Thursday 11/17/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 11/17/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Ryan tells Greenlee that he wants to get back what they had. She tells him that she has some real trust issues with him and knows that their respective families will be in conflict if they get back together. HE tells her he is getting therapy and working on changing and wants to be there for the baby. Hearing that, she is happy. Kendall, however, is having a real dilemma involving Zach. She wants to believe, and have him believe, that she does not have feelings for him. But he offers to divorce her out of courtesy for her. And she is not happy. Janet comes to see Babe and Krystal, to tell them that she won't let them hurt her daughter. But Jamie informs JR that Amanda is falsely accusing Babe of trying to kill her. Hearing that, JR tells Amanda if she does anything to hurt Babe she will be sorry.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lily tells Holden and Lucinda she is marrying Keith but Holden won't give Lily up without a fight. Holden is determined to discover the real reason why Lily has suddenly decided to marry Keith. Gwen and Carly take a step closer to becoming a family. Emily realizes that Paul is still in love with Rosanna so she walks out on him. Will and Gwen make plans to move in together after her 90 days are up with Iris. Iris gets sick because she poisoned herself in order to blame Will for the crime.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Thorn tells Stephanie how pleased he is to be back at Forrester and running it. Nick continues to talk to Bridget about getting back together. Dante implores her to stay with him.

Eric and Ridge face off over Destiny Designs. Eric sees what a sham his marriage is. Brooke tries to fix it with intimacy.

Days Recap Written by Suzanne

Jack plans a romantic evening with Jennifer and prepares to take an overdose of pills afterwards. They eat, dance, and make love.  Sophie tells Lucas that Lulu is famous in the tabloids for marrying rich men and then divorcing them, so he uses it to blackmail Lulu into helping him. He wants her to convince her fiance, Dr. Schnitzel, to give Titan back the campaign.  Austin blindfolds Sami and brings her to a place that he wants to buy for their offices. Nicole shows up because she found it. Sami is dismayed to learn that it's Brandon's old apartment. After much debate, Austin agrees with Nicole that they should take the place.

John informs Marlena, Alex and Kate that he couldn't find any information about Alex and Marlena's divorce on the internet, so Alex must be lying about them being married. Alex shocks them all by saying they never got a divorce. He tells them that he was asked to do special ops for the government right after they got married, and his plane was shot down, so he was presumed dead. He learned that Marlena had hysterical amnesia about it and then moved on with Roman and had children, so he regretfully disappeared and let her get on with her life. Marlena realizes that she was never legally married to Roman or John because she and Alex never divorced.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sonny and Emily are overjoyed to see Jason, who brings them up to speed about Carly. Carly puts her plan in motion and later ends up at Sonny's. Sam convinces Jason to begin Robin's treatments. Jason has a dream involving Robin.

Skye and Dillon urge Luke to be a father to Lulu. Lucky and Elizabeth can't allow Lulu to live with them. Courtney makes a decision about her future.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Gus “accidentally” brings Mallet to where Harley and Dinah are having a business dinner. Harley accuses Gus of trying to set Dinah and Mallet up so that it gets Mallet out of her life and swears that she is over Mallet. Dinah assures Gus that she is on his side and will help Harley any way that she can. Gus walks in as Harley tells Mallet that she hates seeing him with anyone else. Beth calls Alan and warns him that Harley has a “pit bull” watching her back in Dinah. Alan-Michael interrupts and starts hitting on Beth, she wants to know why he keeps hitting on her. Frank takes Marina out to dinner to take her mind off of Danny, but when they arrive, they walk in on Danny and Michelle kissing. Marina says she doesn’t want a scene but Frank wants to talk to Danny alone. Danny apologizes for hurting Marina and Frank tells him he doesn’t want Danny to have any contact with Marina at all. Frank has to leave and Marina asks Alan-Michael to buy her a beer. Michelle wants to introduce Danny to Alan-Michael but they decide to just leave when they see him with Marina, and Danny tells Michelle he has a surprise for her the next day. Ava catches Jonathan spying on Sandy and Tammy at the new house and asks him to leave with her. He refuses and then looks as if he is going to destroy the house but imagines that Tammy came back for him, telling him that he is what she wants, not the “too sweet” life with Sandy. Later Ava asks him if he did anything to Sandy and he tells her she should stay away from the wedding. She tells him that she is going as his date.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

The seige at the prison continues. John manages to shield Chris’ body with his own to protect him from any more gunshots. John manages to get Chris back inside the building to help get the bleeding stopped. Blair and Todd discuss what else had happened to Margaret, and his unborn child.

