Tuesday 12/6/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 12/6/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Zach is ready to kill Jonathan after what he believes he's done to Kendall. Aiden is ready to help him as they both believe that Jonathan has not changed. Ryan and Kendall realize that they have to both decide what to do in regard to their mutual baby and accept that Greenlee is no longer in the picture. She tells him that she might not even have the baby. He tells her that he won't prevent her from doing whatever she sees fit. Babe schemes with Del upon JR. Del helps JR scheme upon her. Tad informs Di why he wants her to work for Dr. Madden. He informs her that he believes that Greg has some secrets in regard to both Erica's and Tad's families. Amanda comes to see Josh. He knows she needs a job so he hires her to be his personal secretary. He obviously has some sort of trick up his sleeve.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Mike is growing more concerned with Katie whom is still missing. The FBI won’t help him so he is going to do some of his own PI work. Maddie sees Olga ordering Henry’s favorite and very bizarre coffee drink. An overwhelmed Maddie demands to know what she has done with her brother, but Olga pushes her away and takes off. Mike who has just arrived is hot on her tail though. BJ takes Katie to his private island where he tries to make her forget the rest of the world; only she is trying to work him to find out where Henry is. She pretends to have a revelation about why she messed up her relationship with Mike. She needs to have closure with Henry…. Can he fly her to Palo Alto? He agrees to, but then he supposedly finds out the pilot is on the mainland picking up parts for the plane and won’t be back till tomorrow. Meg can’t deal with the guilt over having lied about Jen’s baby. She calls Dusty to the hospital pretending to have figured out a mistake in the blood work that might have caused an incorrect result regarding who is Billy’s biological mother. She steers Dusty conveniently in the direction of Paul being involved. Dusty’s interest is now piqued. Jen wants Will and Paul to make up, as she continues to be preoccupied by Billy when he is around. Will and Paul finally hash things out, as Jen admits to Emily that when she holds Billy it is like coming home, and that is why she is leaving town. Emily suggests that she not wait; she should leave town - tonight.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Everyone is aghast that Felicia left the party. Stephanie asks Felicia about the baby and finds out he's hers and Renee is the nanny. She also finds out the baby is Nick's and tells her she has to tell Nick and the family. Eric plays a trick on Thorn, Taylor and Brooke by saying he pushed Stephanie to kick him downstairs. Brooke is shocked. After Taylor and Thorn leave he confesses that he is going to try to work Stephanie's emotions to get the company back and he may have to get rid of Brooke at Forrester to do it.

Nick, Jackie and Bridget wonder about Felicia. Bridget goes to her to talk to her and reassure her. Stephanie tells Felicia to tell Bridget her news.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lucas urges Carrie to come back to Salem for at least a visit but Carrie is wary of returning. Carrie agrees to a social dinner with Lucas after flashing back through romantic moments with Austin. Lucas calls Sami about Will but respects Carrie’s wishes by not saying where he is. Sami doesn’t believe that he’s really in a business meeting. Sami fumes over finding out that Austin still loves Carrie. Billie, Bo, Hope, Max, and Chelsea stop by Jennifer’s house to be there for her and Abby when Roman stops by to inform them that he has called off the search for Jack. Jennifer begins to accept that Jack is dead but asks Roman to resume the search so she can have Jack’s body for a proper funeral. Claire is in need of a blood transfusion so her body can have the best chance to fight the infection. Philip is rejected as a donor because of the medication he is taking but Belle and Shawn are matches. Kate narrowly explains her way out of several attempts to keep Claire’s true parentage from being found out.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Carly summons the Quartermaines to Rose Lawn where she offers to trade her stock for one of the ELQ subsidiaries. Jax refuses to sell Carly the Metro Court and points out that she was responsible for Elizabeth's miscarriage. Luke and Carly team up to get the Metro Court from Jax. Carly rebuffs Alcazar's advances. Skye and Alcazar commiserate over their love lives.

