Wednesday 11/30/05 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Ryan and Kendall both try and fail to get Greenlee to stay and trust them again. But she tells them she has to get as far away from them as possible because she can never get over what they have both done to her. Ryan blames Kendall for lying about using her own eggs to have the baby. But she tells him she has no right to judge her. He let Greenlee believe he died. He broke her heart. He was not there for her. But she was. Zach tells Jack that he has no business judging Kendall after the selfless act she has done for his daughter. Erica tells Jack if he's going to blame anybody it should be the "good doctor". She tells Tad he must find some dirt on Dr. madden. Josh tells his father that he had to let Greenlee in on the secret. And he knows his father has some sort of secret involving Erica Kane. Not far away, Tad hears their conversation.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Holden tries to get Lily to tell him the truth about her pending marriage to Keith. She refuses to budge and claims it is what she wants. However, her face and her words don’t match one another. Keith shows up and tells Holden to have some pride and move on, but Holden tells him to gear up for a fight. There will never be a marriage between Lily and Keith and he will never divorce Lily. Gwen wants to visit Will in the hospital, much to Barbara’s extreme displeasure, especially when the doctor goes over her head, and allows the visit. Gwen promises Will they are working on getting them out, and she apologizes for letting her guard down with Iris, which caused this. Will and Barbara continue to fight about his involvement with Gwen and how manipulative she is. She claims she is just trying to help, but Will just wants her to have faith in him as Gwen did, and since she can’t she should just get out. Later, Will is able to bar Barbara from visiting. Jen shows up at Iris’ to return Billy’s toy and finds him there alone, and she is forced to break in. Jen is cuddling and feeding Billy, whom she refers to as Johnny a couple of times, when a shocked Gwen comes home. Jen explains what happened, and Gwen is guilt stricken and offers to have Jen stay while she puts him to sleep. Jen declines, knowing she needs to distance herself now. Jack and Carly show Hal the evidence, and at first he is angry because of the way it was procured, but then decides he will use it no matter how he can. They are going to go in the back door with this evidence. Hal thanks Jack and Carly for their help with his son; he feels if they hadn’t stepped in, the truth might have never come out. Jack tells Hal it was Gwen that started the ball rolling, and Hal is appreciative for her as well. Meg and Dusty are blissfully shopping when it is cut short when Paul and Emily corner Meg about how much fun she is having with Dusty all to herself. When Dusty comes back he shoos them away and tells her to stay away from them, which Meg is more then happy to do. Jen spies Meg and Dusty kissing at the mall and cringes. Emily and Paul plot to make Jen stop dwelling on her baby. Paul has a friend of Jen’s call her to invite her to Paris for the holidays – perfect. Barbara’s call interrupts them when she is demanding Paul help her with Will, who is in a psychiatric hospital. Stan and Iris have car trouble and end up stopping at Bart’s garage and paying through the nose to have it fixed. When they are preparing to hit the road to Canada, Jack and Carly show up – game over.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Felicia is back in town talking to Taylor about going to work for Forrester and how she doesn't think about Nick. Stephanie berates Brooke about staying away from Bridget and the baby. Nick and Bridget work on getting closer.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip overhears Kate blaming Belle for Shawn being Claire’s father but Kate allows Philip to think that Kate was blaming Belle for Claire’s illness. Kate sneaks into hospital records and discovers that Shawn’s blood type matches Claire’s. Belle overhears Marlena telling John that their relationship is over and though John vows to not give up, Belle accuses Marlena of trying to destroy their family. Alex books a one-way ticket out of Salem. He changes his plans when he starts saying goodbye to Marlena but instead learns that Marlena really chose him. Shawn and Mimi shower together and talk of merging into one bedroom until Belle calls to ask them to come to the hospital. Chelsea stops by to comfort Abby and Jennifer tries to keep the mood positive by having everyone decorate for the party. Patrick has to dive down after Bo when he gets his foot stuck. Bo ignores Patrick’s suggestion to go back to the surface so he can get Jack’s license plate. Bo, Hope, Billie, and Patrick head over to Jennifer’s house to break the news of Jack’s presumed death.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Liz catches Emily drinking Scotch. Sonny tells Jason that he's done with Carly romantically. Moments later, he is confronted by Monica asking him to send Emily away; Sonny refuses. Diego continues to hold Georgie hostage, despite her friends' pleas. Jason almost faints when he gets out of bed too soon. Carly gets on the roof of the hospital. Jason's body rejects Robin's drugs. Carly does not kill herself, but declares her independence. Tracy and Lulu hate each other, but form an alliance. Georgie defends Diego after he escapes, then goes after him. Jason refuses surgery. Emily dreams of Sonny again.