Tuesday 8/30/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 11/8/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Ryan rescues Kendall and Greenlee from the burning building. Greenlee tells him that it's an emergency situation that he takes care of Kendall first. And she finds herself with no choice except to reveal to him that Kendall is carrying their baby. Babe tells the cops that she was driving the car that hit Amanda. But they don't buy that and it looks like Amanda is in critical condition. After Erica tells Jack that Kendall is carrying Greenlee and Ryan's baby, right away, he assumes that her daughter is trying to exploit his daughter. But she sees it the other way around. And he tells her that he wants the Lavery's wiped off the face of the earth for what they have done to his family. Aiden finds out that Jonathan is alive. He tells Erin that he must protect society from her brother. But she urges him not to do that. Jonathan pays a surprise visit on Lily. She freaks. Sam comes to help her and calls Jack, ready to tell him what happened.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Gwen and Will make up, much to Iris’ ire. She later threatens Will that he doesn’t know whom he is dealing with. She will make his mom look like Mother Theresa. Jack tries to get close to BJ by asking for a job. BJ seems interested until he finds out that Jack was a cop. He admits later that the police gunned down his dad and he watched his dad die. Jack is determined to get close to him still. BJ tries finding out Katie’s itinerary, but he hits a few roadblocks. He then has a run in with Mike. Mike threatens him if he goes near Katie, but BJ loses his cool and tells him that he could destroy him a thousand ways and he would never see it coming. After Mike leaves, BJ makes a secretive phone call requesting this person’s services. A frantic Maddie tells Mike she needs to tell him something about Katie. Holden and Lily find out a match has been found for Luke, but Lily already knew that because of her secret pact with Keith. She had to save her son, but how is she ever going to leave Holden and marry Keith? Holden thinks the worse is over and that they will be a family again…little does he know!

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Stephanie gives Brooke and Eric 30 minutes to leave the building. Thorn and Darla discuss how great a president he'll be. Ridge tells Taylor that neither one of them will be a part of this. Taylor tells Ridge he never supports her and wants to be a part of this. She begs him to stay.

Brooke worries about her children's future. Eric vows the kids will be taken care of. Brooke storms into Stephanie's new office and tells her she'll fight her all the way.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle admits to Shawn that she couldn’t stand not having him in her life but insists that she must accept the choice she made. Mimi receives a visit from Mary who convinces her to forgive herself by giving her a glimpse of what her future could be like with Shawn. Alex tries to get Kate to become his ally in that she would be able to pursue John once he wins Marlena but Kate refuses. Marlena and John have an emotional talk about their love for one another. Marlena has John confirm that he did love Kate at the time of their engagement but makes him wait to answer whether he still loves Kate now.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason and Sam work together to free Robin. All of Robin's notes and medicine are lost during an explosion. Robin falls and is dangling off a cliff. Jason reaches to pull Robin to safety but she warns him that her hands are bloody.

Luke, Nikolas and Elizabeth manage to get Lucky out of the tunnel. Nikolas and Elizabeth remain trapped during another cave-in. Nikolas and Elizabeth are overcome by fumes from a gas leak. Emily finds medicine that will slow Alexis' contractions. Emily fears Alexis will still need a cesarean section. Tracy defends Luke to Lulu. Lulu accuses Luke of deliberately not saving Nikolas.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Lizzie gets a threatening call from Dean, reminding her that her payment is due soon and she won’t like the late fees. An old friend of Lizzie’s, Quinn, comes to town and he and Coop dislike each other at first site. Coop says that he will get the money to take Lizzie to a dance at Towers. Quinn offers to help Lizzie after she tells him about being cut off, but she turns him down. He offers his help if she ever does need it. Jonathan tells Reva that he is in love with Tammy and Reva begs Jonathan to leave the two alone and let them be happy. Josh and Jeffrey bring R.J. home and he tells Tammy that their mom is with Uncle Edmund. Jonathan takes him upstairs and Tammy and Reva demand to know what the men know about Cassie. Josh, Sandy, and Jeffrey think they figure out where Edmund took Cassie so they go after them, leaving Reva, Jonathan, and Tammy home with R.J. Jonathan later comforts Tammy when she worried about her mom. Dinah starts her first day at Spaulding and catches Harley’s assistant Steven calling the tabloids when Mallet stops by to see how Dinah and Harley are getting along. After telling Harley that he has seen Gus, she tells him that he knows about their kiss. Gus comes to Spaulding and tells Harley that Mallet doesn’t matter and that things are okay with them again. Dinah tells Mallet he isn’t welcome around Spaulding anymore and he needs to leave Harley alone and let her do her job, she tells Gus and Harley about her order for Mallet and then leaves to go home. Harley is impressed with Dinah’s first day of work.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

David lets Dorian know in no uncertain terms that he cannot marry her. She vows that this isn’t over until she says it’s over. Bo and John discuss his wanting added protection on John Doe. Bo lets him know that whatever he does will have an impact on the department. Evangeline visits Todd in his cell, and goes over his case with him. Carlo is planning a jail break. Christian comes face to face with Hayes Barber, again. Natalie vows to be there for Viki when she finds out about Todd being arrested for Margaret’s murder.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

