Thursday 12/1/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 12/1/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Ryan is alone after Greenlee has left him. He hears a woman scream and it sounds like she's fallen in the river. He discovers it's Julia Santos screaming after a necklace Noah gave her fell into the river and she dove in after it. They talk about his loss of Greenlee and whether he should be a father and her situation. He then is able to find her necklace. It seems they like each other. Zach drops the bomb shell upon Kendall that he is in love with her although he never intended for that to happen. She doesn't buy it, doesn't want to hear it, and is still devastated about what happened between her and Greenlee. Erica and Jack cannot reach an agreement about the situation with Kendall Greenlee and Ryan. He blames Kendall and Ryan for hurting his daughter. She blames Greenlee for hurting her daughter. Babe and JR go to confront Amanda together and tell her that she could have poisoned their son and she better not mess with them again. Right then, JR shows that he does care about Babe. He takes her home and promises he will never let anybody hurt her again.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Jennifer decides to leave Oakdale for a while to get away from painful memories of the baby. Jack and Carly catch Iris and Stan before they leave town and the pair are arrested. Will is set free and all charges against him are dismissed. Carly and Gwen continue to form a sisterly bond with each other. Katie finds proof that B.J kidnapped Henry and she and Mike continue to pretend they have broken up so they can find Henry.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Bridget tells her parents the sex of the baby and that she's back with Nick. Thorn tells his dad he hates that they are all fighting and they should stick together. Brooke compliments Eric's new designs. Felicia pays Nick a visit and is shocked to learn he is married to Bridget and going to be a father.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami and Nicole argue over whether taking over High Style is a good move. In hopes of getting Nicole fired, Sami pretends to accidentally slip and tell the plan to Lucas. Lucas uses the corporate jet to fly to High Style’s headquarters but is surprised at who he finds as the company’s CEO. Kate watches Philip dote on Claire and tries to convince Philip to go be with Belle so she’s not alone with Shawn and Mimi. Philip refuses to leave Claire’s side so Kate vows to never let Philip know that Claire is Shawn’s baby. Bo gets word that the fire department is ready to lift Jack’s car out of the river and Jennifer and Abby insist on going with Bo and Hope to the bridge. Jack’s car is pulled out of the water but Jack is nowhere to be found.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason and Sam return to Hawaii. Sam wants to have Jason's baby. Nikolas assures Courtney that Helena is no longer a threat. Jax schemes to get Nikolas and Emily back together. Georgie convinces Diego to do the right thing. Alcazar promises to stand by Diego. Luke is desperate to get his hands on Alcazar's ELQ stock. Alice warns Lulu not to side with Tracy over Luke. Luke questions Lucky about Lulu.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Harley has a dream, where after helping Mallet with the prisoner he sweeps her off of her feet and starts to make love to her on the desk of the station. She wakes up and when Gus asks her what is wrong she says that she just had a bad dream. She is jumpy when she runs into Mallet at Company later and pushes Dinah to date Mallet because he is a good guy. Dinah asks if Harley would marry him again if Gus wasn’t in the picture and Gus and Mallet walk in to hear her answer of yes. Frank thinks that Mallet’s presence is affecting Harley and Mallet convinces Dinah to pretend that she is dating him so that his job isn’t affected by Frank’s worries. He lays a kiss on her and after at first telling him no, kisses him back passionately. After Frank leaves she tells him that she can’t believe she wasted such a good kiss on him, smacks him on the butt, and leaves him with his mouth hanging open. Tammy and Jonathan return to the farm. Tammy asks Jonathan to let her talk to Cassie at first by herself because she doesn’t need the drama of telling Cassie about Jonathan and her just yet. She promises to call him and as he is leaving, pulls him into a passionate kiss. Cassie is happy to see Tammy back and apologizes for putting pressure on her. Jeffrey later asks Cassie if he can move into the farm with her and Cassie agrees. Josh walks in on this and decides to keep the info about Jeffrey to himself. Tammy goes to see Ava and asks why Sandy left her. Ava says she doesn’t know and wants Sandy back but asks why Tammy cares since it is obvious she has feelings for Jonathan more than Sandy. Sandy has a run in with Josh where Josh tells him he is sick of people hurting his family and Sandy has run out of chances. Later, Jonathan taunts Sandy about “his” honeymoon with Tammy and Sandy decks him. Tammy imagines what it would be like to tell Cassie that she is in love with Jonathan, and after imagining that Cassie slaps her doesn’t answer her phone with Jonathan calls.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Antonio and Nash have yet another run-in over Jessica, and the baby. Clint and Niki argue as usual. He reminds her of her appointment with Dr. Jamison. Clint questions her as to what had happened between her and Jessica. Niki is reluctant to tell him. He receives a phone call from Kevin about Bo. Kevin fills him in on what has happened to Bo.

