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The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 11/23/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

At the Chandler's, JR acts nice and invites Babe and Di and appears nice to both of them. He does not reveal any "scheme" in being nice to Babe. But he plays a video for everybody of Di as a stripper. Amanda comes and tells them they will all pay for what they did to her. She walks with a cane and a neck brace and appears to be injured. But JR knows it's just an act. Another Thanksgiving dinner takes place at the Valley Inn with Jack and Erica and their "families". Greenlee finds out the truth about Kendall and Dr. Madden's scheme. And she makes sure to invite Zach, David, Greg and Josh so that she can announce to everybody what Kendall did with the help of Dr. Madden in regard to helping her have a baby.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Katie and Mike bow out of Thanksgiving at Margo’s to celebrate alone – in bed. Maddie shows up and convinces Katie to move forward with their plan to trap BJ and find out what happened to Henry that very day. Katie takes off and Maddie covers with Mike. Katie shows up at WOAK, where BJ is working alone and pretends that she is furious with Mike. Lily celebrates Thanksgiving with Keith, as Lucinda pleads with her to change her mind, and when she can’t, she heads over to the farm with the rest of the clan. Meg and Dusty arrive as Meg worries about her mother’s reaction to Dusty being there. Emma overhears Lucinda asking when they are moving into her guestroom, and takes it surprisingly well. Holden interrogates Dusty regarding his intentions. Emma asks Dusty to help cut the Hubbard squash – a big step for her. Holden is forced to tell Luke that Lily won’t be there with them to celebrate Thanksgiving because she is marrying Keith. Jack and Carly discuss her impending trial and force themselves to stay positive. Holden figures out why Lily is staying with Keith after something Nancy says. He, Lucinda and Jack decide to keep quiet about it until they get proof. Gwen goes to see Will at the police station and is not allowed to bring Billy in, so Jen offers to watch him. Paul walks in as Jen is coddling Billy. This, to say the least, disturbs him but things get more hectic when Hal finds a charge for methanol on his credit card and the messenger ID’s Will as the one who signed for the package. Will puts the pieces together and figures out that Iris is setting him up. Gwen is unsure Iris would go that far. Jen and Paul visit with Will and he is agitated thinking they think he is guilty too. Blinded by anger and frustration, he accuses Paul of planting the evidence against him to control him and keep him away from Gwen. He goes one step farther; maybe Paul never forgave him for Rose. Jen staunchly defends Paul (little does he know how far he would go to control a situation). Gwen shows up at the farm desperately in need of Carly’s help.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

The lawyers explain that if they fight over the company in court, then nobody will get anything. It would be tied up in litigation so long that nobody will have the company. Stephanie says Eric and Ridge can stay but Brooke cannot. Ridge and Eric want Brooke there. Thorn offers co-presidency to Ridge but Ridge scoffs and throws it back in Thorn's face. Stephanie finds an office for Ridge and Eric in a storage room.

Bridget goes to the doctor, Dante wants to go with her. She nixes that idea. Nick shows up at her appointment. Brooke goes to Dante and asks him to give up on Bridget. Dante won't have it. He doesn't understand why Brooke wouldn't want her daughter to have a man that just loves her. The doctor tells Bridget there is a problem with the baby.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn and Mimi’s attempts at lovemaking are constantly interrupted but they pursue on. Belle and Philip discover that Claire has spiked a fever and after calling the grandparents, rush Claire to the hospital. Lexie informs the group that she doesn’t have good news about Claire. Marlena questions John about his feelings for Kate without revealing what she saw through the telescope. Kate sneaks a peek at Claire’s medical file and is shocked by what she finds. Jack decides to try and make Jennifer happy by going out in the storm to get flowers for a Thanksgiving centerpiece but on his way he hits a patch of black ice on the bridge and plunges his car into the river.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

CPR saves Jason's life. Diego tells Brooke, again, why he became the stalker, to avenge Sage. Carly has another therapy session. Durant accuses Sonny of making Emily his next woman. Then, on a visit to Carly, he repeats the rumor. Courtney falls or is pushed into the water, and Jax rushes her to the hospital. Monica and Sam cancel the medication for Jason. Diego confesses to his father. Carly defends Emily and Sonny's relationship or lack thereof, but later confronts Emily. She tacitly warns the girl about falling for Sonny. Nik drugs Helena and puts her on a plane. Molly is baptized. Jason dreams of Robin and kisses her.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Tammy is thinking about Sandy and Jonathan while preparing to get ready for the wedding and after looking at her dress runs out of the room. She runs into Reva and Josh but instead of telling them what is going on just says she needs help getting ready. Reva seems about ready to break through to Tammy that she doesn’t have to do this if she doesn’t want to when Cassie comes in, so excited about the wedding. Quinn shows up at Company while Lizzie is waiting for Coop and tells her that he paid off her loan shark, she happily hugs him as Coop comes out and sees them. Frank and Buzz worry about Marina but she tells them that she is fine and says this wedding is a perfect place to find them dates. Buzz goes to compliment Olivia but she only has eyes for Josh. Jonathan shows up to the wedding and tells Reva that Tammy will stop it. The wedding starts and Tammy and Sandy say their vows, but Tammy can’t keep her eyes off of Jonathan. When the minister gets to the part about does anyone object Tammy takes one last look at Jonathan.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Spencer visit’s the grave where Kevin Buchanan Jr. is buried. He envisions Kevin, Asa, Dorian, and Todd lying there. Spencer defends Blair against Bunny Logan’s harsh remarks, but won’t take Blair’s side when it comes to her defending Todd against murder. Blair visits Hugh’s office, and finds him in conference with Jack McNaughton. She finds out that Todd was willing to pay Jack to kill Margaret. Blair visits Todd in jail, and confronts him about what she knows. He has no word of explanation.

Asa and Dorian make a pact to find out Spencer’s weak spot. David suggests to Paige to kill Spencer. Spencer has a run in with Ginger, and threatens her. Ginger runs into the path of a motor vehicle. Kelly and Kevin visit the grave of their dead baby to tell him about the new baby they are planning to have.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Another day of feuding and screaming between Gwen and Theresa. Both sides make good points. Gwen goes home to ask Jane what "Mommy" should do to Daddy, while Theresa prays with Whitney, then uses the time Gwen is gone to sit with Ethan and promise him she will do whatever it takes to keep Gwen from pulling the plug on him. Fancy finally gets out of the store room when a maid hears her yelling, and she heads to the room, only to find Noah and Esme getting busy in the bed. She and Esme argue over who he really belongs to, and Esme finally gets her gun and starts firing at them as they try to get away and stay out of her line of fire.

Tabitha and Kay give in to Fox's plans for a Thanksgiving dinner, but only if he won't serve turkey and not let Endora know it's Thanksgiving. They tell him she hates the day because of all the turkeys killed. He agrees, and they start getting ready and keeping it secret from the baby. However, she finds out what day it is and starts wondering what she'll do for fun this year. Edna is back, being thrown into the looney bin due to all her ranting about witches causing the earthquakes and tsunami, plus the fact a drunken orangutan was her nurse. She is tossed into a room with none other than Norma. She is scared spitless, while Norma is thrilled to see her.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

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