Monday 12/5/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 12/5/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Kendall awakens to find herself suspended on a hammock a good 100 feet in the air. She's terrified she's going to fall off and die. Zach saves her. She figures out that Jonathan must have knocked her out and done it. Zach goes to confront Jonathan right when Jonathan is participating in a "support group" at the hospital with Lily and Julia Santos. Erica goes to find Ryan and tells him that he and Kendall must develop some sort of relationship because of their mutual baby. But Ryan tells Erica he wants nothing more to do with Kendall after what she's done to him and Greenlee. And that's the reason why Jonathan wants revenge upon Kendall. JR gets Del to see if he can get Babe in the sack or get the goods on her. And he tells Del he needs to find out if Babe is scamming him or not.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Will and Gwen’s passion gets interrupted by Carly there to give Gwen the good news about her winning full and permanent custody of Billy. Gwen is overwhelmed; Carly and Gwen continue to grow closer especially when Carly gives her a piece of their dad for Billy. Tom ruins the moment when he brings news of Carly’s trial date being moved up to tomorrow. Gwen refuses to testify against Carly, but Tom explains that they don’t need Gwen anymore; they have the vendor’s testimony and that alone could be enough to convict Carly. Holden rips up his and Lily’s divorce papers, and tells Lily that he hired Lucinda’s lawyer and he is prepared to drag her through the courts for years to hold up their divorce. Lucinda has a bad chemo session and becomes philosophical, which starts Lily thinking. Lily ends up back at the barn and back into Holden’s arms. Emily, Paul and Tom come to an agreement regarding Daniel, which thrills Emily. Barbara is on a one-woman mission to break Paul and Emily up. Meg almost tells Jen the truth, but Dusty arrives spoiling it. Meg later has nightmares about Jen, and wakes up to wonder if she can continue doing this?

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Stephanie has breakfast with Felicia and Sally shows up. Felicia excuses herself to go to Forrester to see her dad. Stephanie tells Sally that she thinks Felicia has a lesbian girlfriend staying with her.

Felicia shows up at Forrester as they are having a little party for Bridget and Nick. Eric's new office is decked out in pink. Nick and Bridget show up. Felicia leaves and goes into the CEO office where she doubles over. Stephanie goes out to the guest house and sees the phone off the hook. She calls for Renee. Renee comes out of the shower and looks startled as Stephanie invites her to breakfast. Renee declines but Stephanie spies the baby. Felicia is in distress takes a huge pill just as her mother walks in asking about the baby.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kate, in an effort to push Mimi and Shawn together, offers Mimi Belle’s old job at Basic Black. Claire’s monitor alarms go off signaling her trouble breathing. Bo consoles Hope’s fears that what is happening to Jack and Jennifer could happen to them. Chelsea and Max stop by to console Abby. Max asks Chelsea about pursuing their future together but even though Chelsea is hesitant to focus on anything besides Abby right now, Abby urges Chelsea to live every moment like it was her last. Jennifer refuses to believe that Jack is dead despite what everyone else tries to tell her and goes so far as to set off the smoke detectors in her attempt to make Jack’s favorite breakfast. Jennifer receives a call from the police sergeant informing them that Roman wants to come by in person to deliver the news.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny, Sam, and Jason argue over the possible surgery. Sam runs off and Jason makes Sonny understand that he can't have the surgery, that he does not want to be a vegetable. Luke gets Skye to try to get Lorenzo to not give Carly the ELQ stock. Carly gives Emily an apology, permission to love Sonny, and advises her not to lose herself in Sonny. Sonny leaves Jason and Sam after promising to take care of Sam when Jason is gone. Robin yells at Noah, and manages to get past his armor. Lorenzo does not buy Skye's line of bull, and starts to reconsider divorce altogether. Carly agrees to give it a second chance. Robin brings Noah to GH. Jason decides to have the surgery.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Josh goes to Olivia’s room to work but finds her half dressed instead. She says that she didn’t expect him so soon but he sees through it and asks her to get dressed. He tells her that they will work later at the office and finds her divorce papers from Bill. He leaves and Buzz comes over to deliver food to Olivia. He stays for some wine and they discuss the divorce and Olivia says she is ready to find another guy who makes her heart pound. Marina calls Buzz so that he doesn’t worry and tells him that she is in Paris and will be home tomorrow. He doesn’t believe her and when he asks whom she is with, she pretends to have problems and hangs up. When they land Alan-Michael goes off with Brigitte and although Marina is upset at first tells herself that this is not a date. She is further upset when all of the museums are closed for a holiday, until Alan-Michael shows up and says that he got them a private tour of a museum just for her. On the plane ride home, Marina goes to make him “the world’s best martini” for getting her into see the museum but A-M falls asleep. R.J. is worried that Jeffrey will leave like Edmund did. Jonathan tells Reva that he and Tammy are running away together but they find out that she isn’t at the house. Cassie announces that she thinks she went to see Sandy since there was a message on her phone from him. Jonathan runs off to the bar to drink his sorrows away and when Tammy calls only listens to half of her message, thinking she went back to Sandy. He misses Tammy telling him to call her since they need to figure some stuff out about them.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

R.J. visits Llanfair, and has a run in with Nash, Layla and Antonio about Jessica and Jaime. Nash defends Jessica. Layla defends Antonio’s actions concerning Jaime. R.J. comes to the conclusion that Jessica is experiencing an alter ego just like her Mother.

