Tuesday 10/25/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 10/25/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Greenlee is woken out of bed by a call from ANita informing her that RYan was injured and taken to the hospital the previous night. Kendall observes Greenlee's urgency to make sure her husband is ok and tells her it's plain to see that she's still in love with him. Greenlee still wants Kendall to never tell anybody about the baby, especially Ryan. Zach tells Ryan he wants him out of town permanently. Kendall goes to talk to Ryan and asks him what he would do if there was a way for a baby to be in his future. He tells her he wonders why she would asks that and knows she has a secret. Jack is determined to save his daughter from Ryan. Erica tells him that he must respect Greenlee's choice. Greenlee tells Erica that she better not tell anybody about the surrogacy. Erica tells Greenlee she is totally selfish to keep this secret from her father and has no consideration for Kendall. JR is devastated by what has happened and is drinking for breakfast. Adam does not get through to him. But Babe tells him she knows he wishes his moma was still alive and tells him she wants to help him if he will let her.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Maddie tells Henry about her threatening conversation with BJ. She is worried, and so Henry offers to quit. He confronts BJ, who covers by saying that he was only coming across harsh because he wants Maddie to learn there are consequences for her actions. He subtly blackmails Henry into staying in his employ by suggesting Maddie may win a scholarship from one he set up. Henry backs off. BJ needs Henry for an important job. He needs to help him separate Katie and Mike. Later, BJ secretly gets Maddie fired, which Maddie is keen to. Lucinda finds out about Luke being transferred to another hospital in St. Paul due to renal failure. She is beside herself and is determined to get there to support her family. Kim tries her best to talk her out of it, but Lucinda is stubborn. Dusty and Meg pretend to be from Children’s Services when they go see Iris and Gwen, claiming they need to draw blood and do a routine physical on Gwen’s baby. Jen waits nervously, and Paul almost admits the truth to her again when Hal confronts him in front of her about why he is funding Gwen’s lawyer? Dusty and Meg get the blood work and then take Jen’s. They will find out the truth about her baby in a matter of a couple hours. Paul antagonizes Meg further by questioning if Dusty will run back to her if she tells her the truth about Jen’s baby? Will Meg do the right thing or will she further the cover up in order to keep Dusty closer to her then Jen?

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Stephanie's family tries to talk her into staying in L.A. and not move to Florida but Stephanie stands firm and says she must. She says her good-byes to her children, Massimo, Sally and finally tells Eric she'll always love him.

Dante gives Bridget a naked surprise when she is working at the hospital. He declares his love for her and tells her he'll raise the baby like his own. Thomas is frantically working on his designs for the fashion show. Gabby runs into Taylor and Gabby tells Taylor that she knows she wants to see her son fail. Taylor counters telling her it's not true.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lucas meets with Maggie for coffee and a pep talk before starting his first day at Titan. Hope and Jennifer discuss Chelsea’s spending habits as Chelsea gladly forks over excess money to buy spa products and to overly tip the staff. Billie tries to talk Jack out of committing suicide and when refusing to help doesn’t work, Billie threatens to call Jennifer. To keep on Austin’s good side and to save their jobs, Nicole and Sami pretend to get along. Nicole complains to Austin about her lack of a proper home and Austin invites her to move in with him and Sami.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason remembers how Robin betrayed him. Jason doesn't want Robin to treat him but Sam insists otherwise if Robin is the only doctor who can help him. Tony contacts Robin and brings her up to speed about Jason's condition. Robin calls the penthouse but hangs up before identifying herself. Sonny fails to convince Emily to stop looking after Michael and Morgan in order to concentrate on her studies.

Emily is allowed to continue with her courses after making an impassioned plea to the dean. Sonny admits to Emily that he, Michael and Morgan need her in their lives. Elizabeth escapes from Manny. Lucky and Elizabeth anticipate their wedding day. Nikolas takes Courtney to the hospital where they learn she and baby aren't at risk. Nikolas tells Courtney not to feel guilty over their happiness. Courtney can't bring herself to tell Jax about the baby. Sonny and Nikolas clash over Courtney.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Josh finds Billy with alcohol and although he swears it is for a neighbor, Josh doesn’t believe him. Reva later stays with Billy out of support while Josh and Olivia grow close again. Olivia later tries to call Bill and finds out that he put a block on all calls. Sandy pulls away from Ava’s kiss and tells her that he is love with Tammy and wants a divorce. Jonathan tries to tell Tammy what he knows about Sandy and Ava but she tells him that she is engaged to Sandy and nothing he does will change that. He tells her he knows that now and he isn’t going to try to do anything to break them up. He later tells Ava though that he is just going to let Tammy realize that she wants to be with him, but advises her to give Sandy the divorce that he wants. Lizzie gets a loan from the loan shark that helped Ava and promises to pay it back on time, she later lies to a worried Coop that she now has a job and will be able to pay all of her bills.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Viki explains to Antonio the repercussions when you have D.I.D. and the lonliness that you feel. Viki pleads for Antonio’s help in finding Jessica, and helping her to gain strength enough to overcome Tess’ control over her life. Bo questions Starr about Margaret, and if she had known that Margaret was pregnant. Starr refuses to answer, and leaves Bo’s office. Todd follows her. Bo comes to the conclusion that Starr is covering for Todd. Bo wants the DNA results immediately.

Tess explains to Nash that Jessica had created her when she needed help the most. Tess explains about the D.I.D. Antonio gets a phone call with a lead about Jessica. Blair tells Todd that she is going to put a stop to him using Starr.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Sam and Noah listen to Simone tell them about what Spike has done to Jessica and grow angrier and angrier. They finally decide it is probably Alistair who is behind it all, and Noah becomes enraged, yelling that he wants to kill him. The question on Sam's mind is - does he want to kill Alistair or Spike? Chris brought James back to see Sheridan because he missed her, he says, and she is thrilled that he did. They talk about how she's holding up, and then she reads a book to James. Finally, she decides to cook breakfast for them. Ethan asks Theresa if what Fancy told him is true - that she tried to kill Alistair. She says it is, and she's going to keep trying until she succeeds. He tries to talk her out of it, but she is determined that it is the only way to protect her children and herself from the old man's evilness.

Meanwhile, Alistair sets Fancy up as Director of Designs, figuring she can design women's clothes. Her mind, however, is still on Noah, and a bit of snooping on his part finds proof of that. He's not a happy camper at this point. He did, however, set Chad and Fox against each other even more, after Julian tried to get them to work together, by demanding a workup of his business plan with Singapore after Fox submitted one to him for his approval. The winner gets promoted, the loser's results will be known by all. Fox grows more distant from Kay, making her sad, but she knows because of Tabitha's spell he will win the contest with Chad. Valerie, however, notices things have cooled abit between Fox and Kay and decides she and Chad can use that against them.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

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