Wednesday 8/31/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 11/9/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Babe tells JR that the reason she is covering for him is to keep her baby's father out of prison. Since she was sober, if the cops believe she ran Amanda down, it would only be an accident. But JR was drunk and would be in big trouble. Krystal then finds out what happens and tells her daughter there must be a way they can get through this. Aiden is ready to throw Jonathan in prison. Erica meets Jonathan at Ryan and Greenlee's house and finds herself being kind and nurturing to him. But Sam is ready to go after the guy who killed his dad. And Julia finds out what Sam is up to and tells Ryan that she does not think it's ok for him not to have told her that his psycho brother is still alive and on the loose. Kendall is unconscious in the hospital. Zach admits that he is in love with her.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Gwen goes to see Carly to thank her for giving her a heads up on what Iris did to Will. However, when Gwen asks her why she did such horrible things to her – such as switching the paternity results, Carly doesn’t know what she is talking about. Gwen is unsure, but is angered when Carly puts everyone on the spot when Margo and Casey come by, to prove no one in his family would do such a thing. Will later listens to Gwen’s story about what Carly did. Will surprisingly tells Gwen that maybe Carly was trying to help. Why would she do something that would only infuriate Gwen further? Gwen wonders if she should give Carly a break? She is even more amazed when Will gives her a hefty amount of money for a deposit on an apartment, as Iris listens in. Will meets up with Barbara and tells her he is putting his college search on hold. Barbara is incensed, and even more so when she finds out it is because he wants to help out Gwen. Barbara throws out some insults, threats and promises of getting access to his trust fund again if he sees things her way. Nothing will deter Will from being with Gwen and Billy. Jack asks Henry to spy on BJ to find out his daily routine; Henry’s interests are piqued when he hears it is undercover FBI work. Henry is unsure, but Jack eggs him on – do it for Katie. However, Henry turns a surprised Jack down. Later Henry is at WOAK and he hears BJ’s voice and hides, and overhears a shocking proposal BJ makes regarding disposing of someone, to a scruffy mysterious stranger. Maddie tries to subtly warn Mike about BJ whom she sees as a psycho. Henry is only working for BJ to help put her through college. Mike is frustrated with both of them, and tells her that Henry is on his own after the danger he put Katie in. Dusty runs into Jen as he is wheeling the breakfast tray out, obviously set for two. They share awkward conversation. Later, Jen bumps into Meg, who has an overnight bag, on her way to see Dusty. She tells a guilt ridden Meg thanks for all her help. Dusty goes looking for Jen right after this and tells her that Meg will be staying with him from time to time. Jen guessed that, but why is he telling her this?

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Eric and Bridget discuss the happenings at Forrester. Eric encourages her to get back with Nick. Dante is cooking and listening and when Bridget leaves the room he makes a plea to Eric for Bridget. Hector and Taylor have coffee. Hector encourages her to take the position at Forrester knowing she'll be great at it. Taylor wishes Ridge was as encouraging as he is. Hector leaves her with a kiss on the cheek.

