Monday 11/21/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 11/21/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

After Jonathan has been acquitted and then shot at, Derek questions Zach, Julia, Sam, Aiden and Jack. They all protest that they're not very concerned that "somebody" shot at an unarmed man, remembering what Jonathan did to their unarmed family and friends. Derek tells Jonathan he should consider leaving Pine Valley in order to save his life. And Ryan tells his brother he agrees that he needs to leave town in order to be safe. Greenlee finds out the unborn baby's blood type is incompatible with hers and Ryan's. And David confirms that there is no way that this baby could be the product of both of them. She asks Dr. Madden if he's taken sperm from somebody other than Ryan to inseminate Kendall. Dr. Madden confirms that he did not. He tells her that Ryan Lavery will become a father and Greenlee will "have the child" she's always wanted. She still has not caught on to what has happened. After Babe has fallen down the stairs, JR and Jamie know that Amanda pushed her. It makes Amanda all the angrier to know that everybody is giving Babe attention after a minor injury yet berate her after she's almost been killed. Kendall admits to her mother that although she wishes she was not, she is in love with Zach.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Katie is sneaking around WOAK to see if there is any validity to Maddie’s accusations. She finds Henry’s one shoe, but Mike also finds her snooping around. She is sure there is something going on, but when the assistant tells Katie that BJ asked her to find Henry’s shoe and overnight it to California, Katie and Mike are tentatively relieved. BJ continues to hold Henry prisoner and taunts him by claiming no one would care if he disappeared. Maddie convinces Casey to go to Fairwinds in search of Henry, but they are caught by BJ. He allows them to search his house though. They find a dusty wine bottle with the words ‘help’ on it. Maddie knows that it is Henry’s handwriting. After they sneak the evidence out, BJ tells a mystery man that Mike needs to be disposed of tomorrow. Gwen finds out her mother was poisoned; Will thinks it is Stan and convinces Gwen to move out with him that night for her and Billy’s well being. She will live with him at Bob and Kim’s. Barbara steals the test results that show Iris was poisoned by methanol; the same poison Will used on Rose. Barbara shows up to see Will frantic to get him out of town. Hal starts to investigate Iris’ poisoning and is in for a shock when Iris accuses Hal’s own son, Will.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Nick desperately pleads for Bridget to stay with him. Dante declares his love and devotion and Stephanie tries to get her to sign her divorce papers. Eric gives Brooke and out and runs to Jackie to try to get back with her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Frankie and Jennifer are forced to pull over and wait for a salt truck to come by before making it safely home. While they are waiting, a song on the radio makes them reminisce about old teachers who mirrored the life they plan to lead for themselves. Billie is able to revive Jack and once Jennifer and Frankie return home, Billie agrees not to tell Jennifer about the suicide attempt. Austin and Nicole secure loans and plan to takeover another small company with the belief that they’ve secured the account. Sami runs into Will who is returning home because he is ill and narrowly keeps Will from walking in on Lucas and Sophie making love. Sami becomes suspicious when Lucas refuses to let her see some legal documents. Kate and John both offer words of caution to Marlena and Alex. Marlena admits that she does remember sharing a deep feeling of love for Alex.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason calls for Robin in his sleep. Lulu and Luke argue over her living with Nik. Lucky also thinks that Nik should not take her in. Jax does not take to the idea of Courtney staying with Nikolas and not reuniting with him. Carly says she's been freed from the nuthouse, but Sonny does not think so. Luke decides to let Lulu stay with him and Tracy at the Quartermaine mansion. She refuses. Sonny tells Carly he and she are over. Jason's reaction to the meds is violent. Helena tells Courtney she is useless, and should leave. Jason suffers nightmares that make him fear sleep. Carly accepts that she must go back to Roselawn.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Michelle and Danny remarry and then sneak off to consummate their marriage again. Michelle tells Danny she is glad this isn’t a dream again. Harley and Gus continue to make out in the elevator until Alan-Michael comes upon them and they resume their fake argument. Gus pretends to tell Beth that he wants his old wife back and Harley asks Alan-Michael to take a job at Spaulding, which he accepts. Reva tells Cassie not to invest everything in Tammy’s wedding. Ava finds Sandy at the church where he admits he only married her since it was his mother’s dying wish. Ava asks him why Tammy breaks out into a sweat every time she is around Jonathan and he says it is just because he hurt her before. Ava hugs him one last time as Cassie walks in on them. Sandy explains it off and Cassie tells him how glad she is that he is marrying her daughter. The “apartment” Reva sent Jonathan too happens to be the bakery where Tammy is. She throws herself at Jonathan to get him out of her system “one last time” but he stops her and says he doesn’t want be the guy she goes to in the dark. Reva comes to find them and find out what happened between them and Jonathan thanks her but leaves. He talks to a picture of Richard and says that Tammy has to call this wedding off her and he hopes he is doing the right thing. Reva asks Tammy not to make a mistake with her life and Tammy assures her that she is doing the right thing by marrying Sandy.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