John finally manages to escape from Carlo. He meets up with Chris, who tells him that Hayes is dead. They find Hayes body. Chris trips over a wire which makes the place explode. John is pinned under a concrete boulder. Natalie has once again returned to Statesville. She receives a phone call from Rex, who tells her about Haskell. Before she can talk to Arlen, Haskell holds a gun under her ribs, and takes her hostage.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Gwen, Ivy, Sam, Sheridan, and Eve are in Ethan's room as Gwen gets ready to turn the machines keeping Ethan alive off. She explains to him again why she's doing this, hoping that he can hear her, then flips the switch and they all wait for him to die. As the minutes pass, Ivy realizes she can't let her son go and runs over to flip it back on, telling the others that she couldn't stand it if they let him die when there was a chance he could get better, or a cure would be found. Eve agrees to run another round of tests to see if there has been any improvement, but when they come back showing he's the same as always, Gwen gets her trigger finger ready to flip again. Meanwhile, on the wharf, Theresa is pleading with Noah to help her kidnap Ethan, take him to the Crane cabin, and nurse him until he either gets better or a cure is found. He argues, telling her if she does it he will have her arrested for kidnapping. She continues arguing, and finally asks what he would do if it were Fancy lying there and Alistair was wanting to let her die. That caused him to see it the way she does, and he agrees to help.

Valerie is doing everything in her power to keep Fox away from Kay and to make her part in his life, both in the office and in love, grow. Kay unhappily agrees to plan the Christmas party instead of helping him with the Singapore project, an idea given to him by Valerie, and she stops him with trickery every time he wants to go see Kay. Kay, meanwhile, stops in to talk to Fancy, who sees Valerie as a threat to Kay. After they discuss what's happening with Ethan, Gwen, and Theresa and Kay lets her know she can't hate Theresa for what happened, they discussed what to do about Valerie. Kay doesn't want her to say anything to Fox, but Fancy listens to no one. Sheridan is glad Chris told her he loves her, but she's unable to let him know her intentions until all the hoopla surrounding Ethan is over with.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Michael answers the door and finds a strange older woman looking back at him. “Mother?" Lauren hears the woman’s voice before she sees her and she recognizes it. Joanna wasn’t invited to the wedding but she plans on attending anyway. She sees Gloria and thinks that she is the assistant. When introduced to her, Joanna brushes her off ever so gently. Joanna has no idea why Michael is there. “You have to go. This is bad luck.” Michael leaves and on the way out, he bumps into Scott who is coming in. He gets to meet his grandmother properly for the first time. They hug. Sheila executes the next step in her plan. She calls Scott pretending to be 'Brenda' and pretending to be in Toronto. “Hi Scott. How is it going?" Scott tells that things are really heating up for the wedding. “You wouldn’t believe it but all the mothers are here.” Sheila’s ears stand up. “What do you mean all the mothers?" Scott tells that his mother is there, his mother’s mother is there and Gloria is there. Sheila says that another call is coming and she gets off the phone quickly. “I have to get them out of there and away from Lauren," she tells herself. Neil and Drucilla are saying a private goodbye to each other. She feels that she must be nuts going off the way she is while leaving a woman in her house. She warns Neil that he better behave while she is gone. Yolanda and Devon come out of the back room, and Neil and Drucilla are nearby and they hear Yolanda talking to Devon about his homework and how she can help him the next time he needs it. Later Neil and Drucilla learn that Yolanda was a good student but got sidetracked with drugs and all that. Yolanda can’t get over all the nice things that Drucilla