Monday 11/28/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 11/28/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Greenlee is very angry at Kendall for lying about how the baby was implanted. Kendall protests that she did it out of love for Greenlee. But Greenlee says she believes that Kendall only did that for herself in order to "have" Ryan after she thought he was dead. David also agrees that Kendall just wanted to have Ryan's baby and is lying that she did that for Greenlee. So does Jack. But Erica comes to her daughter's defense. Greenlee wants to leave town and tells Ryan she cannot be around when Kendall gets pregnant and has Ryan's baby. Lily goes off in the woods and runs into Jonathan. She tells him about the baby and the surrogacy and he is really surprised. They talk about whether Jonathan should be forgiven for his crimes. But she somehow knows she cannot trust him. JR plays the video of Di as a stripper for the family before Thanksgiving dinner. Babe tells him that it wasn't very cool. Tad also tells JR he's gone too far and apologizes to Di for him. Right then Babe gets sick from eating something and so does Adam.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Katie pretends that she and Mike broke up to get closer to BJ and to try to find out information on Henry. Mike finds out from Maddie what Katie is up to with BJ. He goes after her and shows up as Katie and BJ are preparing to leave to go back to Fairwinds. BJ calls upon his goon to drag Mike away. Katie makes BJ promise not hurt Mike. Later, Mike calls Katie and they secretly talk about the plan. Meg and Dusty decide to move in together that night. Meg hides the e ticket she bought to go to Florida when she was going to tell Dusty and Jen the truth, but found them kissing in bed instead. Will is angry with his family for believing him capable of poisoning Iris. Gwen stands by him and even enlists the help of Carly, whom is more then willing to help her sister. Carly overhears Stan and Iris talking and after they leave goes to break in Iris’ house, but Jack stops her. He decides to search the house and send Carly out looking for Stan. Carly meets up with him at a Yo’s and flirts with him to get him to give up information, which he does. He admits he will be coming into money in three weeks, and it was all due to his research at the library. Meanwhile, Jack searches Iris’ house and comes across a folder with clippings on Will and Rose’s poisoning, but Iris comes home and catches him there. An overwrought Jen seeks solace by buying a small baggy of drugs again. Will she succumb to her addiction or not?

B&B Recap Written by Beth

The doctor tells Nick and Bridget that the baby is at risk to miscarry and that she needs to take it easy. They also learn the sex, a girl. Taylor comes down on Stephanie a bit for putting Eric in the basement and accuses her of still being in love with him.

