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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Kendall is all ready to tell Ryan about the baby although Zach has urged her not to. She doesn't actually get around to telling him. But Ryan reveals to her that Jonathan is alive. He tells her that he found out that Jonathan is not inherently dangerous so neither is he. But she has difficulty trusting that theory and urges him not to tell Greenlee about Jonathan. Josh asks his father what his big secret involving Erica is all about. Greg admits that he does not trust Josh not to blab to Erica if he finds out. Erica tells Josh she wishes she could get Kendall and Greenlee to open up to her about the baby and Ryan. Josh offers to help her. JR admits to Babe that he is desperate. But she is worried that he is beyond help. Amanda is still working on Jamie and has the idea that she's going to marry him. Babe overhears her on the cell phone telling her mother of her wedding plans with Jamie.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

BJ convinces Henry, through the power of the almighty dollar, to help him get Mike out of the way temporarily, so he can spend some alone time with Katie. Henry runs Mike all around town on a wild gooses chase to fix BJ’s car, while BJ shows up coincidentally right after at Katie’s to talk about the Halloween party. They get talking and soon Katie is dancing closely with BJ, who claims he has two left feet. Mike interrupts, but BJ covers. Later, Mike wonders if Henry helped BJ get some alone time with Katie? Henry claims to not have a clue what he is talking about. Moments later, Henry becomes wealthier thanks to BJ’s appreciation. Jack has to face Hal knowing he lied to him and committed a crime in covering up evidence. Hal is hurt, but won’t arrest him. He has to hand it over to IAD; Jack will be suspended for a couple of weeks. Carly is beside herself over having made everyone’s lives so hard. She starts by apologizing to Nancy and then more importantly to Jack. He doesn’t feel she owes him one, but she may owe someone else one instead. She can’t apologize to Gwen; she won’t. Jack continues; Rory is her nephew; Gwen is her sister. Will she at least consider it? Paul continues to try to get Meg to see things his way. She is disgusted by his way, but at the same time is conflicted. She wants Dusty. Would letting Jen believe her baby is really dead send Dusty into her arms? Meg wrestles with her decision, but then takes a blood sample from herself. Later, when the tech is taking the samples, Meg again has an attack on conscience, but ends up taking a blood vial from her back pocket. Later, as an elated Jen, Dusty, Paul, Emily and Barbara await the results, Meg delivers the bad news. Jen is not a match to Rory; the baby is not hers. Jen is devastated; Dusty is shocked; Paul is thrilled. It is over now he believes. Barbara takes Jen home after blaming Dusty for Jen’s disappointment. Meanwhile, Paul is the only one happy over this; Emily and Meg seem disturbed by it in the end.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Fashion show today. Eric unveils "Forrester Reunited" which is about he and Brooke working together and being married again. Thorn is livid as Ridge and his father take over the spot light. Thomas is paniced as his line isn't doing too well as far as the applause goes.

Hector is talking to Taylor when Ridge chases him off. Stephanie and Mass discover her father created a trust that shows Forrester is all hers!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mimi realizes that she doesn’t have enough money left for tuition and after turning down Shawn’s offer to use his trust fund, decides to take a semester off and get a second job working at Gloriane’s day spa. Max uses his winnings to open up a new garage and Bo gets him to consider hiring Shawn as a second mechanic. Frankie and Bo caution Max against moving too fast with Chelsea. Shawn announces to Bo that he won’t be going back to school but Hope isn’t too happy to learn of the news from Gloriane and Mimi. Hope confronts Chelsea about her spending habits but when that doesn’t go well, she rats her out to Billie. Jack gets Billie to promise not to tell Jennifer of his suicide plan. Jennifer does research and finds that by following a holistic regimen, Jack’s disease could be halted.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Lorenzo offers to lead Jason to Manny Ruiz. They go after him. Alan wants to have Emily declared incompetent. Tracy and the other Quartermaines have a family/ELQ meeting, trying to decide how to get Lorenzo out of the business. Things remain awkward between Emily and Courtney as Liz and Lucky's wedding plans progress. Nik and Emily plan to have the wedding where the Bachanalia took place and Liz and Lucky first danced together. Liz has odd dreams. Helena confronts Courtney. Jason is hurt.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Beth likes the video Alan has given her that shows Mallet and Harley kissing but later questions the ethics behind it. Alan finds her change of heart funny and later; Beth switches the disc that Harley had for her presentation with the one that Alan gave her. Harley is embarrassed when Mallet finds her naked, after she was thinking that Gus was coming home for a quick game of “Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Cop”. He jokes with her but later has to crawl out the window when a reporter is outside of Harley’s room. Mallet later comes to Edmund’s aid when Dinah pulls a gun on him, but refuses to arrest Dinah for any wrongdoing. Michelle and Danny can’t leave the cabin since Edmund slashed their tires and discuss what will happen now that they know that Hope is their child. Marina, upon hearing that Edmund got out on bail, goes to the cabin to find them in an embrace. Michelle thanks Marina for never giving up on finding her baby and says that now she can put her family back together.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

John and Bo make the connection between Todd and Margaret, and the fact that Todd probably could have been the one who had killed her and the unborn child. Todd killed them in order to keep his secret from Blair and his children. Clint reveals the reason why he is back in town. He is home to check up on Buchanan Enterprises, and who had leaked valuable information on the merger between Canon and Buchanan Enterprises. Natalie talks to Viki about her visit with John Doe in prison.

