Tuesday 12/13/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 12/13/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Kendall and Zach arrive at the place where they intend to divorce but end up having more of a honeymoon than anything else. They both have feelings for each other that they do not want to admit to. Ryan goes to get some answers from Dr. Madden about what happened when he agreed to go along with Kendall's secret plan. Madden tells Ryan the whole story about how there was no way for Greenlee's embryos to survive before Ryan's sperm was all gone. So Kendall offered her own eggs in order to save Greenlee. Madden is able to convince Ryan that Kendall acted completely unselfishly to save Greenlee. Right then Di informs Tad that something secretive is going on with Madden and Hazel in regard to Kendall and her baby. Sam reveals to Lily that he will never forgive Jonathan Lavery for what he's done. She tells him that maybe Jonathan could not help what he did in the past and is better now. But Sam is very upset that she'd even consider that.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Lily meets with Holden regarding their divorce. She wants him to stop making things so hard, but he won’t give her a divorce. He knows she doesn’t want it. Keith witnesses this. After Holden leaves, Keith pleads for Lily to give their relationship a chance because he will always make her happy and never cheat on her like Holden did. Later, Lily ends up at the barn with Holden though. They share memories of their Christmas traditions, which winds up with a roll in the hay. Jen calls Paul to say goodbye, and when he hears she is leaving town that night, he couldn’t be happier. It looks like she will leave town before the secret gets out. Meg pretends to know nothing about the reasons why Paul and Emily were arrested. They believe her, and agree to not let anyone know of her role in order of keeping Dusty away from Jen. Hal and Dusty show up at Carly and Jack’s to take Billy. They have irrefutable proof he is Jen’s child. At first they don’t believe it, but as Hal fills in the missing pieces, it does start to make sense. Carly doesn’t want them to take Billy right then because Gwen is out of town. They have to because Jen is leaving town in the morning. Hal has to go back to the station, and asks if Dusty will bring his grandson to his daughter? Dusty happily agrees. Gwen and Will share a blissful night at the cabin, preparing to come home with toys for Billy, unaware of what is going on in Oakdale. Dusty shows up at Jen’s with her baby, but finds out from the bellman that she is on her way to the airport. He is about to leave when Jen shows back up, as a smiling Dusty is standing there holding Billy in his arms.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Stephanie gets Felicia home and Felicia tells her that she wants this kept quiet. The cancer, the baby, all of it. Taylor calls Stephanie into the office and tells her Eric is turning on Brooke. Eric and Brooke discuss the plans when Stephanie shows up and they stage another argument. Eric apologizes to Stephanie for everything he's done and gives her a dress design as an olive branch.

Nick stops to see Felicia and his son. He explains he hasn't told Bridget yet. Felicia admits she has feelings for him but won't disrupt his marriage. While Nick visits with baby Dominick, Felicia gets a call from her doctor stating her cancer is back and she needs to begin chemo right away.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Victor pressures Kate into telling Philip the truth. Kate lies to Philip when he overhears them talking by claiming that Victor is mad about her bribing the nurses to take care of Claire. Claire’s blood pressure spikes but soon lowers again. Victor gives in to Kate’s pleading and agrees to put off telling Philip the truth. Frankie heads outside to check for proof of Jennifer’s claim and finds a gold locket in the snow. Hope tries to convince Jennifer that Jack only came back as a ghost to say goodbye. Frankie rejoins them just in time to hear Jennifer say that she doesn’t want Frankie but wants Jack back. Nicole spots Lucas at the restaurant and warns Austin. Austin and Mr. Giles argue over business practices but Nicole gets Mr. Giles to invest with them because she agrees with his theories. Sami pours her heart out to the cleaning lady while Carrie listens hidden inside a bathroom stall. Carrie and Lucas try to sneak out via the dance floor. Sami and Austin spot Lucas but arrive at his table moments after he and Carrie leave.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Patrick informs Jason that he will need to be hospitalized for several weeks and will have to take things slowly. Carly warns Emily that Sonny would end up breaking her heart. Carly tells Sonny that Emily is in love with him. Sam enlists Sonny, Emily and Carly to help her give Jason some holiday cheer. Patrick has no desire to mend fences with Noah. Robin sees a different side of Patrick, who still remains obnoxiously arrogant. Alan and Jason come to a new understanding. Nikolas hopes Emily can become the woman she used to be. Courtney becomes suspicious of Jax after hearing his and Luke's conversation. Nikolas and Courtney decide to have another paternity test run at a different hospital and secretly get a sample of Jax's DNA. Tracy drops the charges against Lulu after Luke calls her bluff. Lulu uses the evidence board to illustrate the dynamics of her dysfunctional family. Skye pulls Luke into a passionate kiss.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Harley fires Alan-Michael, citing that she doesn’t need him to watch her back anymore so he is free to have fun now. Gus answers Alan-Michael’s phone where he hears Alan saying he can’t run things from his cell. He goes to visit Alan and threatens him and tells him he wants to know what is going on. Alan threatens Harley as the doctor makes Gus leave. Frank confronts Jonathan about the fire and Jonathan confesses but asks for a little time to work something out. Reva makes up an alibi for him, saying he was with her when the fire started. Cassie tells Reva that Jonathan isn’t welcome at the tree trimming party and Reva tells Cassie whether she likes it or not, Jonathan is part of Tammy’s life. Marina and Tammy both share that they each have a secret involving a guy that people won’t accept them with, but that they want to be with anyway. This prompts Marina to buy a new outfit for New Years and then go to Spaulding to tell Alan-Michael that she wants to be his real date for New Years. Harley interrupts and tells Marina that he is leaving and Marina changes her story and says goodbye. Alan-Michael calls and sets something up with the London branch so he can come to Harley’s rescue and she will keep him around.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Clint will not agree to let Jessica be hypnotized. Kevin finds out that Niki Smith has emerged yet again. Nash finds out that there has been a fire at his winery. He leaves town to find out the extent of the damage, but vows to return. Antonio offers his help in the form of money to help the winery, but Nash refuses.

