Friday 12/2/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 12/2/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Ryan faces the reality that Greenlee is gone and they are not getting back together. he informs Jonathan and Erin. Jonathan tell him that Lily told him about the baby. Ryan admits he does not know what to do about the baby that is his that Kendall is carrying. Kendall is remembering Zach telling her he loves her. But she tells herself she will not fall for him. She goes to Fusion and informs everybody that Greenlee is gone and she is now in charge. JR stays with Babe and watches her while she's sleeping. He reveals he might have feelings for her but then denies it. He goes and tells Del he can make some money if he sleeps with Babe. Di tells him he shouldn't do something like that. Amanda is still out for revenge upon Babe. Janet still has some sort of scheme for her daughter to marry Jamie Martin.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Oakdale gets ready for the holidays as Will and Gwen decorate the house and make love for the first time. Jennifer tries to decorate the hospital but the pain of losing her baby continues to make her sad. Meg can't stand the guilt anymore as she watches Jennifer cry over the loss of her child. Paul officially proposes to Emily and gives her a beautiful ring. Henry gets Olga drunk hoping that when she passes out he can escape. B.J. kidnaps Katie and takes her to the Caribbean.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Felicia and her mother go back and forth about her staying in LA and working for Forrester. Stephanie asks her to stay in the guest house and is curious who "Renee" is. Felicia stays the night and has her baby, Dominick with her. Taylor and Ridge give each other backrubs and tell each other how great they are. Nick moves into the beach house.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip remains by Claire’s side through Mimi’s attempt to get him to eat and Kate bringing Victor by for a visit. Kate vows to make sure that Philip gets to raise Claire as his own and pushes Mimi to spend her future with Shawn. Sami continues to try and convince Austin that taking over High Style is a bad idea but Austin and Nicole are all for it. Austin has Sami look in his personal appointment book for an address and Sami finds a picture of Carrie and a note from Austin professing his love for Carrie. The new CEO of High Style ends up being Carrie and she and Lucas reminisce as he fills her in on what Sami and Austin have been up to. Lucas agrees to abide by Carrie’s refusal to sell the company. Jennifer refuses to believe that Jack could be dead because she hasn’t seen his body. Billie and Patrick bring back the flowers Jack had picked up and Jennifer forces Billie to admit that Jack wanted to end his own life.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny decides that Jason will have the surgery and heads to Hawaii. Luke gets in to see Carly, so when she and Lorenzo meet, she demands his ELQ stock as her settlement. Emily and Nik relive memories until she gets teary and runs away, straight to ream out Liz. Lucky is angry when he learns of Liz and Jax's plan. Coleman hands pictures of Em and Nik sharing a tender moment over to Jax. Emily yells at Jax. Lorenzo agrees to Carly's demands, but refuses to give it to Luke. Robin finds Noah Drake in a bar. Sonny promises to euthanize Jason if the surgery fails.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Olivia sees that Bill has called and tries to get in touch with him. When Jonathan finds her in Company a little later she is ecstatic and tells him she is going to go to Venezuela and work things out with her husband. Jonathan warns her not to read too much into it but Olivia doesn’t listen. As she is leaving Company, Wanda finds her and hands her some papers from Bill; she is devastated to find out that they are divorce papers. Olivia calls Josh and asks him to meet with her to do some work. Tammy comes back to the farm and tells Cassie that she talked to Ava and she isn’t sure what she wants. She does get upset at the sight of all of the wedding presents and angrily throws them outside. Cassie and Tammy go to visit the house that Sandy bought for her and when Blake arrives, she lets it spill that Jonathan originally looked into buying the house. Tammy runs back to the farm and upon finding Jonathan asks if it is true. When he tells her yes, she kisses him. She tells Jonathan that she wants to be with him and he asks her to run away with him. She agrees and goes inside to pack but has second thoughts once she is packing. Cassie comes home to find Jonathan at the farm and Tammy packing. Alan-Michael runs into Marina and asks her to get rid of the speeding ticket that he got when they were trying to cheer her up. She refuses and tells him that the fun they had should be worth it. Coop sets up Marina and Buzz to spend some time together so they can cheer each other up. Marina admits that she does miss Danny and Buzz admits he is lonely. Alan-Michael tries to cheer Marina up by inviting her to Paris with him. Marina considers it. Quinn finds Lizzie looking at clothes and offers to buy some for her. She turns him down but later takes him up on the offer and agrees to have dinner with him after finding Ava and Coop at C2, covered in soda and laughing after a soda machine malfunction.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair visits Spencer in his hotel room, and is surprised and embarrassed to see Spencer wrapped only in a towel. Once he is fully dressed, they discuss her visit to the D.A.’s office, and finding out that Todd had hired Jackie McNaughton to kill Margaret Cochran. They also discuss why David left Dorian standing at the altar. She also fills him in that Ginger Foley had called, and warned her that “he” wasn’t what she thinks he is. Blair thinks at first that she is talking abut Todd, but then she thinks that she might have been talking about Spencer.

Chris saves John’s life from being killed by Carlo’s two thugs. Outside the prison, Haskell has taken Natalie hostage, and forces her inside the building. Haskell takes her to Carlo, who has plans for her. He uses her as bait to lure John and Chris out of hiding. Once John and Chris come out of hiding, they find that Carlo has a gun aimed at Natalie. Natalie tells them that Carlo has only bullet in his gun. Carlo makes her choose which one gets the bullet-- John or Chris?

