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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Kendall will not accept the fact that Babe will be her new partner at Fusion. JR and babe reveal to her that Greenlee wanted that to happen because she believes that one baby-stealing bitch deserves another. JR finally admits to Babe that he does have feelings for her. Krystal manipulates Adam in a similar way. Ethan surprises Simone by giving her equal partnership of Fusion. Sam Gray is ready to confront Jonathan. Aiden tells him he better leave Jonathan alone but Erin is suspicious of Aiden and believes he is spying upon her brother. Julia talks to Ryan about Jonathan. She tells him she wants to help Jonathan. Ryan tells her that he needs to leave town with his brother before somebody kills Jonathan. She tells Ryan that he should realize he has a baby and not abandon him.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Gwen makes a heartfelt plea to the judge asking him not to send Carly to jail. The judge is moved by Gwen's plea and gives Carly a 12 year suspended sentence but warns her if she makes another mistake and breaks the law again he will make sure and enforce the sentence. Dusty gets closer to uncovering the truth about Jennifer's baby and he is determined to find the truth before Jennifer leaves Oakdale. Dusty tells Hal about his suspicions that Paul tampered with the DNA blood tests and Hal rushes to get a court order to unseal the hospital records. Paul and Emily rush to find a way to keep Dusty and Jennifer from finding out the truth about the baby. Mike saves Maddie from being killed by Olga but suffers broken ribs. Katie pretends to give B.J hope for a relationship so that he can take her back to Oakdale because she is worried that Mike has been seriously hurt in the accident. B.J. agrees to take Katie back to Oakdale to check on Mike. Olga calls B.J to inform him about Mike's condition and B.J. orders her to finish the job.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Brooke and Eric disagree over some of Eric's designs and they have a blow out in front of Thorn, Darla and Taylor. Nick sees his baby and holds him. Bridget and Jackie discuss Felicia. Taylor calls Stephanie to tell her what's going on at Forrester.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Austin and Sami stop by the hospital to show their support for Claire. While there, both Austin and Lucas hint at having a woman they are interested in that Kate would approve of but refuse to identify the woman. Kate urges them both to go after said woman despite the competition never knowing that the competition is between her own sons. Lucas arrives at High Style in time to overhear Becky urging Carrie to contact Austin but decides to pursue the date anyway. Sami calls Carrie to make sure she is still in Israel and Carrie pretends that she really is out of the country. Hope brings Zach to the hospital for a checkup and she and Shawn talk about his future. Marlena and Alex return to the hospital to support Belle and end up arguing with John over his refusal to accept Marlena’s decision. John pulls Alex aside to ask him to not sleep with Marlena until she regains her memory but Alex finds the request absurd. Claire is not improving despite being put on a ventilator.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sam and Carly convince Patrick to operate on Jason. Danger lurks in the hallway at the hospital. Jason has advice for Carly and Sonny. Sonny reaches out to Carly. Emily dreams about Sonny and later clashes with Courtney. . Lucky is anxious to return to work. Elizabeth and Lucky are happy to be married.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Jonathan and Tammy hide out in a department store’s Christmas display after escaping from the burning house. They both admit to the other that they love one another. Jonathan spots a security camera and tells Tammy that he is going to check that it is okay for them to leave and then she should follow. Tammy leaves a few minutes later and runs into Lizzie. Lizzie notes Tammy’s good mood and wonders if there is someone else in her life already, if not she knows a guy she could introduce her to when she is ready. Tammy says that she isn’t ready to be with anyone else so soon, which Jonathan overhears. Lizzie tells Coop that she has to work when in reality she has to meet Quinn for their “date”. They discuss going skiing in the Alps but Lizzie tells him that isn’t her life anymore. He gives her $1500, which she accepts as a Christmas gift. Quinn kisses her before he leaves and tells her to say hello to her boyfriend for him. Coop finds an upset Ava looking for a job to replace working for Olivia. He hires her for Company and C2 and her first job is helping him with a Christmas tree, which falls on top of them. Ava asks if she can have a piece of cake and when she thinks he isn’t looking lights a candle. Coop figures out it is her birthday and makes a big deal out of it. Ava tells him that Lizzie is a lucky woman. Mallet comes to get Gus to check out the arson on Sandy’s house and Beth finds him outside of Harley’s room and makes mention of it. Harley has another sexy dream about Mallet. While looking for clues at the house, Gus tells Mallet he is not allowed to talk about Harley. After begin saved by a beam by Mallet, Gus goes home where he and Harley decide that they are sick of their charade. Mallet looks at a picture of his and Harley’s wedding and tells himself he just needs to stop thinking.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Adriana and Rex meet at Angel Square. They relieve childhood memories. Rex reveals to Adriana that Christian is alive. John approaches, and she questions him as to why he had kept this secret of Christian being alive from everyone. John doesn’t know.