Nick asks Taylor to help him through counseling to help him get Bridget back. Stephanie tries very hard to convince Ridge to stay on and be her designer. She tells him if she can trust him to side with her and not Brooke, the stock will be re-divided for he and his children.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle leaves Shawn’s loft feeling confident that she won’t lose Shawn to Mimi but then ends up arguing with Philip about it once she gets home. Mimi returns from the church and is able to happily hold Claire. Shawn and Mimi decide to give their relationship another try. Frankie and Jennifer talk about Jack and how Jennifer is coping while Jack asks Lexie to avoid telling Jennifer about how he really died once the time comes. Kate again turns down Alex’s offer to work together. Alex shows Marlena and John the documents showing that John had Marlena declared legally dead only months after they came home from the island considering that to be proof that John no longer loves Marlena. John is able to convince Marlena that he only acted on his feelings for Kate because he thought Marlena and Roman were dead. Marlena asks John which of either her or Kate does he wish to be with now.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Alexis orders Emily to save the baby and not worry about her. Lucky goes into surgery. Mac gets to Liz and Nik and rescues them. Sonny copes with his claustrophobia. Manny stalks Carly. Jason finds the St Christopher's medal he once gave her, then, he, Sam, and Robin reach Emily, Alexis and Ric. Robin prepares to do a C section. Jax and Nik find Courtney. Jason suffers a fall. Another cave in threatens those still trapped.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Posing as Richard, Jeffrey manages to distract Edmund enough that he and Josh can rescue Cassie from the tower in San Cristobel he is holding her in. Jonathan comforts Tammy but when they come across a picture of Richard, Tammy wonders how different things would be if he had raised Jonathan instead of Alfred. Jonathan gets upset and smashes the picture, although Tammy swears she doesn’t want to change who he is. Sandy brings over the wedding invitations so they can address them and Jonathan watches from the outside. After some conflicting Thanksgiving Day plans, Marina realizes that Danny will never be able to let go of Michelle and ends things between them. Michelle takes baby Hope to Company where she has a long talk with Buzz about how much Danny has changed since getting together with Marina.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Spencer antagonizes David over the fact that he had once killed a man. Dorian barges into Viki’ house, unwelcome. Dorian begins to accuse Viki of knowing all about David planning to dump her at the altar, and that is why she hadn’t been at the wedding .Viki blurts out in anger that Jessica has D.I.D., and that she had just found out .John confides in Bo about who John Doe really is, and that is Christian Vega.

Adriana and Rex talk at the docks about Duke, which results in a kiss. Duke defends Ginger in front of Kelly, which angers Kelly. Kelly goes upstairs to change her clothes. Duke comes into the room, looking for Adriana, and finds Kelly in her bra and slip. Christian finds out vital information from Angus Kelly about the jail break that Carlo is planning.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa hides under Ethan's bed as she hears Gwen and Rebecca coming in, and she has to listen to them rip her up one side and down the other. She also gets to hear Gwen going on about their love life, etc. Once Gwen shuts up and leaves, Theresa comes out from under the bed and lays with Ethan, comforting him and telling him she will give him the strength to get better and come back to them all. She says they will finally be together as a family, just like they always should have been. Fox tries to forget what happened to the Crane computers, telling Kay they just need to forget about it. In the closet, Ivy and Valerie celebrate their win over Kay, but almost get caught in there when Kay hears Ivy bang into something. The door is locked so she can't see who's in there, but later, at the Blue Note, it becomes apparent to her that Ivy is behind what happened. Ivy talks Fox into demoting Kay, thinking he's doing her a favor, but it really hurts her feelings. Valerie is planning on hooking Fox for herself, with Ivy's help, not realizing Ivy has no intention of letting her near her son, either.

