Friday 10/28/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 10/28/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica gives Kendall a plane ticket to Paris and stay with Bianca and urges her to go away and start a new life because she knows her daughter will be devastated to be around Greenlee and Ryan, watch them get back together, have to give up the baby and lose the man she loves all over again. Kendall doesn't go for that idea however. Ryan tries to urge Greenlee to see that he won't give up on her. But she has some difficulty hearing what he has to say. He explains to her that Jonathan enabled him to see that he is not genetically predisposed to be sick or violent. Right then, in Nova Scotia, Jonathan locks Erin in the room he's been staying in and calls Greenlee. Greenlee is shocked, having believed all this while that he is dead. Di goes to attempt to get Tad to forgive her and understand why she did what she did. But he tells her he cannot. Julia goes to the casino with the intent to have fun for the first time in a long time. Zach has a problem with that. She tells him that she can see that he is jealous of the thought of somebody having fun because he has no life. And right then, she kisses him. Kendall, then walks outside his office and overhears their conversation, revealing to her that her husband has no intention of being faithful to her.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Paul gets a frantically from Barbara telling him Jennifer is missing. Paul feels guilty when he finds Jennifer at the cemetery visiting John Dustin's grave. Dusty shares his pain with Meg about letting Jennifer down because he couldn't find her baby. Maddie almost reveals B.J. identity to Mike but B.J. interrupts her conversation with Mike. Gwen and Will go to the Halloween party. The rest of the show was pre empted by news.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami passes off Nicole’s proposal to Austin as her own work. Nicole types a fake insulting message from Will on Sami’s computer during their first day at work which sends Sami running into the hall in tears. Lucas, who has returned home to keep an eye on Titan’s competition, finds Sami in the hall and admits that he still loves her. Hope and Bo argue about Chelsea before accepting Jennifer’s invitation to join them for pizza. Jack contacts an assisted suicide web site and tells them to call to talk it over. Jennifer answers the phone and confronts Jack. Marlena keeps Alex and John from fighting and Alex makes John leave. Alex tries to make Marlena forget about John but the clock chimes spark memories of her love for John. Marlena agrees to go out with John to Alice’s where they bond. Alex ducks out despite Frankie’s attempts to keep him away from Marlena.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Tracy and Alan take potshots at Courtney when they arrive at Wyndermere for the wedding. Alexis and Jax have the misfortune to run into Helena. Jason says he can live with migraines, but Sam fears that those are the least of his worries. A teen aged Lulu shows up to her brother's wedding. Manny's plane is reported to have crashed. Reese tells Ric Sonny knows about them. Luke warns Helena not to curse Lucky. Liz and Lucky are thrilled with what Nik and Emily did.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Missed some of the episode due to a breaking news story.

Ava agrees to give Sandy the divorce he has been wanting after Jonathan introduces her to lawyer Vince Russo. He meets her at Outskirts after she calls him and he puts off Tammy’s plans to elope and they sign the papers. Jonathan goes to Tammy’s and offers to throw her and Sandy an engagement party. Reva helps Cassie deal with things by showing her an anger management trick. Pretending a pumpkin is Edmund she smashes it and agrees it makes her feel better. Reva tries to get her to smash another one thinking of it as Dinah and Cassie says that she is not as upset with Dinah since she can kind of understand why she did what she did. Mallet throws Dinah into the cell with Alan until he can move up her court appearance where he is “put in charge” of making sure that Dinah doesn’t screw up again. She can’t figure out why he is sticking up for her. Edmund dons a disguise and visits Alan at the jail where he asks for more help getting Cassie back. He hides when Mallet comes in with Dinah. Alan and Edmund agree to work together.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Todd and Blair head away from the police department as he still insists that he didn’t kill Margaret and her unborn child. Denton fills him in on new evidence that Bo and John have uncovered. Viki and Clint stand vigil at Jessica’s bedside. Antonio and Nash argue over Jessica/Tess. Antonio threatens Nash’s life.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa is determined to kill Alistair, feeding him guacamole full of the sleeping pills Eve gave her, but he can't seem to take the time to eat it. He gets a phone call and all her attempts to get him to eat while he's talking are for nothing. He orders her upstairs to get ready for him. Ethan comes in, looking for a book, and Alistair gets off the phone, then starts fondling and kissing Theresa, to Ethan's horror. She slaps the old man, telling him to behave himself, but when Ethan seems to want to defend her she tells him no and goes upstairs as told. Ethan calls a woman's shelter seeking help for Theresa, eating the guacamole the whole time, and ends up falling to the floor, choking. Theresa, coming back to get the guacamole to take upstairs so Alistair can eat it and die, finds Ethan on the floor and the bowl empty. Meanwhile, Gwen and Rebecca know she is trying to kill Alistair and say nothing, thinking this is the way they will get rid of her forever and get their hands on the Crane fortune, too. Sheridan and Chris rush James to the hospital after he was hit by a car, and Eve works to save his life.

