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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica finds out that Amanda scheduled her appointment at the wrong place and she demands Josh fires her. He acts like the hero concerned that maybe Amanda doesn't know what she's doing because of her accident when JR ran her down. Jamie wants to take care of Amanda's injury and be the good doctor. David confronts her about what he knows she's done to his daughter. He also tells Krystal that she cannot let Babe go through with this crazy business with JR. Babe and JR dance around their feelings for each other. Josh has some tricks up his sleeve in regard to his father's conflict with Erica and has Erica believing that he's on her side and wants to help her. But is he? Kendall believes everybody is against her after revealing what she "did" to Ryan and Greenlee. There is a conflict between Ryan, Erin and Jonathan and all the people who believe Jonathan should be held accountable for his actions.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Will and Gwen spend some time alone together since Carly and Jack offer to baby-sit Billy. Tom refuses to give Hal permission to open the sealed hospital records but changes his mind after Casey admits he lied about sleeping with Gwen. Paul and Emily break into the hospital records room and are about to destroy the records that prove that Billy is Jennifer's son but Hal arrives with a court order just in time to stop them.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Nick continues to bond with his son. He tells Felicia he can handle things with Bridget and makes her promise not to leave with the baby. Sally tells her Spectra family she's closing up shop. She tells them she's going on a world cruise. When Darla is suspicious, she returns to find Clark pushing her out of the office in a wheel chair.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami insists on coming along when she hears that Nicole and Austin are both planning trips to L.A. at the same time. Sami and Austin end up visiting the same restaurant while meeting with an investor that Lucas and Carrie visit for their dinner together. Nicole disguises herself and enters the High Style offices with the claim that she wants to apply for a job. Jennifer and Abby reminisce about how Jack was always able to make them laugh when they felt sad. Jennifer tells Frankie to leave after Jack’s memorial service tomorrow. Jennifer rushes outside when it begins to snow to make sure Jack’s rosebushes are covered and just as she wishes Jack were here with her, Jack walks up and greets Jennifer. The hospital security guard catches Kate as she is changing Shawn’s medical records. Kate tries to bribe the guard as well as offer to change the records back in order to escape the charges but the guard brings someone to see Kate that she recognizes but is surprised to see.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason goes into surgery while his entire family waits anxiously. Emily and Nik sign their divorce papers. Lulu uses Tracey's money to buy a snowmobile and has a minor crash. Luke blackmails Jax into letting Carly have the hotel. Courtney falls, and Nik needs Emily to get past her trepidations and lack of self confidence to stitch her wound. Lucky wants to go after Manny. Nik manages to administer first aid without Emily. The hospital's power fails, jeopardizing Jason.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

The Spaulding Christmas party at Towers is full of surprises. Buzz and Frank tell Alan-Michael that he needs to be looking for women outside of the Cooper family. Harley and Gus trick Beth into saying in front of the entire party what she and Alan are up to and Harley fires Beth, who later freaks out to Alan. Cassie tells Sandy that Tammy wants things to be over between them and Sandy screams that things are not over. Jonathan is upset that Tammy won’t admit to anyone that they are together, and she explains that she wants to, she is just scared. He jumps into the cold water at the docks to prove to her what scared really is, Tammy fishes him out and they kiss. Things start to get passionate as Sandy watches. After Jeffrey defends Sandy again, Josh goes to Jeffrey’s room at the Beacon and snoops around his stuff, finding a picture of Jeffrey and Prince Richard standing next to each other. Jeffrey tells Reva that someone with Jonathan’s description was seen leaving the house fire. Alan-Michael congratulates Harley on tricking Beth but later visits Alan and tells him that he has Harley right where he wants her.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

will be late

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fox figures he's in real trouble since the Singapore deal seems to have fallen through, and Kay feels sorry for causing it. While he tries to convince her he's not mad at her, his actions tell her a different story. Tabitha plays the "I-told-you-so" bit, which doesn't go over well at all. Ivy, on the other hand, is thrilled once Valerie tells her what's going on. Sam comes home and tells her what he went through with Spike and Jessica, and she offers her sympathy and support, then tells him that at least Noah and Fancy are doing well. He reminds her that Kay and Fox are, too, and says he's so happy they found each other, but Ivy barely hides her disagreement with that sentiment. Sheridan, Chris, and James continue their family time together. While Sheridan cleans up after dinner, Chris takes James up to her bedroom to watch videos and they fall asleep on her bed. When she comes to join them, she covers them and then climbs into bed with them, rousing Chris. He says he'll go to his room, but she tells him to stay.