Antonio and Jessica go to Capricorn for a Telethon to aid the victims of AIDS in Africa. To their surprise Nash is there. Dr. Jamison hypnotizes Viki, but cannot manage to bring out Niki Smith. Natalie finds out from Evangeline that John Doe is really Christian Vega, and that John had known about it since the day of John Doe’s trial.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa is still trying to find someone - anyone - who will help her stop Gwen from "killing" Ethan. She interrupts Alistair's seduction of one of his brainless maids to beg him for help, and she can't believe her luck when he calls the hospital to intercede. Turns out, though, that he told the administrator to make sure every part of Ethan's living will is carried out to the letter, and he just can't help rubbing his deceit in. As the show ends, he leaves her and us with the unmistakable dare-in-a-disguise of "Everyone wants to kill me but no one is strong enough to do it." I really don't think dangling that dare in Theresa's face is the right move, Al. Fancy fumes at Noah running a bubble bath for Esme, then joining her in the bathroom as she soaks in the tub, eating strawberries, drinking champagne, and prattling on about her mama's boy lover who won't marry her without Mommy's consent. Fancy takes matters into her own hands by calling Esme, pretending to be her stuttering lover, and telling her Mama met a tragic death and he wants to marry her. She leaves lickity split, and once Noah takes advantage of the empty bubble bath, she joins him.

