Tuesday 11/22/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 11/22/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Aiden goes to visit Jonathan, telling him he does not wish to fight or threaten him. He just wants to "observe" for himself whether it's really true that Jonathan has reformed his ways. JR has a secretive plan. He invites Babe to stay at his house because he's worried about her safety with Amanda threatening her. But Adam tells his son he does not buy his "concern" for Babe and knows he has a trick up his sleeve. JR has a private meeting outside the Pine Cone where he exchanges mysterious envelopes with a strange guy. And he runs into Jonathan Lavery and tells him he won't get away with what he did to Kendall. Greenlee asks Josh to help her uncover the "secret" that Kendall and Dr. Madden know and will not tell her. He lets her into his father's file records and she discovers that her own eggs died in the power-outage and Kendall got inseminated with her (Kendall's) eggs and Ryan's sperm. Ryan goes to see Kendall, friendly and grateful but still very surprised that she'd give Greenlee this "gift". And she reveals to him that there is a "secret".

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Maddie begs Katie to suck up her pride and get close to BJ to try to find out what happened to Henry. Katie agrees, but asks her to not tell Mike. Mike and Jack talk about Katie helping the FBI. Mike is dead set against it. Jack thinks they need someone on the inside. Something big is going down. BJ has been talking to a known assassin. Mike continues to worry about Katie’s safety. Little does he know, he should be worried about his own. Henry finds out Maddie was looking for him, and that is why Olga cleaned the wine cellar. He continues to plead with Olga to let him out, even trying to regal her with stories of past Thanksgivings with Maddie, unfortunately, Olga is not moved. Maddie won’t let it go until she finds Henry, but Casey thinks she is being over the top. He asks her to go to a party with him, on the pretense of getting her mind off things. She turns him down when she thinks he doesn’t want to help her with Henry and that she is acting crazy over supposed clues her brother has left her. Iris tells Hal about Will’s threat, and Hal learns the same poison used to kill Rose was used on Iris. Will is furious that his parents are questioning his innocence. Gwen stands by him. They search Iris’ house, find the papaya drink that was poisoned, and find only two fingerprints on the glass – Iris’ and Will’s. Hal is forced to take his son in to question him in the poisoning of Iris.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Taylor learns of "Destiny Designs" and shares her concerns. Brooke finds a cd in her car and plays it and has memories of Nick.

At Forrester, all hell's breaking loose as Eric tries to reclaim his office. The family is divided as 2 lawyers come in to try to sort it out. Brooke, Eric and Ridge in one corner and Taylor, Stephanie and Thorn in the other.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle has a hard time seeing Mimi and Shawn flirt with each other but hides it in front of anyone else. Mimi and Shawn make a quick exit after dinner and head back to their loft to make out. Austin and Nicole talk of their plans for the perfect family. Sami returns home with ingredients for Will’s soup but is sent to Lucas’ apartment to make it. Lucas accuses Sami of falling in love with Austin again but Sami denies it. While there, Sami uses Lucas’ computer to get the recipe and reads an email from Sophie about their stealing back the account. Sami rushes to Austin with the news. John starts to rush back over to the penthouse but instead is overcome with back pain. Kate straddles him to give him a pain relieving massage. Alex gives Marlena a string of pearls but the action of putting them on makes Marlena flash back to being strangled with pearls. Alex is able to calm Marlena down but can’t prevent Marlena from spotting John and Kate in what they assume to be a more intimate moment.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sam forces Robin to stop Jason's drug therapy as it is causing him too much pain. Over Sam's protests, Jason decides to allow Robin to try one more experimental procedure on him. Jason's heart stops beating during the latest round of treatments. Alcazar confronts Diego about failing all his classes. Brook Lynn finds nude photos of herself in Diego's camera bag. Diego advances on Brook Lynn after realizing she knows he's the stalker. Nikolas comes to Courtney's rescue when Helena terrorizes her.

Jax refuses to align himself with Helena and warns Courtney about her. Helena attacks Courtney. Alexis and Ric's marriage is on track. Alan and Monica convince Emily to speak with Lainey to overcome her guilt about Reese's misdiagnosis. Emily freezes when Dillon faints and then overreacts to the situation. Emily believes she needs to leave medical school.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Danny and Michelle decide to leave Springfield and go to Louisiana to help Ed with the flood victims. They say good-byes to all of their loved ones in town. Danny finds Marina and tearfully tells her that he and Michelle were remarried and are leaving town. He gives her a letter that he wrote for her and leaves. Marina reads the letter and it brings her to tears and when Alan Michael goes by, she asks if the offer still stands for her to take his car out. Since she can’t drive a stick Alan-Michael puts her in the passenger seat and they take off. When they get back Alan-Michael hits on her again. Tammy leaves the house the morning of her wedding and Jeffrey, Cassie, and Sandy worry until she comes home. Sandy hides at Cassie’s insistence but she decides who cares about tradition and Tammy and Sandy go off for a lunch together, where he gives her a strand of fake pearls. Ava tries to convince Jonathan to skip town with her and not go to the wedding, but he insists that Tammy is going to call it off and he wants to be there for her. Reva gives Sandy some Lewis family cufflinks and Tammy returns to the farm to find a package with the groom from the bakery waiting for her.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Clint searches for Viki and Dorian at the mausoleum, but unsuccessful on the first attempt. When he searches the mausoleum again, he finds the cell phone, and then finds Dorian, Dorian has been knocked unconscious by Niki Smith. Niki Smith first visits Rodi’s, and then bails out on the bill. She visits Roxie’s Hair Salon where Roxie gives her a complete makeover unaware that she is Niki Smith. Niki bails after stealing Roxie’s money.

