Tuesday 11/29/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 11/29/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

After Greenlee has announced to the entire Thanksgiving party that Kendall lied to her and secretly got implanted with her own egg and not Greenlee's, everybody believes she is a terrible person except for Erica and Zach. Greenlee is ready to leave town. And Ryan tells her he will be there for her and wants another chance. He even offers to get his vasectomy reversed. After eating, both Babe and Adam get sick and are rushed to the hospital. JR immediately assumes that Amanda tried to murder his father and ex-wife. And he reveals that he still cares about Babe. David also comes to see his daughter and promises to stop interfering in her life. Zach reveals to Myrtle that he may be in love with Kendall. And she tells him he's a fool not to make a go of his relationship with her.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Luke is angry at Lily because of her renewed relationship with Keith. Lily tries to talk to him to make him understand and almost lets it slip as to why she is back with Keith. Luke won’t listen and storms off. Holden confronts Lily about the real reason she is with Keith. He tells her to look him in the eyes and tell him that she didn’t make a deal with the devil. Keith would get a kidney to Luke no questions asked. She gave up her life for Luke’s. Iris catches Jack at her house, but he has already found and pocketed the folder on the research Stan did on Will and Rose’s poisoning. Carly plays Stan, but when he catches her talking to Gwen he sneaks out, and races back to the house to check on his folder of research. When Iris and Stan find out it is missing, they realize they have been duped. They need to leave town to avoid being thrown in jail. Iris bids Billy good-bye and leaves a huge teddy bear beside him for company. Will is hauled off to the mental hospital, as Gwen continues to fight for his freedom. Kim is there for Jen when she has a melt down. Jen agrees to go talk to her counselor. She also needs to return Billy’s toy that she is holding onto. She arrives at Iris’ to return the toy and sees Billy there alone and then sees the teddy bear fall on top of him.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Nick and Bridget re-unite. Bridget tells a heartbroken and upset Dante that she is going back to Nick. He tries to talk her out of it. Nick tells Brooke the news of being back with Bridget. He also tells her the baby is a girl. He tells her goodbye and then watches through the window of Insomnia at her as she tears up.

Stephanie catches Jackie and Eric kissing and is infuriated as she came to compromise with him. Jackie leaves saying she doesn't want to be in the middle of a "lovers quarrel". Both Stephanie and Eric deny loving one another.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami and Nicole argue over whose fault it was that Lucas stole the account back. Nicole confronts Lucas while he is celebrating the win with Victor and eavesdrops later as Lucas tells Victor about the small company he plans to takeover. Nicole rushes back to Austin with plans to beat Lucas to the takeover. Alex tells Kate that Marlena has chosen John and books a one-way ticket out of Salem. Philip walks up as Kate declares that Shawn is Claire’s father. John tries to convince Marlena to wait for her memory to return before devoting her life to Alex but Marlena doesn’t think that is fair. Belle walks up just as Marlena declares to John that they are done. Bo, Hope, Frankie, Patrick, and Billie all converge on the bridge to help search for Jack after determining that it was Jack’s car that plunged into the river. Bo puts his pride aside and allows Patrick to handle his air hose while Bo dives into the river to search for Jack. Bo’s foot gets caught in the bridge’s framework while underwater. Abby and Jennifer check the hospital for news about Jack and once Frankie returns, pump him for information.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Carly demands a divorce when Alcazar doesn't do as she wants. Courtney insists to Carly that there is nothing going on between Sonny and Emily. Carly fakes an illness in order to get herself admitted to General Hospital so she can speak to Jason. Carly eavesdrops as Sonny tells Jason he has no feelings for Carly other than responsibility. Emily is unsettled when she has a dream in which Sonny kisses her. Sam accepts Jason's marriage proposal but doesn't want to rush the wedding. Sam accuses Robin of wanting to keep Jason in the hospital as a way to hold onto him. After robbing Kelly's, Diego goes to the closed Pizza Shack with Georgie as his hostage. Mac takes Jesse off of Diego's case. Jesse decides to follow a hunch and he and Maxie set out for the Pizza Shack. Luke warns Skye that there is more to Lulu than meets the eye. Luke sets his sights on getting Alcazar's ELQ shares.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Jonathan takes Tammy to Towers where the reception was supposed to be held. Seeing the decorations, the cake, and the presents Tammy starts to tear the place apart. She is about to attack the cake with a knife when she breaks down. Telling the staff that no one else is allowed in, Tammy declares that she is going to have her party for just her and Jonathan. They dance, throw the presents around, and have a good time until the clock strikes midnight. Tammy says that this is when she and Sandy were supposed to leave for their honeymoon. Jonathan tells Tammy that she is going to have everything related to the wedding, including the honeymoon and takes her away. Josh takes Cassie back to the farmhouse, where he comforts her when she thinks that the farmhouse may be cursed. Josh goes to answer a knock at the door and is surprised to find the man who has the info on Jeffrey. Josh reminds the man that he didn’t want the information anymore and the man tells him that Olivia wanted him to have it. Cassie asks for some time alone and Josh leaves with the information. Jeffrey takes Sandy into the police station and says that he will try and get to the bottom of why the divorce papers didn’t go through but warns both Ava and Sandy that he cares for Tammy and her family and won’t see them hurt anymore. Olivia calls and fires Ava, thinking it will get her in closer with Josh. Josh walks into the police station at the end of the conversation and tells Sandy that he is also being fired. Since Ava also lost her hotel room at the Beacon, Sandy offers to let her stay with him. Jeffrey tells Josh he may have been to hard on Sandy, and they discuss that sometimes you need to keep secrets from the ones you love.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Natalie fills Clint in on Christian being alive, but that he may be killed in the prison riot at Statesville. Bo is rushed to Llanview Hospital with a gunshot wound to the neck with Spencer as the surgeon. Paige objects explicitly to Spencer performing the surgery on Bo. Tess and Niki have a confrontation at a bar outside of Llanview. Tess begins to hear Jessica’s voice urging her to stay to find out what Niki knows. Tess collapses, and Jessica once again emerges.

