Friday 11/4/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 11/4/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Di goes to see Tad and tells him that she knows he has feelings for her and he cannot deny it. He tells her he wants her out of his life. JR is drunk and making threats to Babe. She knows he's in no condition to drive home. She tries to take his keys and then gets in the car with him. She's failed to lock up the bar. Kendall and Greenlee notice the bar is still open and they come in. Meanwhile, Jonathan has escaped from the Pine Cone and Ryan and Erin cannot find him. And upstairs in the bar, "somebody" has started a fire, unknown to Kendall and Greenlee. Livia goes to talk to Jonathan the night before his trial. But he's gone. Erin tells Livia that Jonathan is sleeping. Livia tells her that it is very important that she talks to Jonathan and seems to know that Erin is hiding something. When JR is driving drunk, he accidentally hits Amanda. Greenlee goes upstairs in the bar and discovers there is a fire.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Jennifer once again rejects Dusty and refuses to believe that Paul is trying to control her life. Jennifer's rejection makes Dusty get even closer to Meg. Carly plays matchmaker for Will and Gwen. Carly also tells Iris she wont control her life or Gwen's anymore. Luke's condition gets worse and Keith uses the situation to his advantage. Keith finds a kidney for Luke but he tells Lily that in exchange for saving her son's life she must marry him. Jennifer and Will decide to focus on something positive in their lives by taking a road trip to look at colleges for Will.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jennifer thinks that Jack was buying books on alternative healing methods to appease her and Jack goes along with the idea even though Frankie is skeptical. Shawn rouses Mimi. His attempts to comfort her and assure her that she is someone he is glad to be dating are lost when Mimi dreams that her devilish alter ego tells her that Shawn will dump her in favor of having a biological family. John has Father Jansen talk to Marlena about her wedding vows after a memory flash makes Marlena avoid drinking the tea Alex drugged for her. John has the ISA deliver a high power telescope with built in listening device and listens in as Marlena proclaims to Alex that she wants to rescind the divorce and stay married to John.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

People struggle to find one another following the train crash. Robin is pinned under some wreckage. Jason refuses surgery. When he gets the news about the trains, he takes off to go to the rescue. Luke and Lulu argue about his parenting responsibilities. Lucky is badly injured and bleeding. Carly is trapped on the wrecked train and disoriented. Alexis' labor begins. Jason and Luke team up to try to rescue as many as they can. As Jason tries to dig, the tunnel collapses on him. Lucky and Alexis both seem convinced they will die.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Cassie and Josh have a nice talk during the blackout after she is surprised to find that it is he knocking on her car window. They discuss Hope and Reva and Josh convinces her that she still can be a part of Hope’s life. Reva and Buzz discuss how Reva still doesn’t feel as if things are okay with her and Josh and how she doesn’t want to settle. Jonathan tells Tammy to pretend he is Sandy and practice her vows on him, she does and then he says his vows to her. She stops him and asks him to leave but he picks her up and carries her out with him. Cassie later comes to the dress shop looking for Tammy but Edmund is waiting outside. Michelle and Marina discuss Danny while in the elevator and Michelle lets Marina know she doesn’t plan on giving up on Danny. When the lights come back on and Marina goes to work, Michelle goes back to Danny’s apartment and kisses him. Marina is almost run down by a car, when the driver gets out to see if she is okay, she puts him under arrest. Harley and Dinah discuss the past while they are stuck on the stairwell at Spaulding together, after the lights come back on Harley offers Dinah a job. Edmund and Alan meet to discuss their plan but Edmund says that his part of getting Cassie alone didn’t work. Alan convinces him that things will work out for both of them. When the lights come back on Frank finds Alan still in his cell.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Spencer is alone with Blair when Bo arrives, and gives them the news that Todd had rented a car, and he shows her a new sketch of Todd’s new face. Ginger comes to visit, much to the dismay of Blair .Ginger is going to take care of Margaret’s burial, but she doesn’t know what to do with the baby. Kelly is still upset over the death of the baby. Dr. Jamison hypnotizes Jessica, and Tess emerges as usual. Tess first yells for Nash, and then she asks to talk to Niki Smith.

Todd has hallucinations of a baby, crying, and also Blair. The car will not start, and Todd is out with the hood up when he is arrested. Bo calls Blair, and tells her the news that they have found Todd’s car.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Kay and Fox have a nice time at the dinner set up for them by Alistair. Endora provides some added interest by whipping up a jewelry box in Fox's pocket. The sight of it scares Ivy, who is snooping from the table she and Sam are at, and she scurries over to nix the idea. Endora averts trouble by making it a bracelet, however. Tabitha isn't happy that her little witchling is a goody-goody. Ivy and Fox have a heart-to-heart, and he forgives her for being a rotten mother to him. He is upset by the news about Ethan, but decides to wait until morning to visit. Ivy corners Kay, threatens her about hurting her son, but covers nicely when Sam walks up. Jessica is being beaten by her john as Simone and Paloma, discovered by Spike and locked into a storage room, try to break out and get to her. When they get there, she has washed her bloody hands, but they find blood on the door and ask where the john is. Jessica babbles about wanting him dead, then remembers washing her hands and says she's the killer.