Tess and Nash are at a bar outside of town. They discuss the difficulties she is facing with Jessica. She feels the baby kick, and begins to cry. She doesn’t know what to do with the baby. Nash assures her that he loves her. She doesn’t know what she will do without him. John and Christian try to find a way out of the prison. Christian makes him promise that he won’t stand in his way if he tries to get back with Natalie. Natalie fills Rex in on the Christian/John/Natalie triangle, and how she will never trust a man again.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Gwen and Theresa wrestle around Ethan's hospital room as he lies there comatose. Gwen wants to kill Theresa, while Theresa wants to stop her from killing Ethan. Eve reviews the newest results of his tests with a heavy heart, and Whitney happens by in time to support her. Once Theresa is out of the room, she watches through the window as Eve reveals the result to Gwen, and realizes it's not good when Gwen starts crying. She and Whitney go into the room, where she continues to argue Ethan's fate. His will referred to brain damage, while the prognosis is a continuing comatose state, so Theresa says the will doesn't apply. Gwen refused to listen. Paloma and Roberto are caught in the raid at the nightclub where they were waiting for their drug contact, and she calls her parents for help to get out of jail. They are shocked to learn why she's in there.

Esme makes her way back to Harmony as Fancy and Noah tear up the sheets in her hotel room. Once there, Esme locks Fancy in a storeroom and crawls into bed with Noah who sleepily thinks she's Fancy. Kay and Tabitha try to talk Fox out of his plans of having Thanksgiving dinner at Tabby's house again. They remember the chaos Endora caused with her giant turkeys and other pranks, while Kay doesn't want another fight fest this year. However, Fox is unrelenting in his push to host the festivities and it seems the women are going to have to try to keep Endora in check this time.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nikki is in the house hustling and bustling about getting ready for the Thanksgiving dinner party that will be held at their house. She overhears Victor talking on the phone with Ashley. When he gets off the phone, she tells him that she hopes that he didn’t go ahead and invite Ashley and Abby to the dinner as well. It is going to be awkward enough around here without them too. Victor tells his wife that he only called Ashley and Abby to wish them a happy Thanksgiving. Nikki is glad to hear that and she stomps off to some other part of the house leaving Victor wondering what on earth is making her frustrated. Later, Nikki peeks into Victoria’s window and sees her daughter kissing Brad Carlton. Her mouth falls open at the sight of him in her house first thing in the morning. Nikki does to the front door and walks right in. “Ahem…” Brad and Victoria separate quickly and face Nikki. Victoria says that she would like it if Brad were able to come to dinner that night. Nikki says that he can come. She will just tell Miguel to set another place. Then Nikki runs out quickly saying that she has things to do. Scott comes to see Sheila for the last time. She says that she is heading back to Toronto. Scott says that his mother has been bothering him to bring Brenda to meet her. Sheila says that she is busy and still has packing to do before she leaves. His phone rings. He answers to his mother. “Is Brenda coming to dinner tonight so that I can meet her?" Scott says she isn’t. Lauren orders that Brenda be put on the phone. Scott offers his cell phone to Sheila telling her that his mother wants to speak to him. She gingerly takes the phone and says a muffled, “Hello?" Lauren starts talking, “Oh Brenda I really do want to meet with you before you go home to Toronto. Are you coming to dinner tonight?" Sheila listens for a moment and then she hangs up the phone. Scott is watching her. Sheila explains that she couldn't hear Lauren. “There must have been a bad connection. I dropped the call.” She and Scott hug. He promises that he will be home in Toronto in about 2 weeks and he will see her then. She promises him that she can’t meet his mother for now, but soon they will get together and have a big party after the book is published. Devon comes home asking if his mother is there. “I turned my back for a moment and then she was gone!" The Winters have no idea what to do. Do they wait? Do they go searching for Yolanda? Suddenly the door opens and Yolanda is there with groceries. “You all have been so nice, I thought that I would do something for you in return. I am going to bake some cookies.” She and Devon go off into the kitchen leaving Neil and Drucilla smiling at each other. Daniel gets a great idea for Thanksgiving and when he bumps into his mother at the Athletic Club, he asks her to help him with his idea. Soon enough they show up at the Newman’s dinner party with a pink box. “It is apple pie! We thought that you might like to have some with your dinner.” The Newman accept the gift and Nick walks Daniel and his mother out of the house, thanking them for the pie, and assuring them that they did a nice thing. When Nick returns to the dinner party, Noah is upset that they didn’t ask Daniel and Phyllis to stay for dinner. Nick says that Phyllis told him that her turkey didn’t thaw and so they have no plans. Sharon gives the go-ahead and Nick rushes out to get the mother/son to bring them into the house for dinner. Dinner is great, but then Sharon is watching Noah and Daniel talking and she slides into a memory. She hears herself begging Cassie to come back to her and not to die. She stands, apologizing for having to leave the room and she runs outside. Nick comes out telling her that it is okay to go home and forget about dinner, but she wants to stay. Tom comes to Sheila’s room, walking in without knocking. He has had a rude awakening. “She never cared for me. She tried to make a fool of me. I should make you pay for taking that necklace from me Brenda!" She can tell that he is out of control for a moment anyway and she offers him something to drink. She starts pouring him a drink, but he tells her to just hand him the bottle. He chugs it as he deals with the pain. He can tell that Sheila is feeling sorry for him, but he shouts that Ashley is the one that Sheila should be feeling sorry for. “NOBODY! AND I MEAN NOBODY makes a fool of Tom Fisher…” Sheila tells Tom that it is just he and she against the world now. “I like those odds Tom. Now hit me!" She offers her glass and he fills it. Soon they are kissing.

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