Theresa freaks out at the fact that Ethan's heart has stopped and she doesn't know what to do. She prays Noah gets there in time, which he does. Working together, they manage to get him breathing again, as Fancy sneaks into the house and fumes about Noah being there with another woman. She sneaks over and opens the door to the bedroom just in time to see Noah hugging a very grateful Theresa after Ethan seemed to be out of danger. Noah sees her and goes out to talk to her. She wants to know the name of the woman he's with, and they argue back and forth about it. As she is about to leave, Ethan's monitor alarm goes off again and Noah has to run to the room to work on him again. Fancy follows and is shocked to find Theresa and Ethan there. She vows she will call Gwen and tell her where they are.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nikki and Victor are with Eric and Nick talking business. Victoria is nearby but she doesn’t get introduced to the great designer Eric Forester like her brother does. She decides then to take the bull by the horns. “Hi Mr. Forester. It is me Victoria Newman!" Eric didn’t recognize her. “It has been years since I last saw you. Why you were just a little girl then. She says that now she runs the family business. Nick is in the background and he turns his head, rolling his eyes when he hears his sister tooting her own horn. She does say afterwards that she shares the control of the company with her brother, but she stresses that they are ‘equals in the workplace’. Victoria turns her eyes on her brother when she says this, making her point. Soon Nick, Victor and Eric head off together and Nikki and Victoria are left alone. Nikki has to admit that her daughter was just snubbed by the men. Victoria couldn't believe that her father didn’t introduce her in glowing terms as he did Nick. Nikki says that working as equals in the office is a good goal though. Victoria says that she is willing to try but if she has to compete with her brother, ‘Oh well… All I can say is may the best Newman win.” Nikki doesn't like the sound of that. “Just you remember Victoria… The key word in what you just said, is ‘Newman’! Jack and Phyllis are not connecting at the wedding. Phyllis spends more time with Nick and seems to be enjoying it. Jack sees Nick and Phyllis together talking and he stops a server grabbing two glasses of champagne from the man. He then turns and heads straight for Nick and Phyllis. Jack jumps into their conversation and gives a glass of champagne to Phyllis. Nick soon walks off alone. Later, Nick is alone after having spoken to his mother and telling her that he sees no point in going out on the tour with Sharon at this point. Jack sees Nick alone and he walks right towards him. Phyllis is behind him following. Jack reaches Nick and makes a smart comment about Victoria chatting up Eric Forester. “You better be careful Nick. Your sister might be making a deal behind your back." Nick isn't in the mood for Jack’s smart remarks and he tells the man to take the night off before walking off. Jack turns to Phyllis who is not pleased with him and asks, “What did I do?" Phyllis tells him that Nick might not have been in the mood for his comments as his wife is out of town and he might not be feeling all that great. Sharon is in her room alone. She is having a good time on her tour. She smiles when she thinks about times she has shared with Brad in the past and how sensitive he has been to her. “knock knock knock!" Sharon turns to the door. “It is me Brad!" She opens the door and lets him in. “My room isn’t ready yet.” She invites him in to wait in her room with her. They have a little small talk, and then Sharon asks him if he has had dinner. He tells her ‘no’. He suggests that they head out somewhere and have something to eat, but she has a better idea. “Let’s stay in and order room service.” She goes to the phone to call room service. Brad tells her that she should order a bottle of Merlot to go with that. She turns smiling at him. “I think that is a fabulous idea!" Paul goes to Scott and has a private talk with him. He wants the boy to understand some things. “I don’t think that you really know your writing partner the way that you think you do. Scott rolls his eyes when he hears that. “I thought that you were interested in Tom and not my mother? I know 'Brenda' and she is just fine.” Paul asks what 'Brenda' looks like and he learns that she is about 5’6 with brown hair. Paul asks Scott if he really knows anything about 'Brenda'. “You live in Toronto where she lives. Have you ever met her family? Have you be out with her anywhere? Have you been to her house? What exactly do you know about her?" Scott retorts that if Paul wants to know more about 'Brenda', he will have to buy their book. Michael is about to do his speech. He starts out by telling how he would like to welcome Scott to his family. He doesn’t get far in his speech when a noise comes out of the bowels of the building and the room is then totally dark. Paul moves forward to the front of the room to see what this is all about. He makes his way in the dark. On the way forward, he passes John Abbot. John is standing up looking around, waiting for word on what this is all about. He opens his jacket and feels in his waistband. His gun is right where he put it. He keeps his jacket open as he stands in the dark… Just in case.

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