During a kiss, Tess emerges. She immediately wants to leave town to get away from Antonio, but Nash refuses. After a brief confrontation, they decide to stay in town, and find for themselves and their family. John revives Chris, who fills John in that he doesn’t care too much about him. Vangie and Natalie argue as usual over John, and whether or not Vangie wants him back.

Bo cannot reach Carlo on the walkie talkie to tell him that his money and helicopter has arrived .Dorian and Viki argue as usual. But this time things are different, they are doing it to get Niki Smith to emerge. The plan works all too well. Niki and Dorian fight over the cell phone, which results in a fall for Dorian. Niki leaves Dorian unconscious in the mausoleum.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

We're still waiting for word on Ethan's latest tests. Gwen is basically telling him he's as good as dead and she's going to do her best to pull the plug on him, while Theresa gets an offer from Alistair that she can't refuse, although she probably should have. He gets her in to see Ethan, saying he knows the results of the tests and it's not good. The problem is, once she's in there she starts telling him he's a goner, too, instead of trying to pep him up, and then Gwen walks in on her. It doesn't look good for Ms. Theresa. Alistair, having taken care of getting her into Ethan's room sees the Lady in White outside his window, but a search of the grounds reveals nothing. He is very upset at seeing her, but tries to convince himself it was an optical illusion. She is determined to do him in, though. Between her and Theresa it looks like Al's Christmas might not be so bright this year.

