Tuesday 11/1/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 11/1/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Josh finds out for Babe that Amanda is getting a guy to drug Jamie so she can trick him into marrying her. Right before Jamie and Amanda are ready to go on their "vacation", Babe reveals to them both that she knows about Amanda's "plans" to marry Jamie, which he knows nothing about and which Amanda does not want Babe knowing about. Babe gets a cop and a dog to sniff out Amanda's drugs and she pulls Amanda's secret wedding veil out from under the couch to blow her secret. Kendall tells Zach that she demands a divorce right away. She tells him she no longer wants or needs him but may be secretly jealous of his interest in Julia. JR tells Zach that he will be there for Kendall and Zach better leave her alone. Zach also reveals he may be jealous of Kendall's interest in JR and in Ryan. Ryan runs into Julia in a bar. And knowing his situation, she tells him he may be the only person to understand what it's like to come back to one's life and find it's all been erased. When Kendall and JR go to the bar, she notices Ryan with Julia looking happy together, and she reveals her jealousy.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

BJ/Byron’s bizarre obsession with Katie and their supposed connection really upsets her, especially when he won’t let her out of the room. Mike has escaped from the basement and comes looking for Henry to find out where Katie is? Henry stalls not wanting to give up his meal ticket. Maddie tells Mike where she is and fills Mike in on whom BJ really is – Byron Glass. Mike rescues Katie from BJ/Byron, as things are on the verge of getting physical. Mike punches him out. Later, BJ/Byron apologizes to Henry and Maddie and begs them to stay with him, which Henry agrees to, against Maddie’s wishes. BJ/Byron loses his cool and shatters the disco ball with a bat, which Maddie secretly witnesses. Jack has a meeting with a friend from the Bureau about a job. After Jack explains the circumstances with the Oakdale Police Department, the friend tells him they happen to need someone local for a job. Someone they are looking at just moved to Oakdale. Iris wants to keep Gwen away from Will, because he is standing in the way of her meal ticket – the baby. Iris tells Gwen certain aspects about her and Carly’s father, which work to her advantage. Later, when Carly shows up with a toy the baby needs, they bond slightly over the fact they share a father. Paul hallucinates seeing Craig and almost tells Jen about the baby switch, but Emily stops him. Later Paul comes to his senses, but Emily continues to wonder if she can keep this act up?

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Nick confronts Brooke on whether she slept with Eric. She says she has but he doesn't believe her and "kidnaps her" and takes her out on the Marlin. Eric and Jonathon discover Stephanie's trust documents are gone.

Katherine confirms Stephanie's trust remains in tact and Forrester is hers. Stephanie pays Eric a visit.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mimi and Shawn stop by Philip’s loft and Shawn is able to settle Claire down long enough for Philip and Belle to have a chance to talk about Belle’s feelings. Shawn offers himself and Mimi up as Claire’s babysitters for the night. John rushes to Jack’s side when he collapses so Alex gives Marlena the charm and gets her to recite, once John returns, that she now loves Alex. Jack, Jennifer, and Frankie return home with Lexie meeting them there. Jack asks Lexie to help him commit suicide but Lexie refuses. Jennifer confides her fears in Frankie. Jack realizes how much Frankie still loves Jennifer and though it hurts him, he hugs Frankie in thanks for agreeing to be there for his family.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Nikolas and Emily inform Lucky and Elizabeth that they chartered an antique train car to take them to New York City for their honeymoon the following day. Lucky and Elizabeth enjoy their wedding night. Jax refuses to divorce Courtney and wants to get back together with her. Nikolas suspects Courtney will go back to Jax for the sake of the baby. Lucky and Elizabeth separately try to convince Nikolas and Emily to give their relationship another shot. Luke can't connect with Lulu and realizes he's pushed everyone in his life away. Alcazar asks Skye to go away with him.

