Friday 11/25/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 11/25/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Days Recap Written by Danielle

GH Recap Written by Amanda

GL Recap Written by Jennie

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Tabitha's Thanksgiving feast is ready and the guests arrive, but they are confused by the fact they can't mention that it's Thanksgiving. They abide by the rules, tho. They all talk about the different things going on in their lives and get ready to eat. Tabby and Kay still think Endora doesn't know what day it is, but she's way ahead of them, and with her two buddies - Maria and Miles - she begins having "fun" on her favorite holiday. Once the turkey she conjures up comes alive and starts flying around the room, the guests either hide or run out of the house, while the babies enjoy the show. Whitney's arrival had upset the Boys in the Basement, and when one of the guests said grace, they began shaking the house in another earthquake. All in all, it was another strange Thanksgiving at Tabby's house. Martin and Pilar bailed Paloma and Roberto out of jail, blaming him for making their daughter smuggle drugs. However, Paloma tells them he did nothing, then takes them to a local nursing home where they find out the kids were bringing prescription drugs the elderly can't get here to the residents and actually have saved lives by doing so.

Alistair begins teaching Little Ethan about "his family", but Theresa isn't happy and tells him to stop. He becomes caught up in another situation when the Lady in White starts nosing around his room and he hears and smells her, then finds a red nail on his dresser. He was involved with one of his employees at the time, and got so upset that he fired her and tossed her out of the house. The Lady watched, clutching her knife, as he totally lost it in his bedroom, throwing things and saying it's not possible.... Edna and Norma plot about escaping from the looney bin and making Tabby pay for what she's done to them both, although Edna isn't thrilled about Norma wanting to kill the old witch. Theresa tries to sneak in to see Ethan, wearing a disguise, but Rebecca and Gwen know her and have her tossed out again. Gwen gets the papers to pull the plug on Ethan, makes a show of wondering what to do, then rapidly signs them and bolts from the room, leaving him to face death alone. Theresa, knowing the end is near for the man she loves, finds comfort from her old friend Fox.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Tom wakes with a hangover. He is alone in Sheila’s bed. He remembers the things that Ashley said to him. “Oh Tom… You know Michael told me that you threatened him and his family and I don’t want to believe it but I am afraid that if you keep on the way that you are, you will get in even more trouble…” Tom sees now that she was lying to him all along. “You were the one that set me up Ashley. You and that Michael. You bitch!" Nick and Sharon are up and at it. She is okay this morning but the night before was too much for her with Phyllis and Daniel at the table having dinner with them. Nick hears knocking and lets Daniel in. He brought Noah a basketball book. Sharon coolly hurries out of there. Noah comes down happy to see the magazine. He is starting basketball practices that night after school. Nick will be coaching but reminds Noah that he won’t be able to make every game of the season. Daniel offers to be Nick’s Assistant Coach which will make him available for any games that Nick is unable to attend. Nick likes the idea. “It is a deal!" Tom goes to the gym where he bumps into Ashley. He gives her a chance to make nice with him and say nice things to him. She says that she really does like him. He says that she can prove it. “Take me to the wedding.” She says that she isn’t sure if she can do that or not. “I will think about it,” is all that she says. John is upset when he realizes that the flowers that he found in the house are from Tom. John decides that the best way to deal with this guy is to have him go straight back to jail. He orders Gloria to go downtown and get the bail money revoked so that Tom will be put in jail right away. She stalls, but he tells her that this isn’t about the money, it is about keeping his family safe. John has called the station and he learned that only the person who signed for the bail can revoke it, so he orders her to get going. Gloria hightails it out of there and heads to the Motor Arms to see the elusive ‘Jennifer’. Jennifer flatly refuses to help Gloria with this. “I helped you before and look how I got treated? I am sorry Gloria but you are on your own now.”

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