Friday 9/2/05 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Babe is just about ready to admit to the police that JR drove drunk, ran Amanda down, and she covered for him. Krystal tells her she needs to do it and warns JR and Adam that JR is in trouble. Adam defends his son to them but privately tells JR that he cannot take the jet anywhere and flee the country with little A and if he screws up his life, Adam will turn him in himself. When Derek comes to ask Babe more questions, she tells the same story that she drove the car and admits that she and Amanda had a big fight before she got run down. Kendall overhears Greenlee admitting that she loves Ryan and might want to reconsider her decision. But Erica wants to get the goods on Dr. Madden. She asks Tad to investigate him. At the restaurant where they meet, Di is waitressing. Tad tells Erica and all others there that Di is a fraud. She spills his breakfast order on him. And he spills sour cream over her head. Jack comes to Jonathan's jail cell to confront him. But Livia comes and tells Jack he mustn't harass her client. And Ryan comes by to protect his brother

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

B.J holds Henry prisoner inside the Fairwinds wine cellar and tells Henry he will only let him out once he has completed his plans without interference from him or the police. Maddie and Casey discover clues that Henry was inside B.J.'s office and Maddie fears B.J. hurt Henry. Casey and Maddie make out inside B.J.'s office so B.J won't know that they were snooping in there when he catches them inside the office. Luke and Lucinda promise each other they will fight their illness together. Lily struggles to find the words to say good-bye to Holden but she can't say good-bye to him and stalls Keith for more time. Keith gives Lily and engagement ring but Lily asks him to release her from the promise she made to him.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jennifer asks Hope to help with throwing a party for Jack but Hope and Frankie take over the plans instead so Jack can surprise Jennifer with a romantic trip to watch planes take off and to view a slideshow of their romance. Frankie confides in Hope of Jack’s plan for him to move on with Jennifer and Hope insists that Frankie keeps that promise. Austin announces plans to go after a new skin care account but driven by being shut out of the pitch planning and by learning that Eugenia is now working as Lucas’ assistant, Sami lets the scoop slip on the new account. Lucas secures an earlier meeting with the inventor but Nicole devises a plan to secure the account for their company. Roman stops by to have Kate sign the divorce papers and they argue over their true desires for respective spouses. Marlena calls Roman, John, Alex, and Kate over to declare that she’s decided whom she should spend her life with.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Alexis accepts that she is probably going to die. Lorenzo finds Carly and Skye keeps the cops from seeing her. Ric puts Molly into Courtney's care until he can get Alexis out safely. Sonny and Reese get Jason to Robin. Jax, Nik, and Courtney take the baby towards safety, but Ric and Em stay with Alexis. Nik promises he'll take care of Molly if Ric and Alexis die. Lorenzo takes Carly back to the asylum. Jason has another spell and Reese collapses. Sonny and Robin find the medicine intact. Manny grabs Sam and holds a gun on her.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Alan-Michael goes to visit Alan in the sanitarium and meets his brother Gus for the first time. Gus warns him that if he is there to try and break Alan out he is going to have some problems. Alan-Michael tells Alan that he is done with him after the last things that he has done and he is happy with Harley as CEO as Spaulding. He and Gus bond. They leave Alan at the sanitarium. Beth visits worried that with Alan-Michael, back she will be pushed aside but Alan assures her that Alan-Michael wants nothing to do with him or Spaulding. Beth later asks Alan-Michael to be nice to Alan. Gus and Alan-Michael go to Spaulding where Dinah has just finished telling Harley and Mallet that the sexual tension between them can be cut with a knife. They all agree that none of them are interested in each other. Alan-Michael is amused by the entire Dinah, Mallet, Harley, and Gus situation. Danny calls Michelle over to tell her that he and Marina have broken up and Michelle asks if they can try again. Danny tells her that he doesn’t want to love her anymore and leaves. He comes back right as Michelle is leaving and tells her he lied and he never stopped loving her. They kiss. Cassie decides that she wants to have a family party to celebrate her rescue and calls a surprised Jonathan to invite him over. He decides to show up and both Reva and Sandy ask him to leave. Reva tells Tammy that she can tell Jonathan to leave her alone and Tammy admits she doesn’t want to since she is in love with him.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

John decides to visit Warden Stephens to discuss Carlo Hesser, and Christian Vega wearing a wire to gain information. Todd’s arraignment begins. The judge rules to deny bail, and his trial begins the next week. Carlo and Haskell puts the final touches on his prison break. Haskell cuts the wire to the electric box.

Hayes takes out one of the guards, and steals his gun. The lights go out all over the prison. Warden Stephens is shot by Hayes Barber. Natalie and Michael both vow to watch each other’s back.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fox, Kay, Tabitha, and Endora end up at Tabby's house after the office fiasco, with Fox apologizing to Kay for being so hard on her. She swears to him that she did the scan, and says someone is trying to get her fired. While he doesn't seem to believe that, he's willing to put it behind them, promising not to treat her so badly again. He is taking the day off to spend with Kay and the babies, and starts by reading a fairy tale to Endora. She takes the opportunity to make Fox and Kay the main characters, Prince Foxworth and Princess Kay. They are being married, but Queen Ivy of Crane isn't happy and leaves. All of a sudden a dragon flies over and chases Kay to the woods. Fox vows to save his love, jumps on a horse, and rides after them. Ivydragon catches Kay when she falls and picks her up, flying off with her. Endora tries to zap her, but witches have no power over dragons. It looks like Ivydragon is getting away.

