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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Jack comes home with his hand hurt after punching Ryan. Lily seems to know that her dad got violent with somebody. Erica tells her husband that he needs to stop being so suspicious of Ryan and support Greenlee in getting back with him. Jack asks Erica why. Erica finally reveals to Jack that Kendall is carrying Ryan and Greenlee's baby. At the bar, after "somebody" has started a fire, it spreads. And Kendall and Greenlee's lives are both in danger until Ryan saves them. Greenlee demands that he saves Kendall first. And she is forced to tell Ryan that the reason is because Kendall is carrying their baby. JR drives drunk with Babe in the car with him and mows Amanda down. The cops come and are ready to throw him in jail until Babe tells them that she was the one who was driving. Erin asks Aiden to help find Jonathan, not knowing who he is, but knowing she must keep her brother's identity a secret. He tells her that he no longer cares for Ryan and will never forgive him for overlooking what his psycho-brother Jonathan did. And right then, Aiden discovers the legal papers that confirm that Jonathan is still alive. Di and Zach are alone. And they end up kissing.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Carly tells Gwen about Iris’ treating Will horribly supposedly on Gwen’s behalf. Iris and Carly bicker and Gwen admits to trusting neither of them. Carly thinks that Gwen should try to reconcile with Will because she at least trusted him. Later, Carly goes to Will and tells him of her visit, with Gwen and suggests to him that he also go talk to Gwen. Gwen wants the judge to see copies of records she has of what has been going on in her mom’s house. Iris overhears and tries to guilt Gwen into staying. Jen and Will talk about visiting colleges out of state because Will feels there is nothing left for him in Oakdale now. Paul tries to explain to Will why he did what he did regarding Gwen. Will thinks Paul is getting more and more like Barbara. Jen tells Paul she thinks that Will will realize that Paul loves him and was only trying to protect him…little does she know what Paul did to her supposedly in the name of love. Meg continues to feel guilty about lying to Dusty. She is also insecure thinking that he is only with her because when Jen found out Rory/Billy is not her baby, she pushed him away. Dusty promises he is with her because he wants to be. He admires all that she did for him. They give into their passion again. Luke falls into an uremic coma, and the doctor only gives him hours to live. Keith tells Lily that he will save her son…. if she marries him. Lily is disgusted and she tells him so, but later when she sees the declining state of Luke’s health, she devastatingly makes the decision to give Keith what he wants.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Normally I don't give an opinion but today's show was a big WOW!

Jackie and Nick discuss Brooke's marriage to Eric. Nick decides Brooke is right and he wants Bridget and the baby more and wants to try to get them back. Jackie and Nick find out about Forrester being only Stephanie's company.

At Forrester, Stephanie berates Eric in front of everyone in the family. She then offers the presidency of Forrester to her son. Ridge assumes it's him she's speaking of and starts making changes, that is until Stephanie reveals that it's her other son, Thorn she's talking about. She also offers Taylor a position as the new face of Forrester. Taylor accepts the position. Stephanie gets right in Eric's face and asks him about their early years sex life. This exchange ends up with Stephanie giving Eric a knee to the groin and Eric in a heap on the office floor.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami ignores Maggie’s advice and spies on Nicole and Austin from the bushes after being rejected from their business dinner. Mimi declares to Shawn that she can’t ever date him and heads to the church where she gets guidance about forgiveness from Father Jansen. Belle fantasizes that Shawn tells her that her problem is that he isn’t Claire’s father and after seeing Mimi run out, tells Shawn that Mimi is wrong for him. John gets around Alex’s attempt to keep Marlena from calling him by calling her. Marlena invites him over to talk and John brings Kate along to keep Alex occupied. Alex accuses John of spying on them but John denies it. John promises to help Marlena regain her memory. Kate unknowingly gives Alex the answer he needs to keep Marlena from John.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Skye realizes Carly must be on the train. Jax gets out of the tunnel, then tries to return. Mac stops him and gets a report of what the situation is in the tunnel. Jason manages to find Sam. Lulu insists on going in the tunnel. Alexis' labor continues. Jason struggles to save Robin. Luke and Liz urge Lucky to live. Tracy berates Skye for not being loyal to Luke. Emily says Alexis needs a C section.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Danny breaks his kiss from Michelle and asks her what she is doing, she tells him that she wants him back and he tells her that he is with Marina now. After arresting the driver of the car that almost ran her over, Marina realizes that it is Alan-Michael Spaulding and strings him along for a while since he doesn’t recognize her. She takes him to Company and reveals who she is. Alan Michael tells her that she reminds him of her mother, kisses her, and leaves. Reva walks in on Olivia in Josh’s hotel room and brags to her that she and Josh slept together. Josh walks in on the conversation and realizes that things with Reva will never be the same. They decide to end things between them. Olivia goes to Company and tells Buzz that she thinks there might be a chance with her and Josh. Edmund surprises Cassie at the bridal shop, where she has gone to meet Tammy. He blames their problems on Jeffrey and tells Cassie that he is going to take her on the honeymoon that they never had. When she refuses to leave with him, he tells her that if she doesn’t his assassin will take Jeffrey out. The owner of the bridal shop comes back and finds them and when Edmund says he and his wife are leaving, Cassie intentionally takes a veil so that the alarm will go off. Jeffrey and Sandy wonder where Cassie and Tammy could be since they are neither at home nor at the bridal shop. Jonathan takes Tammy to Outskirts and helps her change out of her wedding dress. He tells her that they can do anything they want in the dark and they start to kiss. When the lights come back on she pulls away and he tells her that he loves her. She says she is marrying Sandy and when Reva comes in, she leaves.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Everyone starts arriving for Dorian’s wedding. Viki agrees to be hypnotized to bring out Niki Smith, but it is all a hoax.(which Tess sees through immediately) Tess tries to leave but Dr. Jamison brings Jessica back. Spencer and Blair arrive at the wedding. Dorian is upset to see him there. She orders him to stop the procedure on Kelly, and to stay away from Blair. Spencer vows revenge. Spencer demands that David put Dorian in her place. David stops the wedding to Dorian. Starr has a run-in with Ginger at the wedding. Adriana sees Duke consoling Ginger.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Gwen and Rebecca continue to keep watch over Ethan, although Rebecca is growing tired of sitting in the hospital room. Gwen is infuriated when Theresa calls and they put her through to the room to ask how he's doing. Unable to get any information on the phone, Theresa decides to go and wait for a chance to go in and see for herself. Rebecca talks Gwen into going to eat something, and Theresa, dressed like a housekeeper, goes in as they leave. Gwen feels there's something suspicious about the lady, though, and heads back to the room to see what's up. Simone and Paloma have Jessica and try to take her home, but she is still drugged up and feeling like a bad person, so she balks. Noah finds them and is about to take her home himself when Spike shows up, and the fight is on. Spike seemed to have the upper hand for the moment.