Tracy advises Skye to pursue a relationship with Alcazar. Alexis tells Ric that she could care less about him sleeping with Reese. Alexis plans on having her baby in a hospital in New York City and informs Ric that she moving away from Port Charles with Kristina and the baby. Lucas feels he has no choice but to remain closeted. Sam wants to meet with Robin regarding Jason's condition.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Alan taunts Gus about the videotape of Mallet and Harley kissing. Harley later admits after Gus tells her he knows about it but tells him that he is the one that she loves. Mallet approaches both Harley and Frank about finding a job for Dinah but both tell him not to get involved with her. Alan and Edmund assure each other that everything is set. Lizzie buys a new outfit but lies to Coop that it is old, she just hasn’t worn it in a while. She flashes back to Dean telling her she better have the money on time. Dean shows up at Tammy and Sandy’s party and Ava sees him and Lizzie talking and warns her about him, but Lizzie says it is too late, she has already borrowed money but has it covered. Josh and Reva bond again much to Olivia’s dislike. During a dance, Billy asks Olivia to dance and lets her know that he will pay her back for her part in him drinking again. Josh overhears and thinks Billy is trying to pass the blame. Cassie thinks that Edmund is at the party but when she pulls the mask off of the partygoer she finds out it isn’t him. Edmund does confront Tammy outside but Sandy finds them together and forces him to leave.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Bo and John through a little trick of deceit convince Denton to turn states evidence against Todd Manning. John fills Natalie in that there has been a break in the Cochran case, and the prime suspect is Todd Manning .Adriana asks Rex for a job at his club which he refuses. Natalie fills Evangeline in that John Doe has decided to drop his appeal. Evangeline accuses her of signing his death warrant. Todd leaves Blair. Antonio takes Jessica home. There is a terrible accident between Antonio, Jessica, and Todd.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa, Gwen, Rebecca, and Julian are standing watch outside Ethan's ICU room as his condition continues to go up and down. Eve pulls him out of heart failure, only to have him go into seizures. Once those are calmed down, her worry is that he will develop blood clots, which could either kill him or change his life completely. Gwen continues to rant at Theresa until Julian steps in, but once he gets the situation under control, Rebecca starts razzing him about Eve being the supplier of the pills Theresa used in the guacamole. He lets her know it will take more than her word to put Eve or Theresa in jail, and that no matter what, he will never be with her. She says as long as she has his name, money, and connections, she'll be happy. Paloma meets Robert to give him some pills she smuggled in, and they are interrupted by a police officer who only wants to give her his condolences for Luis' death. They escape detection once again, leaving her wondering exactly how she got herself into this mess that she can't get out of. Simone walks by, lost in her depression over her father's and Jessica's reaction to finding out she's a lesbian, and is relieved to find out Paloma holds no such prejudices and just wants to be her friend.

Sam finds Jessica cutting herself again and talks to her about it. He tells her he still loves and misses her mother, too, and is overheard by the lurking Ivy. He gets his daughter to promise to go to rehab the next day, but once he's gone, she decides she wants no part of it and sneaks out the window. She is convinced now that Simone was only nice to her because she wanted her body, just like Spike and the johns, and wants nothing more to do with any of them. She runs into her two friends, but when Simone tries to find out how she's doing, Jess lashes out at her, telling her not to touch her again. Noah tries to talk Fancy into giving him another chance, but she remembers his words about all the women in Harmony being big, fat losers and refuses to have anything more to do with him. Chris tells Sheridan she can't go into hiding with him and James because he is in love with her and wants to protect her.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Sheila has things all figured out. Slowly Tom starts coming around to her way of thinking. He has seen Ashley with Michael and that worries him. He is very angry. He has no idea how he is to handle this. Sheila can tell that Tom is the kind of guy that knows how to slap a woman around when she needs it. “Am I right Tom? You’ve knocked a few around in your time right?" Sheila asks. Tom says that he used to be that way, but not anymore. Sheila suggests to him that he might want to start doing that again. “If Ashley is innocent and not trying to frame you, then she will just have an interesting story to tell her grandchildren. However, if she is guilty of helping to frame you then you might want to rough her up a little bit to get her to tell you everything." Ashley is at the hospital with Paul and Michael and she learns that Tom was in the hospital the night that Lauren had a second episode. The hospital has tapes with Tom on them and it confirms at the very least that he was somewhere that he shouldn’t have been. Ashley wants to get back with Tom and find out what he is up to. Paul and Michael tell her ‘no’, as Tom is clearly more dangerous than they thought. Ashley is sure that she is safe with Tom. She is sure that he isn’t on to her. Jack waits patiently for Phyllis to arrive and see him. He is pleased as punch when he realizes that although Phyllis didn’t do any immediate damage to the Newman computers, she does allude to the fact that something could very well go wrong with the computers in the future. The lines have been drawn. Brad and Victoria arrive for work and find Phyllis sitting in the CEO chair on the computer. Nick is there and has been with Phyllis all night trying to repair the web site codes that were not working. Brad and Victoria are not happy finding Phyllis there. Especially Brad who feels that Phyllis rigged the site to crash before she left Newman. Phyllis sarcastically looks at Victoria saying that she was fired on the spot and not given a chance to do anything to the computers before being tossed out. Nick tells Brad and Victoria that he trusts Phyllis and knows that she wouldn’t do something that would hurt Newman. Brad doesn’t buy it. He says that what they need to do now is just wait for the bomb to go off as a result of whatever it was that Phyllis did to them. Brittany is lost and alone, and has been rejected by JT. Jill assures her that she will always have a place to live at the mansion, but that still means that she will have to get on with her life and get on with it. When Jill asks how Brittany ever survived before Bobby, she suddenly smiles and remembers that she was Brittany Hodges… Queen Bee of the high school. She had hopes and dreams. Later Katherine convinces Brittany to call her parents to see if they would be interested in making amends. Katherine knows that Josh needs as big a circle around him in his life as possible… especially now. Brittany makes the call and gets off the phone ready to leave for New York that very day!

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