has. “Devon has told me about your life and your work. It sounds very exciting.” She goes on about all the luggage, Drucilla’s outfit and the trips she has to take, but then stops abruptly saying that she is making far too much of the things that Drucilla has. Nikki sees her daughter is in a great mood. She comes to work to see her daughter as Victoria leaves so early to get to work in the morning. “What is up with you Victoria? You are positively glowing.” Brad walks in and suddenly Nikki understands. Brad sees that he is interrupting something and so he grabs a file and walks out quickly. Nikki reminds her daughter again that appearances are everything. Victoria tells that Brad will be her date for Lauren’s wedding later that day. Nikki feels that isn’t right but Victoria will do it anyway. “I promise that we will not be making out on the dance floor or anything like that.” Nikki knows that she is just joking but she still worries that Victoria’s reputation is at risk. Tom is getting the creeps. When he wakes up, he finds 'Brenda' standing over her snapping his picture. “What are you doing?" She tells that she is getting pictures for their passports. “We are going to need those for when we head out to a country with no extradition treaty.” Sheila thinks to herself how the only people who are going to see those pictures are she and Tom and no one else. Tom finds her nuts. He has a lot of questions about what is going to happen this day. The plan doesn’t seem that airtight. Sheila answers as many of his questions as she can lying the whole time. Tom even trips her up on one of her answers but she covers and wins his trust once more. He is concerned that the transfer of the money is where they will get caught. Sheila says that she has an offshore account in Venezuela and once she confirms that the money has been deposited they will let Lauren go and run off to enjoy the two million dollars that she will be requested for Lauren. Tom doubts that anyone will pay two million dollars for Lauren, but Sheila is sure of it. “We will get the money, free Lauren and then that will be that.” Sheila knows that when this is all over, Lauren will be dead and no one will pay even two cents for her, but she keeps that tidbit to herself. Sheila gives Tom a key and tells him to get into Lauren’s building and wait in the stairs. “She will not be going out to her hair appointment as she originally planned so we will have to grab her at the apartment instead of at the salon.” Tom takes the key and heads to the apartment where he hides in the stairway. There is a problem. Lauren isn’t alone. Her mother and mother-in-law-to-be are there with her as well. Sheila has to find a way to get them out of there. She hurries to the Colonnade Room and hides. She sees Michael talking to the wedding planner and the man shows Michael the seating plan for the wedding. Later when Michael is gone and the planner takes the staff out to the patio for a quick meeting, Sheila comes out of hiding and heads to the table stealing the seating plan and then running back the corner where she hides again. She watches and waits and sure enough, the planner freaks out when he can’t find the seating plan. He has all the place cards ready to be set in their proper places, but without the seating plan that can’t happen. “That’s it… That’s it," Sheila coaxes quietly from her hiding place. “Make the call… Make the call.” The planner does make the call and soon Joanna and Gloria are out to save the day heading quickly over to the Colonnade Room. Tom calls Sheila to tell him that Lauren is alone now. Tom then moves to the apartment door and hears talking inside. Lauren is on the phone and she has no idea that the door was left unlocked and that Tom is about to enter. Lauren moves to another room. Tom enters the apartment and makes his way through the living room to an area that isn’t readily seen if someone should come in. He leans up against a wall and removes the bottle of chloroform from his pocket as well as a napkin. He pours the chloroform into the napkin… Soaking it good.

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