Monday 12/12/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 12/12/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Babe surprises her mother in telling her that she is now a full partner at Fusion. She knows, however, that nobody in that place likes her or wants her there. But when Kendall and Greenlee are gone, she attempts to makes friends with Simone and Danielle. JR tells his father he knows he has feelings for Krystal while Adam tells his son he knows he has feelings for Babe. David gets put in the OR ready to have open heart surgery and informs the hospital that somebody drugged him and set him up. Ryan, Julia and Jamie believe it might be the same person who attempted to kill Kendall on the hammock. They suspect Amanda but Jamie tries to help her. Zach tries to deny his feelings for Kendall but Myrtle tells him he must face it. Kendall has fantasies of happy and loving marriage with Zach. They both pretend otherwise.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Will and Gwen make love and admit how much they mean to one another. However, Gwen gets nervous about getting back to Billy, and Will gets insecure about why she would want to leave so quickly. Gwen admits that she is nervous about living up to his expectations, but then admits that she dreamt about them being together like this and it surpassed her wildest dreams. They decide to stay and fall back into bed again. Jen shows up at Carly and Jack’s wanting to say good-bye to Billy. Carly finally relents and lets her. Jen shares an emotional goodbye with him and then leaves. Later Barbara tries to convince her to cancel her trip when she opens the suitcase Jen had originally packed for the hospital when Billy was to be born. Jen instead pushes up her reservations and decides to leave that night. Hal and Dusty catch Paul and Emily shredding papers in the hospital record’s room and arrest them. Hal tries to get Emily to roll over on Paul, but she stays loyal. They agree to stick together, much to Susan and Hal’s disappointment. The doctor gives Hal and Dusty irrefutable proof that Jen’s baby is alive and it is Billy. Hal goes to the courthouse to make provisions to get him back. Meg worries when Dusty admits that he almost told Paul the truth about Meg’s part in his downfall. She also feels guilty when Dusty thanks her for being the hero in getting Jen’s baby back. Hal shows up at Carly and Jack’s to take Billy out of their house, because of the proof they have that shows he is Jen’s biological baby. Carly will not let him go.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Felicia gets ill and Stephanie gets her to the hospital where she needs chemo. Bridget tells Nick the doctor said they can make love. Darla and Thorn won't allow Sally to go into assisted living and insist she lives with them.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Nicole, disguised as Mary Smith, sneaks into Carrie’s CEO office and steals the budget file. Carrie becomes offended when Lucas asks again to buy High Style but Lucas is able to calm her down despite her refusal to sell. Nicole joins Sami and Austin as they meet with the investor and Nicole purposefully spills her drink on Sami’s dress. Carrie steps into the ladies room to hear Becky’s call about Mary Smith’s actions and Carrie and Sami come close to being in the ladies’ room at the same time. The guard brings Victor to see Kate and Victor is furious to learn of Kate’s reasoning for changing Shawn’s records. Victor insists on sending Kate to jail and of making her tell Philip the truth. Shawn returns to Claire’s room while Belle is alone with her and Belle watches Shawn dote on Claire as if she were his baby. Frankie and Hope talk about whether Frankie should stay in town. Jack tells Jennifer that he is only here to say goodbye for he really is dead and came back to tell Jennifer that he picked Frankie to take his place. Jennifer leaves Jack alone outside to rush in and tell Hope and Frankie that Jack is alive.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Luke hints to Skye that he has something terrible to hold over Jax. After a guard is stabbed, Sonny realizes that Manny is in the hospital. Carly spots him heading into the OR and follows, but gets taken hostage. Manny threatens to kill her unless Patrick lets Jason die. Jax offers Tracey the funds to pay for Luke's alimony so as to make Luke not need her, and hopefully leave Jax alone. She refuses. Nik and Em get Courtney to the ER. Sonny goes into the ER and talks Manny into walking out after the power is restored, but he takes Carly with him. However, she is able to get away, Sonny shoots Manny, and the cops show up. Courtney and the baby are fine. Jason's surgery may have been compromised. Bobbi and Noah talk. Tracey has Lulu arrested. Carly overhears Emily reassuring Sonny that what happened with Manny is not his fault. Jason wakes up.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Marina goes to the police station where Frank tells her that she should be out dating, but warns her to stay away from the guys at Spaulding. She agrees, but when Alan-Michael comes to the station later to talk to Frank about keeping Alan in jail, sneaks off with him. In the sanitarium, Alan-Michael tells Alan that he isn’t going after Harley for Alan, but he is going after the position in Spaulding that he wants for himself. Feeling trapped, Alan calls someone and tells them he needs to get out of there, with no one knowing. Cassie catches Josh in Jeffrey’s room, and Josh tells her that he just came to help Jeffrey move. He later asks Olivia about Jeffrey again, and what he should do. He tells her that he wishes that things would be less complicated, and she brings up their kiss again. Reva convinces Jeffrey not to go after Jonathan, but rather to go back and move in with Cassie. Sandy spies Jonathan and Tammy, and calling and pretending he is Mallet, tells Jonathan to come to the police station to make a statement about he arson. He reluctantly leaves Tammy and goes to give his statement to Marina that he knows nothing about the fire. Reva catches him as he is leaving, and tells him she thinks that her help in getting he and Tammy together may have been a mistake. Jonathan tells her that it wasn’t, and that he and Tammy will prove to everyone that their love is for real. After Jonathan leaves, Sandy reveals himself to Tammy and puts doubts into her head about her and Jonathan.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Antonio and R.J. have a run in at the Angel Square Diner over Antonio not talking to the Feds about R.J. R.J. threatens to make it public knowledge about Viki and Jessica and their alters. Antonio promises to talk to the Feds on R.J.’s behalf. Asa and David have a conversation about Spencer and what he is up to. David tells him that he can supply specific knowledge of what Spencer has been up to .Asa wants to know how much it will cost him. David wants Asa to talk to Dorian into taking him back. Asa refuses. Unbeknownst to them, Spencer watches and listens to their conversation. Asa leaves, and Spencer join David. Spencer wants to know what they have talked about .David denies telling him anything. Nash and Rex share a drink and a conversation about the women in their lives.

