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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Kendall reveals that she and Dr. Madden know a secret about what happened the night when she conceived. And it has something to do with the fact that Ryan's frozen donations may have defrosted from the power outage at the lab. Greenlee asks her why she never heard about the power outage. And Kendall does not answer. Josh seems to know something about that secret also. And there is also a secret about how he was conceived. Derek asks Babe to voluntarily go to the station and talk privately about the accident that happened to Amanda. She tells him she could do that. But JR and Adam tell Derek he cannot "harass" her. Derek seems to know the reason for that must be that they are afraid that she will tell the truth if she talks to him alone. Jack finds out that Ryan saved Kendall and Greenlee's life and rescued them from a fire recently. But he asks how the fire started in the first place and concludes that a space heater caused it very similarly to the way Jonathan caused the fire at Wildwind. Livia has Jonathan talk to the DA. Jonathan tells him his history with his family. And the DA announces to Jack, Erica and Ryan that he has made a decision about Jonathan.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

A frisky Dusty and Meg run into Jen and Paul at the Fashion Awards at the Lakeview, where Dusty has just referred to a thrilled Meg as his girlfriend. Things continue to be strained between Dusty and Jen, but things go from strange to electric when they get stuck in an elevator. Maddie and Casey end up in a lip lock to throw BJ off their scent. Maddie demands answers from BJ though…. causing a potential problem with Henry’s disappearance. Henry comes face to face with a Swedish beauty enforcer. Later, BJ forces Henry to make a call to Maddie claiming he is in California. Lily pleads with Keith to let her out of her promise to marry him if he gets Luke a kidney. Keith won’t back down, and even produces an engagement ring for Lily to try on.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Taylor and Hector are still talking in Taylor's bedroom. Taylor admits she has feelings but is very married. Ridge comes home and Hector leaves down the back stairs. Taylor admits Hector was there. Ridge tells Taylor he hasn't been a good husband and vows to make it up to her as he can't lose her again.

Bridget thinks they are turning the tables on her to make it appear she has a problem. Nick tries to give her ring back. Her dad tells her that her wanting to be someone's only love is unrealistic.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mimi questions Belle about her feelings against her and Shawn’s budding relationship but Belle claims to be fine with it. Belle slips up while looking at a picture of Claire by claiming that she looks like her dad Shawn. Billie teams up with Lucas for the pitch presentation, both of which are held at Titan. Eugenia and Lucas listen in on Nicole and Austin’s pitch presentation before going in to do theirs. Austin stops Nicole from doing the same to Lucas and Billie. Dr. Schnitzel decides to go with Titan but before he can sign the papers, Sami bursts in having met Dr. Schnitzel’s fiancé, Lulu Weiner, in the park. Marlena shows Kate, Roman, and John the papers Alex gave her that show photos from Marlena and Alex’s wedding. Marlena announces that she chooses Alex.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lorenzo and Carly have a heart to heart about her fears and problems. He tells her that her dependence on Sonny is unhealthy. Ric asks Alexis to admit to loving him. Robin's grazed by a bullet. Emily is concerned over Reese's health and gets Jason to take his meds. Rescue teams get near. Robin and Mac are reunited. Manny is arrested. Alexis admits she loves Ric, but is insecure. Reese hopes Carly will forgive her. Jason and Sam find a bomb Manny set that could cave in the mountain.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Lizzie gets complimented on her dress from Coop and Buzz as they head for the event at Towers. Marina is going also but on security detail. Once they get to the dance though, Coop admits he didn’t have the money to get the tickets but a friend of his set up a table outside just for them. Lizzie is disappointed but when Quinn invites her to come inside with him she tells him she is perfectly happy with Coop and lets Coop know that when he comes back outside. Quinn hits on Marina but she turns him down. Mel and Rick decide that no matter if it is their business or not they need to let Danny and Michelle know that they belong together. They take a video of their wedding to Danny’s apartment and are surprised and happy to find Michelle there and think that their talk is what helped in reuniting them. Josh asks Olivia about her time in San Cristobel and if she ever met Jeffrey before Springfield. She says that she thinks that she or anyone else from San Cristobel would have noticed someone that looked exactly like the prince on the island. Tammy admits to Reva that not only does she love Jonathan but he loves her back. Reva tells Tammy that she would be making a mistake not to marry Sandy and go with Jonathan. Jonathan later blasts Reva for not being on his side and then says that if she really loves him as much as she says she does she will help him break up Sandy and Tammy.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

The prison break continues. Hayes fires shots at John, but misses. John manages to shoot him in the shoulder. Hayes is after vengeance against John for shooting him. Warden Stephens’ body is thrown from an upstairs window.

