Wednesday 11/16/05 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Kendall tells Greenlee that the "secret" she's been keeping from her is that she loves Zach but knows he does not love her back. Ryan goes to talk to Jonathan in his jail cell and asks him if he set the fire to the bar to kill Kendall and Greenlee. Jonathan says he did not. But Zach does not buy that and goes to physically attack Jonathan, afraid that he did it and will get away with it. Babe makes JR believe that she is still in love with him and gets him to confirm that he might really still be in love with her. He then goes to ask Jamie if he believes that she is in love with JR or just scamming. Janet comes to see Amanda in her hospital room and reveals that she taught her daughter all of her crazy behaviors. She tells her daughter that she will help her "scam" Jamie and hurt Babe in order to get him to marry her, although Amanda tells her that they must realize that it's pointless.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Emily files the papers for her divorce from Hal and doesn’t get the reaction she was hoping for at first with Paul. Tom is worried about Daniel’s reaction to Emily’s unstable life. Emily breaks down worried about losing her son. She should be providing a solid life for her son as she gives getting married as an example… Paul takes the bait and tells her ‘romantically’, sure, why not! Lucinda offers her guesthouse for Meg to move in with Dusty. Emma is not happy about this quick turn around in how serious Dusty and Meg now are. Meg asks if Dusty wants to move in to Lucinda’s guesthouse, and after some discussion they decide to do it. Will makes sure that Iris can’t get her hands on Billy’s trust fund. Later, Iris and Barbara meet to figure out a way to keep Will and Gwen away from one another. Will catches them (which was the plan) and a fight ensues with both and he ends up threatening Iris (which was the plan) in front of witnesses. Later, Iris unbelievably pours the poison into her own juice and drinks it! Keith continues to pressure Lily into wearing his ring and telling people the truth, but she is worried about the effect the news will have on Luke. What if she breaks her promise to Keith though and Luke is punished for it? Lucinda spies Keith hugging Lily and calls Holden. Holden confronts Keith, but Lily steps in between them and tells him she has to tell him the truth – she and Keith are back together.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Days Recap Written by Suzanne

Mimi questions Belle about whether Belle still loves Shawn or not, so Mimi can go after him. Belle never quite completely answers her honestly. She does tell Phillip, when he comes home and finds them arguing, that while part of her will always love Shawn, she loves and is committed to Phillip and Claire. However, she admits later to Mimi that she doesn't love them whole-heartedly the way she thought she would love her husband and baby. Meanwhile, John tells Marlena that he doesn't think she would have fallen for someone like Alex; he doesn't believe that her memories about being married to him are real. Marlena thinks they are, and even Kate has her doubts. John goes on the internet to see if he can find evidence against Alex. Alex tells Marlena that she should look at their photo album to jog her memory.

At Chez Rouge, Mickey takes over as bartender, much to Maggie's surprise. Sami and Austin celebrate their business win. Nicole has drinks with Roman and they enjoy each other's company, but things are a little edgy between them as well. They share a pitcher of Cosmopolitans. Roman, feeling down about Marlena, is surprised that he likes that drink (which Mickey puts too much alcohol in). Nicole takes pleasure in letting Sami know that she is sharing drinks with her dad. Lucas sulks about his business loss, but Maggie gives him a pep talk. Sophie arrives and further boosts his spirits, but Sami can't resist gloating over her win.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Courtney's baby is fine, but the mother is sad. She's decided to do the right thing and break up with Nik for the child's sake. Jax wants to take her home with him. The search for Jason continues. Emily faints and is taken to the hospital. When she hears the autopsy report on Reese, she blames herself for letting her die. Carly realizes she was never happier than when with Sonny. Luke volunteers to go into the mountain to save Jason. Justus goes with him. However, the bomb does not do what they hoped. The hospital payment office suggests Lucky should go to the charity hospital. Carly goes after Jason and finds him.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Coop decides that since Buzz is always looking out for his family and helped him with his love life that he is going to return the favor. He tells Buzz to ask Olivia to Tammy and Sandy’s wedding, and while working up the nerve to do so thinks, Olivia is thinking the same thing. She really wants to know if she should ask Josh though. Tammy wonders why Ava knows so much about Sandy and she covers. Lizzie decides to throw Tammy a bachlorette party, which Sandy tells Ava not to attend, Lizzie insists though. Sandy and Tammy look at the house that Jonathan wants to buy for Tammy. Jonathan tells Reva that something bad will happen if people stand in the way of him and Tammy getting together. Josh calls San Cristobel and tries to find out if Jeffrey has ever been there but after talking with Jeffrey he hangs up. Cassie thinks about Richard and tells Jeffrey that she thinks they would have liked each other. They invite Reva for Thanksgiving and when Cassie wants to invite Jonathan, Reva says it may not be a good idea.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

The siege at Statesville Prison continues. Christian gains the upper hand on Carlo, and forces him outside in front of everyone. Snipers are located everywhere. A shot is fired, and Chris falls to the ground. John watches in horror. Vangie spills the beans that John Doe is really Christian Vega. David fills Spencer in that Dorian knows all about the secret. Spencer still has something that he is holding over David’s head to make him do as he asks. Dorian enlists Asa help to bring down Spencer Truman.