Brooke and Dante go rounds about who should be with Bridget. Jackie visits Eric, she feels bad Stephanie is so mean to him. She and Eric share a kiss while Stephanie looks on.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mimi and Shawn discuss what their night of lovemaking meant to each other. Belle and Philip tend to Claire. Kate discovers that Claire’s blood type proves that she cannot genetically be Philip’s baby. Alex assumes that Marlena is choosing John so he makes amends with Lexie before he plans to leave town. Marlena tells John that she chose Alex. Abby decides to return home and becomes equally concerned that Jack isn’t home yet. Frankie heads out in search of Jack and finds that someone ran off the bridge. Jack frantically tries to get out of his seatbelt but unable to do so, falls unconscious and slips below the rising water level inside his car.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Though Carly did seem sure of Emily being not attracted to Sonny when she talked to Durant, now Carly accuses Em of falling for Sonny. Jason kisses Robin in his sleep, and Sam does not take it well. Lulu moves into the Q mansion. Lorenzo takes Diego to the cops. Emily insists that she sees Sonny as a brother. Monica shares Carly's concerns. Diego holds up Kelly's. Jason's gets his memory back. This prompts Emily to hug Sonny. They both seem to enjoy that.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Harley and Gus go to Towers early for some time before their “big fight”. When they spot Beth, they start to argue and then after closing the door to the terrace so that Beth can’t see them start making out while pretending to yell at each other. Harley leaves, pretending to be in tears and tells Gus she will meet him at Company. Beth offers Gus a deal to help him with the Harley situation after offering advice about Harley and Mallet. Mallet finds Dinah with a bottle of champagne outside of the church. She gets drunk and when Mallet says that he will take her home, she throws him over her shoulder and they exit the church. Dinah is hungry so they go to Company, where they find the restaurant closed. Dinah breaks in and when Mallet tries to climb through the window to try and shut off the alarm, he falls on top of her. Harley walks in and sees this and Mallet accuses her of being jealous. Harley says that she could care less who he sees as Gus walks in. The Reverend asks if anyone has any reason why Sandy and Tammy can not be married as Jonathan, Ava, Sandy, and Tammy think over their intertwining lives. No one says anything so the Reverend pronounces Tammy and Sandy husband and wife. As they are leaving the church a police officer stops them and says that they need to talk to Sandy. Jeffrey reads over the papers they give to him and tells the church that the wedding wasn’t legal because Sandy is already married. Sandy tries to explain that he got the divorce and Ava comes forward to say that she signed the papers. Tammy can’t believe that not only was Sandy married but he was married to Ava, who was helping out with the wedding and didn’t say anything to her about it. Jonathan starts to go towards Tammy and Reva tells him to stay out of things. Jonathan says he wouldn’t hurt Tammy and then leaves the church. Tammy angrily leaves the chapel and goes into the bride’s room. Cassie, Jeffrey, and Reva come to find out if she is all right, and she storms out of the church. She sees Jonathan waiting for her outside, drinking a beer and he comes to her and sweeps her off of her feet carrying her to the getaway car. Tammy drops her bouquet out the window and they drive away.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Ginger is brought into the hospital by ambulance after being hit by a car. Spencer tries to revive her, but with no luck. She dies on the exam table. Tess and Nash discuss the baby, her family, and their love for each other. They visit the bar outside of town, and runs into Viki (or so they think). It is actually her alter, Niki Smith.

Duke is frustrated at Adriana for showing up at the hospital when she has no concern for Ginger. The riot at the prison continues. Rex shows up, tries to sneak into the prison, but is caught by Haskell. Haskell takes him to Bo, who reprimands him severely, and orders him to go home. Rex refuses to go, ands as a result of his snooping, catches Haskell calling Carlo on the walkie talkie. When Rex confronts him, Haskell makes up some excuse. John gets into a fight with Carlo’s henchman, and Chris has to come to his rescue. Bo gets shot in the neck by one of Carlo’s henchman.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Gwen goes to talk with Sam and Ivy about ending Ethan's life, which causes Sam to put going to Jessica's first counseling session on hold. She got a text message from Paloma asking to meet at the wharf and decides to go ahead without her father. The problem is, it was Spike sending the message because Alistair warned him to cause great pain for the Bennett's or else. Theresa, after Alistair tells her Gwen signed the papers to carry out Ethan's living will and he's probably dead already, reacts with horror, only to have Al laugh and tell her he was only kidding, but she'd better hurry and get to him before Gwen pulls the plug. She takes a page from his book and goes to Judge Riley to get a restraining order, but that backfires when he calls Al and the old lizard tells her he won't allow the judge to do anything to keep Ethan from dying. The judge's clerk has a suggestion, however, and Theresa runs to Sam's house, interrupting Gwen's excuses for what she's going to do and causing Sam to wonder if something can be done to stop it.

