to back her up. Oh, not his beloved daughter, Simone, but Spike's hired troublemaker. TC told Simone he's disgusted with her and he believes the thug is telling the truth.

Simone is heartbroken, but Eve and Julian arrive to support her and blast TC for his stupidity. He doesn't listen, of course, although he does protect Simone when the girl pulls out a knife. But Julian is the one who's cut, while TC continues his rant against his daughter's lesbianism. When Jessica goes to find a phone and call the police, Spike gets to her and gets her to take his drugs again. Fancy gets her chance to turn Noah and Theresa in to the cops today, but protects them instead. She pulls her Crane weight on the cops and gets them to back least for a while. One of them is still suspicious, however, so there's still a chance he could find Ethan in the bedroom and Theresa in the closet. Theresa is wondering why Fancy made such a turnaround, but she likes it anyway. Even though Fancy is helping them, she is still upset with Noah and Theresa. Her talk to Ethan and the memories she had while doing it somehow changed her mind, though, making her willing to give him a chance to live, at least for now.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nikki has bad news for Phyllis. “We can’t work on the campaign for the anti-aging cream together as originally planned. She says that Phyllis not getting along well with Jack could screw things up and she doesn't want her project to get caught in the middle. Phyllis says that there is no problem with she and Jack. Nikki doesn't care. “It is my idea and I will pitch it to him myself.” Phyllis finds that a little unfair. “It was your idea, but it was dead until I brought it to life.” Nikki knows that but ultimately the idea is hers and she will not allow Phyllis to screw it up. Nikki tries to see Jack at the Athletic Club, but Phyllis is there trying to be present at whatever time Nikki plans to pitch her idea. Nikki is not pleased but she understands Phyllis’s eagerness to be a part of the team on this. “Okay Phyllis… I will call Jack in the morning and make an appointment to see him about the idea. In the meantime, you should find Jack and spend sometime with him, if you know what I mean?" Phyllis doesn't know what she means. Nikki feels that being with Jack the night before the meeting to pitch the idea should be self-explanatory. Nikki’s cell phone rings and she is off, leaving a saucer-eyed Phyllis coming to terms with what Nikki just instructed her to do. JT and Mackenzie are ready to go now. They say goodbye to Jill, Esther and Katherine and they are out the door. Katherine is uneasy. She isn’t sure that JT and Mackenzie are right for each other anymore. Katherine worries that if things don’t work out this time for Mackenzie, she will be devastated much like the time when she broke up with Billy. Sharon has a whole new outlook on her marriage and she is determined to make it work. Nick comes into the house with her bags from the trip and he starts heading upstairs. She calls to him, telling him to take the bags up later. She gestures for him to come over and be with her for a while. He does, staring at her awkwardly with his hands in his pants pockets. She moves closer to him, and shyly starts kissing him. He holds her close. She wants to go upstairs and make love with him. He tries to get into it, but can’t stop thinking about Phyllis and the night before. Kissing her… Climbing on top of her… Smelling her… It is too much for Nick and he pushes Sharon gently away. He knows that she is disappointed. “I am sorry Sharon," he says quietly. She is hurt. Her eyes fill up with tears and pain at being rejected. She turns from him and rushes up the stairs. Nick stays downstairs pacing alone. Sharon returns after a while. “Noah will be home soon," Nick says. “Oh, and there is that Christmas thing at the club tonight, so he might want to go to that.” Sharon demands to know if this is the way that it is going to be from now on. “Are we going to live this meaningless existence, pretending to be okay, and not connecting? By the way, why are you not as upset about this as I am?" Sharon asks. Nick has no answer for her. Sharon hates the silence. “I can’t stand it. Yell at me! Shout at me! I feel like I am on a ledge Nick. I am on a ledge and I am about to fall over. I am reaching for something… Someone… And I almost did!" Nick asks what she means. She tells that she was on the trip feeling desperate and she came on to someone but nothing happened. Nick demands to know who that person was. Sharon ignores the question. Nick can tell that this person was Brad. Sharon is quick to say that Brad did nothing and that she was the one that came on to him. Gloria comes home happy and full of glee jabbering about the cold weather. John is waiting. He has been pacing. He is very serious and Gloria sees that right away. “Gloria do you really love me?" She is surprised by the question but not after he shows her the letter that he received from Tom about her still being his wife. Gloria’s gig is up. Tears come to her eyes. She said that she didn’t know that she was still married at first, but then later Tom showed up and he told her then. She starts explaining things but then decides that trying to do that now is useless. John tells Gloria that sometimes it is what we ‘do’ that counts and not what we ‘say’. She doesn’t understand that. Later at the mansion, Jack and Ashley arrive at the house and meet with Kevin. The three of them were called by John to the house. They are worried about what John is going to do now that he knows that Gloria is still married to Tom and that she was never really married to him in the first place. John comes downstairs and greets everyone warmly. He rushes to the door when he hears the doorbell. He lets in the good reverend who is a friend of the family. Jack rolls his eyes when he sees the minister not understanding. John turns to the stairs. “Gloria! Are you ready?" She walks into the room tastefully dressed in bridal wear and walks to John’s side. Jack doesn’t mean to be rude, but he has to ask how they are going to get married knowing that Gloria is already married to someone else. John tells Jack that this is a restatement of their vows. “Papers will have to be filed and changed, but that will come later. Right now, I want Gloria to know that we all have our flaws but to me, in my eyes she is perfect.” Michael is freaking out. He is at the coastguard station waiting for news on Lauren and where she could be. The officers are checking things out but haven’t found her yet. When the captain of the ship comes into the room, Michael is ready to attack. Michael was told that there was an explosion of the fuel tank. He assumes that the good captain didn’t really take very good care of his ship and that he is the reason that Lauren is missing. The man defends his ship and even had it recently checked for safety. “Yeah right," Michael says sarcastically to the man. Michael’s attention is now directed to another officer who has just come in. He has a man with him who is holding a huge piece of the cruise ship that was found while searching for wreckage. Michael stares at it, not understanding the implication of it all. The officer tells him that they have been looking over pieces of the wreckage and there is evidence that there is evidence that this was an explosion that occurred due to the rigging of a device to go off. Michael turns away from the men… Into the corner he whispers… “Tom…”

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