The Buchanan's discuss what would be the best alternative to help Jessica rid herself of Tess. A fight erupts at the gym between Nash and Antonio. Kevin and Jessica walk into the gym. Kevin wants to leave, but Jessica insists on getting to know Nash better. David talks to Roxie about his breakup with Dorian. Spencer warns Dorian to stay out of his business.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

The cartoon continued today, with Ivydragon holding Princess Kay over the Valley of Hellfire and threatening to drop her to her death. Prince Foxworth has to decide between saving his true love and killing his transformed mother, and just as he made the choice to slay his dragon mother, she pretended it was all a joke, then let her drop once he'd lowered his sword. Tabby and Endora watch, unable to do anything. Esme continues to flirt with Noah, dressing him up for a night on the town with her, while Fancy steams with jealousy because he seems to really like the other woman.

Sam and Ivy celebrate their engagement and wonder how their kids will take it, then worry about Ethan's condition. Gwen and Theresa argue as Gwen searches for Ethan's living will. Gwen says she has to do what Ethan wants, but Theresa tells her she needs to give him a chance at life. Once Gwen has the papers in hand, she wavers, wondering if she should kill him or not, and Theresa tries again to talk her into shredding the will so Ethan can continue living. Chris calls Paloma and Roberto to baby-sit while he takes Sheridan out to dinner, but she balks at that. He talks her into it, however. Roberto gets a phone call about the drugs they are smuggling and both he and Paloma worry about it.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Kevin is tapping away, searching miles of programming code looking for anything suspicious that he can find. JT was tired and really didn’t think that the job would take as long as it has been taking. Kevin suggested that he go ahead and go home, with Kevin promising to call if he finds something. Once alone, Kevin searches and searches, and just when he thinks that there might not be anything wrong with the computers, he sees something. “Well, well, well… What is this?" Victoria puts on the deep freeze. Brad feels the chill. “Are you upset with me about something?" Victoria tells Brad that she didn’t appreciate what he did over at the Athletic Club. “It was childish. All you cared about was getting on Jack’s nerves and I had something more important to talk about but you didn’t care. I find it funny that you found getting back at Jack to be a higher priority than talking about Abby and I not getting along well together. Doesn’t matter. I am just an intrusion into your life anyway, and with Ashley disliking me, that just made things worse. I can imagine what she is telling Abby about me right now.” Brad offers to make things up to her, but when he moves forward to hug her, she backs away. She would like to work late this night and so she tells him to make things up to her the next day. Later that night, JT is on his way out of the Newman building alone when he passes Victoria’s office and finds her inside. He can tell that she is blue and so he offers a friendly ear if she needs it. She doesn’t want to talk about her problems as they are far too complicated to get into. JT says then that maybe she should just uncomplicate things. He tells how his life is simple and uncomplicated and it works great for him. Phyllis and Jill sit alone talking at their table while Jack gets is tongue lashing across the room from Katherine. Phyllis confirms with Jill that she will not say anything about the ‘backdoor’ code in the Newman computers. “Are you kidding me? I will say nothing about that, and no one else is to know about the code besides you and me Phyllis. You had better be careful. More than anything, you have to understand that Jack hates the Newman's and would do anything to get one over on them. Phyllis you are a very bright woman and you have a great career ahead of you at Jabot, but you had better learn that when it comes to Jack, he only looks out for himself. I suggest that you start doing the same," Jill warns. Katherine demands that Jack give her an explanation for why he and Jill kept secrets from her. He says that there is nothing to worry about as nothing was done to the Newman computers anyway. Katherine knows that more than anything in the world Jack would love to see Newman fall apart and that this was the perfect opportunity for him to get some satisfaction. “What did you tell Phyllis when she came to you about this? Did you try to convince her to do something wrong?" Jack says that Brad just bragged about nothing being wrong with the computers so all this should be forgotten. Katherine warns that if Jack ever does anything to take integrity from the Chancellor name, she will see him in prison hung out to dry. “Many CEOs have gone to prison. Don’t think that it can’t happen to you. Do you understand what I am saying to you Jack?" Paul, Michael and Lauren are together talking about Tom when Gloria comes bursting in the door. Michael is not pleased to see her but she doesn’t care. “I just saw Lauren at the Motor Arms talking to Jennifer Mitchell in her room!" Michael is very interested in this. Lauren wrinkles her brow. “I wasn’t in Jennifer Mitchell’s room. I was in room 311, and that is Brenda Harris’s room," Lauren says. Gloria tells that she has been in that room before and she knows for a fact that room 311 belongs to Jennifer Mitchell. Michael easily figures that the two women are connected somehow. Michael thinks quickly. The necklace came from Scott, who is connected to Brenda, who is connected to Jennifer who is connected to … Tom! Lauren gets on the telephone to call Scott and tell him to get over to her place right away but she can’t find him at the loft. She tries the cell phone next and ends up leaving a voicemail telling Scott to come to the apartment right away and to bring Brenda with him. Afterwards, Lauren is confused as to why Tom and especially this woman Jennifer might want to hurt her.

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