Sheridan gets a call from a woman with the FBI who is looking for Chris. The woman realizes Sheridan knows Chris' secret and tells her a mob assassin is in town, gunning for Chris and James. Sheridan drops the phone and runs out of the hospital. She tries to call Chris, who has boarded a train after being followed there by a man with a gun in the passenger seat. As Chris, James, and the FBI agent settle into their cubicle, the phone rings, as Sheridan continued to call him. She tries to tell him he is in danger and has to get off the train, but the connection is bad. Once it clears up she tells him again, then hears the "pop pop pop" of gunfire as the assassin shoots through the window of the train at Chris.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Daniel is at his computer smiling as he stares at a computer monitor. His mother comes running over. “Oh I see that you are interested in Shakespeare’s verses. That is wonderful honey.” After a while of discussion with him she realizes that he is trying to pull the wool over her eyes and that he has been using the poetic website to talk to Lily in private. She orders Daniel to tell Lily that he will not be talking to her anymore. Daniel types what she tells him to and turns off the computer. He is angry but Daniel doesn’t care. “Lily will be 18 soon and then her parents will not be able to tell her what to do anymore.” Ashley is in a pickle. She went to get her cell phone out of Tom’s coat and he has caught her trying to get it. He panics and grabs her demanding to know what she was about to do just now. She uses a commanding voice and orders him to let her go. He does and then realizes that he really screwed up. He apologizes and asks her to stay with him. She agrees to, but says that she doesn't like the way that he acts sometimes and that is probably why he keeps getting in trouble. He says that she is right and she agrees to stay. “I do have to call Gina though and cancel our reservation.” Ashley calls Paul and pretends that she is talking to Gina. He tries to find out where she is but she hangs up quickly. That is okay. Paul and Michael have a tracking device on her cell phone and they can find her. Ashley then continues the date, but keeps Tom at a distance without offending him further. After a few minutes, Tom tries to get a kiss from Ashley but she tells him that she isn’t ready for all that. She pushes him away. Paul comes tearing out of the bushes and pretends to be angry with Ashley. “What are you doing with him? He is a drug dealer for heavens sake!" Ashley says that she can do what she wants. Paul says that she is in trouble, but she assures him that she can take care of herself. Paul looks at Tom with contempt and walks off to Michael who is waiting hidden in the bushes. When Tom feels that they are alone again he turns to Ashley in awe. “No one has ever stood up to anyone for me like that before," he says. Nick comes into the office waving an olive branch. Victoria is skeptical that he really means to work as a team with her. He assures her that he does. He knows that she is concerned that he is going to come in and take over her campaign and the credit for it if it works out. He assures her that he will let her take all the credit for this campaign as she will deserve it. He tells her that even if she fails, they are family and he will support her in making things right again. Victoria softens to him now. Victor arrives and says that he is glad to see that his children were working things out between themselves. Nick says that Victoria has been working her fingers to the bone to get them to this point. Victoria smiles at her father but then the smiles quickly leaves her face when Victor then turns his compliments to Nick. “Now Nick. You know that you were the one that came up with this idea in the first place. Don’t be modest my boy. You deserve credit for this as well. Victoria is not pleased. She says to her father that she would like to thank him for acknowledging all the hard work that she did for the campaign. Scott is at home relaxing alone and looking over his notes for his book when someone comes knocking at the door. Scott opens the door and meets Mr. Wiley from a publishing house. “I hope that you don’t mind. I have come by unannounced as you didn’t leave your number on your manuscript when you submitted it.” Scott is surprised. “You came all the way over here to get my telephone number," Scott asks. The man tells him ‘no’. “I am here actually because were are prepared to publish your book!" Sheila is fit to be tied when she realizes exactly what it was that Scott has done. “Why would you do that to me Scott?" He says that she was being a liar and he is upset as he thought that she trusted him. “Really Brenda. How do you expect to write a book with me when you can’t even trust me?" She says she didn’t mean to lie. She was just confused, she says. “I worked a lot of places. They were all like Genoa City. I forgot okay?" Scott will accept that, but he has anther question. “Why is it that there is no record of a ‘Brenda Harris’ having ever worked at Genoa City Hospital?" Sheila faces turns white. She is furious now. “What did you do Scott? Never mind. Just give me back my picture," she demands. He tells her that he can’t do that. “I gave it to a nurse at the hospital. She will show it to a friend and tell me about it.” Sheila orders him out of there. Once alone, Sheila is so mad that she nearly pulls the curtains right out of the drywall. “Okay, she says… I will just have to get the picture back.” She gets her Jennifer get-up on and heads to the hospital. She has to be careful as years ago she used to work there. She sees that old bat Jean that she used to know so many years ago and she hides her face from the woman so that she will not be accidentally recognized. She overhears a younger nurse asking Jean to look at a picture to see if she recognizes the people in it. Jean can’t do that right now. “I am going on a coffee break.” When she returns, before she can look at the picture, an emergency alarm goes off in a patient’s room. All the nurses hurry to the room, Jean included. Sheila rushes into action and searches the nurses station until she finds the picture. She stuffs it into her pocket and rushes out of the area. When the nurses return, they remark that it is funny that a woman that hasn’t moved in such a long time managed to get her own ventilator unhooked. “Oh well, no worries, she is fine now.”

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