Blair and others gather for the funeral services for Margaret, her unborn child, and Ginger .Blair meets Ginger’s Mother, who lashes out at Blair for what Todd did to the unborn child. Rex, after a conversation with Mrs. Foley finds out that Margaret could indeed swim, and had trophies to prove it. Rex reports back to Todd. They wonder what else Margaret had lied about. Kevin proposes to Kelly. Kelly accepts. David gets smashed at Capricorn. Dorian advises him to go home.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Noah and Fancy argued all day about why he helped Theresa kidnap Ethan. He tried to make her see his reasons for doing it, but all she could see was her own anger that he actually thought of someone besides her for once. She wants to turn them in and then stay away from Noah for good. Theresa works with Ethan, trying to get him to fight to live. She decided that the only way to get God to let him wake up was to promise if He would do that, she would stay out of Ethan and Gwen's lives for good. As she made her promise, Ethan's hand moved, but she didn't see it. When it moved a second time she did, and was thrilled, but the third time it looked like it had just slipped off his leg, and she thinks it was all an accident. Sheridan wonders when she can forget Luis and Marty and start a life with Chris and James. Once Chris wakes up, they dance in the living room, and he does his best to win her over.

Kay arrived at Crane Industries after Fox left to get something to eat and a teddy bear to give to Kay to show his love for her. She jumped on Valerie, telling her to stay away from Fox or else. Valerie pulled out all the stops, calling her a conniving *itch and Maria a bastard. Kay reacted angrily, and Val saw Fox coming back, so she used Kay's anger against her, then took a dive, making it look as if Kay had hit her and knocked her down. Fox is worried about Kay, and when she sees Val take the teddy bear out of the bag and assumes he bought it for Val, then tells him it's over between them, Fox wonders what is going on with her. He wants to go talk to her, but Valerie manages to stop him again. Meanwhile, Kay is crying, believing it's all over between them and that the spell Tabitha cast on him has worked at last.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Devon is very upset and worried. “I heard my mother pacing in her room all night. Has anyone seen her this morning?" Seems that Yolanda is sleeping in late this morning. Devon worries that his mother is missing the drugs and the lifestyle. Neil knows that Yolanda will always crave the drugs, but only she knows how she is feeling about the drugs. Yolanda comes out soon and is bright and cheery. She announces that she is going to be looking for a job now. Drucilla smiles at Neil. The day before, Drucilla told Neil that she felt that Yolanda should be moving out soon and she feels that this job idea is playing right into their hands. Neil worries that Yolanda isn’t ready to go out and live on her own, and he also feels that Devon isn’t ready to have her move out either. Later at the coffeehouse, Devon and Yolanda are together. He wants to help her find a job, but she wants to do that on her own. She tells him that soon she will be able to afford an apartment and when that happens, Devon will be able to come and live with her instead of the Winters. Devon smiles at that idea. Phyllis shows up for her meeting with Nikki. Nick answers the door. He is surprised finding her at the door and asks her what she is doing. She says that she has a meeting and so he lets her in. Nick leaves with Noah, but says that he will be back. Phyllis and Nikki have their meeting but it soon becomes clear to Nikki that Phyllis isn’t listening to her. Phyllis shakes herself out of her dull fog and tries to have a conversation. Nikki shakes her head at Phyllis. “Gees… You and Nick… You both are acting strange this morning.” Phyllis waits at the house and soon Nick returns to talk to her about the night before. She doesn’t want to talk about it. As far as she is concerned, nothing happened. 'Brenda' calls Scott. He had called her earlier but didn’t get an answer. He tells her that he will be home in a day or two. She is looking forward to seeing him when he gets back. She asks if his mother has read the book yet. She hasn’t. He is sure that she will soon though. Scott wants to talk some more but the line is breaking up and Sheila can’t hear him anymore. They hang up. Later on, Scott decides that something is wrong with his writing partner and decides that he will be leaving Genoa City much earlier. “Something just isn’t adding up with 'Brenda'. John is alone at the house. Gloria and Kevin have gone out to the coffeehouse together. The mail has come. John finds an envelope with his name and address on it but nothing else. He opens the letter and looks at the bottom of it. It has been signed by Tom Fisher. John reads: “There is something that I think that you should know John. Gloria and I were never really legally divorced. She has been paying me for months to keep me quiet about it. I thought that you should know.” John crumples up the letter and pounds his fist on the desk. Lauren has a whole itinerary planned for her honeymoon and Michael will learn about it as they go along. They have snorkeling equipment and the first stop is to do a little of that along with some fishing. The captain comes to get the happy couple to take them out but Lauren begs off. “You go along Michael. I want to stay here and read some of Scott’s book.” Michael is not pleased with that idea, but he leaves with the captain who will take him out to sea. They will return later to meet with Lauren later. Lauren settles in and relaxes. She flips the page, and takes a sip of her champagne. She starts to read. Soon, Lauren gets to the part in the story where a character is upset because she lost her husband and then her baby to another woman. Lauren finds that very strange to read. “Could he know? I never told him, so where would he hear? Never mind. It is probably just a coincidence.” Lauren continues reading. Soon she has to stop again. “What?" Lauren reads how a woman is tied to a chair and held in a farmhouse. That is too close for comfort. Lauren jumps up in the bed. “This? Could it be?" She flips the pages reading ahead and recognizes what she is reading. “How could it be? Is it possible?" “YES! It is possible Lauren!" Lauren looks over the manuscript to the doorway. She sees Sheila standing before her clear as day and real as ever.

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