TC pays a visit to Eve, only to be told she's chosen Julian and will marry him. When she's called away, TC gets on her computer and finds the website for Parents of Gays and Lesbians, and the post she'd started writing about her lesbian daughter. When she gets back he demands to know who is gay, and refuses to believe it's Simone. He blames it all on Eve, as usual, then storms out to find his daughter. She is at Jessica's house, hiding while Jess tells Sam she has been at home for hours and doesn't know anything about the second john found dead in the same way. Once he leaves, telling her he believes her but with doubts remaining, she and Simone talk about what she can do, and Jess tells her about the first john she thinks she killed. Simone says to not say anything, and they hug and say they love each other. TC, having arrived at Sam's house in his search for Simone, gets upstairs in time to hear that and bursts in, yelling at Simone to get her hands off Jessica.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Paul heard that his good friend Lauren was experiencing some health issues and he is quick to show up and offer his support. When he hears of the troubles that she has been experiencing, he offers to look into her situation for her to make sure that this is all in his head. On the way out of the hospital, Paul bumps into Scott coming into the room. Paul shakes hands with the boy and Scott realizes that this is a good friend of his mother’s who has known him for years. Paul remembers that the boy is a writer and that he is working hard on a new book. Paul tells Scott that they need to get together real soon and catch up on things. Scott agrees and they will do that. Gloria has a problem. She is out of money and now Tom is asking her for more. She tells him that she is flat out broke. The well is dry. Later that night she goes over to John and tells him that she needs to have more money. “I have started paying for the wedding and I need more money." John can’t help her. He can only give her more money when she produces her receipts for payment and not before then. JT and Brittany are alone in the house. Mackenzie is at the coffeehouse working on her business and being trusting of her loyal and faithful boyfriend. Back at the mansion though, Brittany and JT share quality time with the baby, and then after Esther takes the baby for a walk… alone… Brittany strokes JT just the right way. “I would be more than happy to have Josh grow up to be just like you JT. Josh really responds to you. He must know that you are responsible for him being here. You are my family now…” Later they share a hug that soon turns into a meaningful kiss. JT doesn’t pull back. Scott is caught with one of Brenda’s pictures in his hand. He can’t put it back in her purse as there is something about it that keeps him staring at it. He is looking at the picture when Sheila comes out of the bathroom catching him with her things. At first she is very suspicious and unhappy but then she accepts his excuse that he was just picking up some things that he knocked over. He palms the picture and leaves the room with the picture. Later while at the hospital, Scott sees a picture hanging prominently on the wall of the hospital. It is a doctor. Scott is struck with familiarity. He grabs the picture out of his pocket and compares the faces. It is the same person. Brenda had told him back in Toronto that she didn’t really know Genoa City very well. Scott is confused now. How could Brenda have a picture of herself with another doctor from this hospital in her possession unless she is hiding something? “What are you hiding from me Brenda?" Scott asks himself. Sheila has a little fun with Tom. He comes into the room fuming about Gloria and how he can’t get any money from her. He is furious. His trial is coming up and he needs some cash to pay a lawyer to get his trial handled. He starts up again about Michael and how he will figure out how this frame up was handled. Sheila laughs. “Tom. What do you really know about Ashley? One night she dumps you and the next she is in this dump of a room hanging out with a loser like you. So it was your idea to get on the bike. She counted on that. She set you up Tom. She didn’t bail you out? She doesn’t care about you. All she cares about is seeing you do 20 years in prison Tom. Happy Halloween… You’ve been tricked!"

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