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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Jonathan and Erin come to see Ryan in Pine Valley. But Jonathan has this obsession about making amends to Greenlee. Kendall urges Greenlee to consider telling Ryan about the baby. And they go to see him, assuming he is alone. But they are shocked to see Jonathan and run out when they find out he's in town. JR tells the cops he will not press charges against DI. But he tells her he does not care about her and wants her out of his life. Amanda goes to threaten Babe for breaking her up with Jamie. The two of them are ready to kill each other in the bar until JR comes to break them up. But he tells Babe that he wants to take little Adam away to Europe with him. She tells him he cannot do that.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Luke' condition gets worse and the doctors tell the Snyder family Luke will die unless he gets a kidney for transplant right away. Lily goes on television to make a plea for anyone to get tested at the hospital in order to save Luke's life. Will finds out the whole truth about the deal Gwen made with Paul so that Paul would pay her legal bills. Will is very hurt and the news causes him to cut Paul out of his life. Will considers forgiving Gwen but a misunderstanding causes him to change his mind. Jennifer clears her office out at Street Jeans and is eager to begin work at her new company. Dusty is a witness to Paul's fight with Will and calls Jennifer because he suspects Paul is up to something. Lily is desperate to save Luke and asks Keith for his help without telling Holden.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Eric threatens Stephanie with legal battles. She shoots back words like fraud. She fires Eric and plans to take over her company. Dante cooks for Bridget and offers to move in and take care of her.

Nick tries to convince Brooke that they are meant to be together. Brooke is still worried about Bridget, tells Nick she cannot be with him.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Will reveals that he was eavesdropping and sides with Sami but Lucas declares that it’s over. Lucas heads out on a date with Sophie while Sami talks with a woman at the park who urges her to move on too. Austin takes Nicole to Chez Rouge. Sami walks in on them in each other’s arms and vows to keep Nicole from Austin. Hope and Bo argue about their differing opinions about Shawn and Chelsea’s lives loud enough to wake Zach. Jack slips out to a small bookstore that houses books on assisted suicide but Jennifer and Frankie find the address Jack wrote down and after heading there, find him holding the books.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Alcazar searches for Manny after finding Carly missing from her room at Rose Lawn. Ric confronts Sonny over his treatment towards Reese. Sonny and Reese end things amicably. Jax tries to win back Courtney.

Lucky and Elizabeth find time for romance. Sam and Robin see Manny on the train and later find the engineer dead. The two trains collide inside the tunnel. Monica refuses to allow Tony to operate on Jason.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Josh and Reva agree that their lovemaking was like the old good times. Josh has to leave to go and meet Tammy but asks Reva to stay till he gets back. She agrees, but later asks herself why she still isn’t happy. Josh sends flowers up to his suite but Reva is not there. Jonathan helps Tammy find her engagement ring and when she asks him why he is helping her, he tells her that she chose the right guy so she can be safe. He apologizes for always hurting her and she tells him that she doesn’t think that he has ever hurt her on purpose. She has to leave to go and meet with Josh and her mom to discuss wedding stuff, but accidentally leaves her engagement ring with Jonathan. Tammy asks Josh to walk her down the aisle and he accepts, although she still is having troubles with her thoughts about Jonathan. She leaves to go to her dress fitting and calls Jonathan to get her ring back. He tells her he will bring it to her. Mallet takes Dinah to Spaulding to have her meet with Harley about the job. After Mallet leaves Dinah gives Harley an out and tells her to just tell her to leave, which Harley does. Cassie runs into Michelle outside of Danny’s suite and Michelle tells her that she can hold Hope if she would like to. Cassie says that she can’t and then after imagining Hope’s future dress shopping for her wedding, breaks down in tears in her car in the parking garage. Marina is looking forward to a day with just her, Danny, and baby Hope, but Michelle doesn’t quite get the hint and doesn’t leave till Danny pretty much asks her to. After Michelle leaves, Marina, Danny, and Hope settle down for the day until Mallet calls Marina into work. Alan and Edmund’s plan goes off and Springfield is forced into a Blackout. Alan escapes from the police station, Edmund is in the parking garage with Cassie, Michelle and Marina are caught in an elevator, Dinah and Harley are together at Spaulding, and Jonathan is outside of the dress shop where Tammy is trying on her wedding gown.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