Sheridan, Chris, and James share a family moment when they all give James a bath. She wonders if she shouldn't be quite so happy right after losing Luis, but Chris says it's what Luis would want for her. She seems to be busily planning their future together, and Chris is, too.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Gloria is on the telephone wheeling and dealing to pay who she can for services that were used already for the wedding and for services that she will need again when the wedding is on again. Henri the floral arranger isn’t pleased with the way that things were handled the last time and reminds Gloria that for her to get service from him for the wedding when it does happen, she will have to pay for her flowers in advance. When she gets off the cell phone, someone is sitting on the doorbell. It rings repeatedly and over again. Gloria opens the door to her angry son Michael. “You told me that you didn’t know Jennifer Mitchell mother. She saved your life at the party! Remember that? You set her up to bail Tom out didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU?" Gloria is cornered. She hangs her head. She is busted. Michael gets even more livid when he realizes that this woman knew Tom before he was bailed out of jail. It wasn’t someone that he met up with afterwards. It was as Michael feared. Tom has a friend and an extra pair of hands. Michael demands to know where it is that he can find Jennifer. He rethinks his request telling Gloria to forget it. “Every time that you get involved in something you screw it up," he says. “I will find her myself.” The computers have crashed at Newman and everyone gets on a telephone to do their part in finding the answer to this problem and getting things fixed. Brad gives Nick periodic dirty looks knowing that this has Phyllis written all over it. Victoria too is unhappy but keeps her comments to herself. Neil suddenly gets a call. “What?" He rushes to Drucilla and asks her to log on and try to get on the website. She does and it works! Everyone claps and shouts with happiness. The site is up. Brad asks what the problem was. Neil says that he was told that the problem wasn’t computer programming at all it seems, it was a hardware issue instead. Brad keeps his surprise well hidden as he was sure that Phyllis took at shot at them when she had the chance. Nick asks his sister for an apology for thinking that he screwed up by having Phyllis work on the computer, but she will hold off on that. She isn’t sure that they are quite out of the woods with Phyllis at this point! Phyllis calls when she later hears from Jill what happened. She tells Nick that she wants him to know that she didn’t do this. He tells her not to worry. “I knew that you didn’t do anything Phyllis. Don’t worry about it.” Scott shows up at Sheila’s room ready to work but something is different about him. Sheila notices right away that he is way too happy and smiling all over the place. “What is going on Scott?" He gives her a business card. She reads it. “Mr. Adrienne Wiley… Publisher…" she shrugs. “So?" Scott takes out a copy of the manuscript that he sent to the publisher. Sheila reaches for it and looks at it. “I sent it in Brenda. I sent it to a publisher and they are picking it up! We sold our book!" Sheila is not happy and it shows. “What do you mean? No! I don’t want this! This is my life and it isn’t for public consumption! I know that we were going to publish this in the beginning but don’t’ you see? This is my life and I don’t want this anymore.” Scott gets angry but he holds back. “I understand you wanting to keep your privacy, so I tell you what we will do Brenda. We will make any changes that you want so that the story doesn’t mirror your life as much if you like. We can change the title, anything that you want.” Sheila will not let up. She will not allow this book to go to print. Now Scott blows his top. “What was all this about then Brenda? Look at all the work that we did. What was it all for if you never planed to publish it?" Phyllis shows up at the Athletic Club, not realizing that Jack has just left. She is accosted by Jill who asks her if she is happy now. Phyllis has no idea what she is talking about. Jill tells that the Newman web cast was a failure as their computers crashed. Phyllis had no idea and denies that she did anything to bring this on. Jill doesn’t believe her. Phyllis assures her that she had the chance to wreck the system but she didn’t. She knew that the whole thing would just point straight back at her. She offers to tell the truth to Jill, a truth that not even Jack knows about. “I was in the brains of the Newman computers and I didn’t do anything bad to them, but what I did do was leave a back door open so that I and no one else could go in and do a little damage. I didn’t do it for any particular reason; I just did it because I could. What I have done is not illegal Jill so don’t worry. When I do something to hurt their computers, that is when I will have crossed the line.” Jill assures Phyllis that she had better not cross the line or she will be promptly out of Jabot and fast! Both ladies decide that Jack isn’t to be told of the ‘back door’ that Phyllis has built for herself in Newman’s computers. “If he learns about that Jill, he will ride me day and night until I destroy that company with their own computers.” Jill agrees. Sheila has to do something about Scott selling the story to a publisher. She swings into action heading to the bathroom and slipping into her disguise. She takes the business card of the publisher and heads out to do damage control. Sheila ends up, (dressed as Jennifer) walking into the Athletic Club to find Gina. She tells that she is looking for a Mr. Wiley and she flashes the business card asking Gina if she knows this man or if he had been staying at the Athletic Club while he was in town. Gina says that the man was around but had to leave suddenly. She tells Jennifer to go sit at a table and she will bring the woman a coffee. After Jennifer walks to a table, Gina goes around the counter and gets out her phonebook quickly flipping the pages. She calls Michael and tells him that Jennifer is here in the club. Michael rushes over and appears suddenly at Sheila’s table. He smiles at her telling her that he knows all her secrets, knows that she has been hiding, and that she has been lying all along. He assures her that all her secrets end right now.

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