Sheridan is whining about how no one loves her when she sees a figure in the mist, and it turns out to be Luis. Maybe. Anyway, he tells her he loves her, he knows she loves him, it's not her fault he died, and it's time to move on with someone else. Pretty convenient for Chris, I'd say. Luis leaves, fading into the fog, and Sheridan bursts into tears, until it seems like Luis has come back to her.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis hasn’t been cooperating but Jack hopes that Kevin will. “How have things been going with my family and you lately Kevin? I know that you have been having trouble getting along with my family and I can change all that for you if you want to take advantage of a great opportunity.” Kevin is listening now. Jack says that he wants Kevin to tell him and not Victor if he finds out what Phyllis did to the computer. Kevin knows that this sort of thing is illegal but is seduced by the idea of Jack bringing him into the bosom of the family and paving the way for him to get along better with John and Ashley. Jack tells him that if he doesn’t do this he will have an enemy for a stepbrother from that point on. “You are really twisting my arm here Jack.” He knows that. He tells Kevin that Phyllis mentioned, ‘binary shell code’ before. “Do you know what that is?" Kevin will find out. Later when he gets his hands on a computer, he heads to an IT message board to talk to others who may be able to help him figure this thing out. Phyllis has her meeting with Nick at the Athletic Club. She tells him that when she said before that she didn’t do anything to the Newman computers she wasn’t exactly telling the truth. “I put something there that doesn’t do any harm, but it allows me to go back into the system whenever I want, from any computer. I only did it spontaneously without thinking. It could only cause a problem if I tell it to. What I want to do is go over to Newman with you and put things right. When I saw how full of hate Jack has been getting toward Newman, I knew that this was really wrong.” Nick feels slighted. He sees now that his sister and father were right about him having been a fool. She says that she actually did the same thing that he did. “I didn’t have to come to you now and tell you what I did, but I did it because it was the right thing and I wanted you to know that you can trust me. This is just like when you came to court with Cassie’s clothes and freed my son from prison. You didn’t have to do that but you did because it was the right thing.” Nick sees that they are never really going to agree on what it was that Phyllis was intending to do when she went into the computer and did what she did, but what he does know is that someone is going to find out what she did, and soon. She is sure that no one will find out. “They are using Kevin to try to catch me. Trust me, he will never find what I did in there. He doesn’t know computers like I do.” Nick makes a decision. “Okay Phyllis. Come with me and let’s go to Newman so that you can fix what you did to the computer.” Sheila is in Tom’s room. Now that Paul and Michael have left, she takes advantage of Tom’s empty room so that she can search it and see where that bastard has hid the necklace that he keeps threatening her with. She tears the room apart but finds nothing. Suddenly, she sees some odd color things on the floor. “Dead cockroaches? Why would there be dead cockroaches just lying like that on the carpet?" Sheila goes over to the dead insects and slowly peers under the bed. She sees something and she reaches underneath the bed to get it. “Yes!" She opens the Kleenex and sees the necklace inside. “Can’t celebrate right now. I have to clean this place up and get out of here.” Sheila cleans up the room and then returns to her own with the necklace. She gets her facemask and the gloves that she used before and she mixes her brew of poison at the table. She drops the necklace in a bowl of the mixture and then gets a toothbrush to really rub it in good making sure that every link is covered with the solution. Once she is finished, she cleans up her materials for safety, puts the poison wrapped in a napkin in her purse, and then pops the fake dentures in her mouth to complete her look as Jennifer. She then peers into the hall to make sure that it is clear before rushing out into the hallway on her mission. Later she returns to her room, walking slowly, and relaxed. “Sorry Tom. Some toys are just too dangerous to play with.” Scott and his mother are alone at the apartment and Lauren was trying to get the story out about the ‘evil’ woman who she had met before Scott was born and how someone had tried to kill her way back when. Lauren says a couple of things but then can’t continue. This is too hard for her. “Look honey, I tell you what. The next time that you need a really good story, I will tell you all about this, but not now okay?" Scott’s hopes are dashed. He really wanted hear the story of his mother’s past, but remains patient and respectful of her wishes. Lauren fixes them something to eat and then the telephone rings. Scott is closer to the telephone and so he goes to answer it. “Mom it is for you.” Lauren takes the receiver from him. “Yes? What? Where? Thank you.” She gets off the telephone and turns to her son. “They found my necklace. This is strange. That means that Tom didn’t steal it after all.” Scott feels that this is really important and tells his mother that they have to call Michael and tell him the news, but Lauren wants to get her wits about her first before riling him up. Tom is being offered the deal of a lifetime. “You give Paul and I the necklace and the name of the person who tried to kill Lauren and we will make sure that the charges against you disappear," Michael promises. Tom needs to know how Michael can magically free him from his troubles. Michael points to Paul saying that he has friends downtown who owe him favors, and it wouldn’t be hard to make sure that certain bags of ‘this and that’ disappear from the appropriate evidence room if necessary. “Would you really do that Paul," Tom asks. Paul nods confirming what Michael just told him. Tom at first says that he will work with them offering to give up the necklace and the name later. Michael can’t make that deal. “I need everything now or we walk and you roll the dice in court and hope for the best.” Michael and Paul turn to walk out the door, but Tom calls out to them. “Okay, I will tell you the name of the attempted killer, and give you the poisoned necklace," Tom says. Michael waits impatiently. “Come on Tom. What is the name?" Sharon finally gets to do her web cast. She is doing great until the callers turn the discussion from the beauty products to her dead daughter. They are not mean to her. They express sympathy but it confuses Sharon and changes her focus. Brad rushes to the front and takes over while Sharon moves out of the way of the camera. Later when alone in the boardroom, Sharon breaks down. She worries that the fans think that she is a fake and is only there as spokes model because she is married to the boss’s son, and she feels that she should have been more professional when Cassie was brought into the picture. “What did I think that I was doing going for this job? It takes people years to learn how to do a thing like this. I am over my head with this Brad.” She starts to cry. He stops her and tells her that she is not a fake. “You are the real thing Sharon Newman and everyone knows that.” As they stare into each other’s eyes, something changes. He moves forward, she lets him and then they are kissing.

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