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Gus and Harley continue their fake fighting in front of Beth and then Harley leaves to go to the station after Mallet calls her with a worry about Marina. Harley goes to the station and then later helps Mallet with a prisoner. Things start to get to close for comfort when Mallet starts to talk about the past and Harley tells him to stop talking. She calls Gus and suggests that they forget their fighting for the night. Gus tells Beth that he is still going to go along with her plan to get Harley out of Spaulding. Tammy and Jonathan go up to the Bauer cabin where her honeymoon was supposed to be and they start to make love until Tammy stops it saying she doesn’t want it to be that way. Sandy tells Reva he didn’t want to hurt Tammy and when she tells him about Jonathan he swears he will never have her.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Blair gets a visit from David, who wants to warn her about Spencer. Blair will not believe anything that David says about Spencer. Dorian comes to visit Blair while David is still there. They exchange pleasantries before he leaves. Dorian fills Blair in that Ginger Foley is dead, and Spencer was the attending physician. All the Buchanan’s are at the hospital to stand vigil until they hear something about Bo’s condition. Paige and Spencer operate on Bo. Bo begins to bleed profusely, but Spencer manages to get it stopped. Then Bo begins to flat line.

Carlo and his henchman have finally managed to capture John. Carlo confesses all to John about him brainwashing Christian to do his will. John tapes the conversation. Natalie waits outside for news on John and Christian’s whereabouts. Carlo tells Arlen that unless his demands are met, John McBain will die. Natalie hears the conversation. Chris and Hayes struggle over a gun, and it accidentally goes off. One’s life stands in the balance.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fancy and Noah fight about Theresa after Fancy decides she hates her and can't understand why Noah doesn't. He defends the girl he's always known, and Fancy won't stand for it. They eventually make up, but each keeps their own feelings in the matter. Theresa tries to get Sam to side with her, but he ultimately sides with Gwen instead, and she realizes she's lost the battle. Noah calls Paloma to come take her away, and Theresa ends up mourning Ethan's loss on the wharf. As she is crying, the Lady in Red tries to help and urges her not to give up, telling her she knows how the woman feels and why she did what she did. Earlier, the Lady had been with Ethan and acted as if he matters to her. After the Lady leaves Theresa, Noah stumbles across her, and tries to comfort her, also. She comes up with a plan and asks him to help her kidnap Ethan to save his life.

Simone paid her Aunt Irma a birthday visit, bringing her a book about African-American history. Irma thanks her and is very happy to tell her about how things were when she was a girl, then says she's so happy Simone came to visit her. However, when Simone confides her secret to her, the old lady goes crazy and says she's as bad as her mother, then tells her to get out. Simone ends up talking to Paloma, who tries to assure her friend that not everyone hates lesbians. Gwen, Sam, and Ivy decide it's time and go to the hospital, but stop to ask Eve if she's sure Ethan will never wake up again. She says all the experts tell her that's true, so they head to his room to pull the plug and end his life. Sheridan and Chris are there, too, with him revealing he's in love with her as she is dreading what's ahead with Ethan. She can't deal with that news now, however.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Ashley has caught her father at Paul’s office talking about something that has gotten him all riled up. John was quick enough to hide the gun that Paul gave him in time so that Ashley wouldn’t see it. When asked, he lies to her saying that he is there to talk to Paul about getting a restraining order on Tom to keep him away from the family. Ashley begs her father to stay out of this and not get all excited about doing anything. “This isn’t good for you daddy.” He can take care of himself, he says. Sharon comes home on the top of the world. She is going on the tour the next day and she has arranged things so that she can have time with Nick if she can get him to come with her on the tour. Nick tells her that he can’t do it. “There are too many things to be done at work and I have a bunch of meetings to go to tomorrow. Victoria can’t do it as she isn’t up to speed to handle it.” Sharon reminds Nick that they have to get their marriage back on track or they will not have many chances left to fix this marriage. “We hardly make love anymore Nick.” She is hurt when he tells her that he didn’t think that anything was wrong with the marriage. He sees that he has upset