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The TV MegaSite's Monday 10/31/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Josh comes to see Babe and tells her she needs to stop caring about guys like JR and Jamie who do not deserve her, and instead allow herself to have fun. Amanda is still planning on drugging and marrying Jamie against his will, but she hides that and encourages him to have fun with her. Kendall comes to see JR, admitting that she never thought she'd ever have feelings for Zach but is now proving herself wrong by being upset that he might sleep with Julia. Zach, however, refuses to sleep with Julia, revealing perhaps that he might not want to cheat on Kendall. When Greenlee is attempting to resolve her differences with Ryan, she gets a call from Jonathan and is shocked. Ryan tries to explain to her how he was as surprised as she is to find out that Jonathan did not die and urges her to forgive him for what he's done. But Greenlee will not understand that and whatever hope there was to get back with her husband ends when she find out that he's defending his brother. Jack then comes to draw up Greenlee's divorce papers and serve them to Ryan. And she does not stop her father from going through with the divorce.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Dusty and Meg are at Johnny’s grave. He tries to forget about Johnny by coming on to Meg, but her guilt prevents her from reciprocating. He is thankful for her, but would he be if he found out her part on the cover up? Paul’s guilt is getting the best of him as well as he wants to tell Jen the truth, but Emily stops him. He takes a sleeping pill, which gives him nightmares. He ends up hallucinating thinking he sees Craig in the mirror. He yells that he got what he wants. Jen was kept away from her baby, and it was all thanks to him. He hears a door close, and finds Jen standing there. Gwen and Casey have another blow up and Maddie sticks up for Casey. Later, Will and Gwen end up kissing on her doorstep. Maddie goes looking for Katie and when there is no response, she enlists Henry’s help. When Henry falters out of fear, Mike shows up, fresh out of busting out of the cellar, threatening Henry if he doesn’t tell him where Katie is? Henry is at a loss, but Maddie tells him she knows where she is. Katie learns that BJ is Byron when he locks them together in his room and has her prom dress waiting for her to wear. He ends up asking her to dance to the music that played at their high school prom. Katie is petrified, but can’t find a way out. Byron tells her that they now need to share their first kiss.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Eric tells Brooke that he had to tell Nick and Bridget that they have been having sex. Mass finds Catherine Chancellor and brings her to Stephanie. Stephanie asks about her trust.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

The bulk of the town visits Alice’s for a Halloween party. Shawn and Mimi spend the evening working stuck dressed in skimpy costumes. Bonnie flirts with Roman. John tries to keep Alex at bay long enough for Marlena to remember getting engaged to him. Alex loses the charm when he bumps into Bonnie but regains it when Bonnie drops it. Marlena and Belle share a heart to heart talk. Belle and Hope try to convince Shawn to go back to school but he doesn’t want to hear it. Bonnie, who confronts them, overhears their private conversation about how Mimi is bad for Shawn. Shawn comforts Mimi after the confrontation and Philip and Belle walk up on them kissing. Jack is able to talk his way out of the phone call about suicide and a fun evening dancing with Jennifer turns tragic when he collapses.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny reaffirms that he can not trust Ric. Jason hangs up on Robin, telling her never to call him again. Courtney tells Jax she's pregnant, and he's the dad. Liz and Lucky marry without a hitch. In the shadow of the wedding, Maxie has her birthday. Lulu mouths off to Luke. Ric gets fired and plastered, then yells in public that he slept with Reese. Jax wants to reunite with his wife. Sonny pressures Jason to get treatment. Robin heads for New York. Courtney resists Jax's pleas.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Reva let’s slip to Ava that Tammy is Jonathan’s cousin and Ava is suddenly not as happy about helping Jonathan out with his plan to get Tammy back. Sandy agrees to Jonathan throwing the party at Outskirts for them that evening. He invites Josh who brings Olivia along to keep an eye on Jonathan. This doesn’t sit well with Reva and Olivia rubs it in to her. Cassie calls Dinah to help her come up with a way to get back at Edmund. Dinah comes with Cassie to Tammy’s party and they discuss Edmund some more. When Dinah leaves due to Tammy’s obvious dislike of having her there, Cassie offers a sincere Thank you to Dinah for coming when she needed her. Michelle brings Hope over to Danny and Marina’s and lets them know that she is planning on staying in town to keep her family together. Marina tells Michelle not to worry, that she and Danny will not be affected by Michelle’s decision

