Wednesday 12/14/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 12/14/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

JR first charms Babe but then tells her he will never forgive her for what she did to him last Christmas. Kendall and Zach say that they want to divorce but both feel differently. Jonathan runs off from the tree store and finds Lily. They both talk about their failed relationships, how they want to find the right person and how they both live with disabilities. Aiden and Erin get locked inside the outside tree store and look like they might want to hook up.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

After making love, Holden presses Lily to leave Keith again, but she continues to be reluctant. Keith interrupts them by calling Lily wondering when she is getting home from the farm?, Lily pretends to have a bad connection and hangs up. In an unspoken agreement, Holden will keep quiet about what is going on with him and Lily while tying up their divorce for as long as possible in hopes Keith will lose interest. Lily appreciates this. Keith sees Luke out and asks where Lily is because he thought Lily was with him? Luke angrily rebuffs any attempt by Keith to be nice. Later, Keith tries to trip Lily up by asking if she saw Luke at the farm, knowing full well she didn’t. Dusty brings Billy to Jen with proof that the baby is hers. Jen doesn’t want to believe him at first, but when he shows her a DNA test (which was a match) she finally breaks down and believes this is her child. She is overwhelmed with Dusty for making her dreams come true. Hal wants Emily to take the plea bargain and testify against Paul but she reuses. They share some emotional issues regarding their marriage, and then Emily asks him to let her go. Hal reluctantly tells the officer to book her. Barbara is called to the Police Station because of Paul. Hal informs her they have a shared grandson whom is really alive. Barbara is in disbelief but then accepts this, but wants to know how Paul could do something so horrible to his own sister? Barbara realizes what Paul did was because of Craig, but she still wonders how he could be such a monster? Paul tells her he learned from the best. Later, Barbara realizes Emily was involved and attacks her, blaming her for everything, and promising Paul will hate her because he will realize his relationship with Jen is forever ruined.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Nick tells Stephanie he wants to tell Bridget about baby Dominick. Bridget tells Massimo about her baby being a girl. Taylor and Brooke have words about Stephanie. Eric and Stephanie talk over martinis and Eric admits his wrongs. Nick tells Bridget about Felicia's baby.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Carrie and Lucas are able to exit the restaurant without Sami or Austin ever realizing Carrie was there. Carrie has to return to get a file she left and ends up spotting Austin and Sami kissing. Carrie leaves before it is revealed that Austin was only kissing Sami as part of a charity event. John spots Kate at the hospital and takes her to Chez Rouge. Alex also brings Marlena to Chez Rouge for a break. Maggie tricks Marlena into meeting John alone at the bar and Marlena and John kiss. Alex urges Kate to fight for John but Kate has resigned to the idea that nothing can keep John from Marlena. Claire is now hemorrhaging and needs more blood. Lexie refuses to allow Belle and Shawn to give anymore blood but Shawn lies to the nurse in order to donate more. Lexie tells Belle that the latest update on Claire isn’t good and is surprised when Belle’s first instinct is to want Shawn by her side.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Nik suspects that Jax changed the DNA test results. Jax accuses Emily of falling for Sonny. Dillon is upset when Georgie visits Diego. Carly offers Lorenzo her support in the Diego situation; she also gets Lainie to take her to the trial. Patrick realizes Robin has feelings for Jason still.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Mallet calls Spaulding looking for Harley, although Dinah tries to keep him from coming, he makes an appointment with Harley to discuss Marina. After telling Harley of Marina’s time at the station, she agrees that they should work together to keep Marina out of trouble. Harley wonders what she got herself into. Blake stops by to drop off a present for Harley and Dinah tells her that she wants to make plans for the Holidays. Blake reveals that due to a conference in Hawaii the entire family will be spending Christmas there. Dinah realizes she isn’t invited and although she tells Blake she is fine, she later breaks down. Mallet finds her and tries to cheer her up. Lizzie and Coop are upset that they don’t get to spend any time alone with each other. Quinn offers Lizzie his place for them to get away, which Lizzie turns down until she sees how close Ava and Coop seem. Ava reads some of Coops writing and tells him that he is wasting his time at Company. Olivia finds the picture of Jeffrey and Richard side by side and questions why Josh won’t tell Cassie. The private eye that she hired to find out about Jeffrey calls Josh and tells him that he has more information. Josh tells him again he doesn’t want it, but then later decides he needs to tell Cassie. He goes to the farm and hands her a file with everything he has.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Rex visits Todd in jail with information that might help clear him of Margaret Cochran’s death. Blair tries to put up a Christmas tree for the children, but the tree falls. Starr exclaims that the tree and the family is cursed. Blair calls Spence for help. When he arrives, he has a already decorated tree. Blair is so overwhelmed that she kisses him.