Carlo orders Natalie to make a choice between killing John or Christian. Natalie surprises him by telling him to kill her. A gunshot is heard, and the police take over Statesville once again. John, Christian, and Natalie all get out safe. Natalie confronts John and Christian about the lies that they have been telling her. After they answer her, she vows that she never wants to see them again.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa and Noah manage to get Ethan out the back door of his room before Gwen and the others come in the front. They get him to the ambulance, then are stopped by a policeman and asked why he has no authorization papers for them to take a patient somewhere else. Quick thinking and a line of bull from Theresa gets them on their way, but Noah again decides he won't help. She manages to convince him it's the right thing, and they are on their way. Later, on the way to the Crane cabin, sirens sound behind them as Noah speaks with Fancy on his cell phone, causing her to wonder what's up. Back at the hospital, Gwen, Rebecca, and Ivy are sure Theresa has struck, but Pilar and the others say it's impossible. The description given by the policeman, however, convinces all that she indeed is the one who kidnapped him. In Eve's office, Liz begins her rape of Julian at knife point, threatening to kill him and then Eve if he doesn't do as told. As she gets busy with him, Eve walks in and is stunned at the sight that greets her.

Jessica finishes her first counseling session and is hurt that Sam never showed up. The counselor instructs her to tell her dad he needs to come with her to the next session, since she needs his support. Jess realizes he's involved with Ethan and his passing but still wonders why he can never put her first for once. Spike shows up, feeding her more lies and making her doubt her father's love for her, then slips her some drugs in a cup of hot chocolate. Once they take effect, he talks her into making some more money for him, and after cutting her skirt and opening her blouse, he's off to find her a john. As she waits for them to get back, Sam finds her and wants to know what has happened to her. She berates him for not caring about her, leaving him confused and suspicious. Sheridan pores over an album of pictures of her, Luis, and Marty, then decides because Gwen told her she needs to move on quickly, that's what she should do, and subtly lets Chris know she's ready to accept his love.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Paul gets JT alone and tells him that he will be at the wedding but he isn’t there to dance and have fun. “I need you to be watching in case Tom shows up there so be alert.” Mackenzie can’t go to the wedding anyway as Kevin will be there and someone has to watch the place. JT tells Mackenzie that he will take pictures so that she can see him wall dressed up and he will bring her a big piece of cake too. She likes that and agrees to get into the next football game that comes on. It is a deal. Kevin is sad. He really wanted Mackenzie to be at the wedding, and with JT having to work it would have been a perfect opportunity for Kevin to steal a dance or two and spend time with Mackenzie. Daniel has an idea. “I have been coming to the coffeehouse for years. I know how it works, and the counter guy will be here. Why don’t you let me watch this place and you can go tell Mackenzie that she can go to the wedding.” Kevin smiles. That is a great idea. He runs to the back office and gets on the phone. “Hello! I am Lauren Fenmore’s brother-in-law and I need a favor…” Neil and Yolanda disagree. Devon got into a fight with Isaac at the coffeehouse and the police just left the house after talking and warning that social services may just hear about this. Neil is upset that Devon felt that dealing with the dealer with his fists was the right way to handle this. Devon feels that he did handle it right and wishes that he had hit the kid harder. Devon doesn’t change his way of thinking and feels that calling Neil instead wasn’t an option. Yolanda is strangely quiet as she listens to her son talk to his foster dad. Later when Devon has been sent to his room, Yolanda tells Neil that no one is perfect and that he isn’t either. “You have to understand him. He has had a rough life and people have been coming down on him all his life.” Neil finds that to be a strange reaction to having just seen your child fighting a drug dealer and then talking to the police about how wrong that is. When he is alone, he calls Drucilla who is out of town on the tour and he tells her that they have a problem. “I just got off the phone with Ms. Davis from social services. I think that Yolanda is having a strange effect on Devon. She doesn’t seem to think that what happened in the coffeehouse was wrong. If we are not careful Drucilla we are going to lose that kid for good.” Abby puts her foot down. She will not go to the wedding if her father is going to be there with Victoria and not her mother. Brad offers to dance with her, but since he also admits that he will be dancing with Victoria Abby opts out of going to the wedding. She walks out of the room angrily. Ashley turns to Brad, not entirely happy with the way that he handled this. Ashley goes to Abby and Abby stands firm. “I’m not going.” When Gloria finds out, she makes a call and ends up taking Abby to see the bride who is getting ready for her wedding. Lauren knows that there is a problem and she knows just how to fix it. “I heard that you have a really nice dress for the wedding is that right?" Abby cops to that but still says that she isn’t going to the wedding. Lauren says that is a shame as she really needs a Flower Girl to walk down the aisle before her. A smile comes to Abby’s face. “I’m going to be a Flower Girl!" Jack finds Paul on the patio of the coffeehouse. “I need to know more about this Tom Fisher person. My dad is walking around with a gun.” Paul says that he really feels that Tom is not going to do anything at the wedding and that Tom will not be going around the Abbot house again. The joker in the pack is this 'Jennifer' person. No one knows anything about her. No one knows how close she is to Tom or how long she has been in the picture. Paul admits that he has nothing on her. He gets a strange look on his face. “Maybe she can’t tell us anything about her, but I bet you her room can…” Tom isn’t satisfied. He knows why he is doing the kidnapping but he has no idea why 'Brenda' is doing it. Finally she says that Lauren stole her husband and then she stole her baby. “She used her money and influence and got custody of him and took him away from me. Then years later when I was able to find him, I was about to tell him the truth and Lauren called him home again. I was so close. If only she had left us alone this time… She didn’t and now she has to pay!" Sheila gets so upset that she starts crying. Tom sees that she really is upset. He had no idea that 'Brenda' even had a son who was a writer. He seems to understand her more. He lets her cry on his shoulder promising to help her with this plan. She pulls herself together saying that they should be happy. “You are not going to jail Tom. We are going to be on the beach somewhere sucking on drinks and soaking up the sun…” Later she asks Tom to go get them some beer from his room. After he is gone, Sheila glares at the closed door…”It is true Tom. You are not going to jail. You will be going somewhere much more permanent…”

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