At the airport, Tess and Nash discuss her having D.I.D. Nash suggests that they work it out together. Antonio arrives and tries to talk to Jessica. Tess refuses. A struggle erupts between Tess and Jessica. Bo arrives at the airport. Tess grabs an officers gun, and threatens to shoot Antonio if Nash isn’t released. Nash and Antonio talk her out of shooting the gun. She releases the gun, and then is arrested. She collapses at their feet. Todd confesses all to Blair about Margaret, and her being pregnant.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Luis' funeral started today, with the attendees arriving two or three at a time. The mood is somber, of course, and each character who walks in the door has their own remarks to make regarding Luis and what his passing means in their life. Chad and Valerie leave the office to pay their respects to the man, but Kay has no luck trying to get Fox to go. He keeps putting her off, finally telling her to go by herself since his work is too important to let wait. He seems upset when she turns and rushes out, but quickly returns to the work at hand. Theresa arrives with Little Ethan, still telling herself Alistair will be dying soon, too. Tabitha and Endora go to the funeral also, but she is careful not to go into the church itself. She still runs afowl of the Almighty when a statue comes to life and challenges her to a duel. Endora watches from the safety of her stroller as the statue and her mother wrestle around the church grounds.

Once everyone is settled, Alistair and Fancy walk in, and everyone begins telling him to leave. Father Lonigan finally says all are welcome in God's house, but tells Alistair to sit down and keep his mouth shut. Ethan has made a video of snippets of the video Luis made during his search, and a good part of it talks about all the things Alistair has done over the years. Fancy begins to see the truth, but seems to be placated by Grampy's explanations. Finally, tho, she can't ignore it and runs out, upset, with Noah behind her. He tells her the truth of what's happened, but she doesn't want to believe her Grampy could do those things. Noah says if she keeps defending him, he will lose all respect for her. Inside, Alistair keeps making remarks about what Luis says, and Sheridan finally has enough, yelling at her father. He gets angry and hits her, at which point Chris stands up and slugs him, sending him flying backwards, with everyone else watching.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Tom comes by in a very good mood. He tells Sheila that he would like to take her out for breakfast. “My treat!" That is very sweet she tells him, but she has things to do. “I am going to a wedding." When Tom learns that Sheila managed to get herself an invitation to Lauren’s wedding, he can’t get his mind around it. She has no more details for him about this and so she dismisses him from her room as she strolls into the bathroom to get ready. Sheila is getting ready for the wedding now. She has her gift box, her wig and makeup, and now she reaches for the thing that will promise her the most success should things not go her way. She opens the drawer and takes out a handgun that she has gotten her hands on for this very special occasion. “There is no way that you are going to get away from me this time Lauren," Sheila promises. Nick and Sharon discuss work and what is going to happen to their family now that both of them will be going back to work. Should we get Miguel to help us? Should we hire a sitter? Nick tells her to hold off until they see what happens with the spokes model. “You don’t know what is going to happen with the spokes model job Sharon. You might end up being able to take care of Noah anyway." Sharon’s mouth drops. “You are really being selfish Nick. Just because you have decided that you want to return to the office, now I have to sacrifice the job that I have been working at all along." When she asks him to push Victoria a bit into choosing her for the spokes model job, Nick says that he can’t do that. “Things have changed at the office." Yolanda has been released from detox and is out on her own for the first time. She heads straight to the park and wanders around looking at the familiar spot that used to be her home. The dealer finds her instantly. He can see that she has cleaned up her act, but he knows what she really wants. He offers her what he knows she likes for free, but when he puts it in her hand, she hands it right back. She tells the man that she has to stay clean for herself and her son who is depending on her. The man smiles at Yolanda. He knows how this goes. He tells her that this was a one-time deal, and that when she comes running to him in a week with her hand out, she will get nothing. The man leaves. Drucilla is in the bushes hiding and she has seen everything. Michael decides that he has to put his foot down this time with Lauren and he tells her that she can’t go through with the wedding. “What if you have an attack and start hallucinating in the middle of the wedding?" he asks her. He gets on the phone and cancels the wedding. Gloria’s head fall to the counter of the bar. She is devastated. When Sheila/Jennifer finds out, she has a fit. She seems alone, and so she lets it all out. She turns on the cake and flattens it with her fists until it is nothing. As she pounds the cake flat she shouts, “Not again! Not again!" She doesn't know it, but Scott is making his way down the stairs from the dressing room at the top of the club.

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