Kay has a sexy dream about Fox, taking place in his office, but wakes to find Tabitha standing over her, warning her that the spell she cast will have him turning his back on Kay very soon. Valerie is determined to get Kay out of Fox's office and heart so she can take her place, and uses Kay's absence to work on him some more, with Ivy's blessing. Fancy and Noah come to terms as to their totally opposite personas and decide since they know what keeps tearing them apart, all they have to do is stop it when they see it happening.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victor and Nikki are at the Athletic Club discussing the children. They were just at the office with Victoria and she was getting sarcastic about Nick’s involvement in the office and his decision to have Phyllis come in and work on their computers. Victor is quick to point out that Victoria too made a bad decision once that everyone else had to deal with. That decision was hiring Brad. Victoria says that her decision turned out to be the right thing to do, but it doesn’t matter apparently as Victor will always be looking over her shoulders she feels. She remarks that she really hates how her father doesn’t ever think that she does as good a job at anything in comparison to her brother. Nikki understood what she meant and Victor didn’t. Nikki told Victor that to the kids it must feel like he is making them compete against each other for the top seat in the company. Right now they are both co-CEOs, but anyone who knows business knows that you can have two people in the top spot at a company. Eventually one will have to back out, or be pushed out. Victor says that he loves both his children and wants them both to succeed. Nikki feels that Victor is pushing for Nick to win out more than Victoria and it is clear that Victoria is feeling that too. Jack has a sneaky suspicion that Kevin has a copy of the code that Phyllis put into the computer at Newman Enterprises and then later took out. Kevin denies that he has It, but Jack knows that if Kevin found something, or even if he didn’t, he would have taken something from the code to work on at home maybe. Kevin finally admits that he does have disks with the code that Phyllis used on the computer and in fact he has the discs on him. Jack wants those discs for safekeeping and he points out that by turning the discs over to him, that will take Kevin out of the picture and protect him if anything happens later. Kevin decides that is the way to go. He gives the discs to Jack, and that is when he sees Phyllis walking in. She sees the men talking and puts two and two together. She just came from Nick’s house and the both of them didn’t say anything. Phyllis remembers now that Kevin was the only other person who was in the website and could have gotten this information. “Oh Kevin… You did this to me? I am never going to forget this, and you stay away from my son!" After Kevin is gone, Phyllis turns on Jack. “You did this to me Jack? You are willing to sacrifice me for Victor Newman? The Jack that I used to know wouldn’t ever do that to me. You have changed Jack!" He quietly tells her that she has changed too. He then calmly picks up his coat and walks out of the Athletic Club. Phyllis walks by Nikki in the Athletic Club and sees that she is feeling blue. Phyllis sits with her and although Nikki doesn’t tell her what is wrong, Phyllis can see that she really needs a pick-me-up. “I have an idea. It is going o be mind-blowing. I came across one of your old projects and I have an idea, but I will need your help…” It is time for Sharon’s shoot. She is dressed and ready. Nick tries to get Brad to go do something else but he insists on being at the shoot. Sharon too says that she wants Brad to be there. “He has been helping me all along and I really want him to be there.” Nick decides that Brad can stay then. The shoot starts, but it isn’t until a sexy song that Sharon likes comes on that she lets loose! Brad can’t keep his eyes off her and Nick is the same way. Victoria goes over to her brother during the shoot remarking that Brad can’t peel his eyes off Sharon. Nick can understand that. “It isn’t Brad’s fault. Sharon is great! She is a natural!" John is waiting when Gloria arrives at the house. “Did you get the bail money back?" Gloria tells him ‘no’. “There is something that I have to tell you John…” John starts shouting and going on about how Gloria keeps hiding things from him. “What is it now?" He asks. “I didn’t want my name associated with the bail, so I asked a friend to put the money up for me," Gloria answers. John has questions and Gloria tries to avoid answering him but when he gets really angry, she tells him where 'Jennifer' is living and her room number at the motel. She sees that John is on a rampage and begs him not to go over there, but he has made up his mind. He storms out of the house. Over in Sheila’s room, she is with Tom who is angry after having seen Ashley with Paul at the gym. “Come on 'Brenda'… Help me get back at Ashley for what she did to me.” Sheila tells him that Ashley is water under the bridge at this point and that he should concentrate on getting back at Michael instead. Tom tells her to ‘shut up’. “You only want me to help you with Michael because that will upset Lauren. Sometimes I feel that you are just using me to get what you want. Way I look at it, you haven’t done anything for me, but I have done a lot for you…” bang bang bang! Tom and Sheila freeze and stop talking. bang bang bang! “Open up 'Jennifer'! I know that you are in there! It is John Abbot! Now open up this door! bang! bang! bang!

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