Blair finds out that Todd is being framed for Margaret’s death. A psychiatrist hypnotizes Niki to find out why Jessica had created Tess. Nash arrives back home at the winery, but has memories of Tess.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

When the show started it seemed Fancy and Noah had made up and spent a romantic night on the floor in front of the Crane cabin fireplace. As they lay there, Fancy realized Noah's covers were on fire, burning him up, and then she woke up. She realized where she was and that Noah was alright and began threatening to tell Gwen and/or the police where they are. She tried to fix her tire and leave, but her spare was slashed, too, so she went back inside. She decided she'd walk to a phone, but first she'd say goodbye to Ethan. As she's in the bedroom, the police show up at the cabin and question Noah as to why he's there and whether he's seen Theresa and Ethan. He assures them he hasn't and they start to leave, then see Fancy's car and realize he's not alone. Theresa, hiding in the closet, hears it all and is worried about being found.

Simone saves Jessica from Spike again, making him even angrier and out for revenge. He finds a way to get his revenge in the form of a group of druggie girls at the Harmony Christmas celebration. Simone and Jess had already fended off former school mates by fighting fire with fire when the girls started mocking them for being a prostitute and a lesbian, and the snobby girls leave in a huff. Tabitha takes Endora to look for an idea for a winter coat and the end up at the celebration, where Endora worries her mother by becoming enchanted with everything Christmas. She even flies in to sit on Santa's lap, and rigs a contest so a poor family can win ice skates they could never afford. Sheridan and Chris have James there, too, and he and Endora have some fun.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

John shares the news with Ashley that the letter from Tom has arrived saying that Gloria is still his wife. Ashley feels that Gloria needs to be confronted and dealt with for lying to her father all this time, but John understands how this all might have been played out. He knows that Gloria was afraid of the man and now he knows why. He gets Ashley to agree not to tell Gloria about this, as he needs time to deal with this and work it out. He finds that Tom was only hurting Gloria one last time on the way out because the gravy train stopped. “Damn him… Damn that man!" Mackenzie and Esther are arguing. Esther wants to do JT’s laundry but Mackenzie wants to do it. Jill can’t believe what they are arguing about. “Let JT do his own laundry!" Jill shouts. “And what was with that shouting the night before? Was that JT I heard cursing in the driveway last night?" The story soon comes out that JT was in Mackenzie’s room the night before and while he was making his way back to his apartment over the garage, he hit his foot and hurt himself. Now he is limping everywhere. Later when JT arrives at the house, he tells Mackenzie that he has been thinking and that it is time for them to move out to the loft again and really live together as a couple this time. Mackenzie agrees and they tell everyone the news before packing their things. Lauren and Sheila are at it. Sheila has come into the room and revealed herself. Lauren tries to turn from her telling herself that this is just a figment of her imagination. Sheila makes her face facts. “I am real, so go ahead and pinch yourself. You have taken everything from me over the years and I will see you dead Lauren.” Lauren jumps into action quickly. she fights Sheila and they are suddenly on the floor of the room rolling around, one trying to get control of the other. Sheila is fighting but Lauren will not give up yet. Suddenly, a pair of arms grabs hold of Lauren and the fighting stops. “Well it is about time," Sheila shouts at Tom. He has things under control now. Sheila orders him to tie her up. Lauren slowly realizes what is happening to her and that Tom is in on this too. She squirms but it does her no good. The sight of Lauren angers Sheila and she slaps Lauren hard in the face. That stops Lauren from squirming, but Tom isn’t happy with that. He tells 'Brenda' to take it easy. Sheila leaves the room to take care of other business. While Sheila is gone, Tom starts tying Lauren up. “We aren’t going to kill you, we are just doing this for the money.” Lauren can’t believe what she is hearing. “Tom! She is going to kill you the same way that she is going to kill me. She is Sheila Carter… Not 'Brenda'! She is pretending to be different people.” That makes sense to Tom. He has seen the fake wigs and nose at her place. Still, Tom doesn’t care. 'Brenda' is all that he has. “I am facing 20 years in prison, so this can’t be all that bad. 'Brenda' promised to make me rich!" Lauren laughs. “Tom you are a risk to her. You are the only one that can connect the dots in all this. She isn’t going to let you live.” Sheila has taken off to another part of the cruise ship. She has a bomb with her. She places it in a very secure place by the gas tank, and then heads out. “Sorry Lauren… Sorry Tom, but I have to get out of here fast.” Michael is on the beach but no far enough for them not to be able to see the cruise ship from the beach. Michael is with the captain. They have been doing snorkeling and fishing and now Michael wants to head back to the ship to see what Lauren has been up to all day. He looks out at the ship, and while he is looking at it. BA-BOOM! The ship explodes right before his very eyes. “Lauren!" Michael cries.

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