Fox wines and dines Kay, telling her how happy he is that he has her in his life, while Ivy fumes at her son's choice of women. They leave to go home to a romantic setting in Kay's room, where he continues to romance her, and Ivy goes to see Valerie and talk her into dropping Chad and going for Fox. They come up with Fox's password and mess up his information on the important work project he's working on, making it look like Kay did it. Chris, the FBI guy, and James seem to have been shot. Sheridan, still on the phone, tries to get Chris to answer her, but the porter comes in and tells her they are all dead. She tells him to check them to see if they need help, and he realizes they are all fine. They tell him to pretend they are dead and run screaming for help, which he does, but he runs into the killer coming to check on them, and when he says he's FBI, the porter tells all. Just as the killer is about to shoot Chris, Sheridan comes in and knocks the gun away. They get a call to go to a safe room, then find out it was the killer, and he bursts in and grabs Sheridan, holding a gun at her head.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Lauren feels that now that the book is a ‘go’, she should be able to get more details about it. Scott tells her that he would like to keep that secret until he has spoken to Brenda about this. “She has no idea that I even submitted it for publishing. She is very private mom and I don’t know how she is going to feel about this.” Lauren assures him that when she finds out that she is going to be a celebrity she will not care that Scott put the manuscript out without her knowledge. Michael has a feeling that his mother knows what happened with Tom’s bail and she isn’t telling. “Gloria! Does the name, ‘Jennifer Mitchell’ mean anything to you," he asks. She tells him ‘no’. She denies having any knowledge of this person or how Tom’s bail got paid. He feels that she is lying and warns her that this person has been helping Tom hurt Lauren and that if anything should happen to her, she will be sorry. Jack comes to the Chancellor mansion smug. The Newman launch is going to happen the next day, but he is confident that it will not be a success. Jill wants to know how he knows that. He says at first that he has no idea of anything that may happen, but later admits to Jill that Phyllis had her hands on the Newman website, in their offices all night. Jill panics. She wants to win against the Newman's but not like this. She feels that Jack doesn’t believe in her skill as CEO. He keeps doing underhanded tricks to get one over on Newman and that takes away her chance at doing her job. She orders him to get over to Phyllis and make her repair whatever damage that she has done before anything happens. Jill warns that her mother will not be happy if she finds out that Jack and Phyllis did this. Tom has got Mackenzie trapped in the coffeehouse. She asks him to leave repeatedly as she doesn’t think that she should get involved in Tom’s issue with Kevin. Tom will not leave. He wants Mackenzie to promise that she will help him get Kevin to help him with his frame up. Lauren shows up hoping to get a coffee before the place closes. She gets angry when she sees Tom there bullying Mackenzie. She shouts at him to get out of there as no one wants him there. That is when Michael shows up and rushes to the group. Tom tells Michael that nothing is wrong and not to get excited, but that is just a ruse to get his guard down. The first chance that Tom gets, he punches Michael knocking him to the ground. Lauren attacks him next as Mackenzie watches.

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