After Rebecca convinces Gwen she's being paranoid, they head to the cafeteria to eat something, as Theresa lovingly talks to the comatose Ethan. She asks him to forgive her, then urges him to wake up and come back to them because the kids need him. She is still there when Gwen and Rebecca come back. Can she escape without them knowing she'd been there? Noah fights with Spike, although at a disadvantage, since Spike has a knife. He manages to hold him off for a while, but Spike gets the upper hand and has the knife at his throat as Simone, Paloma, and Jessica beg him not to kill Noah. Sam comes on the scene and overpowers Spike, eventually breaking his arm and sending him packing. The girls take Jess home to sleep the drugs off as Sam and Noah head to the Blue Note. Fancy, feeling Noah is in trouble, asks her Grampy to check it out through his spy network, which he does, but he lies and says Noah is just fine. Later, when she arrives at the Blue Note she sees Noah flirting with a waitress and begins trying to upset him, too. It works.

Ivy has Valerie mess Fox's project up, but regrets it once she realizes it could end up costing her son his job. However, as angry as Alistair is at having Crane Industries computer system crash worldwide, he orders Fox to fix it instead of firing him. Once Val tells Ivy his job is safe, Ivy is thrilled that the disaster has caused Fox to become angry with Kay, since he believes she caused the problem. Sheridan is thrilled to learn that by killing the hit man, Chris has freed himself from the mob's wrath and is now free to stay in Harmony. She shows it by launching herself on him, with huge, passionate kisses. He tells her he made a mistake when he told her he loves her, and she's afraid he means it's not true.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

John asks Gloria for the receipts that she said she would have ready for him to forward to the accountant. Gloria gives him a file folder. John is not pleased. “I told you that I wanted actual receipts Gloria. What is this?" She explains that she ran into some problems when the wedding was canceled and that there will be more bills. She is out of money. He will not give her another cent until she shows that these expenses were accounted for. The telephone rings. It is Gina. She tells John that she needs to be paid for her services thus far. John is furious to lean that she hasn’t been paid yet. He turns angrily to Gloria and hands her the telephone. Gloria assures Gina that she will be over with the money later that morning. She then turns to John and tells him that she really needs a cheque to cover Gina's expenses at least. John gives in and writes a cheque, but he assures her that this is the last on until his gets more supporting documents about her expenses. Gloria takes the cheque and looks at it. It is enough to pay off about 3 of the people that she owes, but the rest will have to wait until she gets her money back from Tom’s bail. Later when she drops the cheque off to Gina, Tom is nearby and sees the transaction in the Athletic Club. He comes over to Gloria afterwards asking for one of those cheques for himself. “I have a defender that doesn’t care about my case, and I need money to get someone who will do a better job.” Gloria doesn’t care about that. “That is not my problem Tom. I mean it. I am done. If you threaten me, I will go to the judge and tell him that you are threatening me and he will put you back in jail right now. Maybe if you behave yourself you will get 10 years instead of 20.” Tom sees that he can’t push her right now and he leaves. Tom is losing it. He has a violent reaction when his public defender poo-poo’s his claim that he has been framed by his stepson. The defender wants to go ahead with the trial trying to ask for leniency for Michael on the basis of what he sees as the plain facts instead of the fantasy that Tom has that he has been framed. Tom grabs the guy and eerily makes it clear that he will not go to prison for 20 years for something that he didn’t do. Michael almost killed Tom when he found him at the coffeehouse harassing Lauren and Mackenzie. Lauren demands to know why he got that way. Michael tells that he has information that he didn’t want to tell Lauren about before now. “Tom was in the hospital the night that you had your most recent hallucination. He was on the surveillance cameras that night.” Lauren can’t believe this. “He tried to kill me Michael. He had his hands around my neck.” Lauren realizes something else though. Tom was in jail the night that she had her first episode on the roof. Michael says that is true but he has a friend apparently that sympathizes with him. Michael has some detective work to do. Gloria has denied that she knows anything about the woman who bailed Tom out of jail. Michael doesn't believe her. He will find out about this woman on his own. He has an idea. Gina is the center of Genoa City. Due to her contacts running restaurants, she knows quite a lot of people. Michael takes a chance and calls her asking if she knows anyone by the name of Jennifer Mitchell. She sure does know Jennifer. She tells how that was the woman that saved Gloria’s life the night of the engagement party. She can’t give Michael the address of the woman but she will look out for her. She also agrees not to tell anyone of their conversation. The Newman launch is going as planned. The projections are bigger than Brad and Victoria had anticipated. They have even started getting new orders for shelves that have been cleaned out. Now it is time to get Sharon into the fray. She gets ready to deliver her live web cast by internet. Brad does the countdown. “5… 4… 3… 2…” Nothing! The monitors are blank. The website fails. Something is wrong. Brad looks up at Nick and Nick looks back at him uncomfortably. The launch has been ruined.

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