Thursday 9/1/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 11/10/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Sam is ready to kill Jonathan for what he did to his father. But Julia and Ryan convince him not to and tell him it will not bring Edmund back nor take away his pain. Erica tells Kendall and Greenlee that they both need to grow up and admit to how they really both feel about the surrogacy and about Ryan. Greenlee knows that there is something secretive going on in regard to Dr. Madden. And right then, Josh sneaks into his father's office and uncovers something that shocks him, probably involving Erica. Krystal tells Babe that she cannot take the rap for JR and let him get away with driving drunk and mowing down Amanda. And she tells Adam that she and her daughter can get his son in a lot of trouble for what he has done as well as his plans to take little Adam out of the country.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Casey and Maddie discover that they may have misjudged each other and take a step toward becoming friends. Henry threatens B.J. by saying he will go to the police. B.J. puts a drug in Henry's drink and drags Henry out of his office saying that Henry won't be talking to anyone for a long time. Emily and Paul worry that Hal will discover the truth about the baby. Keith continues to pressure Lily to honor their deal and marry him.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Stephanie continues to try to woo Ridge to her way of thinking and stay with the company. She offers him stocks and wealth. Nick continues his session with Taylor claiming he wants to be with Bridget. Bridget calls a meeting with Nick and her parents at Brooke's house.

Stephanie calls a press conference and Taylor begs Ridge to stay at her side and support them. Ridge refuses. Bridget demands that Brooke and Nick be together so they can all put the lies behind them and move on. She's ready to move on. She implores her mother and Nick to hold hands, look in each other's eyes and for Nick to take her mother in his arms.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Billie stops by to see Austin and warns Sami and Nicole, while Austin is out of the room, against trying to seduce Austin. Austin and Billie head up to the roof to catch up and Sami and Nicole’s attempts to sneak up to the roof in hopes of hearing whom Austin is in love with backfire. Belle decides that she must face facts and realize that Shawn is out of her life now. Mimi apologizes to Belle and Belle forgives her. John is so angered by Alex’s claim that he wishes Marlena had stayed dead that he punches Alex. Alex and John each do their best to convince Marlena that they are her true love. Alex receives a fax that he claims would show how much he cares for Marlena and only shows it to her. Marlena is so shocked by what she sees that she insists on being alone and sends Alex over to Kate’s suite to bunk with Kate and John.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Carly is heroic in her actions. Robin has devastating news for Ric. Courtney and Emily fear the worst where Nikolas is concerned. Reese's condition grows worse.

Jesse spearheads a rescue mission. Lucky survives his latest ordeal. Lulu reaches out to Luke but clashes with Tracy.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Edmund tries to get Cassie to listen to him as the guards take him out of the tower and Cassie tells them that she wants to tell him something first. She tells Edmund that she isn’t angry with him since she has a man who loves her in her life. Edmund tries to warn Josh that Jeffrey has more connections to Richard than he is letting on but the guards take him away before he can tell him what. Alan-Michael catches up with Harley, Dinah, Blake, Mallet, and Frank and helps Harley and Dinah with some Spaulding charity work ideas. The Coopers come together to help Marina with her breakup with Danny, but she needs to be alone and runs out of Company, right into Alan-Michael who tells her that he knows how she feels and offers advice to make her feel better. Blake asks Mallet for help to get Harley and Ross talking to her again. Mallet agrees to sign on as Ross’s head of security and to try and talk Dinah into working on her father’s campaign. Dinah agrees as long as Mallet isn’t part of the deal.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Natalie sits with Jessica while she sleeps. When Jessica awakes, her and Natalie talk about Nash, Antonio, and of course, the baby. Jessica reveals to Natalie that Tess had tried to have an abortion. John fills Bo in that he is going to Statesville to talk to Warden Stephens. Kevin walks in on Duke, and Kelly. He pushes Duke off Kelly. Christian talks to Angus Kelly about Carlo Hesser’s plan to have a jail break.

Rex and Adriana kiss. She pulls away from him, and wonders where this is going. Rex accuses her of dragging him along. Duke join them. He fills them in that he had went to the suite looking for her, and had seen Kelly in her bra and panties.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Eve gets the results of Ethan's tests, and tells Gwen to meet her in her office. On her way, Eve runs into Theresa and Whitney, who have been talking about what Theresa did to Ethan and why it's so bad. Theresa begs Eve to let her know what the results show, but Eve can't do that, so once she's gone, Theresa sneaks into her office to find out what she wants to know. She hears Eve and Gwen coming and hides in the closet as Eve looks over the results and Gwen waits expectantly. Valerie is making her moves on Fox, doing what she can to make Kay seem like a fool. He falls for her drivel, of course, and soon has her telling him her opinions as to what he should do on the project. She lets him know she's not that hooked on staying with Chad. Kay is upset, of course, but can do nothing. Endora, however, keeping track of them via Tabitha's magic bowl, can do something, and has her mother take her to the office where she sets about making Val spill coffee on herself and trip over her own feet. Val blames Kay, who is nowhere near her, and Fox begins to get the picture.

