Tuesday 11/15/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 11/15/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Jack tells Ryan, Livia and the DA that they can no longer make excuses for Jonathan. Aiden tells the same to Erin. Jack suspects Jonathan of setting fire to the bar the night to kill Kendall and Greenlee. Lily goes to see Jonathan in jail. He's nice to her but she is not certain whether to trust him or not. Ryan goes to ask his brother if he set the fire. But there is another suspect. Jamie finds out that Amanda falsely accused Babe of mowing her down and threatening her. And he believes that she set the fire at the bar to kill Babe.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Carly and Jack worry about Carly’s impending trial and how the only one who can help is Gwen. Jack thinks Carly should work to build a relationship with her. Later, Carly invites Gwen, Will and Billy to lunch. Gwen is unmoved at first thinking Carly just wants to guilt her into not testifying, but later Carly and Gwen seem to get closer as they talk about the baby and some concerns Gwen has. Iris steals Will’s credit card and uses it to buy the same poison he purchased when he poisoned Rose’s mouthwash. Will inadvertently signs for the package, which pleases Iris to no end. Katie arrives home early from her press trip hoping for some romance with Mike, but they are interrupted when Maddie wants their help. She is fearful that BJ has done something bad to Henry. Mike is not convinced, but Katie is more concerned. They end up calling Jack who lets them know that he approached Henry to do undercover work for the FBI, who are interested in Byron/BJ, but he turned him down. Katie offers herself as bait to catch BJ, but Mike won’t let her do it. A mysterious person armed with a gun watches as Mike, Katie and Jack talk. BJ continues keeping Henry under lock and key in his wine cellar. He even gleefully shows Henry a toy he created which is a hologram of Katie, that leaves them both drooling when the illusion tells them what they want to hear. Henry wants him to promise that he won’t harm a hair on Mike’s head. BJ promises that, but there is something cold and calculating in his voice.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Massimo presents Stephanie with a contract asking her to sign total control of Forrester over to Ridge. Ridge has his own agenda by cooking up a plan with Brooke, Destiny Design. Thinking Stephanie will beg him to come back vs working with Brooke.

Nick tells Jackie he's going to get his wife back. Bridget comes home from a long night at the hospital to a lovely breakfast prepared by a shirtless Dante. Dante sends her to bed and Nick shows up to find out Dante is living with Bridget.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mimi and Belle argue over whether Belle still has feelings for Shawn. Lucas, Billie, Sami, Austin, Nicole, and Eugenia eavesdrop on Lulu and Hans spending their decision time in Lucas’ office making love. Lulu and Hans declare that they have been swayed by Sami’s claims of being a better company because they are new and give Austin’s company the account. Nicole stands in shock as Austin showers Sami with his affection and Lucas gathers his colleagues to declare war on Austin’s company. John and Roman refuse to believe that the papers proving Alex and Marlena were once married are legit. Alex describes to Marlena the events that led up to their marriage and hints at a child they shared that is now gone. John and Roman attempt to throw Alex out but Marlena calls him back after declaring that she remembers their love.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sonny, Jason and Sam mistakenly assume that Carly is still hiding in the tunnels. Jason and Sam work on defusing the bombs. Georgie and Dillon find the detonator Manny dropped but don't realize what it is. Sonny watches helplessly as Reese's hand falls on the detonator. Sam is horrified to see the tunnel where Jason is engulfed in an explosion. Emily blames herself for Reese.

Manny escapes from the hospital. Alcazar warns Carly that she will never heal completely until she breaks her unhealthy attachment to Sonny. Carly dismisses Alcazar at first but later realizes she lost her sanity over Sonny. Courtney and Jax care for Molly until the baby is reunited with Ric and Alexis. Alexis and Ric enjoy their family. Courtney softens towards Jax.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Lizzie thinking Coop doesn’t want to be with her starts to leave the dance but is stopped by Quinn. Coop is told by his friend who helped get him the tickets that he needs to start washing dishes to pay for the help he got to get Lizzie to the dance, which is why he blew her off in the first place, embarrassed by his lack of money. Lizzie and Coop run into each other thinking the other has left and promise to tell each other the whole truth from now on. Buzz talks to Ava about opening his new place CO2, Sandy and Tammy’s wedding, and Olivia. Later he goes to Towers to help Coop out. Jonathan tells Reva that he is her “real” son and if she loves him she will help him, she goes to Sandy and asks if he really thinks that he is making the right decision and offers him an “escape route”. He refuses her help and Jonathan comes across this and thinks Reva is taking Sandy’s side against him yet again. After Reva’s talk about what Tammy needs, Jonathan puts money down on a house. Tammy asks Ava’s help in picking out a wedding present for Sandy, which leads to her slipping that she knows him better than anyone thinks.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

David begs Dorian to let him explain as to why he had left her at the altar. Dorian listens to him, and pretends as though she understands. In the end, she throws him out for humiliating her so badly in front of everyone. Viki decides to go through with her plan to release Niki Smith in order to help Jessica. Amidst protests from Kevin, Jessica talks to Nash about Tess. She makes him promise that if Tess emerges that he will not allow her to sway him into running off with her.