John has a terrible nightmare about Christian being hung in his cell. Natalie has a nightmare about Nikki Smith. Natalie finds out about Jessica and Antonio being involved in a car accident. Dorian and David visit Blair. Dorian and Blair argue over Todd as usual. A guard takes the picture of Natalie from Christian. Carlo burns the picture of Natalie. Carlo gives Christian a means of escape from prison by the means of a pack of pills which is hidden inside a book. He gives Chris an ultimatum. Lindsay spends some time with Jaime. Evangeline is frustrated when she finds out that Layla has Antonio’s daughter, but doesn’t know where Antonio is.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan is hanging on, but not responding to anyone or anything. Rebecca and Gwen, along with Ivy, are happy to see the policeman reading Theresa her rights. Sam comes in and can't believe Theresa actually tried to kill his son, but he joins the women in attacking her at every turn. Alistair arrives and makes the cop leave Theresa alone, then expects her to repay him for his kindness. He leaves, calling her to come home and thank him, but she says she won't go until she sees Ethan, which Gwen won't allow. He calls back, putting Little Ethan on to talk to her, and then tells her he isn't good at controlling his anger with kids. She gets the message, telling her mother she has to go take care of the old lizard before he hurts her son. Rebecca and Gwen talk about what might happen if Ethan dies, and the thought that Theresa might actually get Jane back infuriates them. They decide the best thing is to get her convicted of 1st degree murder. Can Ethan hear what they are scheming up now?

Sheridan is still wanting to leave with Chris and James, but he reminds her Marty might come back one day and she'll never be able to see him if he does. She agrees, and decides to stay in Harmony. She moons over her lost love, still dressed in her "Widow's Weeds" from Luis' funeral earlier in the day. She goes to be with Gwen and tries to calm the situation down as the Three Witches continue to bark at Theresa every chance they get. Jessica goes back to Spike, who drugs her up and sends her out to make up for lost time. Simone and Paloma are spying on their friend and decide to follow her on her "job" to make sure she isn't the one who's killing the johns.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nurse Maureen has contacted Jean who is the nurse who has been around for a long time and knows almost everyone that works in the hospital. She will be working the shift the following day. Scott gives the photograph that he has of Sheila and the founder of the hospital to Maureen asking her to show it to Jean so that she can identify the people in it. Maureen takes the picture. Scott will meet her afterwards, and they will discuss what the woman has to say over coffee. Phyllis arrives at Victor’s house as asked to. She knows what is coming. She just got an earful from Brad and Victoria about what they think she did to the website. She tells Victor before he starts with anything that she will not tolerate taking it on the chin from him either. He smiles simply thanking her for helping the competition out. She starts crying when she realizes that he wasn’t going to dump on her. “Nick called me to help and I just said ‘yes’. I think about Cassie all the time and I just wanted to help," she says. Victor understands. He remembers when she gave up her marriage to testify for him in court. He thanks her again, kissing her on the cheek before seeing her out. Next he has JT in his house asking him to work with Paul and find him a computer expert. Sheila tears the room apart. She must have misplaced that picture. “Where is it? What did I do with it," she asks herself. Suddenly a memory comes rushing back to her. She was coming out of the shower and Scott had been picking up things that had fallen out of her purse. That was where the picture should have been but she can’t find it now. Knock Knock! “It’s me Scott! Let me it!" Sheila goes to the door and lets him in. He can see that she is edgy. He is there to work but she has other things on her mind. She sends him for sodas so that she can rummage through his computer bag to find the picture. “Damn! It isn’t there." When he comes back, he types but is interrupted as Sheila has questions from time to time. “Has anyone been wondering about me? Is you mother just anxious to meet me or it is something more? You don’t find me mysterious do you Scott?" Finally she can’t stand the mind games and she asks him point blank. “Why did you take my photograph Scott? Why did you do that," she shouts. Ashley dances as fast as she can. She, Paul and Michael have set up a plan to get Tom cornered, but Tom has decided to change plans without notice. He convinces Ashley that she should leave early with him for their date. While she is changing into slacks to ride with him on his bike, he sees Paul Williams’ number ringing on her cell phone display. He turns the cell phone off and drops it into his jacket pocket. Michael and Paul set up the details to carry out the plan, but Ashley never shows up. Tom decided to take her to the park for a picnic. He has food and drinks for their date. Ashley is not comfortable and begs to be taken to the Athletic Club where they were supposed to have gone in the first place. She ends up staying and eats. She rummages around for her cell phone and can’t find it. “Let me use your cell phone Tom," Ashley says. He says that he didn’t bring it with him. She wants to go now. “Abby has to have contact with me at all times." Tom smiles sweetly. He takes off his coat and goes to get them some dessert. That is when she sees it. It is peeking out of the top of his coat pocket. She gets up and picks up the coat to take her cell phone out. Someone grabs her and holds her tightly from the back. It is Tom. “Now just what do you think you are doing?"

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