Viki visits Todd, and wants to know what he is hiding, but he refuses to divulge any information. Blair visits him and wants to know what else he is hiding about Margaret.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Beth is back! Well, she was back today anyway. She called and left a message for Sheridan with Roberto and the B&B, but when he told her She was on a date with another guy and he has a son, she hit the roof. She called the Seascape and got Sheridan on the line, then berated her for moving on from Luis and Marty so quickly, picking up a new man and a new little boy way too quickly. Sheridan was upset, of course, since the truth hurts. Chris supposedly had the FBI try to trace the call, but it didn't last long enough, according to him. Fancy and Noah dance, and she is very affected by it, but he goes back to his "official" face, angering her more, and she storms out of the restaurant. Roberto and Paloma play spin the bottle, but once he lets her know a woman belongs pregnant and in the kitchen in his book, she storms out after telling him she is getting a career first, then later maybe she'll marry. By the end, however, they apologized to each other and moved on.

Julian paid a visit to Ethan's bedside today, and regretted he hadn't spent more time with him when he thought he was his son. Gwen shows up with the Living Will, and Theresa arrives shortly after with Sam and Ivy in tow to stop her from using it to kill Ethan. Later, when Gwen sees her snuggling Ethan, she goes ballistic and calls security to take her away, and although Theresa begs everyone in the room to help her, they can do nothing since Gwen is Ethan's wife and has the say-so. Theresa is carted out, screaming that they not let Gwen kill him. When Julian leaves the hospital he heads to the Blue Note, where Liz hits him with the news that she can't have children and it's his fault, although he remembers none of it so far.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Tom comes running into his room and he closes the door carefully behind him. He rushes to his bed and gets on the floor beside the bed reaching deep underneath it. He pulls out a small ball of Kleenex and unfurls it carefully, smiling when he sees the gem inside. “I sure do hope that I am not going to have to use this…” He wraps the necklace back up in the Kleenex and reaches deep, deep under the bed where it is dark to hide the necklace again. Jack goes for coffee and ends up getting an eyeful instead. When he walks into the coffeehouse he hears shouting and sees Phyllis letting Paul and Kevin have it! She is angry as she thinks that Kevin has been working against her trying to get information about what she did or didn’t do to the Newman computers. She accuses Paul of investigating her for Newman’s benefit as well. She is very suspicious of them and what they may or may not be doing to her. Soon enough Paul gets a call and has to leave, and Kevin gets back to work. Jack comes over to Phyllis smiling and asks her to tell him what she did. She denies again that she did anything. Jack pushes and pushes knowing that Paul, Victor and Kevin wouldn’t all be on her tail unless there was reason to be. Finally, Phyllis says that she did do something harmless but she can’t bother to explain it to him as he wouldn't know what she was talking about anyway. “What did you do Phyllis," Jack asks again. She says that she did something but it won’t cause a problem unless she tells it to.” Nikki and Victoria are in the office. Victoria smiles. Nikki asks her what is so funny. Victor tells that she just spoke to Sharon and she is really going to be something to deal with when she becomes rich and famous. “Poor Nick," she says. “He isn’t even here to watch her web cast.” Lauren sits in her living room alone thinking about the past. She remembers how she finally was able to talk to Michael about her son and her past with Sheila. She was worried at the time that she was making excuses for sending Scott away when she might have really just wanted to have a life without having to raise a kid. Scott comes into the room and finds his mother in deep thought. She tells him that she had been thinking about the past. He would like to know about her past. That is one thing that they never talk about. She agrees to tell him about the past now. She starts. She tells him that if Michael finds out that she has someone trying to kill her now, it will not have been the first time. Sheila is in her room after having come back from her one-day trip out of town. She hasn’t had time to take off her disguise yet. She is thinking about her conversation with Tom earlier where he came up with the ridiculous idea of trading the necklace for his freedom from prison. Sheila knows that will never work. Still he threatened her as he usually does and he ordered her to get Michael off his back and to find a way to drop these charges. BANG! BANG! BANG! Sheila hears noises in the hallway. She opens her door and looks straight across the hall seeing Michael pounding on the door and Paul standing beside him. She is dressed as Jennifer so she doesn't fear being recognized as the infamous Sheila. Michael starts rushing to her door and she tries to close it, but not before Michael gets his body in the way and holds the door open. He tells her what he thinks of Tom and how he believes that she is his sidekick in everything that he has done. Jennifer denies everything and curses the day that she laid eyes on Tom. She slams the door in Michael’s face. Once safely inside the room, Sheila sees that Tom is becoming too much of a liability for her to deal with. Later, after Paul and Michael leave the hallway, Sheila sneaks out of her room with black gloves on and scuttles across the hall to Tom’s room. Luckily, she has a card key to his room and she uses it to gain entrance. When she gets inside she asks herself where a bastard like Tom would hide a necklace that could probably save his life. She starts searching the room’s every nook and cranny.

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