Evangeline and Natalie find out about the incident at Statesville. When neither one can find John, they head for the prison. John and Christian are still locked up in the Warden’s office. Christian tries to leave, but John talks him out of it. When John thinks that he has Christian calm down, Chris slugs him, and leaves him in the office.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

The cartoon ended today, sort of. As Lady Kay was falling to her certain death, and Fox was trying to decide whether to kill Ivydragon or believe she did it to save him, the cartoon stopped and each person reappeared in Tabitha's living room one at a time. Fox was worried about Kay, and confused about what had happened, but Tabitha and Kay managed to convince him he'd been reading the story to Endora when he fell asleep and dreamed himself into the story. It finally worked, and he decided maybe he shouldn't be reading stories any more. Ivy called and asked him and Kay to come over to Sam's house. She and Sam had been talking about their engagement and decided to tell them about it, too. Sam reminded her that he would be there for her kids, and she will be there for his, including Kay, and although she seems uncertain, she does agree to bury the hatchet with Kay and even tells Fox not to believe Kay was the one who ruined the Singapore project.

Theresa tried to talk Gwen out of pulling the plug on Ethan, and it seems like she might actually be considering it for a while, but she ended up telling Theresa she has to do what Ethan wanted, and once she does, Theresa will be the murderer, not her. Theresa runs to Sam and Ivy for help. Sheridan and Chris go out on their dinner date and run into Fancy, Esme, and Noah. Sheridan asks why Noah is dancing with Fancy and tells her niece she needs to think about what she's doing and why. Meanwhile, at the B&B, Roberto and Paloma worry about the phone call about the drugs as they baby-sit James, and Roberto takes a message for Sheridan - from Beth!

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Scott gets an earful. According to his mother and her fiancé, Brenda is somehow involved with this Jennifer person. Scott says that isn’t possible. “You don’t know her mom. She is a loner and has no friends here. Lauren lets on that she was in room 311 at the Motor Arms and Jennifer came in there saying that she was staying down the hall and that she knew Brenda and she would be very upset to find her there. Scott is confused. He knows that the room across from Brenda’s room hasn’t been occupied the whole time that Brenda has been staying there. Michael and Lauren tell Scott that the reason that this is so important is because they suspect that Jennifer poisoned Lauren. Scott still doesn’t understand. “She is a friend of Tom’s and now we find out that she had contact with Brenda. We think that she poisoned the necklace that you gave me before you gave it to me. Scott try and remember. After you bought the necklace, were you always in possession of it or was it missing at any time?" Scott turns to his mother flabbergasted. “Oh my God!" Paul and Ashley finally meet at the Athletic Club for a breakfast date. She says that she can’t wait for this thing with Tom to end. “He keeps popping up everywhere I am. Last night he showed up at the house with a present for Abby. He gives me the creeps” Paul tells that he bumped into Tom as well the night before. “He was telling me that he was not guilty, and I have to tell you Ashley that what he said had a ring of truth to it.” Paul gives his reasons why he believes that Tom might be innocent. “He had no reason to be carrying drugs on the bike the night of your date.” “Someone had to have tipped the cops off for them to go right to a parked motorbike to find the drugs. He wasn’t even driving.” “Also, Ashley someone caught with that much paraphernalia and chemicals is usually connected to something bigger and more worth the cops time and that idea of flipping Tom for something bigger just never materialized.” Ashley can’t stand this anymore. “I have been lying to you. I did it Paul. I set Tom up.” Paul is not happy to hear Ashley’s confession but he will be there for her and help her get out of this unscathed. She thanks him for understanding. Kevin is feeling the heat. Victor came into the boardroom that morning and found Kevin sleeping with his head on the table in the boardroom. After waking him up, Kevin reports that so far, he has found nothing wrong with the computer systems. He will keep trying though. Victor suggests that if the job is out of his league, he should just say so and Victor will find someone else to take care of this. Kevin assures Victor that he can handle it. Kevin leaves for a while to go and get some coffee before continuing his work. While at the coffeehouse, Kevin finds Daniel there. Phyllis overhears when Kevin asks him about his mother’s computer skills. Daniel finds it funny that Kevin will not tell him exactly what he is working on and he finds it really funny that Kevin is so interested in his mother’s computer skills. “I find that interesting too," Phyllis says from behind Kevin. After Daniel has headed off to school, Phyllis says that she will help Kevin. “What do you want to know?" He says that he has been working with html codes and things are just not working out. “Well all that I know about them Phyllis is that there is a lot to remember and that you can hide things in the programming. Do you know anything about that?" Phyllis immediately gets suspicious and asks Kevin exactly what it is that he is working on. He says that he is making a website for the coffeehouse. She moves to one of the computers so that he can show her what he has been doing, but he says that he can’ t show her anything. “I have been working on the site at home… Offline…” Now she knows that she is being played for a fool. Phyllis hops on the cell phone and stomps out to the patio. “Victor what are you doing? Do you have a private detective on my tail, trying to catch me doing something wrong?" Victor tells her that if she were in his shoes she would be doing the same thing. “No worries though Phyllis. You said that you didn’t do anything wrong, so there really shouldn’t be anything to worry about should there?" Sharon is alone with Abby in the boardroom. Abby has come into the office to spend the day with her dad. Abby is so glad to see Sharon there and they hug. Nikki is in the building and she has just come from seeing Victoria in the office. Nikki listens in quietly when she sees that Sharon is alone with Abby. Abby tells Sharon that she doesn’t like Victoria. Sharon tells her that is okay. “Sometimes people who don’t like each other just stay apart," Sharon says. Abby rushes off to meet with her dad. When Nikki sees the way is clear, she rushes up to Sharon. “Oh my God Sharon! It is true what Victoria said about you. You are turning Abby against her!"

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