Jessica has a conversation with Niki about Tess, but Niki will not reveal anything about what had happened that Jessica had created Tess. Antonio visits Christian, and when he finds out that it is really Christian, he hits him in the jaw. Antonio goes to tell Carlotta that Christian is alive. Natalie doesn’t know what to do about John and Christian.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fancy tails Noah as he goes to a store to stock up on groceries for Theresa, and when she hears him tell the clerk he's buying it all for a woman she gets angry and wants to confront him. However, while she's telling herself what she's going to do, he walks out of the store and gets into his car, leaving before she can figure out what happened to him. She decides to keep following him to find out who he's involved with. Meanwhile, at the Crane cabin, Theresa is happily taking care of Ethan, telling him she will make sure he is ok, when he wakes up and tells her he's heard everything, knows everything, and realizes she is the one he wants to be with, not Gwen. When she wakes up from her daydream, the lights blink as the wind blows harder outside, and then everything blacks out, including Ethan's life support machines. They come back on after a couple of minutes, thanks to the back-up generator, but the respirator quits working and she's left trying to figure out how to fix it and get him breathing again.

Eve returns to her office as Liz is gloating to Julian about how she's managed to wreak her sister's life, but Eve seems to have seen through her act the whole time. A mighty slap and a good dressing down let the Lizard know Eve and Julian both have had enough of her, they are tired of trying to make up for past wrongs when she so obviously isn't interested in making things right, only in vengeance. The Lady with red nails listens at the door, then leaves as they are tossing Liz out with instructions to go back to St. Lisa or go to hell, whichever, but to leave them alone, or else. Liz still doesn't want to give up, however. Tabitha gets a call from Norma and Edna, telling her they are coming after her, and when there is a knock at the door a few minutes later, she thinks it's them. It is really Valerie, looking for Fox. She needs to tell him he needs to get some information to the Hong Kong office ASAP or else the Singapore deal is off, and he thinks he blew it because he somehow turned his cell phone off. Kay admits to him that she did it, and he leaves without saying good bye. Is it over for them?

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Ashley is at the office still with Tom. He slowly gets uglier and uglier. He tells Ashley that he knows all about her playing her act on him for a while now. She denies it at first, but then she can’t when he tells her that he was at the house the night she was telling Gloria and her father how he sickened her. She becomes silent. Tom sees scissors on the desk in the lab and he puts his hand on them. Ashley watches him terrified. He picks up the scissors holding them just in front of his face… open. “What is the matter Ashley? Afraid I am going to slice up your pretty little face?" He closes the scissors and puts them down. “Maybe that will make you think the next time some guy is interested in you. Maybe you will think about how you treat him.” Tom puts the scissors down and walks out. Ashley goes and gets dressed at home, then she and Abby arrive at the Colonnade Room where the place is already full with guests. She brushes up against Paul and they share information. She tells how Tom frightened her earlier that evening, and he tells how he and Jack found wigs and disguises in 'Jennifer’s’ room among other strange things. Paul and Ashley don’t realize it, but Sheila is behind them listening to everything that they are talking about. She hides behind a little partition that is conveniently positioned near the front of the room. Sheila dressed as 'Jennifer' appears behind Lauren as she is putting her makeup on. “What are you doing here?" Sheila says that she came to warn Lauren that Tom is going to cause trouble. “He has it in for you and Michael and I thought that you should know. He has been erratic and I am afraid that he is going to do something.” Lauren doesn’t understand why 'Jennifer' didn’t just call to tell her this. Sheila tells her that phones are so impersonal. “Don’t you think?" Lauren thanks the woman for the information but she really wants her to leave now. Sheila will, but first she wishes Lauren all the best. “I know that you are going to remember this day for the rest of your life Lauren… Congratulations.” Eric Forester has come to the wedding as Lauren is a great friend of his. He and Victor are talking business. Victoria is behind a plant, unseen and he overhears her father talking to the successful designer from LA. Victor sees Nick walking by, “Come here my boy. I would like you to meet Eric Forester. Eric… This is my son Nick…” Victoria puts her head down and walks off to be somewhere else. Nikki finds Ashley talking with Abby about why her father isn’t there. Nikki hears that the child blames Victoria for her father having to go on the business trip as she is his boss. Nikki comes into the area saying a loud, fake hello to Ashley and Abby. Abby says, ‘hi’ and then runs off. Nikki turns to Ashley. “ I hope that you are not filling her head with ideas about Victoria and making her the bad guy in all this. You should know Ashley… When Victoria was young, I used to say terrible things about you and some of it stuck. I am sure that you wouldn’t want to do the same to your daughter.” As the guests are milling about, a stranger enters the room and slowly goes to the gift table. A big gift box is slowly placed atop the others gift boxes that are already there.

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