her. “I love you Sharon.” She tells him that she loves him too, but she can’t talk about this anymore and she goes running to the stairs while Nick watches confused at her reaction. Scott and Lauren are alone at the Athletic Club. It doesn’t take Scott long to see that his mother isn’t feeling good about the relationship that Scott has with this woman. “What are you going to do with yourself after the book is over Scott?" When he answers her, she is upset when he mentions the book. “I didn’t mean what you were going to do with 'Brenda' when the book is finished, I meant what are you going to be doing personally when the book is over.” Scott tells his mother that 'Brenda' is not the scary person that she might seem to be. “Really mom. She isn’t a danger to anyone.” Lauren can’t help it. She finds this relationship that Scott has with this person to be really strange. Devon looks at his mother’s hands and gets disturbed by them. She tries to talk to him but he walks off. Later Yolanda approaches him and asks him what is wrong. He tells how her hands looked just like his grandmother’s when he was a young boy. “She worked a lot of hours and her hands were chapped like that all the time from it.” Yolanda knows that she left the woman with a lot of responsibility when she left Devon there and she is sorry for that. She makes Devon promise to talk to her from now on about things that bother him and not keep them inside like this again. Devon gets back to work but is having trouble with his algebra. Yolanda peeks over his shoulder and explains in no time flat how to get to the answer of the question. “See… It is negative and positive. It is called a solution set," she says while smartly walking off, leaving a very surprised Devon behind her. Brad and Victoria have just made love in her office. They lay in each other’s arms. She worries that he regrets making love to her and he assures her jokingly that he liked it but that they will need more practice at it. She seems worried and that is because she is concerned that her parents are not going to like this. Brad cares nothing for what Victor and Nikki think about this relationship. He says that they are an item now, and that they will announce it at Michael and Lauren’s wedding. Victoria likes that. Brad can’t come home with as he has to check on Abby and the sitter, but if he can convince Francis to stay over, he come to see Victoria at the ranch and spend the night with her there. Victoria loves that idea. She leaves ahead of him hoping that he will come to see her later that night. After she is gone, Brad gets a call. “Hello?" No one answers. “Hello?" No one answers. “Sharon is that you?" Sheila is cornered as he can’t get Tom to agree to help her with her plan without him finding out first what she is up to exactly. She tries to talk about having lots of money and being on a beach in the sun and living well. That is all fine and dandy, but Tom wants to know about the plan that she has in store for them to get to that life. She goes into the closet and gets out a bag. “I have duct tape, rope, video equipment, etc… These things are all the things that we are going to need to kidnap Lauren Fenmore.” Tom looks at Sheila likes she is crazy. She isn’t joking she means it. She says that this is the perfect way to get all the money that they could ever want. Tom can see right through this. “That isn’t what you are interested in 'Brenda'. All this time you have never been interested in money, so why now? I don’t think that you care about money, you just want to get Lauren in a position where you can watch her die a slow painful death. You just want to try murdering her a second time. Sheila denies that saying that she doesn’t want to kill anyone. She says that she just wants to live well and with Lauren kidnapped, they can get millions for her. Ashley gets a reality check. She tells Paul that she didn’t tell him before but Tom had asked to go to the wedding with her and she said that she would consider it. Paul tells Ashley that she has just probably made the biggest mistake yet. While Paul stood over her, she called Tom to let him know that she wouldn’t be going to the wedding with him. “It is Michael’s big day and I don’t want to spoil it.” Tom hangs up on her. He expected as much. Because he has hung up on her, she fears that he is really angry. There was something in his voice that frightened her and she worries now. “I have to end this Paul and I have to do it now.” Paul comes to her for a tight hug. Sheila is there when Ashley tells Tom that he won’t be going to the wedding with her and he is mad. He is angry and wants to get out of there, but Sheila has plans for him and starts flirting and offering herself to him. She rubs her chin. His five-o-clock shadow is hurting her. She suggests that he go to the bathroom and shave before they get it on. “I bought a new razor. It is in the bathroom for you. While you are in there, I will get ready for you out here.” Tom goes into the bathroom and closes the door. Sheila smiles. She whispers to herself. “Oh Tom… You want to turn me in? I got a big surprise for you… Both Lauren and you are going to have some unpleasant surprises…”

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