Hayes is ordered by Carlo to go after John McBain to hold as a hostage, and to kill Christian Vega if he gets in the way .

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

The race for Ethan's life continued today, with Theresa battling Gwen, Fancy, and Ivy for Sam's blessing and help in keeping his son alive. It almost looked like she'd done it, against all odds, but in the end he sided with the blondes. Noah seemed to straddle the issue, though...... As Kay is at home, playing with Maria, Fox is in his office with Valerie, letting her poison his mind against his true love with words that almost sounded like praise for the woman. After she creates another computer emergency and magically fixes it right before his eyes, Fox decides she's invaluable, while Kay is good for stuffing envelopes and not much more - at least not at the office. Simone visits Kay and finally lets her in on her "secret", and she's surprised at how easily her friend accepts it and supports her. Kay even tells her that TC and Jessica will eventually come to their senses, although Tabitha realizes TC will never do that.

Jessica listens as Spike tells her that he is the only one who really cares about her and is always there to support her. She seems to see the truth of the matter when she says he supports her by stuffing her full of drugs and sending her out to the street to prostitute herself, but by the time he's through with her she seems closer to falling for his line again. She questions why his cell phone rings when she sends a text message to Paloma, but lets it go as soon as she brings it up.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Ashley comes home and finds Gloria there looking worried. She tells that she didn’t get the bail revoked. She couldn’t. 'Jennifer' arranged the bail for her and now she is refusing to get the money back. Ashley if furious when she learns that her father is over at the Motor Arms confronting 'Jennifer'. “If anything happens to my father, it will be your fault Gloria! Wait a minute… If 'Jennifer' is your friend, then why wouldn’t she help you with this and get the bail revoked? Oh my God! 'Jennifer' is Tom’s friend… Isn’t she?" Phyllis remembers a promotion that Nikki had started once and let fall to the wayside. It was a promo for an anti-aging cream for the total woman. Phyllis has been thinking about that idea and feels that she and Nikki should regurgitate it and make it bigger than life this time. “We could have spa treatments, create a whole line, but it will be for the total woman!" Nikki loves that idea. She wants to do it. They are two smart woman and they decide to work on this together. When Phyllis sees Ashley come in with Abby, she suggests that they get Ashley and bring her into the fold as well. Nikki watches Ashley with Victor and Abby and quietly decides that this is something that they should keep to themselves for now. Newman lucks out again. One of their competitors has dropped out of a Christmas promotion and Newman has been asked to stand in using the 'Seasons' line and Sharon will be heading the tour. She will have to leave the next day. Sharon worries that she will be away from home too long and suggests that she could perhaps bring Nick along and make the whole thing a work/vacation gig at the same time. Drucilla feels that is a great idea and in fact things that going on the tour with her husband will help the campaign as well as keeping the couple happy. Tom is hiding in the bathroom when John is let in by the elusive 'Jennifer'. He hears John freaking out because he can’t get Tom returned to jail as well as his money back. 'Jennifer' tells John that Tom could be innocent. John finds her unbelievable for thinking this. “Do you know what he has done in the past? He used to lock up his child in a closet. The man is a sociopath!" Tom has had enough and he comes out of the closet advancing on John quickly like a panther. He has had enough of this. He denies that he would ever hurt anyone in John’s family. John doesn’t believe him. Sheila orders John out but he isn’t finished. “I am warning you Tom, if you go near my family…” Tom scoffs. “What can you do?" Tom lunges at John grabbing him by the collar, and it seems that John had the same idea too. Both men scuffle around holding the other by the throat. 'Jennifer' starts screaming for the men to stop. She then orders John out. John stomps out angry that he wasn’t able to accomplish what he set out to do. He goes over to Paul’s office and tells him that he went to see 'Jennifer' and ended up mixing it up with Tom instead. Paul offers to help in anyway that he can. “I will set up surveillance for you, watch the house…” That isn’t what John needs. “I need a gun!" Paul feels that this is a mistake but he gets one of his guns for John and gives it to the man loaded. “I am going to need you to transfer the ownership to your name to keep me from getting in any trouble is something goes wrong with this.” John agrees to that. As they are talking, Ashley walks in. John turns to the side quickly to try to conceal what he has in his hand.

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