Wednesday 11/2/05 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Kendall assumes that Ryan is considering cheating on Greenlee with Julia and tells him he must not give up on Greenlee. Zach tells Greenlee that he must not prevent Ryan from knowing about his child. And he tells her how it has not benefited him or Ethan not to have known about each other throughout Ethan's life. And he also reveals to her that he regrets assuming that Ethan was better off with him and he'd like another chance with his son. Hearing that, Ethan is inspired and tells Greenlee that his father is right. Babe tells JR that she's concerned about his drinking and how it could affect their son. But he gets called away to find out that Di has been taken to jail. Palmer, Tad and Derek all want her prosecuted. But David and Julia are on her side and want to help her. Tad asks JR what he wants to do and JR does not know how to answer. Jamie finds out that Amanda has been trying to drug him and tells her he wants her out of his life forever.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Will and Gwen seem to be enjoying their normal life with just the three of them – Gwen, Will and Billy. He is bringing her flowers, a gift for the baby and a pamphlet for an apartment they should go look at to live in. Iris is overhearing all of this, and is conjuring up a plot to put an end to this, but under the guise of being supportive. It blows up later, when Will finds out from Hal that Paul was paying Gwen’s lawyer fees. An angry Will confronts Gwen, who is at a loss for words. Lily and Holden lament over the fact that Luke needs a kidney transplant due to the infection he caught in Mexico. They are trying to reach Damian, and Jack and others will get tested. Keith shows up and offers his support to get tested, but an angry Lily and Holden don’t want to hear from him. It is because of him that their son contracted E. Coli. Keith is definite with them; he cares about Luke; he will get tested. A distraught Lily finds out she is not a match for a kidney transplant with her son. Mike talks to Jack about pressing charges against BJ, but he finds out there is nothing they can do until BJ does something further. Katie goes to quit at WOAK, but BJ has beaten her to the punch with Kim. BJ has told Kim it was all a misunderstanding and Kim explains to Katie that she would like her to rethink her decision. Katie doesn’t want to, but BJ calmly reminds her that she is under contract. After Kim and Katie talk in private Kim promises to watch out for her and to make sure BJ keeps his distance. When Katie goes on her tour, a female publicist will accompany her. After Katie agrees, Kim makes BJ understand that she did not appreciate the position he put her in. Mike is upset as well when he hears Katie is staying, but he agrees to keep working on the station to keep an eye on BJ. Jack meets with his FBI contact and he tells Jack that they are looking at someone local - BJ Green.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Stephanie confronts Eric on the trust documents. He claims they built the company together and that should be the way she sees it. She sees it as the ultimate betrayal and declares herself soul owner and CEO of Forrester Creations.

Nick tries to make Brooke see the truth and admit to it. He wants them to stop pretending and be together. Bridget goes to her ultra sound and is surprised when Dante comes to support her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Will comes home from a friend’s Halloween party upset over a store bought Stan disguise. Austin has to break up an argument between Sami and Nicole. Nicole begs Austin to tell her whom he came back to Salem for but Austin refuses. Sami goes over to beg Lucas for another chance and kisses him. Philip has to stop Belle from taking too many pills and draws her a hot bubble bath. While in the bath, Belle imagines that Shawn is in Philip’s place and tells him that she wishes he were Claire’s father instead. Mimi has a hard time being left alone with Claire but decides to try it after talking with Shawn. After seeing Claire’s eyes looking evil and being unable to stop Claire from crying since she can’t pick her up, Mimi calls for Shawn to come help. Once Shawn returns to take care of Claire, Mimi passes out.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Sam heads to Manhattan to see Robin, who is giving a speech about her experience as an HIV patient. Carly's condition worsens, but Sonny won't have her medicated. Alexis agrees to go on the train to Manhattan with Emily, Nik, Courtney, and the newlyweds as a buffer. Manny gets into Carly's room. Ric and Reese plan to take the train to Manhattan. So does Jax. Sonny makes Jason promise to take the medicine Robin brings. When Lorenzo visits Carly, she's missing. Robin and Sam board a Manhattan train headed to Port Charles. Jason passes out. Sonny boards the train.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Reva shows up to Josh’s hotel room to find Olivia there. Olivia tries to make Reva think more is going on that actually is and when she talks to Josh about it, he assures her he only wants her. They wind up making love. Jonathan offers Cassie champagne from Outskirts for Tammy’s wedding, and asks if she thinks Tammy will be happy. He assures her that is all he wants for Tammy. Dinah shows up at Outskirts and she and Jonathan discuss how both of them are trying to do the right thing for once. She tries to kiss him and when he pulls away, she realizes he is in love with someone else. She warns him about the heartache of going after someone who loves another. He assures her that is all he wants for her. Cassie later looks through old wedding memories and runs across a picture of her and Richard on their wedding day. Jeffrey tells her that he was a handsome guy and that if she would like he could walk her down the aisle. Tammy talks about all that she has to do with her wedding to Marina and tells her she knows exactly how she wants it. She fantasizes about it in detail but when she gets to the groom, she sees Jonathan there instead of Sandy. After a minor freak out on Tammy’s part, she and Sandy meet with the minister. Later, while going through wedding stuff outside, Tammy takes off her gloves and throws her engagement ring into the bushes outside of Company. Jonathan shows up while she is looking for it.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Todd pulls Antonio and Jessica from the car just minutes before it explodes. Viki and Clint have a discussion with Nash about Jessica. Clint gives Nash a picture of Jessica. Viki and Clint find out that Jessica and Antonio have been involved in an auto accident. Paige visits Bo at the police station, but are interrupted by Spencer. Kevin and Kelly meet to discuss Todd, and the possibility of him killing Margaret and her unborn child. Blair becomes more upset when Spencer visits, and finds out that Spencer knew that Margaret had stabbed Todd. Bo finds out from Kevin that he knew that Margaret was pregnant with Todd’s child.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa, Gwen, and Rebecca stand watch over Ethan, waiting to see whether he will pull through or not. Ivy comes, bringing Pilar, and she lights into Theresa when she finds out what Gwen is accusing her of. Pilar tries to defend her daughter, but Ivy tells her to shut up, and once Theresa tells her what really happened she is upset that her daughter has done another stupid thing. Eve tells them that Ethan will either die, recover fully, or become a vegetable, they will just have to wait and pray to see which it will be. Rebecca brings a cop to arrest Theresa, but he wants to question her first. She refuses to leave Ethan, so he arrests her for resisting. Rebecca is grinning ear-to-ear. Sheridan still wants to leave with Chris and James, especially since he admitted he loves her. He reminds her of everything she will lose if she does, then says he doesn't want to put her in that position because he loves her too much. She continues to beg him to let her go with them, however. Luis seems to be an afterthought now that a couple of hours have passed since his funeral.