Sonny realizes Carly is finally getting over him. Noah doubts whether or not he'll be able to pull off Jason's surgery. Robin is impressed by Noah when he performs emergency surgery on a construction worker with a head injury. Sam accuses Noah of being a drunk and refuses to allow him to operate on Jason. Noah agrees with Sam and has someone else in mind to perform Jason's surgery.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Buzz and Olivia are finishing off the bottle of wine when she decides that she should go and see Josh much to Buzz’s dismay. She tells him that she needs help changing her clothes and Buzz toasts to her getting what she wants needs, and not what she deserves. She goes to see Josh and tells him that she can’t be alone tonight. Billy wants to come back to Lewis but Josh says that he doesn’t think that he is ready. Olivia comes knocking on the door and is embarrassed to find Billy there. Olivia tells Josh she wants to help him feel better but he refuses, but later kisses her. The Spaulding jet can’t land and Marina worries about her family. A-M gives her a backpack and tells her that she can jump and then reveals that it isn’t a parachute. They play poker, with the stakes being the loser owing the winner a favor. Alan-Michael wins the game and then later covers for Marina with her family. He tells her that his favor will be her as a New Years Eve date if his current one falls through. Mallet and Dinah pretend to be on a date for Frank sakes and then decide to play “let’s pretend we are dating” chicken. Dinah leaves and then when grabbed from behind, thinking it is Dinah turns to kiss her. Instead of Dinah he finds Harley who later can’t get Mallet out of her head. Dinah returns and tells Mallet that she feels for him not being able to get over Harley. In a moment of understanding between the two and he tells her that he hopes the next time she falls in love she isn’t hurt. Dinah admits she is scared of falling in love again.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

R.J. and Antonio argue over who is the fit parent for Jaime-him or Antonio. They come to a compromise. Antonio offers his help in getting the charges reduced against R.J. Bo awakes, and everyone is glad that he is awake. Rex visits him, and an orderly tells him that he is sorry, but Bo is gone. Rex begins to cry. He talks to Matthew about how good his Dad is when they wheel Bo off the elevator.

Blair gets the goods on Todd, and how airtight the case is against him. Dorian is called to testify against Todd. Nash and Jessica have a conversation about Tess. Jessica lets Nash feel the baby move. They kiss, while Antonio looks on. Natalie has a conversation about John with Michael. Michael offers moral support. Marcie sees them talking. Natalie sees John in the corridor of the hospital, but will not talk to him.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Kay becomes more and more upset when Fox continues to tell her to wait while he takes care of work with Valerie before going to be with Ethan when Gwen pulls the plug on him. Fancy calls to see when they are going to go to the hospital and Kay has to tell her that Fox isn't going. Fancy says it's just as well, since Theresa kidnapped Ethan and everyone is out looking for them. Kay says they will be right there, and storms into Fox's office, demanding he leave with her right then so they can help find Ethan. He objects, yelling at her as Valerie smirks, and heads to the computer room to finish what he's doing, with Valerie hot on his heels. On the way, however, he realizes what he's doing and tells Val to take care of what's left, then heads back to where Kay is waiting for him. She has decided to go alone, but he walks back into the office just as she is heading out, bringing flowers he took from the secretary's desk. He asks her to forgive him, and she does, and they decide to go celebrate. Val objects, but Fox tells her to take care of the rest because he's leaving.

