Thursday 10/27/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 10/27/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Kendall tells Greenlee that she needs to tell Ryan about the baby. But Greenlee does not want to. Ryan meets with Livia to get her to represent Jonathan and get him off the hook for the things he's done because of the medical evidence that he could not control his actions. But she tells him maybe it would not be a good idea to have Jonathan return to Pine Valley. Julia encourages Di to fight for the people who loved Dixie and realize that they are not better off without her. She goes to see JR and Jamie. But they both want her to leave them alone. Babe overhears Amanda telling her mother she will marry Jamie. And she tells Brooke that she cannot let her son marry Amanda. Brooke tells Babe she must stay out of Jamie's business but admits to her son that she hopes he does not plan to marry Amanda. He assures her he has no such plans. But Babe observes Amanda paying off a guy to drug and coerce Jamie.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

B.J threatens to take Henry's job away if Maddie reveals he is really Byron Glass. Maddie reluctantly agrees and B.J. gives her back her Job at the television station. B.J gets everything ready for his Halloween party but he has secret plans for Katie that night. Carly tries to reach out to Gwen and tells her she won't cooperate with the police to press Charges against her. Carly wants to be a sister to Gwen but Gwen doesn't trust the motives behind Carly's change of heart. Jennifer tells Dusty good-bye and begins to deal with the death of her son. Jennifer's rejection drives Dusty Straight to Meg who couldn't be happier about the situation. Paul has an attack of guilt about keeping the baby a secret from Jennifer. Paul almost calls Jennifer and wants to tell her the truth but Emily is there to stop him from getting them both in trouble.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

It sinks in to Stephanie what the documents mean to her and Forrester. Mass contacts a lawyer to make sure it's all still legitimate. Spectra loses the fashion show. Thomas tells Gabby he'll still stand by her. The INS agent shows up with paperwork. Turns out Taylor got them to issue her a Green card so she can stay. Thomas and Gabby decide to be friends and see if they are meant to be.

Eric walks in on Mass and Stephanie. He asks Stephanie to leave telling her she's not welcome there anymore. Mass tries to control Stephanie's outrage.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo confirms for an outraged Hope that Shawn isn’t going back to school. Hope tells Bo about Chelsea’s spa expenditures and realizes by Bo’s expression that he was her cash supplier. Mimi calls Shawn with the heads up about Hope not being happy with his plans.

Max shows Chelsea around his new garage and then asks Shawn to be his new business partner. Max takes Chelsea to a salsa dancing class run by an old girlfriend.

John meets with Frankie about Marlena’s request for a divorce. Frankie rushes a letter from John requesting a meeting for Marlena to join him to talk with a marriage counselor. Alex brings Marlena the photos from their relationship and she asks to look at the ones John gave her as well. Alex tricks Marlena into signing divorce papers while Marlena flashes back to being in love with John when she sees the clock. John, with Frankie in tow, heads to the penthouse where Marlena watches John confront Alex.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason and Sam manage to get the upper hand on Manny. Manny's threats are far from over. Jason's condition deteriorates. Sonny confronts Reese with her secret. Elizabeth and Lucky look forward to building a life together.

Nikolas warns Helena to leave Courtney and Emily alone. Courtney learns the results of the paternity test. Ric and Alexis get alarming news about their unborn baby. Alexis has no choice but to allow Ric to help her.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Olivia loses her wedding ring down the drain at Company, which Buzz later retrieves for her. They talk about what is going on with her and Bill and Olivia takes what Buzz tells her about moving on with her life to mean she should go after Josh. After seeing Harley’s kids at the presentation, Beth pulls the video of Mallet and Harley kissing. After Gus finds her with it she gives it to him and he sees the lip lock, Beth tells him if Blake was right about that in her book maybe she was right about other things. Harley gives her speech to the shareholders, while both Mallet and Gus watch on. Marina and Mallet discuss how things are going to be now that Michelle and Danny know that Hope is their baby. While taking R.J. trick or treating at the Beacon, Cassie and Jeffrey run into Danny and Michelle who have just gotten back from the cabin. After at first saying that she is not ready for this, she hands Hope over to her parents and then breaks down.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

The ambulance drivers bring Jessica/Tess into the hospital. They have to tie her down to a bed. Tess will not let Dr. Jamison help her. The DNA tests results come back, and the dead woman is Margaret Cochran. They call Todd to come down to the station for questioning. When Todd arrives at the station, he is reluctant to answer any questions. The police soon release him. The blood sample comes back, and it matches Todd’s blood. Bo orders. John to catch Todd before he leaves the building. Nora has a stroke while Matthew and Lindsay are visiting her.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Luis' funeral breaks up after the melee with Alistair, and everyone heads to the Lopez-Fitzgerald home for a luncheon in Luis' honor. Theresa, however, can't go because Alistair demands she go home and service him. She does as told, but manages to slip a deadly dose of sleeping pills into the guacamole served up for them. Rebecca, after convincing Gwen not to tell Alistair that Theresa intends to kill him, watches as the woman mixes the poison in the snack and chortles with glee at the fact she gets to testify to Theresa's crime and send her away forever, leaving Julian in charge of the Crane fortune. Or so she thinks. Tabitha gets Endora to grudgingly help her with the wrestling statue once the services are over and the guests are about to file out. The go to the luncheon, where Tabby eats more than he share as she enjoys the pain and agony of the other guests.

Fox managed to get to the funeral after all, and the luncheon, too, but although he seems lovey-dovey with Kay, at the first opportunity he rushes out to go back to work. Kay is definitely not happy with the spell she requested. Jessica is sold to another john, then wakes up again with the man dead in the bed and a bloody knife on the floor. Once again it's Simone to the rescue, after Eve seemed to think she was hitting on Jess, and she got her friend home and in bed before Sam got home. Sheridan thanks Chris for sticking up for her, but tells him it's now imperative that he take James and go. They look for the boy and can't find him, then hear screeching tires and a crash out front and run out to see if he's ok. Fancy meets up with an old friend and their discussion makes her feel she should give Noah another chance, but when she approaches him, he is telling a friend on the phone that there are no women in Harmony who aren't big, fat zeroes.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Gloria rushes to the hospital to try and get Michael and Lauren to have the wedding that day. Lauren is in bed when she arrives and Michael is firm when his mother tries pushing them into having the wedding that day. Finally, Gloria admits that she can’t have the wedding another time. “I am all tapped out," she tells the kids. Michael thinks that she must be joking. “What are you talking about Gloria? John gave you access to $50,000. What happened to all that money?" Before she can answer, Michael knows that answer. “You bailed him out didn’t you? There was no reason why he couldn’t stay where he was and you went and bailed him out with John’s money." Gloria has no idea what she can do about this now. John’s accountant is already breathing down her neck for receipts. Drucilla is so pleased with what she has just seen. Yolanda was at the park and the dealer offered her free drugs and she didn’t take it. Drucilla knows that this is just a test and that there will be others, so she gets it into her head to bring Yolanda home to live for just a while in her house with Devon and Neil. Neil isn’t so sure that this is going to work, but Devon is thrilled. Scott overturns Sheila’s purse while she is in the shower and as he picks up her things to return them to her purse, he finds a driver’s license and a picture of Brenda with some other people as they pose around a couch for a picture. The items hold his interest. Suddenly, the door to the bathroom opens and Sheila comes out. She freezes when she sees Scott on the floor with her things in his hand. “What are you doing with my things?" she asks him.

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