Paloma and Roberto head for the location where they are to meet their contact and pass the drugs to him/her, but seem to have walked right into a bust by Harmony P.D. Earlier, Paloma told Sheridan what Luis had told her before he left, and basically it was the same as the "Luis" ghost on the beach said. Sheridan is thrilled when Chris tells her he wants to take care of her like a man takes care of the woman he loves. Julian goes to see Liz to find out what he did that caused her to hate Eve so much and finds out he brutally raped her. After not remembering any of it he finally had a memory and tried to apologize, offering her anything she wants to make it up to her. Seems what she wants is him, as she shows by laying a deeply passionate kiss on him. Noah and Fancy laugh about the trick Fancy played on Esme, but once she realizes what Fancy did, she's out for blood. At least the two lovebirds managed to be together one last time, though.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Ashley is angry that Michael offered Tom a deal and didn’t tell her about it. “What was the point in doing all that we did if we were going to let him go free?" Michael says that he didn‘t make a deal with Tom, he says he just dangled a deal in his face to see what he could find out. Ashley’s understanding was that Tom was really dangerous but she changes her idea of him when she learns that the necklace that everyone thought Tom had was found and so Tom doesn't seem like he was trying to hurt Lauren after all. Ashley sees that more and more Tom is just a regular guy. “Michael what have we done?" Michael says that she should get a hold of herself. “We started this thing and so we have to play this out to the end.” Brad makes drinks while Victoria runs upstairs to change. He can’t help thinking about Sharon and the kiss that he shared with her earlier that day in the boardroom. Victoria soon comes down in a black, lacy camisole that leaves little to the imagination, and a pair of stretch pants. Brad loves it on her. Victoria makes all the moves. She picks up her drink, but makes sure before she kisses Brad that he is sober and doing this will all her faculties intact. She invites him to Thanksgiving dinner but he is reluctant knowing that there are people at the house that will not want to see him there. She says that if he can’t be there, then she will not be there either. She even invites Abby but Abby will be with her mother this year for that holiday. Soon they are at it hot and heavy on the couch. Victoria can’t wait any longer. “Let’s take this upstairs Bradley!" They get up and are about to make their way, but the cell phone starts ringing. Victoria begs him not to answer it but he has to. He is someone’s father. “Hello? Yes Francis that is okay… What? I will be right there.” Brad tells how Abby has a fever and he has to go. She hurries him out the door but shows her disappointment after he is gone. Victor is nearby when Jack approaches Kevin at the gym. He sees that Jack wants to talk to the boy, but Kevin ignores him for the most part. When Jack runs out to take a cell phone call in private, Victor comes up to Kevin mentioning that he noticed that Jack was just there, and that there had better not be anything funny going on between them. “By the way, where is my report on your findings about the website and what has gone on inside the computers?" Kevin says that he has been working on it. Victor says that he can see that Kevin isn’t up to the job. He says that he will be calling Paul to have him find someone who can actually do this and he will even pay double to do this. Kevin promises that he has this all under control and that Victor will have the information that he needs soon. John is home angry at the news that he has just received. Gloria comes into the house. “I have news. I have used the money for Michael and Lauren’s wedding to get Tom out of jail. He has been blackmailing me John.” John is furious. “Why didn’t you tell me?" She said that she thought that she had control of her emotions but Tom coming back to town showed her that he still controlled her. John wants to call the police but she says, ‘no’. “We can get the money back Tom from the court system.” John is finding this all very ridiculous. “I can’t even believe anything that you say anymore Gloria.” Just then Ashley comes home and hears the arguing. When Gloria tells Ashley that she came forward and told the truth to John about the money and Tom, Ashley backs her up and says that Gloria is telling the truth. John is still not pleased but he isn’t about to leave Gloria or end their marriage. “I will look after you Gloria… You and Ashley no matter what!" Tom is feeling great! He is in too good of a mood and Sheila notices. “What are you so happy about Tom? Did you sell me down the river to Michael? Don’t think that necklace is going to save you from anything. Where are you going tonight?" Tom will not answer her. This isn’t her business. She will not push then, but she can’t deny that his sudden optimistic mood might have to do with his certainty that he is going to be free, and that concerns her as that could mean her end. “When you are done with your sweet Ash, I will be here waiting for you to return Tom. I will be here for you.” After she is gone, Tom looks at the closed door sorry that he is going to have to sacrifice her freedom for his own, but “…a man just has to take care of himself sometimes… Sorry Brenda…” Tom goes over to the Abbot house later that night. He had a great idea after writing a poem for Ashley in his room earlier. He peeks in the kitchen door at the back of the Abbot house. The lights are off in there and no one is around. Tom opens the door and walks in quietly carrying a huge bouquet of yellow flowers. He tiptoes over to the counter and puts the flowers down, propping an envelope up against it. He is about to leave the house when he hears voices in the main room. He makes his way over to the doorway to hear better. John, Gloria and Ashley are arguing about him. John is angry with Gloria and he demands to know why Ashley is dating this man. “I am not really dating him. I just want him to think that so that I can keep him under control. Just the thought of him near me creeps me out!" Tom is peeking into the room and he has heard every word. He makes his way back to the kitchen in the dark. He goes over to the counter where the knives are kept. He puts his hand on the handle of one and pulls it towards him. He grips the knife in a manner one would use to stab someone and he holds the knife up near his head as if about to plunge in a downward arc. He leaves the house then and stares at the Abbots through the glass door at the front of the house. He then turns and walks down the path to the house, dropping the flowers to the side of the lawn.

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