Fancy dreams of Noah and is disappointed to awaken alone in her bed. Noah and Sam talk about his job prospects, and when Noah says he can still work for Alistair, Sam refuses to allow it. A call comes in, and Noah has a new job after all. Fancy gets a call from her friend Esme who is in town for a few hours, and agrees to go shopping with her. Esme can't stop raving about the handsome limo driver she procured, and lets it be known she is out to seduce him as soon as possible. Imagine Fancy's surprise when she finally sees who the driver is - Noah. Whitney lets her mother know the date for taking her final vows is near, and nothing Eve can say will cause her to rethink her choice to become a nun.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nick and his father are alone in the office now. Everyone else is gone. While together, Victor gets a call on his cell phone from JT who reports that the expert that they had hired to look at the Newman computers just bailed. They have to find someone else but JT isn’t sure that he can do that at this point. Victor gives the boy a direct order to find someone and he hangs up the cell phone. Nick asks what that was all about but Victor tells him not to worry about it. Later on, Nick tells his father that he and Victoria really appreciate him staying out of the office and letting them run it. They would really like it if he continued to let things run this way. Knock! Knock! Nick and Victor turn to find JT standing in the doorway. “I think that I have a solution to your problem Victor," JT says. He moves forward and Kevin enters the office from behind JT. Nick wrinkles his brow at these two showing up, and is curious as to what they are doing with his father. Ashley is fit to be tied. She is trying her best to make Abby happy but she is not. She wants her daddy to be there. He said that he would be. Sharon got Esther to come as a clown to keep Abby happy; Ashley drags the party out as long as she can to give Brad time to show up and there was even talk of asking the parents to stay longer so that Abby would have a chance to have her dad at the party. Right when it is time to sing, “Happy Birthday” Brad and Victoria come running in the coffeehouse together smiling as the kids cheer and shout for Abby! Brad whisks Abby up in her arms and takes her to her cake. Abby sings and makes her wish blowing out all the candles. Victoria makes the mistake of going over to Ashley and telling that Brad really did everything that he could to make the party on time. Ashley responds with, “This really has nothing to do with you Victoria, so why don’t you just stay out of it and mind your own business?" Later when Brad and Ashley argue, they don’t realize that Abby is in the doorway and she hears her parents shouting it out. Ashley is angry that Brad brought Victoria to the party when she was thoughtful enough to stop Victor from coming. Brad says that he couldn’t get away. Ashley knows that but he could have called his daughter at some point to say that he was going to be late or to wish her a happy birthday. He didn’t. Ashley tells him that the next time that he has an opportunity to do something for his daughter and he isn’t sure that he can, he should just not do it! She walks off in one direction, Brad walks off in another direction and Abby disappears. Michael is home with Scott. Scott comes out of the kitchen saying that his mother went out to get them food and will be back soon. Scott remarks that he is going to get his mother another necklace since the last one didn’t show up after being lost. Michael’s lights go on. “The necklace… It went missing the night that Tom was in the hospital with Lauren…” Sheila is under the gun. She was minding her own business when Michael appeared accusing her of all kinds of things, most of them true. She pretends the whole time that she hasn’t got a clue as to what he is talking about. He doesn’t buy anything that she says. At least not until she starts responding to some of his questions. “Why would you help Tom get out of jail?" “I wasn’t helping him silly. I was helping your mother. She was the one that came to me and asked me to bail Tom out. It was her money and she told me exactly what to do.” “Why would you even help someone as terrible as Tom?" “Well, I heard him make a threat to you saying that he was going to make your life a living hell, but everyone says that and I didn’t know that he was as horrible as you are saying until you told me just now…” “You had to have been involved in this because Tom was in jail the first time that my girlfriend got poisoned. Tom needed help and you helped him, didn’t you?" “I didn’t do that. If Tom was so bent on getting at Lauren, wouldn’t he have planned it all ahead of time? Maybe his going to jail just helped make him look innocent…” Michael has a whole new take on this and isn’t as angry with Jennifer as he was when he got there. After Michael leaves, Tom appears suddenly before Sheila. She chokes on her tea at the sight oh him. He was in the bar and saw her talking to Michael in her ridiculous getup of a disguise. She lies to him telling only what she wants him to hear. She leaves out how she made Tom seem more like the one who wants to harm Lauren than Michael thought. She talks to Tom as if she is in cahoots with him against Michael. She offers to do whatever is necessary to get Michael under control. Tom sits back and stares into those fake lenses. “Why now? You wouldn’t do anything for me before, and now you are volunteering your services. What is in your wicked little mind?" Sheila says that she will help bring Michael to his knees if Tom will handle Lauren Fenmore for her. Tom has no idea what she means by ‘handle’. Sheila can’t talk now. She runs out of the club. Lauren is furious. She can’t understand how Brenda can do this to her son. She gets him working on this project, he does a good job and now she changes her mind about publishing. She tells Scott that she is going over there to give the girl a piece of her mind. Scott orders her to stay out of this. “This is my work and my business. You don’t understand Brenda like I do mom. She has had some difficulties in the past and she has to be treated with kid gloves. Lauren agrees to stay away but then suddenly decides that she is hungry and offers to go and get them something to eat. She rushes out, making her way to the Motor Arms. She knocks on the door, but no one answers. When she pushes the door open, she finds it open. She goes inside determined to find something that will give her a clue as to what Brenda’s big secrets are about her past. She sees something on the table. “It is the manuscript!" Lauren picks it up and reads the cover page. This is it! She flips through the document. For a moment fear grips her soul and causes her to turn to the door in case someone is coming but no one is there and so she flips to page one to start reading.

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