Wednesday 12/7/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 12/7/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

JR goes to talk to Kendall but she blows him off. Livia comes and surprises Babe with something that she cannot believe. Adam then surprises Krystal with something. Kendall believes that she owns Fusion. But JR and Babe walk into her company party and inform her that she does not. Greenlee somehow sold her shares to Babe and Babe is now Kendall's partner. Sam Gray is very upset and acting out because Jonathan got away with murdering his father. Julia and Brook try to get him to pull himself together. but he won't listen. He tells them he's going to kill Jonathan. Amanda goes to harass Jamie, telling him he cannot just throw her away.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Emily tries to convince Jen to leave town that night to avoid seeing Gwen and Billy throughout the holiday, but Jen doesn’t want to leave before their wedding. Paul shows up and agrees she needs to leave town, and even offers to move the wedding date up to tomorrow. Emily covers her pain, and Jen finally agrees. Paul tells Emily they could even hire an actor and get married later just to get Jen out of town. Later, Jen shows up and offers a thrilled Emily a beautiful wedding dress she made. Jen asks Emily to hold onto Johnny’s medical wristband, and do what she thinks is right with it after she leaves town. Paul shows up and becomes angry when he sees it. Meg insinuates Paul was around when she was doing Jen and the baby’s bloodwork. Dusty is now convinced Paul has known the truth from the beginning and wants to go confront him, but Meg stops him explaining that they need solid proof. Meg tells him to go see Casey Hughes because Gwen accused him of being the father. He can find out if there was a DNA test done on the baby. Later, when Dusty bumps into Jen, he is able to get a strand of her hair to compare the tests with. A worried Meg asks Dusty if anything will change between them if he gets Jen her baby back? Dusty promises that everything will remain the same. Katie becomes more alarmed by BJ’s behavior on the island. When Olga calls about the nuisance Maddie is making of herself, an irate BJ tells her to take care of the problem permanently, which a fearful Katie overhears. She uses this to her benefit; they broach the topic of BJ needing payback, even from someone in high school. She directs him to change his ways for her – make a phone call back to that person stopping whatever he has planned (as if she didn’t know). Katie is able to warn Mike, when BJ steps out for a moment, that he can’t lose sight of Maddie. Maddie has already given the slip to Mike though, because she doesn’t think the police will help and she is determined to find Henry in the wine cellar on her own. BJ figures out that Katie used his phone to call Mike. Mike pushes Maddie out of the way of a speeding car, only to be hit himself.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Eric explains his plan further to Brooke to get Forrester back. Brooke is skeptical. Thorn, Taylor and Dante discuss Eric's "change of heart". Felicia assures Bridget she will not come between her and Nick. Stephanie urges Felicia to tell Bridget her news. Bridget gets paged by the hospital and Felicia leaves her mother in a huff.

Eric and Brooke talk more about the plan as Eric sees Taylor outside his office. He talks harshly to Brooke so Taylor overhears. Jackie and Nick talk about how great having a baby girl will be. Stephanie tries to get Felicia to stay in LA. Felicia says she's leaving and storms out. Stephanie calls Nick over. Stephanie and Nick are talking when Felicia walks in. Stephanie tells Nick about his son.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Carrie’s secretary, Becky, finds the picture of her and Austin and urges Carrie to call him. Instead Carrie calls Lucas to break their dinner date. Kate urges Lucas to pursue this new relationship without knowing who it is so Lucas calls Carrie back and convinces her to stick to their date. Eugenia overhears Sami talking to herself about Austin loving Carrie instead of her and continues to taunt her even after Austin comes back into the room. Austin spots his organizer open to Carrie’s picture and confronts Sami about reading his private entry. Mimi and Shawn visit the chapel to say a prayer for Claire and share their own feelings about each other. Philip has to convince Belle to let Lexie give Claire another spinal tap after it is discovered that Claire isn’t getting enough oxygen. Belle turns to Shawn for comfort and Kate urges both Philip and Mimi to do something to hold on to their respective partners.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Nik and Courtney welcome Liz and Lucky home, and afterwards, memories of the four musketeers fill the day. Carly gets out to see Jason after pitching a fit. Skye won't help Luke get Jax's hotel. Robin brings Noah's son to save Jason. Lulu plots to take Tracey for major bucks, but is busted. When Patrick Drake tries to back out of the surgery, Carly goes after him.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Josh and Olivia finish their kiss and Josh apologizes for it, saying that both of them are hurting and it isn’t fair for anyone to read into it. Reva comes by and calls him out on the lipstick on his face. Josh tells her that it isn’t what she thinks and then when he gets a phone call about Jeffrey has to leave and tells the girls not to break too much in the hotel suite. RJ, Cassie, and Jeffrey go Christmas tree shopping. During the trip, RJ calls Jeffrey dad and Cassie tells him that this is his chance to run. Jeffrey chooses to stay. Overhearing Cassie and Jeffrey talking about getting a Christmas tree for Sandy and Tammy, Jonathan loses it in front of Ava. Tammy tells Reva that she is choosing Jonathan but she can’t find him to tell him. Ava goes back to Sandy to hear that Tammy wants Jonathan and offers advice to let it go for one night and relax, he takes her up on it and then cuddles with her in bed. Ava is happy until he calls her Tammy, and then she gets up and sleeps alone. Tammy finds Jonathan at the new house with a Santa hat that he has set on fire. She tells him that she wants to be with him, and while they are kissing the rest of the house starts to go up in flames. They can’t put the fire out and Tammy says she won’t leave without Jonathan so they both leave the house.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Marcie and Hugh share drinks at Capricorn. The waitress becomes a bit too friendly with Hugh, and asks him does he date much. He takes Marcie’s hand just to let her know that he is with Marcie. Antonio catches Nash kissing Jessica, and orders him away from her. Jessica defends Nash which baffles Antonio. After Antonio says good-night, Jessica visits Niki, and asks for her help.