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Rebecca reappeared today, just in time to start throwing insults out at Pilar while she paid her last respects to Ethan in his room. Ivy agreed with the slurs she made against Theresa, but Julian and Sheridan said it wasn't the time for that kind of thing. Father Lonigan arrived and all the mourners went with him to the chapel for prayer and remembrances. Meanwhile, Theresa and Noah were buying an ambulance, although the salesman seemed not to want to make the sale. A bag full of money convinced him, though. The two dressed as EMTs, drove to the hospital, and set about getting Ethan ready to leave. As they were finishing the last touches, the mourners arrived back at the room for last rites and the pulling of the plug. Julian was called from the prayer service by someone on the phone, then decided to call everyone who might want to be there to let them know Ethan was going to die. As he was getting ready to go back with the others, the lurking Liz came in, dropped her clothes, and demanded he make love to her or she will kill Eve.

Fancy took the upper hand with Fox and Valerie, subduing him and sending Valerie out of his office under threat of losing her job, so the two siblings could have a talk. Valerie was upset at the treatment, but when she complained to Kay about it, she didn't find a sympathetic listener. Kay let her know she's on to her, and Val realized she isn't dealing with the naive person she thought she was. Fancy lectured Fox on the need to spend less time at work and more with his family, ie: Kay and Maria, but he felt he was doing what was best for them by trying to make more money. When he declined to go to the hospital to be with Ethan, Fancy let him have it, unable to believe he would put work before being with his own brother as he was dying. Kay decided to wait and go with him later, but Fancy warned her if she waits too long it might be too late, referring to Valerie, who was hovering over him again in his office.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Yolanda is alone with Devon. She brings up the subject of Drucilla and how she must have lived a charmed life to have such a great life now. Devon enlightens her about Drucilla, explaining that Drucilla actually had it very rough as a young girl, but the difference is that she didn’t get caught up in drugs like his mother did. Later that day, when Yolanda is alone in the apartment, Neil returns to the apartment. Yolanda has no idea that he is there and she comes out of a back bedroom wearing one of Drucilla’s beautiful dresses. She goes up to the mirror in the living room and while looking at herself in the mirror, she sees Neil standing behind her. She turns to him shocked and ready to apologize but he tells her that he didn’t ask for an apology. She is relieved. He isn’t mad. He says that Drucilla wouldn't mind, but he will keep her secret anyway if she just puts the dress back where she got it and pretend like it never happened. She smiles at him and thanks him for being so nice. Tom is hiding in Lauren’s apartment. He has soaked his napkin with chloroform and is waiting to get Lauren at the right time. She is on the telephone chatting away to someone about her honeymoon and wedding. He is right behind her now and ready to strike. Ding-Dong! Tom runs to hide behind a corner. It is Ashley! “Hi! I brought over Gloria’s daytimer. She forgot it at the house.” Lauren lets her in and they spend time talking about the wedding and what jewelry to wear that day. Tom hides but hears it all. Finally, Ashley decides that it is time for her to get going and she heads to the door. As she is about to leave, the door opens and Joanna and Gloria enter. Now all the women are chatting about the wedding and Ashley is introduced to Joanna and so on, and so on, and so on. Tom moves back deeper into the apartment to get away from these women. He isn’t going to get his chance to do what he came there to do it seems. Jack and John discuss Tom and what has been going on with him harassing the disturbing the family. Jack wants to blame Gloria for this but John will not let him. John says that he has everything under control now. He takes Jack to the other room in the house and unlocks a drawer taking out a gun to show his son. Jack is horrified that his father has been driven to this. “Dad… This isn’t the way to deal with this.” John doesn’t care if he is overreacting he will do anything to protect his family. Devon is minding his business at the coffeehouse with friends. The dealer that used to sell to his mother comes over and the kids scatter. Isaac asks Devon where his mother is. Devon tells him that is none of his business. The dealer leaves. Later, Yolanda shows up at the coffeehouse and she and her son head to the patio to get his things. The dealer is there waiting for them. “Well, well, well… Hi Yolanda… I got something that you are going to love. Let’s head out to the park and see what I got.” Devon tells the dealer to leave his mother alone. The man ignores Devon talking to Yolanda over Devon’s shoulder. “Yolanda… You aren’t saying anything. I bet you want to come with me.” Yolanda tells Isaac she doesn’t want his drugs. Isaac feels that she didn’t quite say that like she meant it. Devon pushes the man back from them. Soon Devon and Isaac are at it fighting on the floor. Jack and some others in the coffeehouse come out and stop the fighting and calm things down. Sheila is furious. Tom didn’t accomplish anything. Tom is angry with her for being angry with him. He tried to follow the plan but there were people all over the place and he didn’t get a chance to strike. Sheila gets so angry she lunges for Tom and pummels him with her fists. He fights her off like he is fighting another man. Finally he roughly pushes her to the side of the room. She has her head down. She feels beaten inside. “I can’t let this happen. It isn’t fair…” Tom asks her what she is mumbling about over there. “If Lauren gets married, Scott will have a whole new family and that can’t happen…” Tom says that he has had enough of this. “I am going to hit the road. I have had enough. I get no money and that stepson of mine gets to go on a private cruise and live the life of the rich and famous.” Sheila’s neck snaps around to face Tom. “What did you say? What cruise?" Tom tells how Lauren was talking on the telephone and he heard her say that she was going on a two-week cruise on a private yacht. Sheila smiles. “What are we going to do 'Brenda'? Can we do anything with this? If we are going to do something we have to do it soon.” Sheila smiles. “Desperate times call for desperate measures…”

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