Alistair gives Fox and Chad some tests to determine who will rise in the company and who will be out, and the Fox wins the first one. He goes to find Kay at Tabitha's house and tell her the news, and that they are meeting Alistair at the Seascape for a celebratory dinner. Kay was telling Tabitha, who had been watching it all on her bowl, how upset she is at how fast the spell Tabby cast for her is working. Tabby reminds her she warned her the cost would be high, but Kay says she thought their love was strong enough to survive it anyway. Now, watching Fox dance around the room with Endora while waiting for Kay to get ready to go to dinner, Tabitha wonders what's behind his good cheer. She wonders if it's possible Endora is doing something to counteract her spell, but doesn't know if she'd do that. Chad is still in his office, upset at having lost, but Valerie tells him they can catch up with a little underhanded work. He resists, then agrees to go ahead. As she leaves the office to get something, she runs into Alistair, who's been eavesdropping. He tells her he's impressed by what he heard, and she seductively moves close to him, straightening his tie, and tells him she is willing to do anything to get what she wants. He tells her she will go very, very, far with an attitude like that.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

JT and Mackenzie talk about Brittany leaving. It seems to have hit JT hard, while Mackenzie deals with things better. She is sad about this too but she is okay with it. She admits that she was happy that Brittany was getting her life together with Bobby, but she still worried that Brittany would keep calling JT every time that she needed to be saved. Mackenzie knows that Brittany is gone now, but she has to still wonder if she and JT will be okay as a couple. He assures her that they will be just fine. Scott returns to the hospital and turns on the charm. He meets up again with Maureen the nurse and tells her that she is looking for proof that an old friend of his used to work there. “She is an old friend and she worked here years ago. Please help. This will be our little secret." The nurse rushes off to the nearest computer and searches the name, “Brenda Harris”. No one by that name worked at the hospital according the records that she finds. Scott has another idea. “Is there someone that worked at the hospital for many years who would recognize a picture of her possibly?" The nurse knows of someone who works in ICU who has been at the hospital forever. “She will know the answer." Maureen runs off and Scott waits. He looks at the picture again. “Why did you lie to me Brenda? What are you hiding?" Sheila feels better about her situation now. She called Scott and he is coming over to work on the book with her. The Chinese food deliveryman arrives with the food that she has ordered for herself and Scott and she gladly pays the man. It isn’t until she is alone in the room again and putting her change away that she notices that a picture that she always has in her wallet is gone. Sheila pauses. “What happened to my picture," she wonders aloud. Paul has his men do a little checking on Tom now that there is more concern about him and he has been seen on the surveillance cameras at the hospital. Paul tells Michael that he found out who bailed Tom out of jail. “It was someone named Jennifer Mitchell." Michael doesn’t know that name. Michael suddenly panics. “This is not good Paul. This means that Tom has a friend who might be helping him do things when all along we were thinking that he had to have been doing this on his own." Ashley wants to help Michael and Paul nab Terrible Tom, but she is warned repeatedly that Tom is at the point where he could turn nasty. Ashley is sure that she has the situation under control. Later when she bumps into Tom, she says that she spoke too soon before and is willing to go out with him again. “We had a lot of fun together," she says. She offers to meet him at the Athletic Club later that night for dinner. It is a date! Ashley tells Michael and Paul what went on and how she will be seeing Tom later that night and they set up a plan to bug the dinner table where Ashley will be sitting to keep her safe. All Ashley will have to do is turn up for the date and Paul will make sure that Gina sends her to the right table with the bug under it. Ashley rushes home to get ready for her date, but all plans are trashed when Tom suddenly shows up at Ashley’s house early announcing that he has changed the plans for their date for the evening.

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