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Clint has a conversation with both Antonio and Nash. Hugh and Marcie share a kiss at Rodi’s. Bo and John obtain the warrant for Todd’s arrest. Michael informs Bo of Nora’s condition. Viki sits vigil at her daughter’s bedside. Nash informs Clint that he is in love with Tess. Jessica has dreams of Antonio, who fades away from her. Rex and Adriana find out that Denton had doctored the evidence on the tape for Todd. Rex hauls Denton into the station to talk to Bo. Todd is released, but a black and white is posted outside his door.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

As Ethan lies dying on the floor, Theresa does her best to keep him alive until the paramedics get there. Alistair watches, amused, and he really finds it funny when Rebecca and Gwen come in and think it's him. Alistair tells the paramedics Ethan ate the pill-laced guacamole, then asked Theresa what kind of pills they were. Gwen swears if Ethan dies, she'll kill Theresa. After changing out of her nighty, Theresa runs to be with him in the hospital. Alistair, still laughing, tells her he wants her to stay alive until Gwen can kill her, so she should drive carefully. At the hospital, Eve is told the name of the pills Ethan was poisoned with, and the look on her face as she remembers giving them to Theresa tips Rebecca off to that fact. She now sees a way to get rid of both her enemies, and get richer, too. Sheridan and Chris wait for word on James' condition, and when an FBI man comes in, demanding Chris leave, Sheridan overhears him tell the man he is interested in her and tells him she will go into hiding with Chris and James.

TC blows his stack at Simone, accusing her of trying to seduce Jessica. Jess is upset that Simone didn't tell her the news herself, and that makes her wonder if TC is right. Simone tries to explain, but it does no good, as Jess tells her to leave and not come back. She goes to the hospital and slaps her mother for telling everyone her secret. Sam and Ivy work to get Noah and Fancy back together, but it's too soon to tell if it will work or not. They care about each other, but he doesn't like that she can't understand what a monster her Grampy is, while she doesn't like his arrogance and inability to see her side of it.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Gloria is in a pickle. She comes to the coffeehouse and talks to Kevin explaining her situation. “I need you to show that the money was spent somehow." Kevin will not do that. “That is fraud mom. I can’t do that. I will lose everything that I have earned." He flatly refuses to falsify documents for the purposes of getting his mother out of trouble. She says that this isn’t fraud. “It is money that was put into my account and I was expected to use it. What I need from you is something on a ledger that makes me look like I spent more than I actually did to make up for the missing money. You used to do bookkeeping for Marcino's so I know that you can do this for me. The money is coming right back to me, and when it does I will put it back." Kevin reluctantly agrees to help against his better judgment. Daniel stands in the line of fire again. Phyllis caught him on the internet looking at Lily’s school and complaining that it is more like a prison cell. When Drucilla shows up with Devon for coffee, Daniel offers to let Drucilla read every word that he writes if only she will take his letters to Lily. Drucilla says ‘no’. Later, Sierra who has overheard the conversation with Mrs. Winters tells Daniel that she might be able to help him out with his problem. She slips him a piece of paper with a web site address on it. She leaves smiling coyly at him. Brittany and JT are alone in the house. They have just kissed and now she makes her move. JT pushes her off him. She tells him that he should just leave Mackenzie. “Bobby and I didn’t work out, so that could happen to your too." JT will not do this “I love Mackenzie." Brittany tells him that he only went with Mackenzie because Bobby had her and she wasn’t available to him. He assures her that she is wrong. “NO Brittany! I need my life back," he tells her. “I said that I would take care of you but what you are talking about is a fantasy." Scott starts sniffing around. He still has the picture of Sheila and the doctor in his hand and he learns that the man was the founder of the hospital. Scott starts sniffing around and asks Sheila questions that get her a little suspicious. He sees her reaction when he suggests that they base the location of events in the book in Genoa City. Sheila says that she prefers to make Toronto the place. He learn that Sheila hasn’t been out that much at all. He is surprised to find that she just stays locked up in her room all day and never goes out. Not even for a walk. She quietly asks her why she should go out when she knows no one in town. “What is with all these question anyway?" Right before leaving, Scott asks Sheila if she really was a nurse and where the events in the book really happened. She admits that she was a nurse, but doesn’t answer as to where she lived when all these terrible things happened to her… Tom isn’t convinced that Ash is after him. Sheila can see right through this. Tom storms off angry after Sheila laughs at him when he gets the brush off after asking Ashley out for dinner that night. Later, Tom enters the Athletic Club and finds Ashley at a dinner table with Michael. He isn’t seen by the duo. “You betrayed me Ashley," Tom says walking out of the Athletic Club quickly.

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