Friday 11/18/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 11/18/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Jonathan's trial is underway. Jack tells the DA and the judge that they cannot let Jonathan get away with what he's done. Sam also asks the judge not to let Jonathan get away with killing his father. But Livia, the DA and the judge fail to give Jonathan the punishment that most people believe he deserves. Only Ryan and Erin are happy with the outcome. Right when they go outside the courtroom, somebody fires a shot, probably intended for Jonathan. Amanda talks to her mom and appears happy but is ready to do something terrible to Babe. When it looks like nobody believes that she deliberately mowed Amanda down, Amanda is ready to get revenge in another way. When Babe is going down the hospital stairs and Amanda is in her wheelchair, Babe "falls" down the stairs. JR tells Tad that he's going to invite Babe to his home for dinner and has stopped drinking. Tad is very surprised.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Henry fears that B.J. will hurt Maddie so he tries to persuade Olga to talk to B.J. and tell him that Maddie won't be a threat to him. Maddie figures out the clue Henry gave her during their last phone conversation. Paul finally realizes that he loves Emily and he proposes to her. Emily accepts Paul's marriage proposal. Iris plan to separate Will from Gwen works perfectly.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Eric wants to make love to Brooke, he pleads that he needs intimacy. He tells her to meet him in the bedroom when she's ready. Stephanie goes to the beach house where Dante tells her the divorce papers for Bridget have come. He tells her Bridget is the only one for him.

Brooke runs to the Shady Marlin to tell Nick she can't give Eric what he needs. Nick tells her to end her marriage. Brooke goes home where Eric tries to ply her with champagne to get her into bed. Stephanie pleads with Bridget to sign the divorce papers. Nick shows up trying to convince her to stay with him.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

will be late

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lulu lands at Lucky's hospital room, needing a place to stay. Liz doubts that Lulu should live with them. Luke and Tracy are relieved she's not at the Quartermaine mansion any longer, and he advises sending her to Lesley. Carly is caught climbing through the window at Roselawn. Jason comes home to Sonny's just as Lorenzo is offering his help to find him. Jax keeps a watch on Courtney's place to see how long Nik stays there. Courtney has decided to stay with Nik. Carly wants a makeover. Jason has Sam agree again to marry him. Sonny is not happy to learn that things are going on at Roselawn he does not know about. Jason's treatment begins. Carly escapes, again, turning up at Sonny's. When Lucky and Liz demur on taking in Lulu, she gets Nik to take her in, but Luke vetoes that. Jason remembers Robin. Jax finds out his marriage is over.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Jonathan tells Reva that he changed his mind and he will do nothing to stand in Tammy and Sandy’s way. She follows him to Tammy’s bachlorette party and then gives him an address of an apartment to take his mind off of things. He goes to Company and runs into Sandy’s impromptu bachelor party with Jeffrey and Josh and Sandy tells him to have a drink with them. Tammy’s bachlorette party includes many dares that she has to do to get her wild side out of her system, including a lap dance that she imagines is for Jonathan and dancing with Alan-Michael. Alan-Michael tells Marina that he thinks she enjoyed their kiss during the blackout. On her last task, breaking into the bakery and stealing a groom from atop the cake, she thinks about life with Sandy vs. Jonathan, and Jonathan walks in and finds her. Harley and Gus fight over Spaulding and Mallet to Beth’s joy. She calls Alan to tell him that they are having problems while secretly Harley and Gus celebrate that they have fooled Beth. Danny and Michelle marry again at the Bauer house with Mel and Rich and Father Ray in attendance.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Viki goes to Dorian for help in order to bring our Niki Smith to help Jessica. Vangie fills Natalie in on everything concerning John keeping it secret from her about Christian being alive. John performs surgery on Christian to remove the bullet. Adriana calls it quits with Duke which upsets him. He fills Kelly in on the breakup. Kelly offers moral support in the way of a hug which Kevin walks in on.

Natalie gets a phone call from who she thinks is John, but she soon finds out that the call is from Hayes. Bo and the F.B.I. Decide to give Carlo what he wants. Antonio and Jessica are still at Capricorn, but Antonio has to leave her for an emergency. Carlo fires a shot at Hayes which unnerves him.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fancy and Noah talk and play in the bathtub, finally working out their differences, at least for now. He told her she's not a big, fat zero, and she told him she knows who he really is. Ivy and Sam sit at Ethan's bedside, worrying about what the tests will show, if they ever get the results. Fox and Kay are there, too, and Kay tries to make nice with Ivy. Ivy, of course, pretends to be nice, all the while thinking of all the things she'd going to do to get Kay away from her baby, Fox. Sam, Kay, and Fox are all oblivious to her real feelings. Fox takes Kay to the wharf for some fresh air, and when he goes to get them coffee, the Passions Red lady strikes up a conversation with Kay. She knows who Kay is, and Fox, too, and she can tell they are in love. She gives Kay a word of warning, while Kay wonders why she feels as if she should know her.

Sheridan confuses Chris with Luis, thinking Luis had come back and laying a passionate kiss of joy on Chris. She is upset when she sees it's not Luis. She explains what happened to Chris and what Luis told her, and he agrees with what Luis said. He offers to go pick up where Luis left off in Morocco looking for Marty, but Sheridan tells him she can't stand to be without him. The girl turns on a dime, I tell you. Tabitha and Endora continue to watch all the goings on through the water bowl, and Tabitha seems to feel bad for Kay and for Ethan, too, but she still figures it's what they get for being Muggles. She wonders why Kay doesn't use her powers to get Ivy out of her way. Finally, Tabby sees someone who has returned to Harmony, and wonders what certain people will say when their presence becomes known.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

John is hard at work when the telephone rings. It is Stan, his accountant. "Your wife did pad the bills. She has been spending fast and loose with your money John!" Sheila has Scott at her place. She pries information out of Scott and learns that Tom is off the hook now. The necklace has been found. Sheila also learns that Brenda was a suspect as well as Jennifer Mitchell. At the sound of Jennifer’s name, Sheila says that she did in fact meet that woman. Water under the bridge now. Sheila will be returning to Toronto she says. "I have things that I have to take care of there." Scott understands and says that he has a card for her that he would like to give her the next day. "It is a Thanksgiving card." Brad and Sharon get a visit in the boardroom very soon after their kiss. At first they think that Victoria knows that they had gotten too close, but then they realize that she doesn't know anything. After Sharon leaves Brad suggests going out for some champagne to celebrate their launch, but Victoria has a better idea. "Let’s go to my place," she suggests. Brad likes that idea. Kevin has been hiding in the closet the whole time. He knows that Nick and Phyllis are at Newman and that she did in fact do something. She has changed what she did to make things right again and Nick is pleased. He hears them agreeing to go for a drink now that things are right in the Newman world again. Tom has returned to the Motor Arms. He is going to give Brenda up as the one that poisoned Lauren and it has to be that way. He enters Sheila’s room happy as punch and she knows why he is happy. "You sold me down the river didn’t you Tom?"

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