Eve finally tells Gwen what the results of Ethan's test are as Theresa listens in the closet. It seems Ethan has no brain waves, and Gwen is sure that means he has no chance to get better. Theresa is upset and comes out of the closet to protest, and Gwen starts yelling at her to get out, even dragging her to the door. Eve separates them, telling Gwen to calm down, as Theresa says she has as much right to be there as Gwen does. Eve needs to know if Ethan has a living will, something Gwen doesn't seem to know. Ivy and Sam worry about their son at home while looking at pictures of him throughout his life. Ivy is distraught, fearing she could be losing her son and saying it's Theresa's fault. Sam says it was a horrible accident and tries to calm her down, then decides to propose to her with ring in hand. She accepts. Fancy is upset that Esme likes Noah, but he seems to get a kick out of that fact and just keeps going along with it.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Tom has a meeting with his lawyer at the club. They sit at the table and Tom wants to know what the lawyer has cooked up for court. The lawyer tells Tom that the reality is that he should just plead this out and work out a deal. Tom will not hear of that. He wants to fight for his freedom. The lawyer tells Tom that the best that he can do at this point is to buy a nice suit for court. Ashley, Victoria and Brad search for Abby everywhere. They can’t find her anywhere. They do however neglect to look in the coffeehouse office. Abby is in there with Sharon who was thinking about Cassie before the tiny girl came in. Abby tells how she overheard her parents arguing and her mother told her father that he couldn’t make promises anymore. That really upset her. Sharon talks to her and makes her feel better about the whole thing. That is when Victoria comes into the office and gets angry with Sharon for having the girl in there all this time. “We have been looking for her all this time and you have her here? Really Sharon. Come on Abby. I need to show your parents that I have found you.” Abby refuses to go with her. Sharon tells her that Abby will be fine sitting in the office with her. That is when Brad and Ashley enter and run to their little girl glad to finally find her. They take her outside and Victoria turns on her sister-in-law. “Well thanks a lot. You could have helped me just now when I asked her to come with me Sharon. In case you haven’t noticed, I am trying to build a relationship with that little girl and you weren’t helping!" Sharon tells her that if she would like to build a relationship with Abby then she shouldn’t order her around! Michael is suspicious of Lauren when she returns to the apartment and has no take-out with her. She told Scott that she was getting food. Mike is curious but Lauren dodges his questions. Paul is at the house and he and Michael tell Lauren what they have come to realize. Lauren will not accept the idea that the necklace that Scott gave her is the reason that she was acting so strangely. Michael and Paul point out to her that both times when she had an episode she was wearing the necklace, and there was also that time when she found Tom over her this his hands around her neck. “He wasn’t trying to kill you Lauren. He was trying to get the necklace off your neck so that he could hide the evidence. He used the necklace to poison you. Lauren is finding this all a little hard to swallow. She can’t understand how Tom could have gotten the necklace from Scott, put poison on it and then return it to Scott in time for him to give it to me. They hardly know each other. Paul and Michael see her point. Brad is at dinner with Victoria at the Athletic Club, when he notices that Jack, Katherine, Phyllis and Jill are having a pow-wow meeting over dinner and drinks. He can’t resist an opportunity. He grabs Victoria’s arm and drags her over to the Jabot table. “Hi Katherine. It is so nice seeing you again for the second time today. I just wanted to come over and personally thank you for letting us have Phyllis the other day to fix our computers for us when they broke down. You have Jack to thank for giving permission for Phyllis to help us. Thank you Jack!" Lauren gets busted. She found Sheila’s room open and she goes in there and starts reading the manuscript that she finds. She is on page three when Sheila comes bursting in the room dressed as Jennifer. “What are you doing here? I live down the hall but I know that Brenda would be livid if she knew that someone had broken in here and was looking through her things. Was that a good read? Well maybe Jennifer will let you read the rest of that if she doesn’t press charges for break and enter.” Lauren tries to walk out with the manuscript but Sheila stands in her way and holds our her hand for it. Lauren leaves the book and walks out. Out in the hallway, Lauren walks down the hall, but is seen by Gloria who is walking up the hall from the other direction. Gloria pauses until Lauren is gone from the area. Then she rushes to Sheila’s room and bangs on the door to be let in. Sheila dressed as Jennifer opens the door and Gloria is on her. “I just saw my daughter-in-law come out of here and if you hurt her, you will have me to deal with. I know that Tom has been trying to hurt her, but what is your role in all this Jennifer?" Gloria demands to know. Jennifer denies that she has been doing anything with Tom. She is not sure that Tom is as dangerous as Gloria says. “If he is so dangerous Gloria then why did you bail him out with $50,000 of your money? You shouldn’t have done that if you wanted him in prison…” The door is open and Tom comes strolling in. “Who wants me in prison? Gloria why are you bothering my good friend here?" Gloria turns to him angry and out of control, but Sheila stops their fighting and assures Gloria that she will be watching Tom so there will be nothing to worry about anymore. She will keep him under control she promises. Tom watches in shock as Gloria listens to this perfect stranger and walks out of the room calmly. Tom later tells Sheila how things are going to go. She wanted him to help her out with Lauren but he will not. “I am not going to murder Lauren for you. That is not going to happen. What is going to happen is that you are going to help me get at Michael period. I won’t do anything for you. If you don’t do what I want, then when it is time for me to go to prison, I will have to take you with me.” When alone, that is when Sheila decides that Tom will be helping her whether he likes it or not. “Oh Tommy boy… I have something cooked up just perfect for both you and the lovely Lauren.”

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