Friday 10/21/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 10/21/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Greenlee admits to Kendall that she will never forgive Ryan for betraying both of them in believing he is dead and tells Kendall it's ok if she does not want to go through with giving birth to Ryan's baby. Kendall will never forgive Zach for failing to tell her that Ryan was alive when he knew she planned to get pregnant by him. JR is devastated to find out what his mother's half-sister has done. And he runs into Ryan and takes it out on him, knowing that Ryan did something very similar in lying about being dead, as what Di has done in lying about Dixie being alive. Adam wants to get Di in trouble but Krystal tells him he is trash to want to punish Di after all she's done for his family.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Luke's kidneys are failing so he must be transferred to an out of state hospital. Susan tells Holden and Lily Luke is in critical condition and could die. Meg agrees to help a desperate Jennifer find out the truth about her baby. Paul and Emily worry that despite their efforts to persuade Meg not to tell Jennifer the truth Meg might follow her heart and tell Jennifer Rory is her son. Carly and Gwen are shocked when the judge doesn't award custody of Rory to either one of them.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Stephanie is in Taylor's office telling her how humiliated she is and how bad she'd love to see Brooke dead. Taylor warns her to stay away from Brooke till she gets a hold of her emotions. Eric wakes up and tries to get Brooke to consummate the marriage. She isn't ready to so he asks for Breakfast. After Breakfast they try again and Brooke again can't do it as she is thinking of Nick.

Kristin and Zende are back in town visiting Ridge's. Thorn, Darla, Massimo are all there as well. They discuss how bad AIDS is ravaging Africa and all pledge to help. Later they discuss Brooke and Eric marrying.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jack pretends to be asleep and eavesdrops on Abby telling Jennifer about how she’ll be strong for the family. Everyone sobs and pulls together in a family hug as Jack refuses to let them believe in false hopes. Billie and Chelsea argue over Bo and Patrick’s intentions for Chelsea and how Chelsea dresses. Chelsea calls Kate over to beg her for more money but Billie intercepts them to demand that Kate no longer give Chelsea anything. Hope and Bo argue about Patrick’s intentions toward Chelsea but then decide that they should be grateful for the time they have together. Hope schedules a surprise to raise Jennifer’s spirits and Bo gives Hope a model of the Fancy Face III that he has made for her. Austin reveals that he’s decided to remain in Salem to start his company and Sami convinces him to move in with her and hire her as his new assistant. Sophie admits to Lucas that she overheard him talking about Sami in his sleep and Lucas vows that while he may not be over Sami yet, there will be no future for them.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Robin tells a potential date about her condition. He's understanding, but advises her to deal with her broken heart. Sam thinks she sees Manny, but by the time Max and Jason arrive, he's gone. However, she does manage to shoot him. Lucky chides Emily for being too close to Sonny's boys. She agrees to consider moving out. Jason vows to kill Manny. Maxie is not thrilled when Diego announces he plans to move out of the dorm; her tantrum changes his mind about asking her out. Robin thinks about Jason. Sonny praises Emily's skill with the kids. Jason's meds are beginning to fail. Alan tries to blackmail Emily into moving out. Tony tells Sam Robin has worked on a medication that may help Jason.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Sheridan clung to the man standing outside Pilar's house, thinking he was Luis, but when she let go and stepped back she saw it was someone else. He was an FBI agent, and he brought Luis' personal effects to Sheridan. That included a video player with the tape still inside, and he hit the on button by mistake, which was what Sheridan and the others heard and mistook for Luis. They all started watching the tape Luis made of his efforts to find Marty, but it got to be too much for Pilar, so they turned it off. Once Ethan and Gwen took Sheridan to the B&B, they stayed with her while she finished watching it. Theresa, instead of giving Alistair the multiple sleeping pills she said she was going to, only put one in his brandy, and wondered why it wouldn't kick in. While he was having sex with her, she dreamed it was really Ethan, and was very disappointed when it was over and she realized it was only Al. He finally passed out from the medicine, and Theresa couldn't resist the urge to finish him off with a pillow over his face.

Spike threatened to tell Sam that Jessica killed two johns, although she didn't, so she agreed to go with him again to keep him quiet. Sam is thrilled to think she is really going to turn her life around, and tells Ivy so, along with letting her know he thinks he was meant to be with Ivy. Fancy talked to her mother about what Noah had said and done, and Ivy was upset that her daughter couldn't seem to get it through her head that her Grampy is an evil man that no decent person wants to work for. Noah and Sam had a talk, too, about Fancy. Later, as Noah was shooting hoops in the back yard, Fancy showed up.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nick pitches his idea to his father. He doesn't want to take the CEO position from Victoria; he wants to share it with her. Victor likes the idea but isn’t sure how Victoria will take it. Victor offers to talk to Victoria about this but Nick feels that this is his responsibility. Victor will leave this up to him then and stay out of it until Victoria has been spoken to. Mackenzie is bent out of shape over seeing that Brittany is still in town and that she has been spending time in JT’s arms. She goes to the coffeehouse to sulk. She tells Kevin what is upsetting her and his take on it is that there was probably a good reason for what she saw. Mackenzie is surprised to hear him say that. He is serious. She was supposed to be gone and she isn’t, so Kevin is sure that something has happened. Victor goes to see his daughter now that he has visited with his son and has heard how Brad has been taking over. Before he reaches Victoria’s office door he hears soft romantic music, and giggling. He pushes the door open and finds candlelight, food, wine and his daughter dancing with Brad Carlton in his arms. Gloria sees a figure skulking around outside the house. She is disturbed to find that it is Jennifer. She figures that now Jennifer is there to shake her down for money but that is no Jennifer wants. She is there to help Tom get a handle on ruining Michael and she wants Gloria to help. Tom is convinced by Sheila that he has to go to Lauren and get the necklace that she has from her. It is very important. She will help him with Michael if he will help her with this. Tom waits until Michael leaves and then he goes into Lauren’s room as she is sleeping. While Tom works on getting the clasp undone on the necklace, Lauren wakes and finds Tom over her. She screams trying to get away from him, but Tom keeps trying to finish his task.

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