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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Greenlee tells Kendall that there's no reason for her to carry this pregnancy to term. But Kendall tells her regardless of the fact that both Ryan and Zach are sleezeballs who cannot be trusted, that does not have to matter to them or to the baby. She wants this baby to be loved. Greenlee tells her she will go along with that but they must make sure Ryan never finds out about the baby and Kendall must never speak of him or about the possibility of Greenlee getting back with him. Kendall promises that and Greenlee stays at Kendall's for the night. Di goes to see Zach, knowing that he won't judge her for what has happened. JR is devastated to find out about Di and ready to take it out on Ryan. He's ready to kill him. Julia and Jamie come to Ryan's rescue. Babe tells Tad that he ruined any chance of ever turning JR around. He tells her the truth had to come out and he still has not given up on his stepson.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Katie is freaked out by BJ’s cheerleading outfit gift. It is an exact replica of her one from high school. Is he a stalker or is he just really oddly generous? He explains that he was just trying to make her laugh. Katie finally is convinced of the harmlessness of the gift, or so she thinks? She later shows up at Java wearing the outfit under her coat. Meg continues to be tortured as to whether she should tell Dusty and Jen the truth about her baby. She agrees to personally do the blood work on Rory. Paul and Emily continue to work on Meg using her desire for Dusty. Jen is anxiously awaiting the results from Dusty and Meg visiting her baby for blood, and Paul has pangs of guilt and thinks the truth is about to come out, and so he prepares to tell her. Carly loses custody of Rory and Gwen gains custody on one condition – she move back in with Iris. Gwen comes home with her baby, and Dusty and Meg show up for supposed routine blood work, but Iris won’t let them see the baby without the right papers, which obviously they don’t have. Have they reached an impasse? Have Paul and Emily averted another near disaster? Will Jen ever learn her baby is really Rory?

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Stephanie continues her session with Taylor and has some break through. Ridge calls Eric out on marrying Brooke. Thomas is concerned about his designs for the fashion show. Sally reveals that she spent all the money they made on Thomas' line on new equipment and if this new line isn't successfully they stand to lose everything.

Stephanie calls a meeting with all her family and closest friends to announce that she is selling the family home and moving to Florida.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami spots Lucas kissing Sophie and during the argument that follows, tells him about working and living with Austin. Nicole’s divorce case was handed over to Frankie since Mickey was busy with Donald Trump’s visit. Frankie informs Nicole that Victor expects her to agree to a minimal cash settlement. Austin runs into Nicole at Mickey’s office and offers her the job of vice-president in his new company. Sami isn’t at all thrilled to hear that she will now also be reporting to Nicole. Hope convinces Jennifer to come to the spa to try and relax. Chelsea stops by Bo’s house and cons him out of another $250, which Hope spots her spending on unnecessary spa treatments. Billie stops by Bo’s house and insists that Patrick couldn’t have been coming onto Chelsea because he’s been coming on to her. Bo neglects to tell Billie about giving Chelsea the money. Jack uses his computer to research a desired technique and then calls Billie over to ask for help in committing suicide.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Emily tells Alan off and vows to become a doctor, and to stay with Sonny as long as she is needed there. Jax takes the opportunity presented by the shoot out to tell Sonny exactly what he thinks of him. Nik vows to stand by Courtney. Robin is angry when another doctor gets her grant pulled and offers to have it restored, in exchange for sleeping with him. Manny threatens Sonny. Courtney goes for the paternity test to determine whether Nik or Jax is the daddy. Sam tries to learn more about Robin. Manny forces Liz to treat his wounds. Jason remembers Robin. Emily refuses to leave Sonny.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Sandy proposes to Tammy, much to her pleasure. Both Cassie and Jonathan hear the news. Ava tells Jonathan that Sandy being her husband is only one of many lies. She later calls Sandy and tells him to meet her. Jeffrey gives Cassie information on Danny that could be used against him to get custody of Hope. Cassie says that she can’t use it since he is a good father and her friend but doesn’t want Jeffrey to get rid of it, just in case. Beth and Alan’s plans for Harley are spoiled, but they come up with a new one involving Mallet.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Todd keeps his eyes and ears open at the police department to find out any new information on the “floater” case. A stripper is invited to Dorian’s bachelorette party. A good time was had by all the Cramer women. Blair phones Todd to let him know that they need to talk. Todd puts her off for the time being. Nash and Viki discuss Tess, and her health. Viki tries to persuade him to let Tess stay in Llanview to get help. Nash refuses. Nash and Tess leave.