Niki calls for a pizza. Jessica and Clint await a visit from Dr. Jamison. A lawyer arrives to defend Niki Smith, and her possible release from Clint’s prison. Clint shows her a document that Viki signed when Niki was out before. John and Natalie have a discussion over him keeping it secret from her about Christian being alive. She vows to keep her job at the police station just to keep John miserable from the things that he had kept secret from her. She vows never to forgive John.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

As Fox and Valerie work like dogs to get the Singapore project back on track, Kay wonders what she can do to overcome Tabitha's spell that's pulling them apart. However, a slipup by Tabitha causes her to realize the spell isn't working like it's supposed to, and love really can triumph in the end. She realizes Valerie is the one who's been sabotaging her work at Crane Industries, and checks in the water bowl to see what she is up to with Fox. When she sees them kissing, she hurries out to put a stop to it, but Tabby, looking into the bowl again, sees that it was all a trick of the Boys in the Basement, but it's too late to stop Kay by then. Sam and Ivy discuss their kids and their lives after Sam lights candles for Ethan, Jessica, Noah, and Kay, deciding they love each other more than anything. Ivy then tears his clothes off and as they make mad, passionate love.

Fancy continues to rant and rave, promising to let Gwen know where they are so she can get Ethan back to the hospital. Theresa and Noah beg her not to do that, but she is determined. Picking up the phone to call Gwen, she is frustrated enough to scream when she finds out it doesn't work, then accuses Theresa of cutting the wires. It was actually the Lady with the Red Fingernails, and she also slashes Fancy's and Noah's car tires so she can't get to Gwen that way, either. Fancy is sure either Theresa or Noah did it, never mind the fact they've been right with her the whole time, except when they had to run in and get Ethan's heart started again. She wants nothing more to do with Noah, and won't even let him explain why he's helping Theresa save his brother's life.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Drucilla has had enough. Yolanda doesn’t agree that what happened with Devon could ruin his life and his future. She just sees a boy who was defending his mother. Neil tells that social services were not pleased with what they heard, but Yolanda pooh-poohs that. “He is almost 18 years old and they can’t control him much longer anyway.” When Devon is gone, Yolanda tells the Winters that she appreciates what they have been trying to do for her son, but she would really like them to get off his back for now and leave the boy alone. She walks off and Neil and Drucilla see that this isn’t a good sign at all. “Devon will do anything… risk anything for his mother.” Drucilla sees only one solution to this problem. “Neil… She has to go!" Michael and Lauren are on the jet. They have had some champagne and now they settle in for the rest of the trip. Lauren takes out the flowered box that her son gave her. Michael watches her wondering what that is. “It is the first ten chapters of my son’s book.” She say that she will be reading this when they get to the honeymoon spot. Michael worries as he knows that Lauren will not stop reading the manuscript when she starts reading it. She will want to get right to the end of it all in one sitting. Kevin feels this wedding is the greatest thing that has happened to him. He invites Scott, Victoria, JT and Mackenzie back to the coffeehouse for a quick drink. After they all leave and Daniel is relieved of his responsibilities, Mackenzie and Kevin get to work closing up. Mackenzie is jabbering on about something or other when she turns to find Kevin staring at her funny. “What is it?" He tells her that she really was beautiful that night. She says nothing. Before anything else can be said or happen, he moves forward and kisses Mackenzie. It isn’t a quick kiss, and she lets him do it. She doesn't kiss him back. She just stands there with her eyes closed. When it is finished, Mackenzie pretends that nothing happened and she tells Kevin that she will lock up the office and then they can go. Brad is trying to get out of Sharon’s room but she convinces him to stay and talk with her for a while. They sit on her bed and talk. He tries to steer the conversation to work but Sharon wants to talk about other things. She discusses Cassie and how she will be strong this Christmas when all those memories come to her about Cassie. He finds her amazing to deal with what she has to all the time. They are staring at each other, and then they are kissing. She really needs him. He wants her, but he pushes her away from him. They stare into each other’s eyes. “Should we really do this Brad?" Sharon asks. He tells her that they shouldn’t. He picks up his things and walks out into the hall. Sharon watches him for a moment and then she closes the door behind him. In the hall, alone, Brad still stands where she left him. Inside the room, Sharon leans on the closed door with her body pressed up against it. Nick has driven Phyllis home. She kicks off her shoes and changes into something more comfortable. When she returns, she and Nick share wine and video games. To them, this is the best part of the day. Soon there is an uncomfortable silence and Nick knows that he has to get out of there. She agrees. They walk to the door. He steps outside after putting his coat on. They stare at each other, and then he is back in the apartment and on her like white on rice. They are kissing and fondling each other. Nick kicks the door shut. Slamming it behind him, then all his attention is with Phyllis. She moves backwards as he comes at her, and they are inseparable, even while taking off their clothes.

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