Spencer visits Todd, and offers to testify for him in his trial. Todd sees through his scam as a way of getting to Blair. Todd calls Vangie, and asks her to get him release for twenty four hours so he can spend some time with Blair and his children. Vangie approaches Hugh with Todd’s request, but Hugh refuses. Vangie tells Antonio about his brother, Christian being alive.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

With Theresa and Ethan tucked away in the Crane cabin, Noah heads back to Harmony to face Fancy. He isn't looking forward to telling her he's lied to her. On the way, a tire on the ambulance goes flat, and as he's fixing it a cop stops to check him out. His gift of gab serves well in getting the cop to move on after deducing that this couldn't be the one they are looking for. Once he gets back to his car he heads off to buy supplies for Theresa, food and such that she forgot to get for herself, but Fancy sees him leaving and decides to follow and find out what he's up to. In the cabin, Theresa exercises and massages Ethan's legs and promises him she will never allow anyone to hurt him in any way. Gwen, Rebecca, and Ivy are still at the hospital, fuming over what Theresa has done and promising each other they will kill her once they find her. Ivy finds time to call Valerie and urge her to mess up Fox and Kay's night of love.

Sheridan has a "family" night with Chris and James, showing off her new-found cooking abilities with a chocolate cake. Chris is impressed with her cooking and they hold hands and stare into each other's eyes. Fancy visited Sheridan earlier, crying about Noah having another woman, but Sheridan tried to tell her it isn't necessarily so. Fancy wants to believe it's true, so Sheridan's words do nothing for her. Sam and Spike duke it out in the park, while Jessica screams at her dad to stop hurting her boyfriend. She tells Sam she hates him and only wants to be with Spike, and when Spike sees the headline saying Ethan was kidnapped he declared Sam was searching for him, not Jess, and only stumbled across her, which causes her to become even more angry and she leaves with Spike while Sam looks after them, crestfallen. Fox and Kay have a nice dinner with Tabitha and the babies, thanks to Endora's help, then settle down for a night of togetherness after Kay fixes the phone so it won't ring. Valerie tries to call him because of a situation at work, but can't get through.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Nick goes to the Colonnade Room with a big gift box for the wedding. While at the gift table, Phyllis enters with her gift. They drop off their boxes and then head over to the bar which hasn’t opened yet. Nick bribes the bartender and they get their drinks. Nick and Phyllis talk and laugh like old friends. Victor and Nikki enter the room looking forward to the wedding now that Victoria will not be making a spectacle of herself with Brad there. They hear happy raucous laughter and turn in the direction of the bar. They see their son and Phyllis sharing a drink, laughing and smiling at each other over drinks. Victoria has called Nick to meet her at the office. He arrives and learns that Drucilla has to return home right away. Victoria feels that Sharon can’t handle the rest of the tour by herself and will need someone there. “So what I have done Nick is I have arranged for you to leave as soon as possible to be with Sharon for the rest of the tour. I will get Miguel to take care of Noah while you are gone.” Nick chuckles. “You are so self-serving. Victoria I know that you are only trying to get me out of the way so that you can go on your date with Brad to the wedding. I am not going on the trip. This is your baby, and I don’t know enough about the campaign to handle it for you.” John comes to the lab to see how his daughter is doing. “I want to take you and Abby with me to the wedding.” Ashley tells him that she will see him there. “I have to go and pick up Abby and get her ready. We will be going to the wedding alone dad, and we will be fine.” John tells Ashley that he can’t help thinking that something is going to go wrong and he wants to protect his family. Ashley says that she will be fine and even gets upset when her father suggests that she skip the wedding all together. Ashley can’t do that. “Lauren asked Abby to be a Flower Girl so she has to show up now. John sees that he can’t change her mind, and so he leaves promising to see her later. Ashley finishes up her work and gets her coat to get going. She turns to the door and her blood runs cold. Tom is standing there in the doorway. He asks her again if she can take him to the wedding knowing already what she will say. She tells him that she can’t talk now as she has to get Abby and get ready for the wedding. Tom says that he has a better idea. “Let’s make some changes to your plans Ashley.” Paul and Jack are mulling over the whole 'Jennifer'/Tom thing. Paul calls Scott over to visit him. Paul tells Scott that a daytimer was found in 'Jennifer's’ room and it has all sorts of appointments in it with him. Scott tells that he knows about that. “'Brenda' just called me. She is in Toronto now. She told me that she forgot her daytimer and asked me to return it to her when I return to Toronto.” After Scott leaves, Paul can’t shake a feeling that he has. “Jack… Don’t you think that it is funny that the only person who ever sees 'Brenda' is Scott, and yet 'Jennifer' is seen all over town all the time?" Jack comes around to Paul’s way of thinking. “Jack… Maybe 'Jennifer' and 'Brenda' are the same person!" Lauren is as thrilled as ever. She has come to the Colonnade Room to get ready with her mother and mother-in-law-to-be, and everything looks great. Even Joanna has to admit it. Later in the bride's room, Lauren can’t take it anymore. Joanna is controlling everything and Gloria is smothering. Finally Lauren shouts at the both of them to get out of the room so that she can get ready for the wedding in peace. Gloria and Joanna storm off and Lauren gets back to getting ready for the big day. She goes to the mirror and starts applying lip-gloss to her lips. Not far away from her in the room, Sheila is there… dressed as 'Jennifer'. She watches Lauren as she works, and Lauren has no idea that she is there.

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