Theresa and Noah are upset at the siren behind them, and Noah decides he has to pull over, although Theresa begs him not to. The police car whizzes on by, and they are both relieved, but he wants to call Fancy and let her know what's going on. Theresa talks him out of it, and they arrive at the Crane mansion and get everything set up for her to take care of Ethan until he awakens - if he does. Gwen and the others are upset and angry at her, and Fancy wonders if his aloofness is because he has another woman. When she finds his car in the parking lot of the hospital, she knows what's going on, or so it seems. Eve found Liz and Julian naked on her office floor, and although Julian tried to explain what was going on, Liz kept making it sound as if he was cheating on her - again. She tells her about the "rape" in Boston, and Eve runs out to an emergency, saying she can't deal with them now. Sam tries to talk Jessica into going home, but she yells at him and says he doesn't love her, only Spike does. The creep makes things worse by saying horrible things to Sam, and it ends in a brawl between the two men.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Tom and Sheila have returned from their trip to the country house. They are at the Athletic Club now having drinks. Tom is feeling particularly good about the plan that he and Sheila are going to put into play. “I will be free and clear and I… ah… I mean we are going to have all that money.” They go over the plan step by step and it seems that Tom has everything down pat. “There is just one last thing," Sheila tells him looking around nervously. “I need you to hold on to this.” She hands him a cell phone. “You keep it. If anything goes wrong and you can’t get to me, you are to use this to call me. I got it especially for you.” She hands him the phone wrapped in paper and he takes it shoving it into his pocket quickly so that no one will see. “Well, I guess that this is it 'Brenda'. I won’t see you until I get to South America. Good luck.” They toast… “To partners!" After one last drink and one last kiss on the lips, they separate. Sheila stays in the Athletic Club, and Tom heads to the door. Once outside, Tom stops on the sidewalk and a devious smile comes to his lips. JT is sent to follow 'Jennifer' and Tom while they are out in the car. He is disturbed by what he saw. “All they did was drive out into the country and then return without doing anything. Something is wrong. I don’t feel right about this.” Drucilla has a problem. She has to get home to deal with the issue to do with Devon and his mother but Sharon can’t be left alone to handle everything as there are things that need to be dealt with and Sharon isn’t experienced enough to do it. Drucilla calls Victoria and tells her that she has to get Brad up there to take over as she will be going home. Victoria calls Nick and tells him that he will have to go to be with Sharon for the rest of the tour. Nick says that he can’t do that. He isn’t familiar enough with the project to handle it. He feels that Brad should be the one to go on the trip. Nick tells his sister that she is being self-serving by ordering him to go and take care of the details of the tour. “You want me to go in Brad’s place so that you can go to the wedding with Brad when you really should have him on this trip taking care of business.” Both siblings don’t realize it but Victor is in the doorway and he wants to talk to the kids about their problem. Victoria wisely switches up. “Well dad, Drucilla has to come home and I have made the decision that Brad will be going to be with Sharon in her place.” Nick chuckles. “Unbelievable… I have to go now to get to the wedding in time.” After Nick leaves, Victor goes to his daughter telling her that she made the right decision about sending Brad away on the trip. After he is gone, Victoria calls Brad and he comes to the office to see her. “I am sorry Brad but we will not be going to the wedding together. I have to send you in Drucilla’s place to be with Sharon to finish out the tour. Brad isn’t all that disappointed saying that he understands and will do the job for her. She says that she is sorry that they can’t make a splash by appearing as an item at the wedding, but Brad is sure that there will be other opportunities for that. Scott comes to have one last talk with his mother before she heads down the aisle. They talk about the past, and soon Lauren is crying. He makes her stop because he as something that will make her very happy. “Here mom. It is the first ten chapters of my book!" Jack and Paul are in 'Jennifer's’ room lurking about trying to find something that will tell them something about her. Jack finds a red wig in the closet and a CD teaching one how to speak with a British accent, Paul finds a laptop hidden under the mattress and Jack finally finds a daytimer with appointments in it that were with Scott about a book. Paul doesn’t understand that. What is the connection? Paul takes the laptop and starts trying to hack into it, but he can’t get in. He is sure that this would be the answer to their questions if only they could get inside it. Paul gets a call. It is JT. “Get out of there. She is coming.” Paul tells Jack that they have to get moving now. They start packing up, but not soon enough. The door opens and Sheila dressed as 'Jennifer' enters the room. “What are you doing here?" Paul lies saying that he came into the wrong room and that he is sorry. She orders them out of her room or she will call the police on them. They scoot out. Sheila locks the door behind them and then starts looking around her room to see what if anything it was that they found out about her. She reaches under her mattress and finds her laptop. “Thank God this is still there.” Next she goes to her daytimer. She finds the snap that holds it closed undone. “Oh no! They have been in here. They know about my appointments with Scott. I have to stop this. I have to do something. Sheila gets on the phone pretending to be 'Brenda' calling on her cell phone from Toronto. “Oh hi Scott! I just noticed that I left my daytimer back in Genoa City. Could you have a look for it and if you find it, could you please bring it with you when you return to Toronto?" Scott says that he will be glad to do that for her. Lauren is standing behind her son as he is having this call with 'Brenda'. “Tell her that I want to talk to her.” Sheila hears what Lauren says. “Scott… I heard her. What does she want to talk to me for?" Sheila asks Scott why his mother wants to talk to her. Scott says that his mother just wants to probably thank her for the present he just gave her. “I gave her the first ten chapters from our book. I hope that you don’t mind.”

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