Antonio and Layla have a meeting with the social worker. They lie about Jessica being in Antonio’s apartment in order to hold on to custody of Jaime. Bo and Rex arrive at the Palace. Bo requests permission to question Starr. Bo finds out from Rex that Margaret was indeed pregnant.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Tabitha's spell to make Fox succeed in business, yet will cause him to lose interest in Kay, is working faster than even she thought it would. Kay is hurt when he scolds her for wanting to spend time with him when he has so much work to do. Noah complains to Ethan about Fancy and love in general, and is very surprised when Ethan explains how you know when you've found the one for you, then admits Theresa is that one for him. Ethan explains he is married to Gwen and will stay that way, but Theresa is his one true love. He warns Noah to not make the same mistake he did if he thinks Fancy really is the one for him. Fancy, talking with Grampy, however, decides she was wrong to want Noah, that he definitely isn't the man for her. She caught Theresa holding a pillow over Alistair's face, trying to kill him, and can't understand why Grampy isn't upset about it. Sheridan continues to watch Luis' video, crying about the fact he's dead, as a strange man (C) drives toward (h) Harmony, with a (r) young boy (i) in the back seat (s), arriving at the B&B after Sheridan finally dozes off, and then lays the boy in the bed with her.

Alistair realizes Theresa put a drug in his drink and marvels at the fact he didn't check for that in his frenzy to get her into bed. He says it won't happen again, but seems to almost admire her spunk for trying to kill him. She is determined to continue until she succeeds, and isn't impressed with the semi-romantic offering he's left on her bed for her. Jessica is back with Spike, drugged to the hilt, and on the way to a party when a couple of guys act like they want to hire her. Spike is all for it, as long as they hurry it up, but Simone happens upon them and nips that in the bud by hinting that Jess has a disease. The men leave, and Spike tells Simone to get lost. She knocks him out with a pipe, trying to take Jessica away with her, but the drugged out girl won't leave. When Spike comes to, he sends her ahead to the party, then sucker punches Simone in the stomach and tells her to leave his money cow alone.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Lauren wakes to find Tom over her and that freaks her out. She fights and struggles but the man holds her down and covers her mouth as he tries to get her necklace off her neck. Michael comes in and a fight starts with he and Tom as Lauren watches screaming and sobbing. Michael tosses Tom to the floor, and then Tom hits Michael and sends him to the ground. When Michael tries to get up, Tom is waiting for him and bashes him over the head with a metal tray doing terrible damage. Tom then boldly walks over to Lauren on the bed and snatches the necklace roughly off her neck. He struts out with one last look at Michael who is left covered in blood from his head wound, and unconscious with his eyes open but staring at nothing. Lauren looks down over the side of the bed crying. Nick brings Neil to the office to talk about his news. He tells his friend that he will be returning to the company and running it with his sister. Neil is pleased to hear that. Nick needs Neil to do something though. He wants a report that tells of the way that the company has been run since Victoria has taken over and Brad has been hired. Neil is not comfortable with the position that Nick wants to put him in. Neil is not one to back stab, but will do as he is asked. Nick assures him that he is a valued employee who has credibility with the company and can be trusted to be fair, objective and most importantly honest in his report. Victor playfully tells her mother about her new romance and is disappointed when her mother’s smile turns to a frown. Nikki tells Victoria that she is not thinking here. “People are watching. You were just appointed CEO to a very prominent company, you hire some guy who is wining and dining you all around town, he is the father to your half-sister, Ashley can be damned nasty to deal with, and I used to be engaged to Brad. You can’t be happy about this Victoria. People are watching you and probably wondering just who it is that is running the company. Aren’t you worried about your reputation?" Nikki asks. Tom plays nasty with Sheila. He tells her that he got the necklace from around Lauren’s neck, but when Sheila asks for it, Tom refuses to give it to her. He tells her that he needs a little leverage to make sure that Sheila will help him get back at Michael for what he has done in framing him. Tom offers to put the necklace around Sheila’s neck when this is all over, but Sheila shivers. Tom notices and says that is probably because the necklace has poison on it. Sheila tries to laugh it off but Tom knows that he has got her right where he wants her now. Lauren’s nurse watches in surprise as Lauren points to the floor asking her to save her fiancé who she says has been hurt. She says that he has been beaten and is covered in blood. The nurse sees nothing on the floor, and talks Lauren back under the covers to rest. When Lauren looks at the floor again moments later, Michael has disappeared. Lauren cries out demanding to know where Michael is. She doesn’t believe the nurse when she is told that Michael has gone home to rest for the night.

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